Ronaldo Signs Lifetime Sponsorship Contract Worth More Than $1Bn With Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a new contract with sportswear giant Nike which could be worth up to a reported $1 billion.


The announcement comes just 24 hours after the Portuguese superstar agreed to a new five-year deal with Real Madrid that saw his weekly salary climb to £365,000.


Ronaldo claims his latest sponsorship contract will make him a permanent part of the Nike brand, with suggestions coming from America that he is on similar terms as basketball stars LeBron James and Michael Jordan.


“I look at this new contract for life. I’m a member of the family but I have to say Nike, for me, it’s the best,” Ronaldo said. “They do things that no one else can do. I have a great relationship with this brand, I have great friends here in the company.


“They have specific people that work with me. This means a lot because it means I can give my feedback to them and they can listen to my opinion, so we work as family. They are very imaginative and they do unbelievable things. Sometimes they have surprises and I like surprises. This is my brand, Nike they are smart, they know how to pick the best one, so I’m happy because I’m one of them.”