KogiDecides: Politics Aside Kogi State Deserves Good Governance – @Lanre_Olagunju

Nigerian politicians most times fail to realize that Nigerians aren’t as concerned about the party in government – be it the People’s Democratic Party or the All Progressives Congress – as much as they are concerned about good governance. Politicians, in many cases, are still mostly conceived to be liars and king of mischief. But in the real sense, good governance doesn’t lie. When a government works, everyone feels the impact. But when a government in power need to write a book, gather local and international Public Relations experts to list out its achievements, then definitely something is wrong.

For the sake of democracy, and more importantly honour for the PDP in Kogi State, I would suggest that the PDP put down a reputable candidate to duly represent her in the forth coming gubernatorial election scheduled for the 21st of November. That’s the first thing the PDP needs to do to at least up its game and strategy towards the next election. Kogi state is in dire need of resuscitation and Capt. Wada, the executive governor of Kogi State, has shown in the last four years that he is far from being up to the task. It will be very foolish of the PDP to agree to Wada’s re-election plans. I mean …what for!

The PDP is well known for relegating its best brains; Nigerians have also mastered the best response to such insensitive act. Just like the PDP suffered predictable defeat at the last general election, PDP in Kogi state will not even have a real chance to compete if Wada is presented for re-election. There is no better way to insult the collective intelligence of the good people of Kogi than to have the PDP approve of Wada’s re-election. The state should have its primaries and give other party members a chance. At least that will warm up the elections a bit, and give the APC a run for its money. If the PDP were to be a party given to critical and honest assessment, the party need not wait till the next elections to test and ascertain Capt. Idris Wada’s popularity. Wada practically has killed the PDP in Kogi and made a mess of  any iota of honour left for the Party.

Aside from PDP’s notoriety for massive rigging and election mal-practices, it’s very difficult to see how Idris Wada hopes to be re-elected.  The public booing Wada received during the inauguration of the new House of Assembly depicts the people’s disgust. The average citizens of Kogi daily lament on how Wada’s leadership has been depressing save for those who of course feed fat at the State’s expense.

In a democratic system, it’s almost impossible to separate smart political ideologies from good governance. The two most influential parties must get rid of all those who have previously governed the state. My disgust for Governor Idris Wada’s administration has nothing to do with his political party as much as it is with the fact that he has failed woefully in delivering the dividend of democracy to his people. Prince Abubakar Audu who has governed in two different occasions, Alhaji Ibrahim idris, Idris Wada – the present governor and others who have governed the state before should be dispensed if Kogi actually wants to experience change. Or are there no fresh and credible minds in Kogi anymore?

However, it’s quite clear that if the APC presents a statue at the next polls against Idris Wada, the statue stands a better chance. In its best interest, the APC shouldn’t give room for the “anointed man” politics. At this stage, this should be buried and forgotten without any hope of resurrection, so Kogi can stand a chance to be governed by the actual choice of the people. People of Kogi must vehemently say no to shabby party primaries.

Wada should consider it quite shameful that supporters of his party have made their intentions publicly known to abandon the party, just like it was done during the general elections, where PDP supporters largely voted for the APC. From all indications, it’s a new beginning in Kogi State, one can only hope that the electorates will exercise their voting right in getting rid of the PDP and other old cargos clamoring for the Luggard House. The collective desire for good governance and change in Kogi must be expressed in the enthusiasm and willingness of the citizens to follow through the elections, voting exercise and also in ensuring that their votes count.  Regardless of political affiliations, at the November 21st election, people of Kogi should look out for the party with a developmental ideology, accompanied with a disciplined and trustworthy personality who can bring such ideas into reality.

I am @Lanre_Olagunju on Twitter