Help Save Peter Kenyrichi, a Kidney failure patient.

Peter Kenyrichi is 41 years old, he is married and has one son, his son Chimaham Kenyrichi will turn 2 in July this year.
He has been diagnosed of Kidney failure and urgently needs a kidney transplant to survive as he is at the last stage of the disease.
We urge Nigerians to support and come to his rescue as his wife and son need him to live, his family has spent all they have on dialysis which is run twice a week and cost about N100,000.00.
He needs eight million Naira for his dialysis apart from getting a donor which costs 1.5 million Naira.
His account number  is:
Peter Kenyrichi
You can reach out to if you have questions or require more information about his situation.
God bless you.