Makarfi sues 22 people for ‘trespassing’ on his land

Ahmed Makarfi, caretaker chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), on Monday took one Isa Abdullahi and 21 members of Kada-Kada village in Kudan local government area of Kaduna state to an Upper Sharia court in Zaria over alleged trespass.

Ahmad Yunus-Abdullahi, counsel to the plaintiff, filed the case through a direct complaint. He said his client was in court to seek justice.

Yunus-Abdullahi alleged that the defendants trespassed into a farmland located at Kada-Kada village, which he claimed belonged to him.

However, counsel to defendants, Ahmad Haruna-Danmaigauta, said they were deceived that it was the Kaduna state government that purchased the land from them.

According to Haruna-Danmaigauta, more than 50 people are cultivating the land in question annually.

He insisted that the presence of the complainant in court was absolutely necessary.

Haruna-Danmaigauta said that section 162 of the Sharia criminal procedure code of the state averred that a case would not be entertained in the absence of the plaintiff.

“In view of this, there is every need for Sen. Makarfi to be in court because his presence is absolutely necessary,” he said.

Counsel to Makarfi argued that his client would not be able to be in court because of his tight schedules, but that he had a representation.

Mustapha Umar, the presiding judge, adjourned the case till February 5, to rule on the matter.

Nigeria: Land of Wastage By Abimbola Lagunju

Nigeria wastes everything it touches. Wastage is an ideological, political, governmental and existential philosophy in our country.

Nigeria wastes lives. See the statistics of infant and under-five mortality rates, pregnancy related deaths, and youth and adult death figures. Ill-equipped health facilities, armed bandits, insurgents, bad roads, bad water and security forces take their turns to waste lives. Reading about violent and untimely deaths in the newspapers is a daily menu – building collapses on people, some gun others down, someone throws or detonates a bomb, a tanker spills its fuel and roasts other road users, a mad bus driver somersaults on the road, hospital mismanages a patient, and many other woes that bring life to an end. Lives are wasted at enormous rates in Nigeria. Life almost has zero value. No one cares.

Nigeria wastes its natural resources. No one seems to know exactly how much oil comes out of Nigeria on a daily basis. Whatever revenue is earned is wasted. Gas is flared. Oil is spilled when not stolen. Sea-life, which many countries depend upon, not only for food, but also for income, is wasted. Low-grade and formalin-loaded fish is then imported for public consumption. We have no idea of the number of trees felled a day in this country. Our rivers are polluted. Soil erosion is considered normal.

This country wastes even God-given oxygen. No one controls dangerous emissions by factories. Those who live in the neighborhood of cement factories across Nigeria breathe any other thing but oxygen. No one cares. Dust from untarred roads, plied by smoking vehicles of forgotten dates of manufacture, convoyed by numberless motorcycles, has relegated oxygen in the cities to history books. No one seems to know what it means to breathe unpolluted air.

Nigeria wastes its own infrastructure. All major infrastructure either built by the States or the Federal Government invariably get stuck before they reach service level. Then they lay waste. Steel companies get built half-way and then get sold off to cannibals, who strip them to the bones. Nigeria is one of the few countries in the world where telephony has been reduced to a nuisance of dangling wires and broken poles. Nitel was wasted. I was dismayed during a recent visit to Warri to learn that the multi-million dollar infrastructure that Shell Company built in Warri has been abandoned to all types of reptiles after the company pulled out. A monumental waste.

Justice is wasted in Nigeria. Justice is bartered and sold. It has been let out of court rooms and it wanders in the market place, where criminals and the guardians of justice hag over its price. It is handcuffed to the tree of perpetual injunctions and interminable adjournments where it wastes away. Justice is as much a victim as other victims of injustice. In addition to genocide crimes, crimes against humanity and war crimes, the ICC should consider introducing Crime Against Justice in its books.

Nigeria wastes hope. Hope that things will be better in the future is no longer a dream. No one has such dreams any longer. And that is why some hold on tightly to the past. They romanticize the days when it appeared there was hope. Very few people, if any at all believe in the future of Nigeria or the competence of governance. Elections have been reduced to a change of batons between the devil and the Red Sea. Either way, one loses. And that is why many sell their votes for anything tangible during elections. They prefer cash to nebulous campaign promises. Hope is bartered and then slaughtered. The buyers of votes are the murderers of hope. The sellers of hope are their unwary accomplices. Done away with earthly hope of a functional society, the sellers of hope flock to religious houses, hoping for a miraculous way to keep their heads above water in a hopeless society. Their religious leaders, who are in cohorts with the murderers of hope, oblige them. They hook them on heavenly hope and empty their pockets. They take back the sellers’ earnings from the sale of their earthly hope.

Nigeria wastes brains. Parents train their children in universities, polytechnics and technical schools and put them at the disposal of the country. Nigeria ignores the huge potential in these graduates. These smart graduates then export themselves, legally or illegally, to Europe, the United States and other parts of the world to practice their trade. There in these countries, some of these bright people rise to great heights and we read of them in the newspapers.  However, for every successful one, there are many other Nigerian professionals wasting away doing menial jobs. Nigeria is not bothered. The country is satisfied with the waste. Does the Nigerian government know how many doctors, engineers and other professionals we have in other countries?

A Premium Times report of 12th December, 2016 says, “President Muhammadu Buhari has frowned at the high rate of illegal migration of Nigerian youths to European countries through the Mediterranean Sea. The president, who was represented by Audu Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, called for an immediate stop to the action by Nigerians, saying it was unfair to European countries.” Unfair to European countries!? No Sir! It is unfair to Nigeria, Mr. President. That is brain and muscle waste at its worst! The report further states that “an average of 83 Nigerians crossed illegally from Nigeria to Europe, daily, via the Mediterranean in the first nine months of 2016,” and this number does not include those who lost their lives in the crossing. Colossal waste, Mr. President.

Locally, we read of young people who can refine crude oil in their backyards; we read of people who can make guns; we read of people who can manufacture all sorts of useful implements. What does Nigeria do? They arrest them. They put them in jail till their creativity dies off under bad prison conditions. They waste them in detention. No one bothers to see how these smart and creative people can be put to use for common good. Nigeria prefers to buy guns from Pakistan and other countries that are not in any way better than us. Nigeria prefers to import refined fuel and other finished products.

The leaders of Nigeria waste the goodwill of the citizens. This is our lot. The tale of wastage of goodwill is a long one. Obasanjo came and frittered away all the goodwill he had with an illegal third-term ambition. Goodluck Jonathan, who claimed he didn’t have shoes when he was going to school, emotionalized everyone, including those who did not have shoes as adults, to win the election. He was given a goodwill capital which he squandered in no time. He surrounded himself with people who were in brain-rest mode and who didn’t care about wastage. History has made its statement.

Mr. President, I did not sell my hope during the elections that brought you into power. I still have hope and still believe in you. Stop the wastage, Mr. President.

I am probably wasting ink writing all this too….

Abimbola Lagunju is a writer and author of several books. You can reach him at and read his work here.

Olukoya Set To Lose Mountain Of Fire Prayer City Along Lagos-Ibadan Highway.

Founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, is on the verge of losing the vast land on which MFM Prayer City sits.


A court ruling delivered on 12 May by Justice A.A Akinyemi of the Abeokuta Division of the High Court of Ogun State stated that the Adejonlu family are the bona fide owners of the land on which the famous crusade and camp ground sits in the Ogun State section along the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.


This implies that Mr. Olukoya’s church had bought the land from, and paid, the wrong people. Ownership dispute over the the land began in 2003 and took the form of litigation via two different cases (Suit Nos. AB/60/2003 and AB/61/2003) between the Adejonlu and Oduleye families.


Justice Akinyemi’s ruling, exclusively obtained by SaharaReporters, declared the Adejonlu family genuine owners of the land situated in Magada, Obafemi/Owode Local Government Area, and that they are entitled to the right of occupancy over the land.


Following the ruling handing ownership and right of occupancy to the Adejonlu family, their lawyer, Mr. R. O. Sadik, told SaharaReporters that he wrote many letters to Mr. Olukoya for negotiation and settlement. Mr. Sadik said he took the steps because of the profile of the pastor and his church.


One of the letters, sighted by SaharaReporters, was dated 7 July and signed by one Miss Lateefa Sadik for Mr. Sadik’s chambers. The letter recalled a meeting held between the legal firm and MFM representatives led by one Pastor Alewi.


The letter then proceeded with demands by the land owners. Notably, the landowners requested the church, assisted by their lawyers, to determine the size and portion of their land on which MFM Prayer City sits. The letter also demanded a payment of N5million per plot to cover the acreage that would be agreed on by the land owners and the church. Similarly, the letter demanded the immediate payment of 40 per cent of the total cost of the acreage agreed upon.


But these demands, Mr. Sadik told SaharaReporters, have been met with indifference. According to him, Mr. Olukoya is unwilling to negotiate with the landowners. He, however, warned that the owners are keen on enforcing the court ruling and taking full possession of the land.


“We have written to Dr. Olukoya over 10 times, and it is like he is not ready for settlement. He set up a committee, which was headed by Pastor Alewi, to look into the matter and our follow-up investigation shows that the report of the committee has got to Dr. Olukoya. But we have not heard any positive comment from him. In fact, his body language does not suggest he is ready to pay any money for the land belonging to my client,” Mr. Sadik said.  He explained that he met with representatives of the church on 8 October, but Mr. Olukoya was not at the meeting.

“Presently, we are the practical owners of the land, according to the judgment delivered by the Court, but the pastor is unlawfully and illegally using it and selling part of it thereby making money off us while we are not getting anything,” alleged Mr. Sadik.


Another party to the matter, Chief Gbolahan Timson (Oba Jagunmolu of Shomolu/Bariga), said he was disappointed by Mr. Olukoya’s conduct all through the time of litigation. He also claimed that Mr. Olukoya went back on his promise and his failure to act is affecting the family members.


“The Oduleye family were so greedy, and they were bent on taking over our land. For this reason, they went ahead sue us. We were served the court letter right in the office of Dr. Olukoya, and he said good luck to the winner and that he would settle whoever won the case. He made that statement when the case started 13 years ago. Now that we have won, he decided not to pay us. We explained to him that he paid the wrong party and he should pay our family who are the real owners of the land but he has refused,” he said.


He added that Mr. Olukoya is saddened that he may have to pay more for the land. According to Chief Timson, the landowners gave a figure to the church. After receipt of the sum demanded, the General Overseer is not happy with us winning as he is going set up a committee to look into the case, but the committee came up with a much lower sum.


“From the information I got, he wanted to pay the money twice. But now, he is saying he is not paying us any money. I want to get people to talk to him so as to avoid unnecessary rancor like what is happening now. We cannot fight a battle for 13 years and still be begging for our right after winning. The court has declared us winner and the order of the court must be obeyed no matter who you are and what you do for a living,” he said.

No New Land Allocations For Now – FCT minister

The Federal Capital Territory Administration has resolved not to allocate new plots of land until infrastructure was provided in new areas, The Minister of the FCT, Muhammad Bello, has said.

Bello said this when he received a delegation of the Catholic Community, led by the Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said: “The present administration will not give new allocations either now or in the near future until such areas or districts are clearly provided with the best complements of infrastructure.”

The minister said the policy was not aimed at stifling development, but to ensure that development goes the way it should be.

He said: “That is by providing for the best possible infrastructure before allocations are made so that issues like land speculation or double allocation are discouraged.”

Bello, however, said lands earmarked for compensation for wrongs done or as part of amicable resolution of disputes were exempted from the arrangement, adding that the administration would give priority to these exceptions.

The minister further said the administration would be fair in the allocation of plots earmarked for religious worship centres in the Abuja Master Plan.

The Abuja Master Plan, he noted, made provision for the need of every sector in the society, stressing that plots meant for worship centres would be equitably allocated among all religions.

He said: “Despite the huge demand for land, this administration will try to ensure that plots meant for religious organisations are left for that purpose so that everybody is given a sense of belonging in the territory.

“The planners of Abuja have made plots available for religious bodies in all of the districts in the capital city and this administration intends to implement its land allocation policy based on this plan.

“I think this is standard practice.

“For every district, there are religious plots that cater for all the faiths.”

Bello urged religious bodies and other residents of the FCT to embrace out-of-court settlement of land-related disputes, to reduce the time expended in seeking resolutions at the courts, which retards development of the FCT.

Earlier, Onaiyekan had thanked the minister for encouraging the inter-religious seminar that afforded religious leaders in the FCT to rub minds.

Pregnant Woman Shot Dead Over Land In Delta

Five persons have been declared missing after Enwhe and Igbide communities of Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta state clashed over a disputed plot of land.

It was gathered that a woman with six and half month-old pregnancy was also shot dead during the fracas.

It was also gathered that the five missing persons comprising three women and two men had not been seen by their relatives since last Monday fracas.

Igbide community also claimed that one Prince Palmer Obukeni and a woman with six and a half month old pregnancy were also shot dead during the clash.

A source in the community said that trouble started when some women from Enwhe who had gone to harvest cassava on Monday morning were allegedly attacked by suspected gunmen from Igbide at the site of the disputed land.

The Enwhe community women who escaped the ambush alerted their kinsmen who also mobilised to confront suspected warriors from Igbide community. The clash led to serious injuries.

Source said the five persons have been missing since the incident took place, noting that the push carts meant to carry the harvested cassava home were found abandoned without trace of their owners.

The President General of Enwhe community, Mr Sunday Egboye, when contacted said that the matter has been reported with the police in the area.

Ogboye alleged that the suspected attackers from Igbide community were behind the missing farmers.

He disclosed that a truce committee site up by the Isoko Development Union and headed by Mr Vincent Omurie was working towards an amicable settlement of the land dispute.

He added that he want a lasting peace brokered between the two communities stressing that his people have nothing to gain in a crisis reddened situation.

The President General of Igbide community, Mr Alex Edegware, denied the allegation that the Igbide people were responsible for the violent attack.

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Dream Team VI Crush Sweden To Land In Q’final

Sadiq Umar’s diving header against Sweden was all Nigeria’s Dream Team VI needed last night to book a place in the quarter finals of the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament of the ongoing Rio2016 Games in Brazil. Nigeria consolidated leadership of Group B on six points.

Right from the kick off at the Amazonia Arena in Manaus, the Samson Siasia wards who battled against all odds to defeat Japan 5-4 in their opening game were in charge of proceedings for the greater part of the encounter.

Fresh from scoring four goals last time out against Japan, Oghenekaro Etebo attempted several shots in the half—with his right foot, left foot and with his head—but he was unable to get the better of Sweden goalkeeper Andreas Linde.

Nigeria eventually found the opener six minutes from time, when Stanley Amuzie delivered a pinpoint, curling cross in open play from the left wing that found Umar and the Roma man made no mistake, scoring with a diving header.

The Dream Team continued their dominance in the second half, and just three minutes in, captain John Obi Obi took had a well-driven shot from the top of the area saved by Linde. The Swedish goalkeeper had to be alert four minutes later when Etebo dribbled inside the corner of the penalty box and attempted a curling effort, but once again, Linde saved.

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