I Was Blinded By Love, Young ISIS Recruit Confesses

His friends know him as “Mo.” And he is the most unlikely ISIS recruit you will ever meet.

In fact, in virtually every way Mo, whose real name is Muhammad Dakhlalla, was an ordinary and typical American college student. But he was arrested with a fellow Mississippi State University student just over a year ago, trying to board a plane to go join the notorious terrorist organization.
“Where do you want me to start exactly?” he said, laughing somewhat nervously, as he sat recently for the first extensive, tell-all interview with CNN in a federal prison.
Today, Mo, just 24, is at the start of an eight-year prison sentence for trying to join and help ISIS. But he is hardly a radical Muslim extremist. Remarkably, he said he got into this whole mess because he fell in love.
Born and raised in Mississippi, Mo is the youngest of four brothers and has both Muslim and non-Muslim friends. He dated very little and had few girlfriends until his senior year at Mississippi State. There, he met and fell for Jaelyn Young, a sophomore studying chemistry who was a one-time honors student and cheerleader.
“In the beginning of my senior year I met this lady,” Mo said, recalling his strong feelings for her.
“She was beautiful and things like that,” he said, “but also another thing that I find attractive in a woman is one who’s, you know, bright, intelligent, open-minded. And that’s how I got to know her a bit. We started hanging out. She not only was interested in me, but she had told me prior to us being together that she was interested in Islam.”
Islam is the religion in which Mo grew up. His father, Oda, is an imam, who originally hailed from Bethlehem in the West Bank before settling decades ago in Mississippi. Mo’s father, along with his mother, Lisa, a New Jersey-born woman who converted to Islam, helped found and build the Islamic Center of Mississippi in Starkville.
Not long after they became a couple, Jaelyn converted to Islam, and it was a complete surprise to Mo.
“At one point, you know, she told me that she’s very serious about Islam, and she wanted to become a Muslim,” he said. “Then on that day when she did, actually it was a big surprise for me. My parents actually found out first that she became a Muslim. I was actually at the mosque at that time, saying my prayers. And I came back to find out that she had become Muslim, and I had no idea.”
Then came another surprise, he said.
“A few weeks later, and I never said anything to her about this, or, like, tried to, you know, force her … she decided to wear the full hijab or niqab by herself. Like, it was on her own — her own choice. You know, she was wearing it from her head and full robe that you typically see of Muslim women.”
The niqab she wore covered every part of her in a black shroud, leaving only slits for her eyes visible, according to Mo’s family.
Jaelyn was changing fast, he said, becoming stricter and more conservative in all parts of her life.
“As far as, like, the rapid stages that she was going through, I may have, should have been, like, scratching my head a little bit. I should have had … a skeptical, like, analysis of, like, ‘OK, maybe we’ve gone a little too fast,’ ” he said laughing.
But, he said, he was deeply in love.
“And, you know, that love can ultimately … blind out your intelligence, your reasoning. I believe that. I mean, without that love there, I don’t believe I would be here today, with my charge and talking to you today. … I wouldn’t have even considered it at all.”
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So Much Love For Ciara’s Baby Bump At The AMAs

So Ciara debuted her Russell Wilson baby bump at the AMAs wearing a black and white Haute Couture dress by Stephane Rolland. She also said it’s one of her favourite dresses.

Well the little bump was visible and mehn! did we all fall in love with it. In fact, most celebrities couldn’t take their hands off it. It’s obvious Cici sure knows how to rock them pregnancies. See her IG photos below:


#Unameit Had To Come Out ... Backstage fun with @BeBeRexha

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Thank You @stephanerolland_paris For Dressing Me and My Bump Tonight . Truly One Of Favs! #RandM

I Love WikiLeaks, Trump Says Over Clinton’s Emails Leak

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says he “loves” whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks for its latest revelations about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The New York businessman made the comments during a campaign event on Monday, days after a series of leaked emails revealed Clinton’s disconnection from the struggles of the middle class and her behind-the-scenes advocacy for the further prosperity of Wall Street and big corporations – contrary to her campaign rhetoric.

“I love WikiLeaks,” Trump told thousands of his supporters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. “It’s amazing how nothing is secret today when you talk about the Internet.”

“In a speech behind closed doors, ‘Crooked Hillary’ said, ‘Terrorism is not a big threat to our nation,’” the candidate continued. “Terrorism is a big, big threat. We are riding into something very dangerous.”

“In another closed-door speech, she wanted to have open borders and open trade with everybody. There go the rest of your jobs,” he added.

The comments prompted prolonged “Lock her up!” chants from the crowd.

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Read About The Women Who Love & Miss Their Boko Haram Husbands

 A few dozen women sit on mats in the shadow of a neem tree. Their giggles rise with the hot dusty air as they sketch elaborate designs on their hands with henna.

Some of the women wear abayas; others wear short-sleeved blouses with long skirts and hijabs. They talk about their children, their hair, what they will cook that evening after breaking their Ramadan fast.

After a while, the conversation turns to their husbands.

“Oh, my husband, I love him so much,” says Aisha the Amira.

The flamboyant 25-year-old flings her head back as she laughs. In a flowing gown and a tall, majestic head wrap, she radiates the nobility of her title, Amira, or princess. A reddish-orange stone sparkles on her left hand.

“My husband gave me this ring,” she says, wiggling her shoulders. “My husband, he’s an Arab. So handsome and he always gave me money.”

The women look at her in silent admiration.

Then Hauwa speaks up. “He loved me and I loved him. We loved each other.” The blushing 14-year-old smiles and twists the hem of her skirt. She has been married for a year and a half.

Fifteen-year-old Iyeza-Kawu looks at the ground as she talks. She’s wearing a navy hijab with the logo of the United Nations Population Fund stitched on it. She describes her two-year marriage as a happy one and explains how her husband gave her a dowry of 25,000 naira (about $80).

There is another Aisha, a 27-year-old from Cameroon, who loved her married boyfriend so much that she agreed to elope with him. Her sister and brother didn’t approve, so Aisha married him in secret, crossing the border into Nigeria. Her printed blouse hugs her pregnant belly.

Tall and with a chiselled face, Zainab describes her husband as good-looking, quiet and of medium height. “He treated me very well and I loved him very much,” she says.

Little Umi, Zainab’s 11-year-old daughter, chimes in. “My husband was kind. He would always give my parents money.” Umi’s cheeks are framed in a dark purple hijab. Her black eyeliner is smudged. When she looks up, the sun lights up her eyes in dazzling shades of brown. She was her husband’s third wife.

Esther, 19, knew her husband well before they married. The professional nail cutter used to walk around the neighbourhood reciting verses from the Quran, she says.

All of the women speak in a flurry of Hausa and Kanuri, pausing to gaze at the henna on their hands, swatting flies from their sleeping children and turning around to check on their other children as they swing on a tyre that hangs from a tree.

But there is a sense of sadness and uncertainty to this otherwise typical scene. These women have not seen their husbands in weeks.

Aisha the Amira, Hauwa, Iyeza-Kawu, Aisha, Zainab, Umi, Esther and the others gathered here were all married to members of Boko Haram, the armed group that has been engaged in a seven-year uprising against the Nigerian government that has left more than 20,000 people dead and forced millions to flee their homes.

The women had lived with their husbands in Walasa, a town near the Nigeria-Cameroon border. But in May, Nigerian soldiers reclaimed the area. Most of the Boko Haram fighters fled, leaving their wives and children behind. Iyeza- Kawu’s husband was killed in the skirmish.

“My husband was not a terrorist,” she says. “The soldiers killed him.”

She and 33 other women were rounded up with their children, packed into vehicles and taken to a safe house in Maiduguri where they are now receiving psychosocial treatment designed to rehabilitate them back into society, away from their husbands.

“We will eventually reunite the women with their families and relations here in Maiduguri,” explains the state’s governor, Kashim Shettima.

But the pregnant ones among them say they fear that their children will never meet their fathers. And some say they have fond memories of their husbands.

The Amira says she met her husband one day as she was running away from a battle between Boko Haram fighters and government soldiers. As she was running, a man stopped her, she says.

“He asked me, ‘You get married?'”

She says she intrigued him because she was bold and intelligent. “It’s because I’m an educated girl. The other girls don’t go to school, so they are shy.”

Even though Boko Haram is opposed to boko, or Western education, she says her husband desired her because she was educated in Western schools. She is the only one in the group who can speak some English.

When he eventually asked to marry her, she deliberated for a month. When she agreed it was because she believed he was wealthy. He paid her dowry in naira and euros, she says.

“My husband is a Boko Haram commander. He’s an Amir, that’s why I’m an Amira,” she explains. “He had three wives. He divorced all of them when he married me, because he loves me very much and I’m like his baby.”

She lived a privileged life as an Amira.

She joined her husband in the Sambisa forest, from which Boko Haram allegedly operates its largest camp, and lived there for almost three years. The forest stretches for nearly 40,000 square miles in the southern part of the northeastern state of Borno, which has born the brunt of Boko Haram’s insurgency. Once upon a time, elephants and leopards roamed Sambisa. Now, it is Boko Haram members and their families who live among the scatterings of acacia, baobab, tamarind and neem trees.

In Sambisa, she says, she met some of the kidnapped Chibok girls, Boko Haram’s most well-known abductees, snatched two years ago from their secondary school in the town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria. Recently, Boko Haram released a video featuring about 50 of the missing girls.

She says she also met the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau.

Her lips curl into a grin as she remembers her husband. He gave her money every week, she says, and showered her with jewellery, makeup and new clothes.

For her, life in Sambisa was pleasant, she says. If anyone was sick, there were doctors to treat them. She was well fed with a full stock of rice, yams, coconuts, beans, juice and fruits.

As the Amira, she was responsible for helping to take care of the other wives. She distributed food to them, befriended them and taught them how to be good Muslim wives, she says.

All of the women attended near daily Quran classes.

Amira says she helped her husband “do jihad”.

“My husband has a gun. If my husband is coming back from traveling, he’ll call me on my phone and say , ‘Sweety, I’m coming home.’ So I’ll go put on makeup, body spray and I’ll cook food. When he comes home, I’ll collect his gun, magazine, bombs,” she says.

He taught her how to assemble and disassemble his guns, but there were so many pieces she says she would sometimes get confused.

When her husband went out on operations, she would occupy herself with her phone, she says. Many of the wives of Boko Haram members were not allowed to have one, but the Amira had one when she lived in Sambisa and she used it to browse online.

“I was using Facebook. And even now, if you look for my name on Facebook, you’ll see me there at the top. I’m the first one there,” she says.

Her phone was seized when she arrived at the safe house, but she had already memorised not only her husband’s phone numbers, but the numbers of many Boko Haram members who she says will answer her call at any time.

The other Aisha does not have such pleasant memories of life with the man she secretly married when she was a lovestruck 23-year-old. Before he joined Boko Haram, she says he was caring and allowed her to work. But afterwards, he forbade her from working and withdrew emotionally. He also became secretive, disappearing for days without telling her where he had been, she says.

“That’s how I knew he was with Boko Haram,” Aisha adds.

She says her husband forced her to cut off contact with her family. After the marriage, she left her parents behind in Cameroon and moved with him from village to village in northeastern Nigeria as Boko Haram took over territory there.

Although her husband became wealthier after joining Boko Haram, she says he was not a high-ranking member. So the life she lived did not resemble the Amira’s. She felt like a captive, she says, although she did find comfort in the other wives.

At 11, Umi is the youngest wife in the group. Her mother, Zainab, is with her at the safe house. Initially, her mother thought she was too young to marry, but Umi’s father insisted and gave her away to a Boko Haram member who lived in a nearby compound with his two wives.

She was married in Walasa, but the next day soldiers came and carried her away. Although she was only with him for a day, she says she is still in love with her husband.

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6 Unexpected Places You Can Find Love

Your Work Place

Dating a coworker may be taboo, but it happens often. Over 10 years ago, Lourdes Estevez, 40, a tenured Math teacher from New York City, met her husband, Ray Milian, 43, at work. “There were some ooh’s and ah’s,” said Lourdes of the experience. Despite the controversy (and two kids and a house in NJ later) the happily married couple would do it again in a mathematical second.

Networking Events

When successful, we attend networking events to represent our company or mingle with prospective clients. It is almost a requirement, so why not have fun with it and be open to finding a soulmate? You’re already there. Use your multitasking skills to connect with a new client and a potential date.


Adam Calderon and Hilda Toribio met via LATISM (Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media), a not-for-profit organization that tackles issues affecting Latinos through the use of social media. Busy schedules and all, they attended a LATISM conference, became friends and fell in love. This can happen to you as well. You just have to attend, mingle, and be open! Remember that love is everywhere, even if you’re busy.

Online Dating

If you don’t want to mix business with pleasure, online dating may be the perfect fit for your packed schedule. I met Boo on Plenty of Fish while Tanya Thomas, a busy Panamanian Staffing Supervisor from Pennsylvania, met her husband on Match.com. They even had a long distance relationship to start!

If Match isn’t your cup of tea, there are other dating sites that have successfully paired entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and creatives. Try POF or OK Cupid (both are free sites) or Zoosk, Bumble or How About We (you pay a monthly membership fee).

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me A Date

Let’s say online dating isn’t for you. Thankfully, there are other options! You have the funds and little time, so why not hire a matchmaker? Take note – a successful matchmaker will cost you a pretty penny. But it saves you time. When you hire a matchmaker, they do the heavy lifting. They select who is right for you. All you have to do is show up.

Stop the Excuses

Being “busy” or “consumed with work” is an excuse to remain single. Love isn’t going to knock on your door! And even if it did (perhaps a co-worker needs more than a fact sheet?), you must find the time and energy to build a relationship and create a foundation. Finding a soulmate takes a lot of trial and error. You have to stop making excuses and just go for it.

Meeting your soulmate is only half the battle as relationships are work. To strengthen a connection and create a life with a partner requires as much time as that brief on your desk, as much dedication as getting that promotion, and as much commitment as signing on that dotted line to become partner at your firm. Finding your soulmate is truly up to you. Get on it and build your romantic enterprise.

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Court Jails Man 2 Years For Internet Love Scam

Justice Kudirat Jose  of the Lagos State High Court, Ikeja yesterday convicted and sentenced a 25 year old man, Ibobo Frank alias James Simmons to two years imprisonment for defrauding two American women of various sums of money by posing as their white lover.

Frank, who was arraigned before the court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on a two-count charge of possession of documents containing false pretence, pleaded guilty to the charge.

The EFCC counsel, Ade Adebayo had told the judge that the commission received a petition from “a concerned Nigerian”, who refused to disclose his identity, that a group of small boys living at different apartments located  at Westwood Estate, Lekki, Ajah, Badore in Lagos, were living far beyond their means of livelihood.”

Adebayo also stated that after carrying out preliminary investigation, some EFCC operatives swooped on Westwood Estate on January 7, and arrested Frank.

The lawyer further disclosed that at the time of the arrest Frank had in his possession, with intent to defraud, email conversations sent between September 24 and December 18, 2014, containing false information wherein he represented himself as a white man to one Nancy Rooley.

He said Frank was also found in possession of email conversations sent between December 15 and 27  “containing a false pretence wherein he  represented himself as James Simmons, a white man purportedly in love with one Shirley Davis.”

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70 Year Old Pastor Shot At The Altar By His Brother Who Was Sitting In Congregation

William Schooler, 70 (right), a pastor at St Peter’s Missionary Baptist in Dayton, Ohio was shot and killed by his brother while service was in session at the church. The choir was singing when the suspect, 69-year-old Daniel (left), got up, followed the pastor and shot him as he got behind the pulpit. He died at the scene from his injuries.

While the motive for the shooting is not clear, reports say it was related to a domestic incident.

Schooler was a decorated Vietnam veteran who was awarded the Bronze star graduated from Central
State University in 1972, the Ohio State University in 1976, and Grace College, Columbia, South Carolina in 2003. He was appointed pastor of the church in 2011.

Lira Galore Confirms Split With Rick Ross, Says Photo With Meek Mill May Have Caused It

In an interview with Global Grind, 22 year old Lira Galore who was engaged to rapper, Rick Ross, confirmed that she’s no longer with him. She said they decided to go their separate ways.
She said:
According to Lira, Rozay was the first famous person she’d ever been involved with, and it was also the first time she’d been in love.
She said:

“This was my first time in a public relationship, so I was happy about putting it out there,” she said while speaking to Global Grind. “But people on social media don’t like to see that type of stuff, so they dug up old stuff that didn’t matter.”

Later in the interview, Lira confirmed she and Ross actually did split a while back but eventually reunited. The reason for the initial break up? It had to do with a photo people kept posting of Galore and Meek Mill.

“I’m not worried about the picture with Meek,” stated Lira.

“It was just a picture that I posted on my Instagram. I was at work. I used to dance, and it was just a picture. I think the initial breakup was a combination of everything from people digging up tweets when I was 17 years old tweeting about different people, to the picture of Meek.”

“Everybody just kept posting it and I felt like as a man, he just couldn’t handle it when it was just nothing. I feel like during that time apart he realized he was tripping, so we got back together,” she added.

Galore also mentioned that she still carries deep feelings for the MMG chief. She added:

“We just decided to go our separate ways,” explained the popular model. “I’m 22 and this was my first time in love, and I put it out there. I’m still in love with him, but some things don’t go as you would like them to go.”

Man Faces Jail Term For Insulting King’s Dog

A 27-year-old man is facing a jail term for insulting the King of Thailand’s dog, the AFP reported.

Thanakorn Siripaiboon has been charged by police with lese majeste for a “satirical” Facebook post aboutKing Bhumibol Adulyadej and his dog, his lawyer Pawinee Chumsri told the AFP.

Lèse majesté is the crime of violating majesty, an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state and it has been prohibited by the law of Thailand since 1908.

Chumsri was quoted as saying, “There was a post including three photos on his Facebook page on December 6 with a message that satirised the king s dog.”

Apart from being charged for insulting the mongrel called Tongdaeng, Siripaiboon also faces charges of sedition and computer crimes for clicking “like” on a doctored photo of the king and sharing it as well as an infographic on a growing corruption scandal engulfing the junta.

The New York Times reported that Siripaiboon was arrested at his home in suburban Bangkok last week and authorities charged him with writing a “sarcastic” Internet post.

The Times said the 27-year-old faces up to 37 years in prison for the violation of the country’s stringent laws against insults aimed at its monarchy.

It noted that last week, the number two film at Thai box offices was Khun Tongdaeng: The Inspirations, an animated picture inspired by a book King Bhumibol wrote in 2002 about his pet.

According to the AFP, Thailand has one of the world s harshest royal defamation laws.

Anyone convicted of insulting the revered but ailing 88-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej, or the queen, heir or regent can face up to 15 years in jail on each count.
On Wednesday, reports emerged that a Thai woman will spend more than nine years in prison for defaming the monarchy.
A Thai military court sentenced Chayapa Shokpornbudsri, 49, to 19 years in prison aftershe pleaded guilty for “threatening state security and violations of the computer crimes act” through her Facebook posts.

According to the AFP, even the United States ambassador faces a police investigation for royal defamation over a speech last month in which he expressed concern at the lengthy sentences.

Bhumibol, the world s longest-serving monarch, is seen as a unifying figure in the deeply divided nation and his economic and social teachings are relentlessly promoted in Thailand.

Over the last decade the dog, an adopted stray, which is praised for her loyalty and obedience, has been used to outline his vision of how Thais should behave.

Shocking Moment Dad Kills King Cobra With His Bare Hands ‘To Avenge Son’s Death’

A video has emerged that shows the shocking moment a dad attacked a king cobra with his bare hands reportedly to avenge the death of his son.
The man. wearing just shorts, can be seen grabbing the dangerous, venomous snake from a tree and smashing it against the ground. The dust flies up as the man swings the reptile by its tail into the dirt seven times before releasing it.
The animal, which reportedly bit and killed his son, is seen slithering to the side of of the dirt track

and is then motionless. The snake was killed, reports Indian Express.

The video was posted on YouTube and has received 500,000 views. It has been condemned by some who call his attack animal cruelty. Do you agree with that?

Why Women Leave Men They Love, What Every Man Needs To Know

As a marriage counsellor working with men and women in relationship crisis, I help clients navigate numerous issues. While many situations are complex, there’s one profoundly simple truth that men need to know: Women leave men they love.

They feel terrible about it. It tears their heart out of them. But they do it. They rally their courage and their resources and they leave. Women leave men with whom they have children, homes and lives.

Women leave for many reasons, but there’s one reason in particular that haunts me, one that I want men to understand: Women leave because their man is not present. He’s working, golfing, gaming, watching TV, fishing…the list is long. These aren’t bad men. They’re good men. They’re good fathers. They support their family. They’re nice, likeable. But they take their wife for granted. They’re not present.

Women in my office tell me: “Someone could come and sweep me off my feet, right out from under my husband.” Sometimes the realization scares them. Sometimes it makes them cry.

Men, I’m not saying this is right or wrong. I’m telling you what I see. You can get as angry, hurt or indignant as you want. Your wife is not your property. She does not owe you her soul. You earn it. Day by day, moment after moment. You win her over first and foremost with your presence, your aliveness. She needs to feel it. She wants to talk to you about what matters to her and to feel that you’re listening to her. Not nodding politely. Not placating. Definitely not playing devil’s advocate.

She wants you to feel her. She doesn’t want absent-minded groping or quick sex. She wants to feel your passion. Can you feel your passion? Can you show her? Not just your passion for her or for sex; your passion for being alive. Do you have it? It’s the most attractive thing you possess. If you’ve lost it, what’s the reason? Where did it go? Find out. Find it. If you never discovered it, you are living on borrowed time.

If you think you’re present with your wife, try listening to her. Does your mind wander? Notice. When you look at her, how deeply do you see her? Look again, look deeper. Meet her gaze and keep it for longer than usual, longer than what’s comfortable. If she asks what you’re doing, tell her: “I’m looking into you. I want to see you deeply. I’m curious about who you are. After all these years I still want to know who you are, every day.” But only say it if you mean it, if you know it’s true.

Touch her with your full attention. Before you put your hand on her, notice the sensation in your hand. Notice what happens the moment you make contact. What happens in your body? What do you feel? Notice the most subtle sensations and emotions. (This is sometimes described as mindfulness.) Tell her everything you’re noticing, moment after moment.

But you’re busy. You don’t have time for all this. How about five minutes? Five minutes a day. Will you commit to that? I’m not talking about extravagant dinners or date nights (although these are fine too). I’m talking about five minutes a day to be completely present with the woman you share your life with. To be completely open– listening and seeing without judgement. Will you do that? I bet once you start, once you get a taste, you won’t want to stop.

Credit: Huffington

7 Romantic Gestures That Women Love

1. Open the door for her

Yes, I realize this is a long-honored and commonly recognized act of respect. However, you might be surprised at just how overlooked this simple gesture has become. As a relationship progresses and you become more comfortable with a person, it’s easy to let little things like this slip. But trust us, your stepping ahead of her to open the door, rather than walking in first and simply holding the door behind you, will remind her that you really do respect her and want to make her feel special.

2. Pick up the tab

No matter how independent a girl is, this old-school tradition is always greatly appreciated. I’m not saying that you should always be expected to pay throughout the course of a relationship, but picking up the check – whether she offers to split it or not – will remind a girl that, not only can you take care of her, but you’re financially stable, which can be hard to come by these days. “I’m super attracted to men who never offer to pay for dinner and can barely afford to buy me a drink at the bar” said no girl, ever.

3. Offer to drive

4. Be aware of her actions and feelings in public

While this should go without saying, sometimes, especially after two people have become comfortable with one another, it might be too easy to put her feelings on the back burner. Don’t let yourself become lazy and think that, just because you’ve established yourselves as a couple, all romance and consideration go out the window. The reality is, we notice more than you probably realize. If you’re sitting with a group of friends and your girl gets stuck on the end bar stool next to a creepy guy, switch seats with her without making it a big deal. She will be grateful that you’ve picked up on her discomfort and made an effort to make her happy.

5. Remind her that you feel lucky to have her

As ugly as it is, jealousy is a real emotion that many people feel at some point in a relationship. Whether you and your girlfriend have always struggled with jealousy issues, or you’re dating the coolest, most laid-back girl ever, being conscious of this reality will help make for a more honest relationship. If you’re at a party and have struck up a great conversation with another girl, a simple gesture, like putting your arm around your girlfriend’s waist when she walks up to join you, goes an incredibly long way.

6. Do chores without being asked

Even if you don’t live together, but you spend time at your girlfriend’s house, simple chores to help out around her place will definitely not go unnoticed. Next time you go to toss something in the trash and it’s full, take it out when you leave. Notice that she has a light out that needs changing? Make use of that tall height of yours and do it for her. Though she’s fully capable of doing little things around the house herself, it speaks volumes that you care enough to help her out from time to time.

7. Make plans and follow through

This should be common sense, though plans fall through the cracks all the time. If you mention doing something with a girl, actually make it happen. The prospect of seeing you again will excite her, so don’t get her hopes up or put her in the position of always being the one to coordinate your plans together.

Hopefully, after having read this, you’re not thinking that we’re telling you to take on every traditional, manly role there is. But, what we are saying, is that some of these time-honored acts of respect have stood the test of many a relationship, and for good reason. We’re lucky enough to live in an age where women are equals, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect to be treated like ladies. After all, think back to some of our most primal instincts. Knowing that a man can take care of me, protect me, and make me feel safe is something I’ll always admire and look for in a guy.

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Serena Williams And Drake Deny Engagement Rumors

While we all  that Serena Williams and Drake have been dating, OK Magazine started a whole new round of celeb gossip on Thursday with the news that the two were now engaged. Even though no confirmation was given for the tabloid report, social media went crazy about the rumor and started to announce the couple’s supposed engagement.

Ok Mag said Drake got down on one knee and proposed
They added:

‘She said yes but they want to keep it on the down-low for now.

‘Now that Drake has her, he isn’t letting her go,’ 

However the rep said that no such proposal took place.

‘The rumour is completely untrue.’

6 Steps To Finding Love

1. Recognize those people who you have not forgiven, and forgive them.Especially the ones you do not want to forgive. Release your resentment, your anger. Consider this – what is the reason for holding on to this pain/hurt/anger? For me, I sort of wanted them to suffer. But did they? Did the fact I was angry with them for years keep them up at night? No. They went on living their lives. The only one you are hurting by holding on to this anger is yourself. Why should you continue to suffer? Call them and tell them that you have held resentment (or whichever emotion) for x years, and you are ready to release it. Disclaimer: this is terrifying. Remember that one of two things could happen — they are nice about it, or they are not. If you can release your attachment to the outcome, you do not have to let it affect you adversely, and therefore it loses scariness.

2. Recognize your negative thought patterns. Pay attention in your quiet moments — what are the voices in your head saying? They may show up as, “I wish…,” “I don’t want to…,” or some similarly negative-Nancy type of thing.

3. Interrupt your negative thoughts. Say something nice instead. I 100 percent understand that it will sound crazy when you are in this state of mind. Say it anyway. I find that it is most effective to say the opposite of the negative thought. So where you were saying, “I wish I had love in my life,” say “I have a ton of love in my life.” This is particularly helpful to do if/when you meditate when your mind is quiet and less likely to refute everything nice you say.

4. Do something (or a bunch of things) outside of your comfort zone. This will do two things: (a) you can learn / experience something new that you wouldn’t have previously and (b) you will learn that the earth will not disintegrate if you do something that is uncomfortable. What WILL happen, is that you will feel uncomfortable for a finite amount of time and probably realize that doing new things is not as scary as you thought.

5. Recognize your negative behavioral patterns. This will take some seriously honest introspection. Do you keep pursuing unavailable men? Do you keep shying away from things because you do not think you are good enough? Often, our mind hides these patterns from us, so that we either think that they are not patterns (but rather stuff that happens TO us) or we think that we have chosen them logically. No. They are negative behavioral patterns that need to change.

6. Break them. Warning: This will lead to some wild emotions. Maybe don’t go hog wild and try to break all of them in one week. When I started noticing and breaking patterns, it hurt. It felt like slamming into a brick wall of honesty. But once the hours of sobbing were over, all I had was calm. I could move forward. These first patterns were painful to break, but others were just scary. For example, in the beginning of my relationship with my husband, I threw caution to the wind and invited him to meet my parents (a 3 hour flight away) 3 weeks into the relationship.

Again, this will not be easy. You will want to quit when it gets hard. Commit to yourself that you will try to get through all of these steps. The result may even be something you did not expect, something that is better than your wildest dreams.

Remember that you are a beautiful human being and you deserve everything you want in life. Try out my six steps and let me know in the comments — did they work for you?


18+: 25 Unmistakable Signs He’s in Love With You

Some signs of true love are subtle. Others? Well, they all but hit you over the head with obviousness. If you’re blissfully happy and searching for signs that your guy is hooked on you too, these 25 signs will make it crystal clear.

1. He actually listens when you give him a 20-minute-long play-by-play of a dramatic situation with your work frenemy.

2. He doesn’t suggest you go brush your teeth before he kisses you good morning.

3. He initiates cuddling that doesn’t lead to sex.

4. He’s introduced you to all his friends—and when you met them, they already knew where you work and that you love Swedish fish.

5. He’s introduced you to his parents (or wants to).

6. He texts you just to say “Good morning” or “I’m thinking about you.”

7. He never misses the chance to tell you “Good night,” even if he’s out with the guys.

8. He’s prone to saying corny, eye-roll-inducing things such as, “You have the most beautiful smile.”

9. He puts you first. Think: accepting the invite to your friend’s engagement party on the night his favorite team is playing—without so much as a mention of it.

10. He’s equal parts proud and ever-so-slightly jealous when another man hits on you.

11. Forget talking about tomorrow, he’ll say things like, “Next summer, we should…” and doesn’t hesitate to put plans on the books for months in advance.

12. He gives you the remote more often than he hogs it.

13. He saves the last bite of any delicious meal just for you.

14. He asks to sign the cards you send to your mother.

15. When you’re in bed with killer cramps, he runs to the drugstore for tampons and painkillers.

16. All it takes is a single smile aimed in his direction, and this man can’t stay mad at you.

17. Whether he’s prepping for a big meeting or simply picking out his tie, he likes to get your opinion.

18. He cares whether you orgasm—and learns what it takes to make it happen.

19. That thing you mentioned in passing you just had to have? Don’t buy it—he already snagged two for you.

20. He’s bookmarked a GIFs site so he can randomly send you messages that make you smile.

21. He puts his phone away when you’re around.

22. He teases you in ways that feel funny, not mean.

23. He’s saved every card and note you’ve ever given him. Heck, he even has a sliver of wrapping paper from your first-ever gift exchange.

24. He tells everyone he knows when you have a life achievement of any kind.

25. He says, “I love you” every day, and you believe him.


Buhari Asks Muslims To Promote Love, Peace As Ramadan Begins

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians to pray for the return of peace, love and prosperity throughout the country as Muslims start the 2015 Ramadan.

This followed the declaration of moon-sighting by the president-general, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, yesterday night.

In a congratulatory message released on Buhari’s behalf by his senior special assistant, Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, the president implored Muslims to seek maximum benefits from the Ramadan period “by being helpful to all manner of people, learning and following the true message of the religion as taught by the Holy Prophet.”

The president in his message appealed to the perpetrators of violence and destruction in the name of Islam all over the world to desist from tarnishing the name of the religion.

“As we make collective efforts to bring to a permanent end the menace of Boko Haram in the Lake Chad basin countries, let me use this auspicious occasion to appeal to our misguided brothers to drop their arms, embrace peace and seek a better understanding of Islam during this Holy period and beyond,” Buhari said.

Meanwhile, while addressing newsmen in his palace, the Sultan stated that Thursday, June 18, marks the beginning of Ramadan 1436 A.H, and urged Muslims to use the 29 or 30-day period to offer prayers for peace and development of the country.

“I have the greatest pleasure to announce to you that today, June 17, marked the end of Shaaban and, therefore, Thursday June 18 marks the beginning of Ramadan 1436,” he said.

“Reliable reports from Muslim leaders across the country show that the new moon of Ramadan has been sighted in various parts of the country. I urge you all to use the opportunity to offer prayers for peace and development of this country.”


Daniel Ademinokan: “Why I’m Crazy about Stella Damasus & Want Her in My Life Forever”

Award-winning filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan has in a new interview revealed that he is madly in love with actress Stella Damasus and wants her to stay with him forever. Daniel made this known on a program on i2radio tonight while making a special dedication to her (Stay With Me – K.O. Kevin Olushola of Pentatonics ). In his words:

”I am so excited to dedicate this song to one person who has been a rock. Sometimes God just aligns things to happen at the right time. Stella Damasus – you are an amazing person and I appreciate you so much. The kind of mind you have, the way you think. It’s different and I’ll probably never meet anyone like you.

People don’t know the truth about how we got together. I appreciate you so much and you are a very blessed person.

There is something special about you.I have always said to you that the enemy will not
attack you if you aren’t special.You have been a source of encouragement to me.You have changed a lot of things in my life.

The way we came together is even a mystery to us.The world may know a lot of crazy things about you but I know who you really are.Thank you for loving me for who I am. We cannot show the whole world everything but you and I have conquered so much in a short time. I would not have been able to achieve a lot of the thing I have if I wasn’t with the right person.You are an actress, singer, writer, teacher, philanthropist, is there anything you can’t do? I love you very much and I’m dedicating this song to you because I want you to stay with me forever.”

About their kids, Daniel continued:

”Everybody knows I have a son David and i love him very much.But for those who don’t know, I have 3 kids now because of who I am in a relationship with now. Every time I see these girls, it makes me so happy! You girls have grown so much and transformed since the day I met you.

Isabel and Angelica I love you very much! I’m so happy that you have taken David as your own brother. I am so blessed to have you in my life!Anyone who sees all of you together will not know you and David are from different mothers.

Angelica you are the top of your class all the time and Isabel your voice is amazing! I can’t wait to produce your songs. I can’t wait for the world to see you! You are blessed, gifted and skilled.Thank you for all you girls teach David. I love you all so much! You are all special! I am dedicating this to all of you! Isabel, Angelica and David. Your mum is blessed to have kids like you.The world doesn’t know how much she does for you! She loves you all and I love you too.I am blessed to have all you as my kids.”

Blac Chyna Finds “Love” With No Sex Policy In New Relationship

A little “Good News, Bad News” for Blac Chyna …  The Good News — she’s moved on from Tyga and is now dating boxing champ J’Leon Love.  The Bad News — sex is 100% off the table for the next 4 WEEKS!!!

Here’s the deal … Blac Chyna met Love around 3 weeks ago and kicked up the flirting when she made him her Man Crush Monday. We’re told he flirted back and they’ve been on ever since.

By the way, Love is one of the hottest rising stars in boxing right now … and is represented by Floyd Mayweather’s promotional company. So, he’s a bona fide member of The Money Team.

Now, let’s get to the “no sex” thing …

Love — the WBA International Super Middleweight Champion — is training for a big fight in Vegas on June 20th … and he has a very strict “no banging” policy in the weeks before a bout.

One source connected to Chyna tells us she’s totally cool with J’Leon’s vow of celibacy … and she’s told friends, “I feel like it’s a good thing and I’ll deal with it with him!”

Only 24 days to go — but who’s counting?

What Makes Couples Successful: 5 Ways To Achieve A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are tricky. In the beginning of a relationship, life is wonderful.

Then, a few months in, it always seems that the allure and romance fades and the other person’s flaws, bad habits and not-so-pleasant qualities become more apparent.

More fights occur or there is less talking than there used to be. Maybe a vicious cycle begins that turns between great days, awful fights, hurtful words or emotional abandonment.

Often, a relationship implodes once both parties become trapped in that deteriorative cycle.

Here are the secrets couples should know to mature their relationships past the “allurmance” stage and establish healthy relationship patterns:

Learn to speak one another’s love language.

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five primary ways in which we all express and receive love best: words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time and touch.

One out of every 10 potential partners will share the same primary love language as you. Maybe you’re both lucky and share the same one.

If you don’t share the same love language as your significant other, you can always learn to meet him or her in the middle.

If touch is most important to him or her, greet your partner with a hug; if words of affirmation are the most important thing, send text messages throughout the day.

We don’t all feel love in the same ways, and knowing each other’s “love languages” helps make sure your partner knows he or she is appreciated.

The best memories are tied to spontaneous events.

Maybe it’s the time you messed up getting to the water park, but he didn’t get mad at you and instead, together, you found a cool new spot on the beach to claim as “your spot.”

Maybe it’s the time you were sick and she cleared her schedule to show up at your house with a “get well” package and took care of you for the day.

The best memories you have together are the times you showed each other how much you love and cherish the other, without needing to be prompted by a special event (like a birthday, Valentine’s Day or the holidays).

Those are the days that you’ll think upon fondly and know, without a doubt, your partner truly, deeply loves you.

Learn to communicate well with one another.

Communication is so important in a relationship, and that idea is nothing new. However, how people communicate with one another is a major factor in a couple’s success.

Some people prefer to have serious conversations face-to-face, and some find text message updates reassuring. Make sure you are aware of what your partner needs.

In any relationship — platonic or romantic — how communication is performed is extremely vital to the security that the other person feels.

Meeting your partner’s needs is an important foundational aspect of healthy relationships.

Be a listener more than a speaker.

“Seek first to understand, not to be understood.”

In all of our time together, which has been over a year, my boyfriend and I have yet to be in a real “fight.”

We’ve argued passionately, we’ve debated, we’ve been in tears, but we’ve never spoken in anger and regretted what we said later.

We’ve never cursed one another out, and we’ve never disrespected each other during a conversation. We have always tried very hard to establish a pattern of listening, even if we did not agree with each other.

A good way to keep discussions on track is to ask, “What I hear you saying is,” and restate in your own words what you think your partner is expressing.

This allows you both to get a clear understanding of what the other is thinking. Listen fully and let your partner speak, uninterrupted, until he or she has finished his or her point before responding.

Interrupting one another incites frustration, which further fuels anxious energy in what could be an otherwise calm conversation.

Even if you don’t think the reason why your significant other feels upset is valid, it doesn’t change the reality of the situation.

Listen carefully to how your partner expresses hurt or confusion. It could just be due to a simple miscommunication or misunderstanding rather than a true conflict of ideas.

How you respond to “bids” matters.

A study by psychologist John Gottman found that successful couples respond to one another’s requests, or “bids,” more positively and frequently than couples whose marriages deteriorated.

A bid is a request for connection. For example, your significant other may walk into the room to ask what you think of her new dress. Though the matter may seem trivial, what she’s really asking in this scenario is for your response and approval.

You have four options: a passive constructive, active constructive, passive destructive or active destructive response.

A passive constructive response would be not taking your eyes off of your book and passively saying, “I’m sure it looks great.” An active constructive response would entail looking at her directly and complimenting her.

A passive destructive response could be telling her to, “Show me later, I’m busy.” A negative destructive response (the most damaging) could be something like, “Why do you need another dress? That was a dumb decision.”

Bids are so crucial because they are a way to reassure your partner that he or she is important to you. Reacting negatively to your significant other’s interests suggests that what he or she cares about doesn’t matter or isn’t valuable.

Couples thrive on kindness. Striving to look out for your partner’s well being, greater good and emotional stability is a great golden rule by which to live.

Though it’s certainly hard, establishing healthy patterns of listening, meeting needs and making the effort to respond to your partner’s bids will make him or her feel secure in the relationship.

But, what if someone isn’t kind toward you, responds negatively and doesn’t want to try? Is the relationship beyond saving?

Take the initiative and humble yourself for a bit; try to speak your partner’s love language and make effort to show that you value him or her.

It won’t be easy, but your actions can reset the tone of the relationship and encourage your partner to change his or her patterns.

As it’s been said, healthy long-term relationships aren’t sprints, but a marathon.


Seven Steps to Finding True Love

Step 1: Envision your ideal mate
You’ve got to know what it is you want before you “put it out there to the universe,” so spend some time honestly evaluating your marriage, past relationships and any crushes you may have had along the way. This will help you figure out the must-have qualities in a good partner for you. “Writing those traits down helps keep you focused,” says Harrell. “State clearly what you do want (“He/She is loyal”), not what you don’t (“My partner won’t cheat”).

Step 2: Tackle your own insecurities about dating and relationships
If you try to meet someone great while you’re still grappling with self-doubt, any minor setback could be interpreted as further “proof” that you’re not cut out for dating. But by taking responsibility for whatever emotional work you still need to do after the end of a relationship, you’re able to experience each new person on his or her own merits. This is much better than unrealistically expecting a new partner to “fix” what’s missing in your life.

Step 3: Focus only on the good things after each date
Not every attempt at romance is going to work out, but you can put even the worst dates to work for you in a positive way. “At least 90% of the time, you can say at least one positive thing about a date… find something that you liked about it,” says Lori Gorshow, a dating coach. “Maybe she had amazing eyes or you like how he really listened. Use that information to better know what you’re looking for in a long-term partner.”

Step 4: Convince yourself that you’re worthy of lasting love
Of course, finding the right person won’t do much good if you don’t believe you’re worthy of having him or her as your eventual spouse. You can break those old self-doubting habits by creating a personal mantra worth repeating to yourself regularly. Your affirmation can be anything you say to yourself in the present tense that’s simple, concise, and positive (think: “I have a healthy, loving relationship,” or “I’m a beautiful person worth loving”).

Step 5: Be picky about the people whom you choose to date
Your list of “must-haves” may seem like it’s decimating your field of potential mates, but really, it’s only weeding out the misfires. “When people are hurt, they sometimes think they have to take advantage of any opportunity available,” says Gorshow. “But at a certain point, you’re just wasting your own time.” A dating checklist empowers you to screen for red flags and move on when you see them instead of spending more time on each person “just in case” there’s potential.

Step 6: Let your positive self-image shine through on dates
A good attitude isn’t just the key to finding more dates — demonstrating the right outlook can also ensure you keep other quality singles interested in taking things to the next level. “People are generally more attracted to someone with a positive attitude than a negative person,” says Harrell. So when you’re out with a new love interest, be sure to talk about the things you truly love and that make you light up (i.e., your favorite hobbies, a trip you took recently with friends) rather than dwelling on unpleasant subjects (like why you’re still single, or how rude your waiter is being to you both tonight).

Step 7: Have an outlet for dealing with day-to-day stress
You’ll stay more positive about dating when you are able to keep your life’s everyday stressors in perspective. “Have a routine that helps you deal with stress, whether it’s exercise, sports, spa treatments, or mantras,” advises Riche. “Find something that feeds your soul and quiets your mind and do it regularly, not just when there’s something stressful going on.”

Credit: http://yahoo.match.com/cp.aspx?cpp=/cppp/yahoo/article.html&articleid=9667&TrackingID=526103&BannerID=1342127

The Gift Called ‘My Mother’ – Yomi Balogun

Too many get along with life forgetting one huge force that helped them get into it in the first place – the mother. Yes, we were created by God but someone kept us safe in their own body, carrying us along for some 9 months, that is a lot of sacrifice to start with. Imagine the weight especially for those of us that came already bearing so much weight. Our mothers deserve our love, not because of the fact that it is often the cool thing to do but mostly because they earned it right from our conception. I appreciate the fathers and all but come on, in most cases, our mothers are the ones stepping out for us when push comes to shove. Spare a thought for your mum’s sacrifices over the years. I personally remember how my mum will go, “Yomi, whatever you do, never forget your source.” And just when I thought she meant herself, she said, “God is your source. I was only a vessel”.  I love my mum. I love my dad too. So, when last did you speak to your mum? Now is not a bad time to make that call. You can even call both of them. For those who have lost theirs, I pray their souls continue to rest in peace. God keep all that they left behind. It’s gonna be a better day. Cheers to our mothers.

Yomi Balogun

Abayomi Balogun wrote in from Lagos.

Why Do We Fall In Love So Easily,Even When It’s Not Right ? #opesays

Haa ! I’m back to my favourite topic, love. I hope you had a lovely week. Ever wondered why most of us fall in love so easily,even when we know it’s not right ? It has caused us much pain and heartbreak than most of us can say. You know deep within you that this person is not right or it’s not the right time to have a relationship, yet you go ahead and let yourself fall completely. Don’t blame yourself, most of us are plagued by this syndrome. There are several reasons why we fall in love ,even when it’s not right.

Ever wondered why most of us

fall in love so easily,even when

we know it’s not right ?

The most common is the triumph of emotions over logic. We all know that the emotions are strong,primitive urges that we can hardly control. You think it’s better to never ask why and spoil what you’re feeling with logical reasoning. It’s funny how the heart can be deceiving and you create picture of what doesn’t even exist in your head.Then it all comes crashing down like a pack of cards. It’s easier to go with the flow ,than question it and go against the grain. Most times the other person isn’t even what you want in a partner but you make excuses for them and go on anyway. This is why we end up getting hurt.

Loneliness is one of the most common reasons people fall in love. You will your heart to fall in love and manufacture an emotion that is not there. You see happy couples and you long for the same. Well, the easiest thing to do is to fall for the next person that comes along. You turn a blind eye to the other person’s qualities and forge ahead. After all, you can’t continue to spend night after night cuddling your pillow.The human need for companionship is basic. You want a warm ,living ,breathing body to hold you and listen to you.

Pressure is another reason people fall in love. Pressure from their peers ,pressure from family and mild pressure from seeing people who are happily in love. Some of us have heard about this ‘love’ all our lives and we want to experience it for ourselves. Loving out of pity is another common one. Someone has been on your neck for months, years perhaps. The other person pressures you into ‘falling in love’. Thing with this kind of love is the that your heart actually finds a way to believe it’s real.

Nothing would have been wrong with these kinds of love if they didn’t leave us with a castoff version of love or nursing broken hearts. Until I discovered the true meaning of love, I used to think I had fallen in love before.Only to discover I have never been in love. It’s easy to confuse longing ,attraction,infatuation ,obsession and even lust with love. They are not the real think ,only fake versions of it. If so, then what is love ?

If it has to end,then it is not love

Love runs deeper that what we think.It is not a feeling, as feelings are temporary.Anger,happiness,excitement are all feelings ,as they are temporary. If it has to end,then it is not love. Love is a conscious decision to stay with this person ,no matter what. Note that I said decision and not feeling. Love is holding on ,when you have all the reasons to let go. A prime example is God’s love for man.

Love is holding on ,when you

have all the reasons to let go

That is love.

Opemipo Adebanjo

@opesays on Twitter