Popular Nigerian clergy blasts pastors who invite comedians to church events

Popular Nigerian dramatist and founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Mike Bamiloye, has spoken out against Nigerian clergies who invite comedians to perform at their church events.

Mr. Bamiloye, who is also the president, Mount Zion Faith Ministries, tackled the controversial topic in a lengthy post on his official YouTube page on Monday.

In addressing the issue, he made reference to a particular YouTube video titled, Still Ringing Brings Down House On The Rock, Pastor Paul Adefarasin Laughed So Hard.

He titled the article, As per COMEDY in Church Meetings and Events!!  The post, which has since gone viral, generated a lot of comments with majority of the respondents concurring with the popular clergy.

It partly read, “I want to address Christians – ALL denominations – this morning without prejudice!

“For a long while I have questioned the inclusion of COMEDY in Church events. What do I question? The fact that the comedians brought in are allowed to make jokes of scriptures, the Blood of Jesus, speaking in tongues, the throne of grace etc.’ AND WE SIT THERE LAUGHING!

“What are we laughing at? What is funny? Mocking God and Christ and the Holy Spirit and the Word is funny????

“We hear of other religions where they are obsessed with protecting the image of their Leader and we gleefully allow people to MOCK our Leader JESUS CHRIST and the Holy Spirit and thereby indirectly MOCKING GOD!!! They look at us with disdain because we are BAD AMBASSADORS of our faith!”

Still writing, he added that cynicism has crept slowly into the lives of Christians. He also noted the fact that most Christians publicly abuse leaders of the gospel with glee and mock certain commandments of God.

“I was thinking of all this since Friday when a comedian was allowed in the stage at the EXPERIENCE to use a scripture in the Old Testament as foundation for his jokes! I LAUGHED also but later felt badly convicted and I said I will speak out – then this morning I received the message below in my Watsapp and I said – somebody feels the same way I do. So there it is: what is the stance you will take??? Join the revelers or stand against MOCKERY in the name of COMEDY in Church activities and events???I have said my own!.”

One of Nigeria’s foremost Christian dramatists, Mr. Bamiloye founded Mount Zion Ministries in 1985.

His debut drama, titled Hell in Conference was staged at the National Christian Teachers Conference in 1986 at Ilesa in Osun State.

He has featured, produced and directed several Nigerian Christian films over the years. Some of his notable films include Fiwajomi”, “Dying With the King”, “Shadows of Death”, “Journey in Circle”, “Mobile Prison”, “Harmony Deal” and “The Accountant.”