“Those Around Buhari Only Interested In Their Pockets” – Mbaka

Spiritual leader of the Adoration Ministries in Enugu State, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has said those working with President Muhammadu Buhari, are only interested in what they can get from the current administration.

Mbaka insisted that Buhari had good intentions for Nigeria, but his efforts were being frustrated.

In a sermon at the first Adoration Crusade for the year, Mbaka said: “Unfortunately, he (Buhari) surrounded himself with officials who have different agenda.

“Buhari has good intentions for the country; unfortunately, his subordinates have different agenda – they are interested in their pockets.

“Those wishing the president dead don’t love this country. Children of God, what do people gain by wishing somebody dead? We should pray for our leaders; that is what the Bible says.”

He also encouraged Nigerians not to lose hope, as there was light at the end of the tunnel.


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IPOB attacks Mbaka for saying ‘elites’ should lead Biafra agitation

The Indigenous People of Biafra on Thursday attacked Catholic priest and founder of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, for suggesting that the agitation for Biafra should be led by
The leaders of most of the pro-Biafra groups, including IPOB and the Movement for Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, are young men.
Also, majority of the activists who have been taking to the streets in pro-Biafra protests are youth.
In a video clip from a recent sermon, which was posted online, Mbaka reportedly said youths should not be leading the struggle, as is the case at the moment.
The cleric noted that the agitation for Biafra would be more effective if prominent Igbo personalities are at the forefront of the struggle.
But Mbaka’s comments did not go down well with IPOB.
In a statement made available to our correspondent in Enugu, IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, said the secessionist group condemned Mbaka’s statements.
Apparently due to Mbaka’s perceived support for President Muhammadu Buhari, IPOB referred to him in the statement as ‘Usman Mbaka’.
“The indigenous People of Biafra and its leadership worldwide condemn the statement credited to Rev. Ejike Mbaka.
“From what Usman Mbaka said in his video about IPOB, you would have thought that the same Jesus he worships, sells olive oil and pure water in his name, was 1000 years old when he started his ministry that changed the course of human history,” the statement said.
IPOB said it was wrong for the cleric to associate leadership with age.
Drawing on several Biblical examples, the group insisted that God can raise young persons to leadership positions.
The statement added, “The same Bible Mbaka is supposedly reading everyday is replete with instances where God raised children, from Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, Samson, Jephthah etc, to do His will in the lives of his children.
“Why didn’t God use Reuben who was the eldest son of Jacob instead of Joseph who is second to the last? Why did God choose baby Moses, even as he was in a basket, to lead his people out of Egypt instead of Moses’ father or another elder from the Hebrew community in Goshen, Egypt?
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Mbaka: We can’t reach President Buhari because of the people around him.

Ejike Mbaka, spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu (AMEN), has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to reach out to clerics in order to know the truth about the economy.


He said this at the church’s auditorium during the cross over service to 2017.


“We cannot reach him for advice because of the kind of people around him,” he said.


Mbaka also asked the president to tackle the challenges facing the country, saying “many Nigerians are suffering”.


“Though the president is trying on corruption and security, Nigerians are hungry; they want to see more changes,” he said.


“There is the need to assist businessmen and women in their businesses.”


He urged Nigerians to be patient and prayerful assuring them that the hardship will be over in 2017.


“Nigeria is set to be great again,” he said.


Mbaka endorsed Buhari in the buildup to the last general election.

Father Mbaka commends Buhari over judges’ arrest.

Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka has hailed the arrest of some Judges in the country as a welcome development.


The Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, Emene, Enugu, stated this at the Thanksgiving Mass to mark the Enugu State Judiciary 2016/2017 legal year at the Adoration Ground.


Mbaka described the Judges’ arrest as a supernatural revolution, but insisted that not all Judges were corrupt.

“The arrest of the judges is a supernatural brand new revolution that is going on in all dimensions, in all the three arms of government,” the vocal Catholic Priest said.


“When a revolution starts, you cannot imagine where it would reach.


“I urge judges to remain incorruptible or be arrested and whoever arrests them should be praised”, he added.

Buhari Will Not Fail, APC Replies Mbaka

The Enugu State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has assured that President Muhammadu Buhari will not disappoint Nigerians in the task of fixing the country.

It stated this in a statement by its spokesperson, Kate Offor.

The party was reacting to recent remarks about the president by a clergyman, Ejike Mbaka.

Mr. Mbaka, the Head of the Adoration Ministry, Catholic Church Enugu State, who predicted Mr. Buhari’s victory in the March 2015 presidential election, had said life was no longer easy for Nigerians as there was hunger everywhere.

“It is not easy everywhere. Hunger is everywhere. Hunger is in the atmosphere…………. There is sword moving about in the country. People are dying like flies. The sword of hunger is eating the land,” the clergyman said.

But the APC said though it agreed with Mr. Mbaka, the president was committed to fixing the country.

“We wish to reassure Fr. Mbaka that President Buhari will not in the fullness of time disappoint Nigerians or fail to fix our dilapidated social and physical infrastructure. Never! Buhari is devotedly committed to pull Nigerians out of poverty, hunger and squalor,” it said.

The party however agreed with Mr. Mbaka that the past Peoples Democratic Party administrations should be blamed for Nigeria’s woes and that if they had done what was expected of them, the nation would not have been in its current situation.
It said, “For us yesterday and for true reality is the architecture of today, and nobody can wash yesterday away.

“Therefore, Fr Mbaka is correct in stating that the past regimes sowed the whirlwind we are regrettably reaping today.

“If the $16 billion expended on power supply was prudently expended, if the 3 Greenfield Refineries awarded on 13 May, 2010 was not dead and fund decayed in the sand, if the $8.3 billion spent on the old gauge Lagos-Kano Railway were for standard gauge, if the Enugu-Onitsha, Enugu-Port Harcourt, 2nd Niger Bridge the and other federal roads monies budgeted were not eaten by locust, if the monies meant for Enugu Coal were nor embezzled and if the billions budgeted for our schools and hospitals did not grow wings; hunger couldn’t have been in the land, unemployment could have been drastically reduced and our prosperity could have been guaranteed.”

The APC said for the avoidance of doubt, its members and by extension Nigeria, feel the pains, pangs of hunger, gruesome hardship and abject poverty ravaging the land.

It said its members were not immune to hunger nor the gross unemployment dislocating of the country’s teeming youth.

The party said Mr. Buhari had repeatedly disclosed that he was not unaware or unconcerned about the sordid economic situation and that was the reason he was waging strident war against corruption.

“His solution is to effectively and prudently implement 2016 and subsequent budgets, so as to fix the decayed infrastructure,” it said.

“On the issue of being slow, Mr President pointed out that the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Procurement Act and other extant laws make it impossible for any official to expend monies not appropriated by the National Assembly. Otherwise, he could have dipped his hand into the trillions budgeted and hit the ground running.
“It is pertinent to inform as well that Mr President is embarking on economic diplomacy, travelling the length and breadth of the globe, utilizing his huge goodwill to attract foreign investors to fulfill the solemn pledge he made to the good people of Nigeria.
“It is common knowledge that destruction is very easy and reconstruction very difficult. This is the ordeal that Mr President is facing in fixing Nigeria.”

The APC assured Mr. Mbaka and other Nigerians that in the fullness of time, nobody would ever regret voting for Mr. Buhari, adding “ All he needs is prayers patience and support.”

People Want To Cause Friction Between Buhari And Me- Mbaka

Enugu Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has said that some Nigerians  are hell-bent on causing  disaffection  between President Muhammadu Buhari  and him.

Mbaka said contrary to earlier media reports that he made negative predictions concerning the President’s ill health, he merely made reference to the reported claims by Nigerian doctors.

He said that some  Nigerian doctors had expressed fears over the chances of President  Buhari recovering from his illness.

Mbaka, who is in charge of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), spoke through his media aide, Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke, maintained  that some Nigerians were trying to cause a needless rift  between him and the presidency.

He said: “?our attention has been drawn to a report in a section of the media alleging that Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, said that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has slim chances of surviving from his ill health.

“The true fact is that there were media reports, making fuss about Mr President’s health and insinuating Mr President‘s slim chances of recovering from his ill health, published immediately the president went on vacation.

“Fr Mbaka referring to the said media report during his prayers for the sick in the ministry prayed with the worshippers of the ministry for Mr President’s healing and health after which there were lots of testimonies from the sick that were healed.”

Ugwuoke quoted Mbaka as saying that “They say the sickness is E.N.T.  When it affects, the ear, it affects the nose and affects the neck. We pray for our President and any one that is suffering such a dangerous disease.

“We lift our healing hands for divine healing upon our president. Wherever he is, may he be healed in Jesus name.

“The doctors in Nigeria are nursing fear that he may not survive but we have a healing God.  His name is specialist in impossibilities.”

He added that some ?persons were nose-diving in the affairs of the ministry with a view to causing unnecessary rift between the ministry and the presidency.

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‘Buhari Has Done Very Well’ – Fr Mbaka…Says Past Governments Raped Nigeria

Founder and spiritual director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, says President Buhari has done well since he came into office. In an interview with Daily Trust, Fr Mbaka says Buhari’s stance on Homosexuality and Corruption is a welcome development. He also said the past government raped Nigeria ..

 “It’s too early to judge Buhari, going by what we’ve seen in the past governments. But so far, Buhari has done very well. Look at the case of moral probity, how he, without mincing words, said no to same sex marriage. It’s immoral, it’s unnatural, and it’s un-African. Buhari said it’s not debatable in Nigeria, he said man should marry a woman and a woman should go and be married to a man. This is because, if sodomy and lesbianism and homosexuality are approved in Nigeria, the country will be in trouble. They are worse than economic collapse; because the bedrock of every successful country is her morality. So if Buhari is touching the heart of the country, which is moral probity and enhancing spiritual value, he has succeeded. Number two, look at the issue of Boko Haram; here’s somebody who came to fight terrorism even though there’re skeletal attacks here and there, but the issue of “Boko Haramic” forces operating with flags and taking over some parts of the country, is dead. So, Buhari has succeeded, Kudos to him, no matter how other people are seeing in him, they must learn to see the good part of him. He’s doing his best but Nigerians must do their best, too. Buhari cannot be in Abuja and be in Enugu or be in Ebonyi and be in Nasarawa or Kogi. All of us should be presidents in our own little way. We should clap for him, even if he has not gotten it 100 percent, 98 percent is not a small mark. Now, come to the area of corruption, for the first time, the untouchables in Nigeria are being touched. Courageously, he’s moving like a lion, not to gain anything from it but to save Nigeria from sinking. Take for instance, if it’s not someone like Buhari that’s at the helm of affairs, by now Nigeria would have been a country going for sale, going, going, going…gone. By now, Ghana must be pricing us, Ivory Coast will be pricing us, Cameroon and even Togo would have come to say “how can we buy you people?” But the faith, assurance and guaranty Buhari is giving to the international community is worth more than a lot of things. They see him as a man that’s trustworthy, a man that’s not corrupt, a man that they can invest in his government or country, and they’ll go and sleep. And that’s why foreigners are coming to invest. People are now waiting for the budget so the country can kick off. It’s the budget that’s slowing down things. And you cannot blame Buhari on the budget, neither can you blame the House of Reps or the Senate on the budget delay because there is fluctuation in the core source of the budget – oil. Today, oil is $29 per barrel; tomorrow it is $27 and before you know it, it comes to $31. But remember, the bench mark is $38. So, how can the budget be approved? Which means the budget, under this present predicament is unrealistic. Buhari was realistic when he made it but the economic decay and collapse has put everybody off balance. But, as I said, he’s fighting, saying corruption must die; his agenda is crusade against corruption. And can you imagine that it’s the same people who wanted to continue to rule us that embezzled 99 percent of the country’s resources, sending the money abroad. Is that not wickedness? For me, it’s a rape of the economy. The past governments raped Nigeria. All of them should be kneeling down with their hands up, apologizing from morning till night that they should be pardoned. They raped our morality, they raped our economy, and they raped our security, they raped our spirituality because they gathered even the men of God to be singing for them, and they were giving them money. It is a holistic rape of a country. The way you often fall out with politicians make people to wonder why you’re against them…Politicians want to make themselves god and I’m serving God. I’m a servant of God. I’m worried when somebody becomes an idol to be worshipped and makes himself a sacred cow that cannot be touched. I’m not against politicians. Politics is not evil, and not all politicians are evil. There’re some good people in politics. I encourage Christians to join politics with good heart; it’s only good people that can change the country. Even if you’re not a Christian, and you’re a good man, join the government.”he said.

APC Alleges Manipulation In Fr Mbaka’s Transfer

The south-east geopolitical zone of the All Progressives Congress, APC, yesterday, expressed displeasure over the traditional routine transfer of fiery Enugu-based Catholic priest,Fr. Ejike Mbaka, alleging that unseen hands acted on Bishop Callistus Onaga’s discretion that culminated in the decision.


Fr. Mbaka was affected in the routine transfer of over 1,000 priests in the Catholic Diocese of Enugu with effect from January 30, which saw him leave Christ the King,CKP, GRA, where he had been the Parish Priest for over a decade to Our Lady Parish Emene.

The cleric had in nostalgic remark while leaving the CKP premises for Our Lady Parish Emene, last Saturday lamented that,”this is a calculated move to make me suffer by a certain leader of the church. I know we are going to suffer within now and few months to come. I am going to suffer and suffer; I know that. I’m going to suffer because I have no place to put my head. I am going to suffer because I have no place to keep the Adoration ministry’s assets. I know I’m going to suffer.”

While reacting to Fr. Mbaka’s predicament, spokesperson, South-East APC Caucus, Osita Okechukwu said:”Whereas we accept that the transfer of priests is a routine exercise of the great Catholic Church; however, we do not wholly accept a situation where the church allows external forces to influence transfer as Mbaka’s case suggests. Otherwise, future liberation clergy who speak the truth will be punished to the detriment of the society.

“Our major concern is the security implications and the fate of his flocks who are mostly the down trodden who may find it difficult to go to Emene for salvation and healing. We frown at anything which will put Fr. Mbaka in harms way or deny his flocks healing.

“As a party, we have watched with concern and trepidation the criticism, the attack, assault and unpleasant comments hurled against Fr. Mbaka since he providentially prophesied that President Buhari would win the 2015 elections. Even the church did not spare him; he was called unprintable names, yet his prophecy came true. We are happy that Fr Mbaka was vindicated.”

“It must be pointed out that accusing fingers were pointed at the direction of some anti-Buhari elements like Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a group that didn’t want to hear the name of Buhari; even though Ohanaeze denied the allegation, doubts still persists. For we are still at a loss why a senior priest will be degraded to an assistant parish priest.”

“We repeat that we are in solidarity with Fr. Mbaka and our major concern is the security of Fr. Mbaka and the suffering of his flocks mostly the poor who need his healing powers. We had thought that His Lordship Bishop Calistus Onaga could have retained him at the Adoration Ground, as the Bishop Emeritus Gbuji did because of security of his life and easy access by his flocks”.

“Call Fr. Mbaka To Order For Working Against Igbo Interest”- Bishop Tells Catholic Priests

Few days after Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka said he would support pro-Biafran agitators only if “their sponsors take the lead in any protest,” the General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Libera­tion Ministries (a.k.a By Fire By Fire), Nnewi, Anambra State, Rt. Rev. Bishop Abra­ham Chris Udeh has called on Catholic Bishops to call the fiery priest to order.

Bishop Udeh said Fr. Mbaka was dancing to the dictates of those he de­scribed as the ememies of the Igbos who also alleg­edly sponsored him to work against his Igbo brothers. He claimed that Fr. Mbaka allegedly worked against former President Goodluck Jonathan during the 2015 general elections
leading to his loss, claiming he had started to work against the actualization of Biafra.He said:

“It appears you people (the media) are afraid to tell Mbaka the truth. Why should he be
working against Igbo interest and everybody will keep quiet. Even the Catho­lic Bishops do not want to call him to order. He is not talking prophetically. Is the Buhari he projected to succeed Jonathan working for the interest of Ndigbo? Can’t we reason? That is the question we should ask our­selves”,

He noted that Fr. Mbaka would live to see Biafra stand. The bishop said he will continue to support the agitation until the Igbo mar­ginalization was addressed.
He lambasted some Igbo leaders for keeping quiet over the arrest and contin­ued detention of the Director of Radio Biafra, Mr Nnamdi Kanu
“because they are con­tented with their political positions and the crumbs from the table in Abuja.” He said those politicians were only after their own pockets and not the interest of the Igbos.

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Members Of MASSOB Lash Out At Fr. Mbaka For Comments On Biafra

Some members of the  Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, weekend, lashed out at Enugu Catholic Priest, Rev.Fr. Ejike Mbaka, saying that his comment on the struggle for Biafra was insensitive and misguided.
Their response came after Fr. Mbaka had during last Saturday’s sermon at his Adoration Ministry,  condemned the recent agitation and protests for Biafra nation, describing the action as ‘evil.’

Unhappy about Fr. Mbaka’s statement, the Director of Information of MASSOB, Mr. Uchenna Madu said:

“How can a reverred Igbo clergy-man descend so low in making such a condemnable statement few days after President Buhari’s wife visited him.

“Mr. President should be aware that no money given to Mbaka, persuasion, personal friendship with him can ever frustrate or diminish the rising status, consciousness and global re-awakening/acceptance of Biafra”.

Source: Vanguard 

I Am Praying For Buhari That God Will Protect Him – Rev Fr Mbaka

Founder of the Enugu Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, while preaching at a special mass organized to celebrate his 20th anniversary in priesthood yesterday July 29th, offered prayers to God for President Buhari, asking God to protect him from enemies. He also offered prayers to God for the Enugu state governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi that God will not allow occultic men steal his vision

“I am praying for Buhari, that God will protect him so that enemies will not destroy him. I also pray for Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi so that God will not allow occultic men to steal his vision.”

The outspoken cleric who was very critical of the Jonathan administration, says the last 20 years for him has been of good health and miracles from God. He said there were times he suffered blackmail but he remained in God’s hand

“I am not tired after 20 years, 20 years of good health; 20 years of miracles from God; 20 years of hard apostolic work; 20 years in the hand of God. There was a time they blackmailed me; they were saying such things like ‘Mbaka why? Mbaka this, Mbaka that’, but I have remained in the hand of God.”he said

President Buhari yesterday released a statement congratulating the outspoken cleric for his 20 years Anniversary in priesthood.

EFCC Denies Freezing Father Mbaka’s Accounts

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has denied reports that they froze the accounts of Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.
There were media reports yesterday that Fr Mbaka had claimed during his sermon on Wednesday March 25th that the EFCC had frozen his bank accounts and that he was invited to their Port Harcourt office for questioning. He supposedly said he went to the bank on Tuesday March 24th to cash some money to buy foodstuff for the poor who had just returned to Enugu from the North and the cheque he presented was rejected.

EFCC Spokesperson Wilson Uwujaren released a statement late yesterday denying that the agency froze his account. See the statement below…

“The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,EFCC has been drawn to reports in a section of the media claiming that the Commission had frozen the accounts of Enugu-based Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Mass fame. The commission wishes to state that there is no truth in the report and should be discountenanced.” the statement read.