7 suspected illegal miners, several others injured in Jos as mine caves collapse.

Seven people suspected to be illegal miners died while several others were injured when a section of a mining site collapsed in Jos, Plateau State last weekend.Relatives of the victims were said to be reluctant to report the accident to law enforcement agencies for fear of being arrested, due to regular occurrence of such incident in mining sites across the state.

The incident occurred at Waduruk village in Jos South local council.A source close to the village told journalists yesterday that three of the victims were members of the same family who had been in the mining business for more than two decades, adding that the other four were hired from the neighbouring village to help them in excavations.

“There were seven of them inside the pit digging the soil in search of solid mineral when the earth layer above caved in and buried all of them,” said the source.The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Assistant Superintendent Tyopev Mathias Terna said yesterday that the command has not been briefed of the incident.

Meanwhile, about 313 mining companies have been sanctioned by the Federal Government over non-fulfillment of environmental obligations.The Director, Mines Environmental Compliance Department, Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, Mr. Salim Salaam, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) yesterday in Abuja.

Salam said the mining operators were issued sanction letters on March 20 for failing to conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Programme (EPRP) and the Community Development Agreement (CDA).

He said four of the companies affected were given `stop work’ order, adding that the ministry had warned them severally but they refused to comply with the environmental obligations.

He added that the licenses of five companies were revoked over failure to comply with the ministry’s environmental obligations in spite of several notices issued by the ministry.

“One out of the five companies is a foreign mining company located in Bauchi, three in Cross River and one in Oyo State. All their licenses were revoked completely. However, 20 companies were issued warning letters to comply with the mining act to avoid revocation,” he said.


Source: The Guardian

135 boys rescued from human traffickers in Jos

Operatives of Operation Safe Haven, a special task force outfit in Plateau state, have rescued 135 children from human traffickers in Jos, the state capital.


According to Channels TV, the children, who are all male and within the age range of four to eight years, were rescued from two trucks headed to Plateau, Kaduna and Nassarawa.


“On Thursday January 12, the special task force, sector 2 located opposite University of Jos, intercepted two trucks conveying 145 children from Bauchi and Jigawa states to Plateau, Kaduna and Nassarawa states,” Mathias Tyopev, spokesman of the Plateau state police command, said.


“Our investigations further revealed that these children, who are all male were to be taken to places where the three mallams, who were coordinating the movement have not even visited.”


The children were being transported in trucks meant to transport farm produce such as grains, animals and other goods across the states.


It was converted to convey the minors under harsh and unfavourable weather conditions in which the children were stacked alongside grains without any comfort for such long distance journey.


The children are in the custody of the Nigeria Police at their headquarters in Jos, while investigation continues.


The police said the suspects, comprising two drivers, eight conductors and three accompanying instructors, are in custody, and they have been providing information about how they came about the children and their destination.


The police added that it would soon embark on the process of establishing contact with Jigawa and Bauchi state governments for the return of the children to their parents.


Source: Channels TV

The drugs crisis in Jos and the legacy of the ethno-religious violence – By Emmanuel Akinwotu

40-year-old James Oloja*, speaks calmly but looks permanently on edge. Rocking against the wall, he explains how he suffered from the ethnoreligious violence that marred Jos for over 12 years, and how he took part in it.

“It was in 2001 that the violence-hit my neighbourhood. We just ran up a small mountain to safety, we didn’t really understand what was happening.”
“But from that point we turned and could see everything going on, people we knew, family members being killed, hacked, stabbed to death as we looked. We became so overwhelmed. We picked what things we could, got weapons and went back down. From that point whenever there was violence we would hit back. It went on and on for years.”

For James, it was difficult to deal with the killing and difficult to kill. But the drugs they took made it easier to do both.“We were on drugs all day, every day like that. From lighter drugs to cocaine, crack, everything. It was non-stop because we didn’t have much else to do with very few jobs even though I am a graduate. It was just something that became a routine.”

For the last three years, there has been a tense but stable peace in Jos. The city is still segregated along religious lines, in small pockets of Christian and Muslim communities, but according to locals in Jos North and Berom, it is slowly changing.

The state government has held a weapons amnesty to help decrease the arms which spread during the crisis. In many communities, disputes even within shared ethnicities and religious communities are more tense as weapons are more prevalent now.

But perhaps the most alarming legacy of the crisis has been the proliferation of drugs in Jos.The psychiatric department of the Jos University Teaching Hospital is a dim and deteriorating place. There are eight beds but dozens of patients come to the facility every day.

The majority of them are young men and women who cannot be held due to the lack of capacity. Budget cuts have meant they are unable to prescribe the patients the drugs they need. It is there that the impact of the spiralling drugs crisis in Jos is painfully clear.

According to a psychiatric consultant working in the health department who wished to remain anonymous, statistics are not available on the numbers of people using or dying from drug overdose. “But if you use this place alone as a measure, I would say drug use in Jos has quadrupled since 2013. That is across all drug categories from alcohol abuse, marijuana, to crack cocaine, heroin and others.”

“For young women especially, the biggest increase has been the use of codeine found in cough mixtures. They are easy to get and they are going through several bottles, with potentially deadly consequences.”

According to the consultant, drug use amongst young women has risen the most. “They is what has shocked and concerned me the most. Drug use amongst young girls even as young as 14 or 15 has gone up 6 times in the last few years. This is unlike anything I have dealt with in my medical career.”

He explains that since the violence ended in 2013, youth unemployment and a generation of people with over a decade of unaddressed trauma, has fuelled drug use to endemic levels. Drugs are an issue in other states outside of Plateau, but according to medical professionals at the department, it has become acutely severe in Jos.

“There are so many mental health issues that arose as a result of the insecurity that people have had no real way of addressing them”, he explains. “Since peace has been reigning in Jos, it has been treated as business as usual but it is not.”

James was found by an NGO in Jos called Scripture Union West Africa or SUWA who partner with the charity, Tearfund. Led by Dr. Rhoda Udanyi, SUWA has built a local, close-knit interfaith network, involving the regional Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and Jama’atu Nasril Islam, IJN. They provide a shared forum and space for Christians and Muslims to express the grievances and loss they’ve experienced and the challenges they still face.

Almost everyone you speak to in Jos, in non-government and government agencies are concerned about the drugs crisis. Despite a consensus that drugs are an increasing public health challenge, little is being done to address it.

Hospital budgets are decreasing just as the number of people admitted to psychiatric centres and hospitals are increasing.The number of drug related deaths are increasing but without statistics, we have no way of accurately knowing the true scale. But what is clear is that there has been an alarming rise in drug use and it is worsening by the day.*James Oloja is not his real name. Concealed at his wish.

Police ban procession in Jos during Eid-El Maulud

The police in Plateau State have banned religious procession by Muslims in Jos, during Monday’s Eid El Maulud.

“The Nigeria police in Plateau state command, Jos wishes to inform members of the public and Muslim clerics and worshippers that there is a ban on the procession in the evening of 12th December, 2016 after the Eid-el-Maulud celebration,” police said in a statement signed by spokesperson, Terna Tyopev.

The statement also directed Christian and Muslim clerics to stop blocking roads leading to their worship centers within the state capital Jos.

“The commissioner of police also directs that there should be deliberate and gradual reduction in road blockage on Fridays and Sundays by Muslim and Christians during worship hours,” the statement said.

The blockades became rampant following the outbreak of crisis in Plateau State more than a decade ago, and more recently, bombing attacks by Boko Haram.

The police statement also barred the sale and use of fireworks within the state capital, Jos.

“The ban on fire-works; bangers knockouts is still in force and the command shall not hesitate to prosecute both sellers and users of these disturbing items,” it said.

University of Jos suspends female professor caught cheating in exams.

The University of Jos (UNIJOS) has suspended one of its academic staff who was allegedly caught cheating while writing an examination on May 4, PREMIUM TIMES can report today.

Benedicta Daudu, an associate professor of law and former head of the Department of Jurisprudence and International Law of the Faculty of Law in UNIJOS, was allegedly caught copying from a prepared answer during an examination for a Master’s degree in Research and Public Policy in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the same university.

The development was exclusively reported by PREMIUM TIMES on May 21, frustrating what some staff and student described as a plot by the university to cover up the matter.

After the report, Mrs. Daudu’s membership of the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption was immediately suspended.

Insiders at UNIJOS have now told PREMIUM TIMES that the lecturer has been suspended from work, and from the masters programme.

“I can confirm to you that the Senate Disciplinary Committee found her guilty of the allegations, and has suspended her from the Masters programme for two semesters,” an official of the university told this newspaper.

“Also, the matter was referred to the Staff Disciplinary Committee which also suspended her from work. So she is no longer teaching.”

Another official of the university said the professor sued the institution over her suspension.

The status of the court case remained unclear as at the time of publishing this report on Monday.

All UNIJOS officials who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES on the matter asked not be named for fear they might be accused of plotting the professor’s downfall.

Even the spokesperson for the university, Abdullahi Abdullahi, simply said, “Please, please, I have no comment on this matter.”

When contacted by telephone on Monday, Mrs. Daudu, the affected professor said, “Please excuse me, please, please” after our reporter asked her for updates on her examination malpractice case.

Asked when the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) would allow the professor back to her post, Executive Secretary, Bolaji Owasanoye, said, “Until matter is resolved, she remains away from PACAC.”

The committee, headed by prominent law professor and civil rights campaigner, Itse Sagay, and made up of mainly university professors, is the intellectual wing of Mr Buhari’s anti-corruption war.

The mandate of the committee includes advising the President on the implementation of required reforms in Nigeria’s anti-corruption campaign and criminal justice system.

Although she has a Masters in Law, the associate professor was working towards another masters in Research and Public Policy.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the department later accused her of sneaking in prepared answers, also referred to as “chokes” by students, during the examination for the Global Context in Public Policy course.

SAD: Plateau Government turns Shere Hills, Jos wildlife park into a garage.

Giant caterpillars and others heavy duty earth moving vehicles, including tons of dynamites have been assembled to reduce to rubble and chippings the famous Shere hills, located in Jos east local government of Plateau state. Another iconic tourism site, the Jos Wildlife Park in Jos North local government will also cease to exist and excite tourists as governor of Simeon Lalung has put pen to paper to officially remove their presence from the historical tourism map of temperate city of Jos once noted for its flourishing tourism business in Nigeria.

While Shere Hills despite its famous history as face of tourism in Jos, has been given out for quarry activities as veritable source of chippings and gravels, the Jos Wildlife Park, once famous as tourist facility for in-situ Wildlife beasts and mammals will become a construction garage for a company allegedly fronted by top APC elements in the state said to be close to the governor.

Though the entire deal is shrouded in high secrecy, concerned indigenes who spoke to me noted that cash strapped Lalung government may have sold the iconic tourist assets, particularly the Shere hills with blue chip potentials for quarry business to raise funds but they could not understand the mindless reason behind the sale of the Jos Wildlife Park. Incidentally, both sites are among the very other tourist attractions in Plateau state in its hey days a Nigeria’s foremost tourism destination.

Even though Lalung administration may have been the only one to have so far resisted pressure to drop the sale and destruction of tourism iconic sites in the state, this reporter recalled that were also efforts in the past by lazy government economic egg heads who only saw immediate short – sighted benefits of making quick financial gains from turning the various rock formations in the Plateau into quarry sites and not the long term tourism economic and environmental value chain if allowed to help drive tourism and protect the state from earth quake and tremors.

While other past administrations in the state were resisted by concerned Non-governmental Organizations in Conservation and Environment including tourism experts within and outside Nigeria, the lalung administration which just came back from a tourism investment drive in South-Africa, has cleverly avoided letting the Jos people and Nigerians at large know about this dangerously regrettable agenda.

Unfortunately, for governor lalung, his tourism investment jamboree to South Africa, gave few observers of his negative tourism templates on the iconic sites the needed opportunity to question his sincerity of rebuilding Jos tourism as a construction company began last week to mass around the Shere Hills and Jos Wildlife Park in a desperate attempt to wipe away these sites out of Plateau tourism map.

Sadly, the grave yard silence adopted by the state law makers over the issue appears very alarming as representatives of the communities from the Jos east and Jos north local government areas where these iconic sites are located seemed oblivious of the lurking danger facing the tourism sites and the effect on the environment in general.

Indeed, the law makers in Plateau state may have to vote or veto the governor’s fancy drive walk over on these iconic tourism sites and others targeted but yet to be made public since they were captured by the extant laws of the state. For instance, how could the state governor and the state assembly side-step the state forest reserve law of 10th of December, 1946 as Shere Hills and Jarawa Hills were captured in that law vide extracts from minutes of meeting of the then Bauchi  (of  which Jos Plateau was once a part) Provincial development committee held on October 1946, while the approval for the establishment of Jos Wildlife Park was conveyed in a memorandum from the secretary, Northern Provinces, Kaduna to Honourable Chief Secretary Lagos under the directives of the Chief Commissioner through an order of Forestry ordinance as Rafin Baruna South Forest reserve of 4th March, 1936. Jos Wildlife Park was later gazetted as a wildlife reserve on 20th October, 1972 and protected by wild animal law (cap 140) which prohibits any human activity that is detrimental to animal health such as presently being carried the APC government backed construction company.

Mr. John Doy, general manager, Plateau State Tourism Corporation (PSTC) denied any knowledge of whatever is going on at those tourism sites and with an air of finality, noted that his hands are tied since the iconic monuments are not under his watch. I also could not reach the state commissioners of Tourism and his counter-part on Environment as their lines could not be reached at the time of this report.

Dr. Mubo Eniola, a former Permanent Secretary, Kogi State Ministry of Tourism and respected tourism industry voice, advised the Plateau State government to retrace its steps concerning these monuments, noting that what the governor need to do is to initiate a process of evaluating the tourism potentials of the state and draw up a road map or master plan of development.

“I truly don’t know if the Plateau state government is serious with tourism or not but I will advise them not to ridicule tourism in Nigeria by doing anything that will degrade these monuments across the state, “he advised, adding” if it is true, then Plateau tourism is dead and it is said”.

Former ADC, 3 Others Killed In Fire Outbreak In Jos

Retired ASP Anthony Kwame, former Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to ex-Gov. Fidelis Tapgun of Plateau, was on Monday morning killed in an inferno that gutted his residence in the Jenta-Adamu neighbourhood of Jos.

Also killed along with the retired police officer were his two daughters, Theresa and Kerry, and son, Emmanuel. According to Mr Terna Tyopev, the spokesman of the Plateau Police Command, Kwame’s wife, Charity and his daughter, Evelyn, survived the early morning fire disaster but sustained severe burns. “The deceased were burnt to ashes; what were taken to the mortuary of Plateau Specialist Hospital in Jos were just the skeletons,’’ Tyopev told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jos on Monday.

The cause of the fire was not known but neighbours told NAN that the fire started around 1 a.m.

“The fire started around 1 a.m; that is all I am sure of,’’ a neighbour, Tina Fobur, said. The Village Head of Jenta-Adamu, Mr Kabala Bako, whose residence shares a fence with that of the deceased, said that he rushed out of his house when he heard sounds of the fire.

“When Ì rushed out, I called out other neighbours and we tried to put out the fire, but it had already engulfed the entire house and there was nothing we could do about it.

“But we succeeded in making sure that that not so many houses in our area were affected. “In spite of our efforts, some adjacent houses were affected but no life was lost,’’ he said.

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Task Force Nabs Suspected Gun Runner In Jos

Operation Safe Haven, the multi-security task force keeping the  peace in Plateau and parts of Bauchi States, has paraded a suspected  gun-running kingpin who has been on security agent’s wanted list in the last three years.

It was gathered that the kingpin whose name was given as Nanbong Sambo Maidoki alias NSK was found in possession of a military styled Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) tube launcher, an RPG bomb and RPG bomb charger. He was said to have evaded arrests by personnel of OPSH in September 2013 when two AK 47 rifles were recovered in his abandoned vehicle.

OPSH Media and Information Officer, Captain Ikedichi Iweha,  said the suspect who was arrested in a hotel in Langtang North on the 18th of June following intelligence tracking once again tried to escape but was apprehended. He had flung away the keys to his vehicle in an attempt to derail security agents but after an unsuccessful search for his car keys, security agents had resorted to a forceful break-in where a rocket propelled grenade tube launcher, one RPG bomb and an RPG bomb charger were discovered, neatly concealed in his Toyota Highlander jeep with registration number AJ174RSH.

Captain Iweha said; “He was picked up at about 12:13am on the 18th in Langtang North LGA. You would recollect the porosity of that general area with the incidences in the North east. He tried once again to escape but this time luck ran out of him, consequently, search was conducted in his house, nothing incriminating was found but in his vehicle we found a complete military styled ammunition.”

The task force spokesperson said the arrest of Nanbong will improve the general security on Plateau and reduce the proliferation of light weapons and small arms adding that “on the consequence, it will reduce the rate at which communities are raised, women and children are killed and men are maimed. Imagine what this will do to any community that it is launched at,” he said.

While urging communities to come forward with useful information concerning criminals, he stressed that “the fall out of such criminal actions impacts on the larger society. Our appropriate sister agencies will carry on with his prosecution while our own tracking will continue to track other members of his syndicate.”

“we assure that any information provided would be treated in utmost confidentiality. the OPSH will also want to reassure members of the general public of its determination to protect lives and properties of all law abiding citizens,” he said.

When asked to comment, Nanbong said he didn’t have anything to say but said  he didnt do anything for a living.

Credit: dailytrust

Shittes & Another Muslim Sect Clash In Jos

There has been a clash between Shitte members and rival Muslim youths in Jos. The clash has left one person dead.

According to reports, hundreds of Shitte women dressed in black had staged a protest in Jos today demanding the release of their leader El-Zakzaky, his wife and some other members who have being in detention since the 12th of December after being arrested by the army during a clash that left some members dead.

Aside requesting for the release of their leader they are also requesting for the release of the dead bodies of their members killed by the army for proper burial according to Islamic traditions.

The protest which started off as peaceful turned violent leading to a clash and the death of one person. Security personnel have since been deployed to strategic places in the state while worship places are being heavily guarded.

All forms of rallies, protests and processions have been banned in the state or must get the permission of the police before commencing.

Security Officers Pose With The Dead Lion Killed In Jos

Countries are looking for More lions and we killed ours and these men are feeling funky killing a Lion that one Tranquilizer would have sent it back to its Cage comfortably. But this is Nigeria and i am definitely sure at time of Writing this post, This Lion has already become meat in A Nigerian family’s pot of more. One word for us all…. Shame !!!!!

Taskforce Alerts On Plot To Attack Jos

Special Task Force in Plateau State, Operation Safe Haven, OPSH, has alerted the citizenry of plan by terrorists to attack Jos, the state capital, and environs.

While calling on citizens to be on alert, the security task force urged them to pay particular attention to public spots such as motor parks, relaxation areas, markets, mosques and churches, among others.

A statement signed by Media / Information officer of OPSH, Captain Iweha Ikedichi, and made available to journalists at the weekend in Jos, said the action became necessary in view of security intelligence at its disposal.

Iweha said: “This is sequel to specific intelligence, which revealed the intention of members of Boko Haram terrorist group to carry out an attack on Jos metropolis.”

According to him, security operatives have consistently foiled attacks by the terrorists for two weeks running, ensuring increased presence of security personnel around identified flashpoints…”

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I Am Not Posted To Jos On Punishment, Says AIG Mbu

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mbu Joseph Mbu, has pledged to do everything to transform the Police Staff College, Jos, Plateau State, in all aspects, noting that he was not posted to the college on punishment.

Mbu, who spoke while assuming duty as the new Commandant of the college, said: “I was posted to Jos to come and transform the college, not on punishment. I did not resume early because I was on leave.”

He said: “I am still a serving police officer and I love my job. I do my job like a professional, and while working I do not know wife, brother or friend. I am proud to be a police officer.”
Mbu said it was privilege to be posted to head the highest police training institution in the country, noting that “our Inspector General has promised to ensure that training is given utmost priority, and that’s why I was posted to help transform the college.”

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Children, Others Killed As Islamic School Building Collapses

A one-storey building belonging to Abu Naib Islamic School on Gero Road in the Bukuru area of Jos South Local Government area of Plateau State, last night collapsed on pupils, killing an unconfirmed number of children.

Although the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) no Sunday confirmed four dead and five injured, sources in the community said the death toll was higher and that the figure was likely to rise considering the degree of the injuries sustained by many of the students.

The pupils, believed to be between the ages of six and eight, were said to be receiving Islamic lectures in the evening when the building collapsed.

Alhaji Danlami Muhammad, who lives in the community, said: “I cannot give details of the casualties right now because we are still trying to rescue the children.”

He said about 40 children were inside the building when it collapsed, adding that “the number could have been higher but for the rainfall that prevented some of the children from attending their Koranic class”.

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How Mastermind Of Jos, Zaria Bombings Was Nabbed– Military

The Nigerian military has explained how the suspected mastermind of the Jos and Zaria bombings was arrested. The defence headquarters had earlier tweeted that the unnamed suspect was taken into custody in Gombe after organising the two attacks that killed 70 people between Sunday and Tuesday.

The spokesperson for the Army, Sani Usman, has given further details on the arrest:

“Please recall that on Sunday 5th July 2015, suspected Boko Haram terrorists carried out coordinated bomb and gun attacks on worshippers at Ýan Taya mosque, Dillimi Street, off Bauchi Road, Jos where the holy month of Ramadan tafsir was holding, and Shagalinku Restaurant, along Bauchi Road, Jos, Plateau State which led to death of over 48 persons, injuring several other persons and destruction of property.

“Similarly, the terrorists carried out another bomb attack on hapless workers undergoing verification exercise at Sabon Gari Local Government Secretariat, Zaria Kaduna State which resulted in the death of over 25 people including a two-year-old child and destruction of property.

“Consequently, security cordon was established in the general areas especially along Bauchi, Gombe and the North Eastern part of the country by troops of 3 Division and Special Task Force, as well as the Department of State Services. This culminated in the successful arrest of the mastermind of the heinous terrorist acts and two of his accomplices at a checkpoint in Dadin Kowa, Gombe State. The terrorist kingpin and his colleagues who disguised in a trailer while trying to evade checks were fished out by troops of Nigerian Army.

“The arrested terrorists are currently being processed for further action and would soon face the full wrath of the law.

“The general public are hereby please requested to be more vigilant, security conscious and report any suspicious persons, movements, and facilities to the security agencies.”


Nigerian Troops Arrest The Mastermind Of The Jos And Zaria Bombings

The Defence Headquarters has announced that Nigerian troops have arrested persons suspected to be masterminds of the recent bomb attacks on Jos and Zaria.

The announcement came via the official Twitter account of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

“Troops have arrested a mastermind of the Jos & Zaria bombing at a checkpoint in Gombe following an operation by combined team of military & DSS operatives.” the tweet read.

A bomb attack at the Secretariat of Sabon Gari Local Government, Zaria, Kaduna State on Tuesday, July 6, left 25 people dead and 32 others injured, and 24 hours earlier (Monday), a twin bomb attack
in Jos had killed 44 people and injured 47 others.

In Jos, the first bomb went off at a restaurant opposite the Bauchi campus of the University of Jos, while the second one went off at the mosque near the Yan tyre market area of Dilimi junction along Bauchi road about 15 minutes after.

The Zaria attack occurred at the venue of biometric registration of civil servants.

Military Captures Jos, Zaria Bombings Mastermind At Gombe Checkpoint

The Nigerian Military has announced the arrest of the mastermind of the deadly bombings that rocked Jos and Zaria on Sunday and Tuesday respectfully. The announcement was made via the twitter handle of the Defence headquarters.

The tweets reads: “Troops have arrested a mastermind of the Jos and Zaria bombing at a checkpoint in Gombe following an operation by a combined team of the military and the DSS.

It will be recalled that the twin bomb explosions in Jos on Sunday and the Tuesday’s explosion in Zaria left over 60 people dead with many injured.


Dogara Condemns Attacks In Jos, Zaria

As the country grapples with heightened terror attacks, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara, has called on Nigerians to persevere in prayers for the country. While condemning the bomb attacks in Jos and Zaria which left scores dead, Dogara said recent happenings in the country can-not be solved through conventional human wisdom but divine intervention.

A statement issued yesterday by his special adviser on media and public affairs, Turaki Hassan, said the Speaker made the remarks at the commissioning of a church at Ubulu-Uku, built by Hon. J.O. Mrakpor who represents Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency of Delta State.

“I will urge that we continue with prayers for Nigeria. If Nigeria will be exalted it will be on the account of righteousness,” the Speak-er said.

“As leaders, we need prayers from all Nigerians. When you con-tinue to pray for your leaders for righteousness to reign in the af-fairs of the nation, definitely, Nigeria will be exalted and it will re-flect on our citizens.

“These are very uncommon times and all we need to survive is prayers. That is why altars like this are necessary,” he added.


Jos Explosions: Angry Protesters Torch Two Churches – Police

The Plateau State Police Commissioner, Nasiru Oki, has said two churches were on Monday set ablaze by angry persons protesting bomb explosion at a mosque Sunday night in Jos.

The police boss made the disclosure Monday evening at the police headquarters in Jos, the state capital.

While briefing journalists on the police’s investigations, Mr. Oki said no arrest had been made so far.

He also noted that no life was lost in the church incidents but property allegedly worth millions of naira, were destroyed.

Mr. Oki also said that 42 people were killed in the twin bomb explosions on Sunday – 20 in the first blast at a restaurant and 22 others in the second at a mosque.

50 people were hospitalized for various degree of injuries and are being treated in hospitals within Jos, he added.

He also presented an undetonated locally-made device recovered from the first scene and quoting police bomb experts, Mr. Oki said the according to police bomb experts, the device was capable of destroying a complex.

NEMA Releases Official Report On Jos Bomb Attacks, Contradicts State Govt’s Report

The Director in charge of the North-Central zone of the National Emergency Management Agency, Mohammed Abdulsalam, has put the number of deaths in Sunday night’s bomb attacks on Jos at 44.

Mr. Abdulsalam also told journalists via telephone on Monday morning that 48 others were badly injured, and are currently hospitalized in various hospitals in the Plateau state capital.

But the Plateau state government insisted that only 18 people died in the incidents, with 18 others injured.

A statement by the Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor, Emmanuel Nanle, quoted the state government as condemning the attack, and calling for calm.

The statement also urged security agents to intensify checks and patrol across the state to avert reoccurrence.

The spokesperson for the Plateau State Command of the police, Abuh Emmanuel, confirmed the explosions Monday, but declined to disclose casualty figure.

Mr. Emmanuel said the data on victims were still being collated, and that no arrest has so far been made.

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Graphic Photo From The Jos Bomb Blast At Yan-Taya Mosque Yesterday

This is a photo from the deadly bomb blast that rocked the Yan-Taya mosque in Jos yesterday.  The blast had happened as a sermon on the occasion of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan was going on. Another blast occurred at Bauchi Road, a major thoroughfare in Jos that is also in an area where many Muslim families reside. At least 15 people were killed and 20 others were injured in the attacks.

May God comfort the grieving, and give our government the courage, wisdom required to meet up with this danger.

Photo credit – Journalist Yiljap Abraham

Jos Bomb Blast: Read What Really Happened

Scores of people were believed to have lost their lives as two suicide bombers detonated their bombs in Jos, the Plateau State capital this(Sunday) night.
Reports gathered that the first bomb went off at a restaurant opposite the Bauchi road campus of the University of Jos at about 9.15pm, while the second one exploded at a mosque near Yan Tyre (tyre market) area of Dilimi Junction, along the same Bauchi road about 15 minutes later.
While the casualty figure from the first blast was given by an eyewitness as 15, the figure from the second blast at the mosque could not be ascertained.
It was learnt that while the first bomb might have been detonated by a suicide bomber as it happened inside a restaurant, the insurgent might have used a rocket launcher to attack the mosque.
According to an eyewitness, the front of the mosque is usually crowded as it serves as the location where the leader of the Izalla sect, Sheikh Yahaya Jingir, normally performs the tafsir (breaking of fast).
The insurgents were said to have targeted worshippers who usually stay around after the breaking of fast.
The insurgents were said to have started shooting sporadically to beat a barricade mounted by security men in front of the mosque before launching the attack.
The eyewitness said, “We have counted 15 bodies that died instantly from the first blast. We are now moving to the scene of the second one at the mosque. But the soldiers are asking us to go back because the casualty is high.”
Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Emmanuel Abuh, who confirmed the twin blast, said men of the anti-bomb squad had been dispatched to the area.
He explained that the exact casualty figure and the extent of damage could not be ascertained until the men cleared the area.
Abua added, “It is too early to give any figure. We have dispatched our men there and we are expecting feedback from them.”

Military Checkpoints: Blocked Roads Reopen In Jos

A resident of Jos, the Plateau State capital, Garuba Usman, has expressed reservation with the order of President Muhammadu Buhari, directing that military checkpoints across the country should be dismantled.

As early as 7.30am on Tuesday, some security operatives, especially those of the police, supervised the removal of sandbags and sign posts, usually mounted by the military as shields.

Most of the roads closed as a result of the incessant crises in the metropolis were opened to traffic.

For instance, the road from Muritala Mohammed to Terminus, closed since May 20, 2014, when two bomb blasts killed over 200 people in the crowded Terminus market, has been reopened.

Most of the residents, who spoke to our correspondent on the development, described the removal as hasty, preferring rather that the dismantling be in phases.

A resident, Usman, said for a state like Plateau, where common argument between people of different faiths or tribes could lead to serious crisis, the dismantling of road blocks should not be rushed. He said, “For a city like Jos, with segregated living, road blocks are necessary for areas where one tribe or religion predominate.”

However spokesman for the Special Task Force, Mr. Ikedichi Iweha, allayed the fears of the residents.

Iweha said in some areas, soldiers were still on the standby to respond to emergencies, adding that the road blocks were being dismantled to reposition security agencies for greater efficiency.

He said, “In taking the decision, we are not unmindful of the security situation in the country and so where the checkpoints are dismantled, security men are still on standby to respond to any emergency.”


63,000 IDPs Taking Refuge In Plateau – SEMA

More than 63, 000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are taking refuge in various camps in Plateau, Alhaji Alhassan Barde, Executive Secretary, Plateau State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), said in Jos on Monday.

Barde told NAN that the IDPs were from Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Nasarawa, Taraba and Plateau States.

He explained that those from Borno, Adamawa and Yobe were victims of insurgents attacks, while IDPs from Nasarawa and Taraba were displaced by ethno-religious crises and the others from Plateau were victims of violent midnight attacks.

The executive secretary said that IDPs displaced by insurgents attacks were 5,508, out of which 4,450 were taking refuge in Jos North Local Government Council.

“Nine hundred and forty persons are in Jos South Local Government while 118 are in Jos East,” he added.

The official also said that 18,000 IDPs displaced by ethno-religious crises were camped in Quan’Pan Local Government, 3,000 in Shendam, 1,626 in Langtang North, 1,074 in Langtang South, while Mikang area hosts 3,145.

Speaking further, Barde said that 300 IDPS were in Wase, 2,448 in Kanam and 1,380 in Kanke.

The executive secretary said that those displaced by violent attacks in Plateau were about 24,029, with 2,280 of them in Barkin Ladi, 1,423 in Bokkos and 20,326 in Riyom.

He said that SEMA was having “a very tough time” catering for the basic needs of the IDPs including the provision of food, shelter, clothing, health/nutrition toiletries and beddings.

“The challenges are worsened by the dearth of funds and the ongoing workers’ strike which had made it impossible for the staff of the agency to carry out their duties,” he said.

Jang Pardons 5 Convicts

Gov. Jonah Jang of Plateau on Thursday granted pardon to five convicted persons in the State.

Mr James Mannok, Director of Press Affairs to the outgoing governor, who announced this in a statement in Jos, explained that the pardon was effective from May 25.

The statement explained that the decision was taken in consultation with the State Advisory Council on the Prerogative of Mercy.

It added that it was also in accordance with the power conferred on him under Section 212 of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999.

The beneficiaries are: Lawrence Oguno, Joel Oguno, Jacob Kwakfwan, Mohammed Umar and Magaji Ibrahim.

According to the statement, two convicts; Emmanuel Ochiba and Maxwell Idi, have had their death sentence commuted to life imprisonment. (NAN)

See Who Claims To Be Leaving Office As Nigeria’s Poorest Governor

The Plateau State Governor and factional Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, Jonah David Jang, has said he will be leaving office as the poorest governor in Nigeria.

Jang said this while speaking on Sunday at an interdenominational service to mark this year’s Democracy Day, which happens to be his last after eight years of stewardship in the state.

He challenged his critics to go check the records and prove otherwise, insisting his government is submitting a detailed handing over note, which copies he said he wished every Plateau State citizen has.

Jang, who made his last appearance in such a capacity, said he will be meeting for the first time face
to face with his successor, Barrister Simon Baki Lalong, during the May 29 hand over.

He told the worshipers not to blame President Goodluck Jonathan for the woes of the country but rather the fall in oil price.

The Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Hon. Titus Ayuba Alams, apologized to workers of the state for the lack of payment of their salaries.

Alams said it was not intentionally done but was largely as a result of the dwindling income of the state government.The Plateau State Governor and factional Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, Jonah David Jang, has said he will be leaving office as the poorest governor in Nigeria.

Jang said this while speaking on Sunday at an interdenominational service to mark this year’s Democracy Day, which happens to be his last after eight years of stewardship in the state.

He challenged his critics to go check the records and prove otherwise, insisting his government is submitting a detailed handing over note, which copies he said he wished every Plateau State citizen has.

Jang, who made his last appearance in such a capacity, said he will be meeting for the first time face to face with his successor, Barrister Simon Baki Lalong, during the May 29 hand over.

He told the worshipers not to blame President Goodluck Jonathan for the woes of the country but rather the fall in oil price.

The Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Hon. Titus Ayuba Alams, apologized to workers of the state for the lack of payment of their salaries.

Alams said it was not intentionally done but was largely as a result of the dwindling income of the state government.

Open Letter To the Governor-Elect, Plateau State Mr. Simon Lalong By Daniel Gomagallah Herbert

Dear Sir,

I want to first of all congratulate you for the success at the polls. It’s a victory for Plateau State and I pray God will see you through your administration.

As a state, We’re grateful that we’re blessed with both natural & human resources. So, I write this piece to draw your attention to just a part of what we’re blessed with, that of course, I know you’re aware of. However, I’ll still say Plateau, the home of peace & tourism needs to rise beyond our great past into a future that is worth celebrating.

As a tourist haven, it’ll be good if you develop our very own Sherri-Hills into something bigger than Obudu. Just before we get there sir, I will like to suggest that the major projects that have a lot of impact on the state but standing uncompleted should be completed by your administration. For example, the Flyover at secretariat Junction, Zaria Road Stadium among any others.

Dear Governor, having a five star hotel or its equivalent in our state will make this place worth visiting by a lot of prospective investors.

Sir, an international conference centre if,constructed like wise, is an image projector we need as a one stop “shop” for everyone doing business in the Middle Belt,North &

beyond. Sir,we need a world class shopping mall in this state too to make this tourist haven complete. Better still, The Jos main market can be reconstructed.

The last but not the least,our primary, secondary & state owned tertiary institutions should be made even better so as to develop human capital base of the state.

On the payment of salaries, that can never be over emphasised.

Hopefully,Plateau will be even more beautiful.

Just so when some people thought that we’re all finished in Jos, I hear us all saying, with the coming of this government that ; “This just the beginning.” With the hands of our political leadership, with the choice we’ve  made all to live in peace and to contribute our quota in making this state beautiful again, Plateau is rising!!!

Our streets will be made beautiful, businesses should  thrive, hopes should be raised and that tourist haven should be unveiled. That’s what we look forward to in this new government.

We have great entertainers here and those that left this state as ambassadors, and the entertainment industry should be made to thrive in this state. The talents I see are just enormous.

So that even the stereotypes will testify to this fact that Jos is rising!

We want everyone to Discover Jos city; The Home of peace and tourism.

Discover Jos city; The spring board to every success story.

Discover Jos city; The most accommodating state in Nigeria.

Discover Jos city; A haven to behold.

The State is known as The Home of Peace and Tourism because it has a lot to show to the world.

In terms of tourism, we have the following to be proud of ;

The Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture. This has life-size replicas of a variety of buildings, from the walls of Kano and the Mosque at Zaria to a Tiv village. In addition, articles of interest from colonial times relating to the railway and tin mining can be found on display.

Jos Zoo is located in Jos city, beside the museum. It has a good stock of animals, birds and reptiles and was established in 1957.

Assop Falls is one of the most notable of Nigeria’s many waterfalls. Located at the edge of the Jos Plateau, about 40 miles (64 km) from Jos city, on the road to Abuja.

The Wildlife Safari Park sits in the middle of 8 km2 (3.09 sq. miles) of unspoiled savanna bush, about 4 km (2 mi) from Jos. It offers a wide variety of wild animals within easy viewing. The park also boasts great, panoramic views of Jos city.

The National Museum in Jos was founded in 1952, and is recognised as one of the best in the country. It is renowned for its archeology and The Pottery Hall has an exceptional collection of finely crafted pottery from all over Nigeria. The museum boasts some fine specimens of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts dating from between 500 BC to 200 AD.

Kurra Falls is an area of magnificent scenery some 77 kilometers southeast of Jos. It is the location of the State’s first hydroelectric power station.

The Kerang highlands are located about 88 kilometres from Jos. These beautiful, volcanic mountain hills are the source of natural mountain springs, which supply the popular spring water company (SWAN).

The Shere Hills include some of the Plateau’s highest peaks. They are a scenic range of hills to the east of Jos which offer a prime view of the city below. They offer fantastic opportunities to mountain climbers and hill walkers alike.

Riyom Rock is one of nature’s most spectacular rock formations, located 25 kilometers southwest of Jos, near Riyom town. One of which is the famous “Three-Stone”.

Pandam Game Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary. It is a protected region of natural habitat and is home to Hippopotami, Crocodiles and snakes of all types. Local park rangers track local game on foot and guide people to the best viewing areas. It offers sports fishing facilities and tourist accommodation is available.

Wase Rock is a striking dome-shaped inselberg which juts out of the ground to an incredible height of 450 meters. It is located about 216 kilometers southeast of Jos near Wase town. It is one of the only five breeding places for the White pelican in Africa. Because of this, the government now protects about 321 acres (1.30 km2) of land around the rock as a bird sanctuary and for wildlife development.

Kahwang Rock Formation is a set of beautiful basalt rocks, second to one of its kind found in Switzerland. Located in Bangai village of Bachi District in Riyom Local Government of the state, the Kahwang rocks have received tourists from different parts of the state, the country at large and on occasions, from outside Nigeria, who visit the site to see for themselves the wonders of nature. This site is however, still awaiting the attention of the Plateau State Tourism Corporation to meet modern standards and to serve as another source of revenue generation to the state. All of these, I’m aware you know even more.

Putting them forward in this piece is just for emphasis.


Jos is not only one of the most popular cities in Nigeria but also served as the spring board for the following Nigerians: Kenneth Gyang – A filmmaker, An African Movie Academy winner [His movie won Best Film – And it is the African Movie Academy Awards, Bayelsa ] One of the best Nigerian Rappers, Award winning Multi-talented producer extra ordinary, J-Town Masterpeiece; Jesse Jagz, Mikel Obi; an international footballer who had his childhood years in Jos, Panam Percy Paul; popular Christian musician, Obinna Nsofor; popular Nigerian footballer who started his career in Jos, Kevin Pam; first Nigerian to win Big Brother Africa, Karen, P-Square; popular musical duo who had their childhood years in Jos, Jeremiah Gyang – Singer and Multi-Talented instrumentalist who is from Jos, MI; popular Nigerian Rapper who also had his childhood years in Jos, Ice Prince Zamani, Nigerian Rapper, who grew up in Jos, Bongos Ikwe; a popular musician who grew up in Jos. Others are Segun Odegbami; popular Nigerian footballer who had his childhood years in Jos, Bez ; a Nigerian alternative soul singer born and raised in Jos, Dayo Okeniyi, an actor most known for playing “Thresh in the Hunger Games” movie, He was born in Jos. The names mentioned are just few among many others that this city is blessed with. We all together are pictures of great personalities in Jos…

The state needs to grow beyond depending on what we get from Jos Electricity Distribution Company JED in terms of electricity… We really should do something about NESCO which to me, is something we can fall back to.

From there too, something good will happen to our internally generated fund. Tax isn’t the only way forward.

People should be encouraged to invest in the state and people with ideas should be given such opportunity to make such contribution.

Let me introduce you to someone whose idea was not given an opportunity to thrive. I Read about Choji Bare, from Turu in Vwang district. An industrial chemist from the University of Jos. In 2009, he  invented a refinery process that converts plastic/nylon waste to a good yield of petroleum products like petrol, diesel, kerosene and cooking gas. He built a prototype refinery that does that.  He submitted a proposal to the government for a 300,000 liters per day plant in Jos. This was not considered here. However with time, This invention attracted lots of interests from Europe and America. Companies sent representatives all the way to Jos. He was given a presidential award in 2012. But his aim was to setup a refinery in Jos with plateau indegenes having at least 70% majority take in it. These foreign companies wanted him to leave Nigeria. At first he was hesitant but had to succumb as he saw the government was not interested in his  developmental idea. Now he has been featured on forbs magazine severally, recognized and endorsed by several international bodies.

Let the environment be very friendly for investors from within the country and beyond, and those who have an idea.

 In Nigeria today, it’s like everyone doing great had his/her footprints in Jos. So, we can explore more and make this state the entertainment capital of Nigeria, and a tourist destination for all. First, then lets rear and our image away from our past.

Jos city is beautiful, lets join hands and rewrite our story… Lets showcase the beauty within and the strength we have to drive the wheel of progress.

You’re Just what will  make Plateau more beautiful.


Daniel, Gomagallah Herbert.

Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of www.omojuwa.com nor its associates

44 Soldiers Held in Underground Cell in Jos

At least 44 soldiers of the Nigerian army are currently being held and languishing in an underground cell in Jos, according to PREMIUM TIMES.

An army source told this newspaper that the soldiers were part of those stationed in Mubi, Adamawa State, when the town was over run and captured by Boko Haram insurgents last October. According to reports, soldiers in the town failed to engage the attacking terrorists and fled their barracks leaving the town defenceless.

Our source told us that the 44 soldiers that include five staff Sergeants, two Sergeants, five Corporals, 18 Lance Corporals, and 14 Privates, were dislodged by the terrorists on October 28, 2014. They were then arrested and detained for 10 days before being moved to an underground detention cell in Jos where they have since been.

Their charges are not known yet and the army is yet to arraign them for any offence.
The affected soldiers are Staff Sergeants – Ali Bako, Daramola Segun, Zakariya jibrin, Abdulrazaq Ahmed, and Abdulhamid Musa; Sergeants – Damiel Sunday, Ajayi Danladi; Corporals – Elijah Bisuakefe, Bulus Andrew, Adamu Ladan, Ponmark jatau, and Kurmi Rumu; Lance Corporal – Chilaka Pius, Kuyoro Joseph, Lawal Asheik, Friday Jacob, Oyinah Ifubaraboye, Abubakar Haruna, Abbas Iliyasu, Clement Ebong, Odesanya Olatunji, Gilbert Paul, Abdullahi Kamal, Olayinka Aremu, Tumba Ignatius, Yakubu Kyari, Danjuma Kadiri, Emmanuel James, Musa Isah, and Isah Mohammed; Privates – Tijani Adamu, Ibrahim Aliyu, Suleiman Bali, Musa Abu, Peter Saiynan, Williams Ojeje, Mohammed Yakubu, Adebayo Damilola, Joseph Sampson, Adagunodo Oluwafemi, Amos bala, Familola Johnson, Jesse Nunaya, and Ekpong Orem.

The detention of the soldiers seems to be in line with moves by the military to curtail what it described as a wave of indiscipline and cowardice among soldiers as it attempts to rev up its campaign against Boko Haram insurgents who have captured large swath of towns and village in their attempt to form an Islamic caliphate.

Credit: Premuim Times

2015: Goodluck Buses Set Ablaze by Alleged APC Faithfuls(See Photos)

Reports reaching us say that, PDP buses meant for President Goodluck’s campaign were set ablaze in Jos around Zololo area in Bauchi road. We were told that some touts within the area who blocked two of the buses did not hesitate to raze fire on them.

Following the incident, our sources add that security personnel from the Nigerian Police stormed the area the next day to arrest the culprits but were unable to identify who were responsible for the violent act.

More so, sources say some people in the area chased the police out of the area and attempted to burn down a police station within the same area. We were told that they had already set fire on the station, but was put out by peaceful citizens who pleaded with both the police and the aggrieved people, thus averting violence within the area.

2 1

Governor Jang Appoints Son As Commissioner

The Governor of Plateau state Jonah Jang has appointed one of his sons, Yakubu Jang, as the Commissioner for Lands and Urban Planning in the state.

Yakubu’s appointment was announced by the state’s Commissioner for Information, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar yesterday December 21st. According to the Commissioner, Yakubu who was until his recent appointment his father’s special adviser on Special duties, was promoted to the office of a Commissioner following the immediate past commissioner, Yilji Gomwalk’s resignation to pursue his political appointment as a running mate to the PDP Guber flag bearer in the state, Mr. Gyang Pwajok.

U.S Condemns Jos, Kano Bombings

The United States has condemned this week bomb attacks in Kano and Jos, describing the incidents as unfortunate.

Seven people were killed in Kano earlier in the week, while several others died in a similar attack in Jos, the capital of Plateau State, on Thursday.

The U.S in a statement issued in Abuja said, “This senseless attack on the innocents in Jos’s commercial Terminus district follows on the heels of another bombing attack in Nigeria’s second largest city of Kano on December 10, in which four persons were killed and seven injured when two female suicide bombers attacked the Kantin Kawari Textile Market.

“The United States offers its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the persons killed and injured.

“The United States remains committed to supporting the people of Nigeria in their struggle to stop the depraved actions of Boko Haram and associated terrorist groups.

Source – Global news

BREAKING: Suicide Bomber Nabbed in Jos!!!

Reports reaching us provides that a suicide bomber has been caught in Jos.

Sources say the suicide bomber was caught with his explosives  along Shagari Corner, Katako Road. Reports came in while residents are yet to recover from the twin explosions that rocked the city’s commercial centre yesterday.

Updates will be posted as we gather more information regarding the incident.


Update on the Jos Explosions

At least 31 people were killed in a double bombing in the Nigerian city of Jos on Thursday.

The blasts was said to have happened at a makeshift market near the Terminus bus station. Reports have it that bodies recovered so far are 31 but rescue workers are at the scene and the figures may change. The two bombs exploded in quick succession in the marketplace, targeting the commercial district of the state.

The first explosion took place at an outdoor food stand. The second blast hit the marketplace.



Security Operatives Defuse Bomb in Jos

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was defused in Jos by members of the Police Anti-Bomb Squad and the Special Task Force (STF) deployed to restore peace in Plateau State.

An eye witness said the IED was discovered between Tin City School of Electronics and Fatima Primary School under a culvert around Laranto market area in Jos North Local Government Area of the state.

The STF spokesman, Captain Ikedichi Iweha, said the bomb was successfully defused, urging the people of the state to remain vigilant.
Iweha stressed that: “Terrorists from the North-east are looking for areas to cause trouble, especially during the festive season. We urge people to remain vigilant and not take things for granted.”

He however dispelled the rumours that another IED was discovered around Old Airport junction in Jos South Local Government Area, but assured the people that security men are on the alert.

Credit: This Day Live