Watch Buhari’s Mo Abudu Interview! He Says “I Was Persuaded To Run For Presidency By My Supporters “

On Tuesday, BN published an interview that Ebony Life TV CEO, Mo Abudu, conducted with President Goodluck Jonathan, in which he emphasized that his administration’s numerous accomplishments had been overshadowed by the Boko Haram insurgency.

And now, we are bringing you an interview that Abudu held with APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari earlier this month. During their conversation, Buhari speaks about how he intends to move Nigeria forward if he is elected president. He however notes that change will not happen immediately, as Nigeria’s problems did not emerge overnight.

Here is a brief summary of key topics discussed:

On why he wants to become president of Nigeria
He states that he was persuaded into running for president by his supporters

On how he intends to rule Nigeria if elected president
Buhari stated that the question transcends whether he will adopt a civilian or military style of ruling. He emphasized that ultimately, he will govern Nigeria in accordance with the constitution.
On how he plans to tackle insecurity
He noted that because these problems did not start over night, change will not occur immediately. He also revealed that in the fight against Boko Haram, he would employ the strategy of working closely with neighbouring countries to ensure that Nigeria’s borders are secure.
On his ideas for reviving the economy
Buhari  stated that the Nigerian economy is too reliant on oil and gas. He proffered that the development of the agriculture sector and reviving of the textile industry would contribute to helping the economy move forward.

He also recommended that simple measures could also be taken to save money in government. For instance, cutting down on spending money during ceremonies, spending less money on overhead, minimizing traveling with a large convoy of vehicles, cutting down on trips abroad, etc.

Watch the interview video below