Aftermath Of Nigerian Elections: 10 Lessons Applicable To Life By Adegbaju Christina

1. Never give up (Buhari): Failure is when you concede defeat and never try again. Buhari even in his old age and after losing presidential elections 3 times became the president –elect in 2015. That shows Power of hope and believing in your dreams.
2. The Desired Change is in your hands (Votes): You can achieve the change you long for by taking the right decision and implement it. While some of the electorate chose to obtain the Pvcs (Permanent voters card) , few of them actually went to the polls to vote. So in a country of 150 million people , 90 million are eligible to vote (18-70 years),that’s excluding babies, over aged And people incapable of voting(mentally challenged or ill patients). According to INEC records,30 million citizens exercised their voting right, so In this present age, less than 30% decided the fate of others. Babatunde Fashola and Jimi Agbaje are some of those who bemoaned the low voter turnout in past election.
Moral of story: If you don’t vote, Don’t Complain.
3. Be magnanimous even in defeat (Jonathan): Whenever things are not going to plan or to your liking, remember the adage “ You live to fight another day”. People will see you more as a hero, if in a fight you can concede defeat and congratulate your opponent. You do not have to stir up violence against your opposition, backbite or make underhanded moves just to discredit your fellow contestants. A contest is a game of numbers, analytical thinking , foreseeing your opponent’s moves and taking necessary actions. Business like politics is not a do or die affair, Alliances are broken, new ones are made depending on interests. Be ready to forgive and move on.
4. Unite for a cause (APC): Two heads are better than one, but ONE mega party is better than 3 small ones. People with similar interests, agenda and focus can form a coalition to advance their cause. You need not wonder why a conglomerate wins contacts or get the juicer deals than one man businesses. Also, a joint protest by many is more heard than a one-man protest. Look for a party with similar interests , form an alliance , with well written defined terms stated in the agreement and work towards achieving your goals.
5. Mentors and role models are a must have (Obasanjo, Bola Tinubu): “One with God is a majority with many” Agreed. But “ One with God with numerous destiny helpers will get you to the promised land faster”. Your role model will influence many of your thought processes and how you carry out decisions,While you can pattern your life after a role model from afar ,A mentor must be closer, he shares with you his experiences, expectations from you, pleads on your behalf,takes his share of blame, and guides you how to overcome challenges. Your choice of role model/ mentor can have a negative or positive influence in your chances of winning. If your “Yes sir” means they will carry you on their back to your destination, then Say it. At no time , must you publicly disagree or quarrel with them, resolve all issues privately and let people see your loyalty and commitment to them. Make your opinions known but do not engage in public fights, they are a show of shame. In one of the states, though a party presented a viable candidate, his Godfather marred his chances, while his opponent rode on the machinery and wittiness of his own godfather to victory.
6. Modern days calls for modern innovations (Card reader, Social media): Change is constant, you cannot fight it. Just prepare for it and accept it. For you to stand out and be outstanding you must be innovative, study latest trends and make use of it. While others were objecting to the use of card readers, clamoring for election postponements and making massive adverts using traditional means, others , who benefited in the long run, were getting prepared for any eventuality and influencing the decisions of many through the use of social media which even costs less. An average young person (18-40 years) gets his information on Facebook, email, twitter, instagram and other online means and spends a considerable amount of time surfing the internet.
In the recent elections, the discourse on political issues especially on twitter makes interesting reads (elnathan,omojuwa, kayode Ogundamisi, Tolu Ogunlesi, ayourb, ayedee, demola olanrewaju,debola williams,eggheader,renomomokri, realffk have all turned to be the spokesmen of their favorite parties , some even call themselves the progressives, their twitter fights is very enlightening)
Moral: You cannot solve tomorrow’s problems with Yesterday’s answers.
7. Be a port in the storm (Jega): you will go farther in life, if people look up to you as an arbitrator of peace. Your experience, fairness and calmness ,no matter the situation will always be valued as gold. In your workplace don’t be surprised even if your boss relies or looks up to you because he is assured you will always keep a cool head even in crisis . Do not give away too much of your feelings, emote easily or throw tantrums unnecessarily (Orubebe), that one minute of madness will eventually count and be used against you even if is your first and only time. Always be known to be peace loving rather than a trouble stirrer, that way you win more people to your side.
8. Focus on the bigger picture: Have the end in mind , don’t be embroiled in little things that do not matter . They have a way of making you lose focus. Don’t engage in unnecessary fights, they only cause distractions.
9. Always be in charge: This is true especially if you in a position of authority , You are the head, so you must be able to accept all responsibility that goes with it. Be careful in your choice of aides, spokesperson,team members, their attitudes, actions and words will reflect off you which can put you in a good or bad position. Do not isolate anyone but you should be able to remove or replace anyone who does perform up to expectation or does more harm than good. Do not always impose your ideas on others .Listen, be attentive and observe all what goes on around you.Have a good feedback network that gives actual and not made up reports.
10. Integrity is key: Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and “No” be “No” . In the recent elections, some group of people were seen to easily switch allegiance due to promise of position, monetary gains. loyalties were destroyed and friendships ruined. This led to bitterness, tribal dissension and total distrust . Its best to let people know where you stand and a true leader to your followers. In other words, be a man of your word. Don’t be easily swayed by immediate gain, Think deep. Have an end in mind, Plan and Foresee into the future, the latter benefit can be more than the monetary reward you get now. Some say ” Promises are made to be Broken” but don’t make yours lightly , Some people’s words is more than an insurance and bankable. Let yours be one of theirs.
Final words: VOX POPULI VOX DEI ( The voice of the people is the voice of God).If people desire change, they can make it happen and nothing can stop it.
Article written by : Adegbaju Christina, a lifestyle blogger at

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