Khloe Kardashian Calls Lamar Odom Her Soulmate

On Keeping Up With The Kardashians Sunday, the family was taking a vacation to St. Barts when they caught wind up of an interview Lamar Odom did with In Touch magazine about his strained relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

Riding in a car with Khloe and her mother Kris, Kim said, “He did an interview with InTouch Magazine.” She proceeded to read aloud, “Lamar insists that woman is my wife without the ring on my finger. ‘Even with her picture being taken with another man, this woman is still my wife. She is my soulmate,’ Lamar told the mag.”

It should be mentioned this interview and reaction happened before Lamar was in a coma and on life support after suffering several strokes and kidney failure in October. Khloe admitted Lamar wasn’t wrong when he said they still loved each other.

“Everything Lamar is saying is true,” Khloe confessed. “I do love Lamar, that’s never been a question if we love each other. But Lamar is all talk and no action. For two years, I’ve wanted Lamar to try, for two years I wanted Lamar to show me some effort, but nothing ever changes. It definitely makes me sad because I still believe he is my soulmate. But sometimes

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Watch Khloé Kardashian’s Photo Shoot Session For Her New Talk Show

The first promo images for Khloé Kardashian’s upcoming talk show with FYI are finally here. KoKo took to her app today to share a behind-the-scenes look at a shoot for Kocktails With Khloé, aka your new favorite show starring a Kardashian. If your idea of having drinks and sharing deep thoughts with Khloé involves giant glassware, fancy clothes, and a straw (so you don’t ruin your lipstick while sipping on your own bottle of bubbly), you’re in the right place.

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Khloé Kardashian Admits She’s Had A One-Night Stand

The 31-year-old reality star, Khloé Kardashian, confessed in a new video diary posted to her app that she has had a one-night stand, but she’s not naming names. While chatting with her bestie Malika Haqq in Australia, Khloé revealed that she hooked up during a previous trip Down Under.

“I met a guy who was performing at the MTV Awards, hooked up with him here and left,” she said. “He had to leave town and we both didn’t live here, we all came here for the awards.”

But according to the youngest Kardashian sister, her mystery man didn’t quite get the message and attempted to make their one-night fling more of a long-term thing.

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Lamar Odom Kicks Khloe Kardashian Out Of His Hospital Room?

Khloe Kardashian has been by Lamar Odom’s side since he was hospitalized in Las Vegas last month, but reports are now claiming the basketball star has kicked her out.

According to Us Weekly, Lamar made the request after hearing negative things from his friends and family, who claim Khloe has used his hospitalization for publicity.

A source alleged that the 31-year-old kept 35-year-old Lamar’s children from visiting him in hospital, despite reports that she actually paid for his family to fly over to see him.

The source added that Lamar’s friends and family had ‘turned him against Khloe’, claiming she tipped off the paparazzi to show the Kardashians visiting him at the hospital.

His inner circle have also apparently told him that Khloe has taken credit for his recovery.

Not only that, but Khloe allegedly made members of his family sign confidentiality waivers before seeing him, with his cousin Sherae Clark-Williams apparently writing on Facebook: “I’m supposed to sign a waiver not to talk about North West, a child I have no interest in What so ever.”

A source said: “Lamar said he needed space and wanted to be alone. He told her to get out.”

However, a source close to Khloe denies the claims, saying he never told her to get out and that she’s ‘focused on making sure Lamar is stabilized’.

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Sneak Peek Into Khloé Kardashian’s Meal Plan

As part of a passage titled “The Joy of Cooking” in her new book Strong Looks Better Naked, Khloé Kardashian lays an average day’s meal plans out there for her readers.

My Day On a Plate

5:00 a.m.: I’m up bright and early and have a huge glass of water and a black coffee.
6:00 a.m.: I’m off to the gym, ready to sweat.
8:00 a.m.: Breakfast is another big glass of water, my ideal oatmeal, and a protein shake.
11:00 a.m.: I snack on an apple with peanut butter or fruit and nuts.
1:00 p.m.: Lunch is a Chinese chicken salad.
3:00 p.m.: Snack time! Homemade hummus, chopped veggies, edamame, and another big glass of water (this time infused with fruit).
7:00 p.m.: Time for dinner. I usually keep it pretty clean, and my favorite go-to is steamed veggies and fish served with my Magic Mash-Up [Editor’s note: This is a cauliflower mash.] and a glass of water of course.
9:00 p.m.: I end my day with a bowl of fruit with plain Greek yogurt.

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Khloe Kardashian Releases Her Book, “Strong Looks Better Naked”

The “Fat Kardashian”… I mean Khloe Kardashain… who is no longer big as she was often referred to, worked her butt off to look like the hot Khloe we see today.

Her fitness book, “Strong Looks Better Naked” is about to be released and she shares her excitement on Instagram. See post below:

Rob Kardashian Is ‘Wasting His Life’- Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom isn’t the only guy in Khloe Kardashian’s life that needs some help from the reality TV star.

In a new interview with People, the 31-year-old reveals that she “can’t win life” for her younger brother, Rob Kardashian, who has been struggling with depression and weight issues over the past two years.

 “Rob is such a great guy,” Khloe says. “He’s charming, charismatic, everything. That’s what’s so infuriating. I’m like, ‘Where is your will to live life? Let’s be around people!'”

Rob, 28, currently lives with Khloe in her Calabasas, California, home and has been keeping a low profile from the public for nearly 18 months, staying far away from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras that constantly follow his famous family.

“I’ve been working on my patience,” Khloe continues. “I’ve been really trying. But I have my moments and I do snap. I’ve offered to get a chef, I’m like, ‘What’s your excuse?’ But it’s not just that. I can’t win life for Rob. I have to wait until [he’s] ready to do it for himself.”

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French Montana Commends Ex-Girlfriend Khloe Kardashian For Taking Care Of Lamar Odom

French Montana had nothing but kind words about his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian on Tuesday, Oct. 20, for taking care of her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, as he continues to recover after being hospitalized a week ago.

“It’s a beautiful thing what she’s doing,” the rapper, 30, told the New York Daily News at the Tidal X: 10/20 concert in Brooklyn, NYC, where he performed alongside DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Meek Mill. “I feel like every woman should do that.”

Montana elaborated to the paper that Kardashian, 31, and Odom, 35, have history. “I feel like once somebody’s going through a critical condition, I feel like people should step up to the plate to help,” he noted. “Once upon a time they had a real relationship when they was married, they still married.”

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Khloe Kardashian Finally Breaks Silence About Lamar Odom’s Hospitalization

Khloe Kardashian has finally broken her silence about her estranged husband Lamar Odom’s recent hospitalization.

“The past week has been incredibly difficult,” Kardashian wrote on her website Tuesday. “I am so thankful to family, friends and fans, who have sent nothing but prayers and well wishes to Lamar.”

Kardashian, who married Odom in 2009 before separating in 2013, also thanked the staff at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

Odom, 35, was rushed to a hospital last Tuesday after he was found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada. He was in a coma for three days before regaining consciousness. On Monday, he was moved to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to continue treatment. The incident is under investigation.

“You can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that Lamar has received and the strength I was given from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure,” Kardashian wrote. “Thank you for your continued support. God is great!!!”

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Lamar Odom May Need Kidney Transplant, Will Khloe Kardashian Donate?

Lamar Odom’s kidneys are failing and the NBA superstar might need a transplant.

TMZ reported that most organs that failed after he was found unconscious in a Las Vegas bother have bounced back, except for his kidneys.

Odom is currently being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he will reportedly undergo six hours of dialysis each day.

Odom, who was hospitalized last week after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, had been discharged from Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Monday and will receive further treatment in Los Angeles.

E! Online had also reported that the former Los Angeles Lakers player, while still on a dialysis machine after experiencing kidney failure, is nonetheless improving, and passed a “swallowing test,” a good indication of his neurological functioning. He also reportedly no longer needs an oxygen mask and is breathing “great.”

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Lil Wayne Tweets RIP to Lamar Odom

Rapper Lil Wayne has incorrectly pronounced Lamar Odom dead on Twitter. To make matters worse, Twenty Three hours later, the tweet is still up.

Former Laker (and ex of Khloe Kardashian) Lamar Odom is currently in critical condition at Las Vegas’ Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center after being found unconscious in a nearby brothel over the weekend. Meanwhile, back in 2013, the YMCMB head honcho, Lil Wayne was “killed” by the internet when rumors began circulating that he was near death and had been read his last rites.

One might think that an experience like that would make Dwayne a bit more sensitive to the accurate announcement of someone’s death on social media. But it hasn’t.

Inconsolable Khloe Kardashian Rushes To Ex Husband’s Side Following Hospitalization

Khloe Kardashian rushed to be by Lamar Odom’s side after he was found unconscious in Nevada on Tuesday, Oct. 13, sources tell Us Weekly. According to an insider, the reality star is “inconsolable.”

Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner are also reportedly with Khloe. Another source tells Us that Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick are also attempting to make their way to Las Vegas, where Odom is being treated at Sunrise Hospital.

As previously reported by Us Weekly, Kardashian’s ex-husband, who has battled substance abuse issues in the past, was found unconscious on Tuesday afternoon by two women he was partying with, Ryder Cherry and Madison, at the Love Ranch South in Pahrump.

Love Ranch South owner Dennis Hof told Us that after the NBA player was found, staff called 911. Operators instructed the staff to roll Odom to his side, at which point, “a bunch of ugly stuff came out of him,” Hof explained. Odom was then transported to a nearby hospital.

“He said he was just trying to get away from people so he could have some time to himself without the pressures of being who he is,” Hof recalled to Us. Hof said that there were no signs of drugs but that the athlete “was taking herbal viagra.”

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Khloe Kardashian Launches Official App

The Kardashian sisters are no strangers to social media.

But hey, Khloe Kardashian has stretched it a little bit. She has launched her own official app.

Just in case you are equally lost, you’ll have to download the app to know what it’s all about. Here is a video clip she posted on Instagram about the app:

Did Khloe Kardashian Steal James Harden From Amber Rose?

Just when you thought the worlds of Amber and the Kardashians couldn’t collide any more – or more contentiously – comes this bombshell:

Rose had been linked to Harden, the star of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, for about a month this season, even going to some of his games.

By late spring, they called off the fledgling romance … and right after that came the first reports of Khloe Kardashian dating James Harden.

After a long period of rumors, Kardashian officially confirmed the new romance by posting a photo of herself and Rose’s ex in Houston.

Some believe this worsened Rose’s already bad blood with the Kardashians, boiling ever since Kanye West cheated on her with Kim.


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Khloe Kardashian Shares Hot Lingerie Pic With Kourtney

Khloe supports her sisters like no other..Amidst photos of Scott Disick flirting with his ex in France, Khloe decided to remind him who’s the baddest..She shared the pic above with caption:

#TBT to the baddest in the game… Then and now. My ace for life @kourtneykardash

Khloe is very close to Scott but when it comes to her sisters, she draws the line..

Khloé Kardashian Angers Followers With ‘Habibi’ Instagram Photo

Khloé Kardashian is currently in Dubai, and while visiting the famed city in the United Arab Emirates, the reality star, 30, is seemingly trying to adhere to its conservative style.

On Tuesday, May 26, Kardashian donned a niqab and hijab — garments worn by women in the Muslim community to cover their head and face.

Khloé Kardashian (Splash News)

“Habibi Love,” she captioned the Instagram image, which sparked a series of angry comments.

“Women getting killed and beaten up for wearing the niqab, but you keep pretending it’s a fashion accessory, the disrespect,” one commenter wrote.

“I have never been more offended in my whole entire life,” another added. “My sister wears the niqab and she gets vilified daily. you can wear it and it gets sexualised and praised. i am deeply offended and was a fan of yours, i am disgusted. “

Others speculated that Kardashian had confused the word “habibi” — an Arabic word meaning “my baby” or “my darling” — with the word “hajib.” Though many of the comments were negative, Kardashian got support from fans who thought the on-off girlfriend of Muslim rapper French Montana was attempting to be culturally sensitive by dressing appropriately.

“She [is] not wearing it as a fashion statement!” one commenter wrote. “She is in Dubai where it is respectful to cover up! And her boyfriend is a Muslim so she is probably just trying to make a good impression.”

Double Date! Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Hit the Town With Their Men.

Double date time… Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner stepped out in L.A. on Sunday with their main squeezes.

Following a romantic trip to Florida, Kardashian, 30, was spotted with on-again boyfriend French Montana at Chris Brown and Tyga’s “Between the Sheets Tour” on Sunday. Kylie, 17, was also in attendance to support her 25-year-old beau.

The sisters were both clad in all black for their outing. “My baby boo bear,” Kardashian posted alongside a shot of her and Kylie at the concert.




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Who Will Replace Kelly Osbourne? Khloe Kardashian? Find Out!

Khloe Kardashian could replace Kelly Osbourne as host of E!’s Fashion Police, it has been revealed.

The television personality is reportedly being lined up to present the show after Osbourne quit following a joke made by her co-host Giuliana Rancic about actress Zendaya.


As US Weekly reports, Kardashian is now the favorite to replace Osbourne on the E! show.

Rancic issued an on-air apology after joking on Fashion Police that Zendaya’s dreadlocks on the Oscars red carpet smelled of “weed” and “patchouli”.


Zendaya has since accepted Rancic’s apology, and expressed her hope that the presenter learned to avoid stereotypes through the controversy.


Osbourne originally hit out at Rancic for her comments and threatened to quit the show, before praising her apology.


25 Epic Reactions To ‘Amber Rose v Khloe Kardashian’s Twitter Feud Last Night

Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose shut down twitter last night.

Did you catch it?
The two stars were in a long twitter feud that lasted a few hours and got their followers, fans and other twitter users riled up.
The major twitter feud, which started as a result of Kylie Jenner and Tyga, escalated very quickly and has been the inspiration for a whole lot of memes.
It all started when Amber slammed her friend Blac Chyna‘s ex Tyga for dating Kylie.
“[Kylie’s] a baby, she needs to go to bed at 7 o’clock and relax,” Amber said. “[Tyga] should be ashamed of himself… He has a beautiful woman and a baby and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17.”
Khloe retaliated by tweeting about Amber‘s stripper past and telling her to not talk about her “sister who has a career.”
Soon after Amber Rose retaliated with digs at Kim Kardashian’s past and more.
Things only went out of control from there.
For their tweets visit Khloe Kardashian and Amber Roses’ twitter pages.
Check out some of the best internet reactions from last night below:

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