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KogiDecides: Politics Aside Kogi State Deserves Good Governance – @Lanre_Olagunju

Nigerian politicians most times fail to realize that Nigerians aren’t as concerned about the party in government - be it the People’s Democratic Party or the All Progressives Congress - as much as they are concerned about good governance. Politicians, in many cases, are still mostly conceived to be liars and king of mischief. But in the real sense, good governance doesn’t lie. When a government works, everyone feels the impact. But when a government in power need to write a book, gather local and international Public Relations experts to list out its achievements, then definitely something is...
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5 Reasons We Need to Keep Talking About Newborn Health By Lanre Olagunju

The health of every child is important, particularly that of newborns who are most vulnerable.  Their health and survival remain crucial to every nation and government, basically because a huge number of children under five deaths occur during the first month of life. An African adage says that a man’s topmost needs and challenges occupy his thoughts and discussions. Whether enough has been said or done about maternal health across the globe is still up for debate, but the fact that we are still losing newborns and mothers for avoidable reasons is the singular reason why we cannot afford to stop talking...
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It’s a sign of weakness to think that insecurity issues can be solved via a quick fix approach, it might be necessary that as a people, we relax, take a deep breath, and with the eye of shame begin to consider ourselves as a nation that dialogues with terrorists and compensates them so as to buy peace and security. If terrorists kill and cause anarchy for unthinkable demands, then what do you call those who plan to pay or negotiate with them? Evidently, Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is the worst thing that has happened to our fragile democracy. President Goodluck Jonathan once told the entire...
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