Guess Who Might Run For President Because Of Donald Trump

Are you worried that the rise of Donald Trump’s white nationalism has not yet produced a viable politics of anti-fascism?

Fear no longer: If things get much worse, we can just count on Will Smith to save the day, just as he did in Independence Day, Men in Black, and Wild Wild West.

“If people keep saying all the crazy kinds of stuff they’ve been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims, they’re going to force me into the political arena,” Smith told CBS Sunday Morning. But not for him is the slow, measured rise up the political ladder.

“I gotta be the president,” he says. “Come on, what else would I run for?” Smith’s announcement is bad news for Kanye West, who’d hoped that he would be the only celebrity allowed to half-jokingly run for president, but it’s great news for Jaden Smith, future White House philosopher-in-residence.

Credit: Vulture

America’s Next Top Model Might Be Hitting TV Screens Again

Tyra Banks and The CW announced that Top Model would conclude its run on the network at the end of its 22nd cycle next month. “I truly believe it’s time,” Tyra wrote on Twitter, adding that she’s “SO proud” of everything the show has achieved both in the modeling industry and, you know, just as a lazy weekend reality TV marathon guilty pleasure.

As it happens though, its rerun popularity may help save the show from cancelation outright. Deadline reports that Top Model executive producer Ken Mok is currently pitching the series to cable TV and streaming platforms (where its already popular; the “rare reality series with strong repeatability,” Deadline notes) with a view to a 23rd cycle happening, just with a new home. No deal is set just yet, but crucially, “incoming calls from cable and streaming players” came first, following the sad news that The CW was done with the show, meaning what seems like legitimate interest in the show is out there.

Credit: Cosmopolitan