Music Video Alert: SMD’s Iyanya Features Don Jazzy & Dr Sid In “Up To Something”

The newest member of the SMD crew, Iyanya, finally drops the official music video of his music collaboration with Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid, “Up To Something”. The much anticipated music video has long been applauded by his fans on social media. The video was made by Phamous Philms and is currently number 16 trending on Youtube.

Watch video below:

Watch How Iyanya Celebrated His Birthday With His New Family, Mavin

Newest member of the Mavin family, Iyanya, shares his excitement on Instagram as he celebrates his birthday with fellow Mavin crew members.

He was presented a black cake, wishing him a happy birthday and welcoming him to the family.

Blessed, great birthday so far... Love my cake thank you @mavinrecords & @thetemplecompany ??

Iyanya is seen popping a bottle alongside D’prince and he captioned:

Celebrating with the family… #smd@dprincemavin@mavinrecords@thetemplecompany#up2sumting

Watch Instagram clip below:


I’m happy for him – Ubi Franklin on Iyanya Signing With Mavin Records

CEO of Made Men Music Group (MMMG) and Iyanya’s former manager, Ubi Franklin, has reacted to the singer’s major move to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records.

Speaking exclusively to Linda Ikejis Blog (LIB), Ubi states that he’s happy for his former partner and does not feel betrayed by his move to a competing music label.

News broke this morning that your former partner, Iyanya has signed onto Don Jazzy’s music label, Mavin Records. We would love to know your stance and reaction to this?
I’m happy for Iyanya. The truth is that, if you are happy for somebody, God will be happy with you and you will be happy with yourself. I don’t have anything against him.

This is music business and everything you do – as far your music is right and you are making the music for the world, it doesn’t depend on the label that you are in for all to enjoy it. I’m happy he is where great music comes out from, a label with one of the best music producers in Africa. I’m so happy for him, today is his birthday and I wish him all the best.

Iyanya informed everyone initially that he was going to start up his own label. This has however changed. Do you feel betrayed?
We are all human beings; today Iyanya is 30 by age. As a 30-year-old man, you are able to take any decision on your own, you can change your mind, you can do whatever you want to do. The most important thing is that from what I’ve seen, trust me he is happy. Nobody takes a decision that is going to be bad for him.. I still know he still has his own plans for his Label. But at this point, I know Iyanya is where good music comes from.

So you don’t feel betrayed?
No No! The only way I will feel betrayed is if there was something he owed me and he didn’t give back to me, but there is nothing like that. I’m happy for him.

Do you see any more collaborations between your team and Iyanya in the future?
That’s the funny thing about music, everything is possible. When you see people in music having issues, just leave them, the wheel goes round, if you check my snapchat, I’m always dancing to his music. There might be a future collaboration, I’m open to anything. I’m a business man, there is nothing we are fighting for.

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VIDEO: Iyanya drops first song under Mavin Records.

Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, Mavin’s new signee, has released ‘Up To Something’, his first song under the record label.


Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid, are featured on the new song.


Iyanya officially became a Mavin Monday morning by virtue of an announcement made by Don Jazzy.


In this song, the “chemistry” Don Jazzy spoke about is apparent.


Watch video below:


I Can’t Say If I’m Dating Freda Francis – Iyanya

Iyanya, has opened up on being‘sexually’ harassed by some of his female fans.Speaking recently with DZRPT TV’s Breakfast Club,he said:

Yes, female fans these days are so daring.I have seen couple of great boobs and other nice things. I have mad female fans who harass me sexually and what almost all of them actually want is just my body and not my money,”

On dating Freda Francis, he said,

“Well, I can’t say whether I am in a relationship with Freda or not because I don’t want to get myself into trouble.“If I answer this question here now, I will have many more questions to answer, so I better wave it. Besides my fans are more concerned about my music and when my next album is dropping and not who I am dating.”

Iyanya Bags New Bentley After Album Launch

Kukere crooner, Iyanya, recently launched his new “Appluadise” album in Abuja.

Seems the album launch paid him off for so much hard work. Well for the one we know, Mr Oreo shared one of his blessing and hashtagged Applaudise album.

See Instagram post below:

Gbesere, Fans Mi, Bobo Amongst Others Banned By NBC

The Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation has banned some songs by both Nigerian and International artists. They demanded that media organisations do not play these songs for the following reasons; Videos depicting violence, Vulgar lyrics and the promotion of an ostentatious lifestyle and indecent exposure among others.

Phyno, Davido, Olamide, Wizkid, Iyanya, Nicki Minaj are among some of the artist that are affected.



Yvonne Nelson Talks About Dating Iyanya, Ice Prince & Why Nigerian Guys Are Liars

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has not had it good with dating Nigerian men and she is not even going to pretend about it. According to her Nigerians men are the greatest liars in Africa. She spoke about dating Iyanya, then what she had with Ice Prince. Let me leave you to hear from the horse’s mouth, really feel sorry for her. Yvonne who graced the latest edition of Nigeria’s Genevieve magazine revealed all these to them.

On the feeling of being in love: I miss the late night phone calls, and the never-ending text messages. I miss that strong sense of desire that exists between two people who can’t get enough of each other. I miss that rush of adrenaline, the weakness at the knees and that joy that makes you laugh even when there’s nothing funny. I just miss loving someone and being loved in return.

On her next relationship: I don’t know yet. I can’t say I want a Nigerian, or a Gambian or a Cameroonian. When it happens, it happens. But Nigerian men can lie. Nigerian guys can lie for the whole of Africa. They will come with all the lies because they know that women respond to the things they hear. The lies are just so crazy. And I’m not some 19 year-old who just wants to have fun. I’m not in that place anymore. So I’m taking my time to get it right.

On her relationship with Ice Prince: I wasn’t in a relationship with Ice Prince; he was just a friend to me. I don’t understand the kind of attention he was trying to draw to himself by claiming we had a relationship. If he wanted to say the truth, why didn’t he just say it from the beginning? All along he’d been saying that we’re friends and all of a sudden he turns around to claim that it was more than a friendship. C’mon!

On her relationship with Iyanya: We did have a relationship. I loved him at a point. It just didn’t work out.

On the possibility of dating him again: Never! It’s like eating your vomit. No way! It’s not happening ever. As a matter of fact I’m not interested in anybody in the arts, because it is not the right place to invest time and emotions. A lot of entertainers have so much on their table, so they would not give the real thing. I know my values; I am loyal and straightforward, but a lot of entertainers are not like that. They would just lie to you and waste your time. That is because, like pilots, entertainers go around a lot. In every country a pilot goes to, he can decide to have a wife or girlfriend. So they can actually lead like a hundred different lives and none of these women will know.

On learning from past relationships: Don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe all the things men say. A man who is all-sexual from the very beginning is a no go area; he just wants to jump into bed into you. If a man truly loves you, and is ready to be with you, he will be there for you. Relationships are much more beautiful when it starts as a friendship. So you are able to goof around with the person. I love goofing around. I love to be myself and do funny videos. That’s why people think that John Dumelo and I have a thing, because John is such a perfect friend.

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Iyanya Leaks Nude Scenes of His New Video #PhotoNews

Mr. Oreo shared some photos on his instagram that got us guessing it could be scenes from a video he is working on. The photos showed a nude lady in a bath tub with Iyanya sitting beside her, and he also captioned about the director of the video, which he did not mention a name but made it clear that the video is being shot in New York.

image  image