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Al Shabaab: Kenya Appoints New Intelligence Chief

Al Shabaab: Kenya Appoints New Intelligence Chief

Kenya on Thursday swore in a new intelligence chief, Major-General Philip Kameru, in the bid to address the rising threat from Al Shabaab militants in neighboring Somalia bent on retaliation after U.S. missiles last week killed their leader and co-founder Ahmed Godane. Major-General Kameru’s appointment as the new director general of Kenya’s National Intelligence Service comes nearly a year after Al ... Read More »

Hague Prosecutors Ask to Stop Kenyan President’s Trial

Hague Prosecutors Ask to Stop Kenyan President’s Trial

International Criminal Court case against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta ended on Friday when prosecutors conceded the country’s refusal to cooperate. This means they would not have enough evidence to put him on trial. The decision to stop the much-delayed trial, which was due to start on October 7, is a serious blow to the decade-old war crimes tribunal, which has suffered ... Read More »

If Kenya were a person, it would look like her…

As you all know, I carry my camera with me everywhere I go. I usually don’t carry it with me to school because I’m scared of losing my baby. Besides, I travel via the same route everyday and nothing interesting happens, so it’s pretty pointless. I also have lots of books to carry. Anyway, I decided to take my camera ... Read More »

Camden and I, Reunited

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if you remember the post I made when I first visited Camden. Well, I remember that day, especially because I got pretty awesome compliments. A lot of people seemed to love those pictures and I was glad because it was my first time in Camden and I initially didn’t feel as if I had done ... Read More »

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