Minister releases investigation report on death of corps member, Oladepo Ifedalapo.

The Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, has released the summary of findings on the death of corps member, Oladepo Ifedayo.

Ifedolapo died at NYSC orientation camp in Kano State on November 29 and was laid to rest in her hometown in Osun State.

President Muhammadu Buhari had ordered an investigation into her death.

Dalung on Wednesday made public the findings by the Ministry and NYSC, absolving NYSC of any lapses in the cause of attending to the late corps member.

The report reads in part:

“The national dailies in recent days have been awash with stories on the assumed circumstances surrounding the death of Oladepo Ifedolapo Rachael, a corps member of the 2016 Batch ‘B’ in Kano on 29th November, 2016…


In all of the above, some conclusions could be highlighted without any fear of contradiction.

(i) From the evening of 27th November, 2016 up to the early hours of 29th, the corps member was promptly attended to. The allegation of negligence on the part of NYSC is therefore unfounded.

(ii) The Orientation Camp clinic where the corps member was first treated has a total of 31 qualified and registered Doctors, 20 Pharmacists and 11 Nurses. There are no student Doctors as all the Doctors are fully certified by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

(iii) The Camp clinic in Kano Orientation Camp, as in all the Camp clinics nationwide, runs 24-hour service, hence she received attention at 3:00 am on the 28th of November when her friends brought her in from the hostel.

(iiii) The Camp clinic in Kano was well stocked with essential drugs for a non-surgical hospital.

(v) There was no delay in referring the deceased to the secondary hospital when the Camp clinic Doctors found that her case was beyond what could be managed in the Camp clinic.

(vi) Apart from being the closest secondary hospital to the Camp, Gwarzo General Hospital is not a village hospital as insinuated in the Press. It is a standard General Hospital established in 1970 as a Zonal Referral Hospital with surgical theatres. It currently has eleven (11) Doctors and is reputed to be one of the busiest in the whole of Kano State.

(vii) We have also established that at no time was the deceased left unattended at the Gwarzo General Hospital as the Nurse who accompanied her to the hospital is a staff of the Hospital.

(viii) Like many corps members do upon arrival at the Camp, it is clear that the deceased had an ailment which she did not disclose. From the Doctors’ report, the corps member died of renal sepsis occasioned by infection. Even to the untrained, Kidney infections do not develop and degenerate to the level of mortality in three days (i.e 27th to 29th November, 2016).

(ix) The close friends of the deceased who were by her side all through at the Camp, have also attested to the fact of prompt attendance at the clinic by the Doctors at the Camp.

(x) The deceased was neither forced nor harassed to take part in any parade at the time of her ailment. There was no usual parade rehearsal since the Swearing-in Ceremony had not taken place at the time she fell sick.


The purpose of this investigation and report is not to justify the death of our corps member but to establish the facts surrounding her death, especially against the backdrop of the unfounded insinuations that have been peddled in the Press.

“All these facts could be verified right from the Orientation Camp Clinic entries, the medical personnel and the records at the Gwarzo General Hospital. Indeed, the death of a single corps member in the course of service is one death too many.

“Beyond the colossal loss to the family of the deceased, the loss of a corps member to the NYSC family and the nation at large is unquantifiable. At this prime of her life, Miss Oladepo was expected to make her greatest contribution to the development of Kano State and Nigeria in general. She has definitely left a vacuum that may never be filled.

“As we mourn her and other corps members who have departed this world, we shall continue to honour her memory by working harder with the rest of the corps members to achieve the time-honoured objectives of the NYSC.

“May the soul of Oladepo Ifedolapo Rachael and the souls of all other deceased corps members rest in peace Amen.”

Late Ifedolapo Oladepo’s body may be ‘exhumed’ for autopsy – FG

Following the directive by President Muhammadu Buhari that an independent investigation be carried out as to the cause of death of a youth corps member, Ifedolapo Oladepo, who died recently at the Kano State NYSC Orientation Camp, her corpse may be exhumed to carry out an autopsy.


According to Daily Trust the Minister of Youths and Sports, Mr. Solomon Dalung, gave the hint on Thursday while addressing State House correspondents.


The National Youths Service Corps had on Tuesday in its report, said the girl, a first-class graduate of Transportation Management from Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomosho, died of an untreated kidney infection.


Speaking on the issue on Thursday Dalung said since no autopsy was carried out by the NYSC, the Independent investigation ordered by the president may require an autopsy.


“The report given by NYSC is normal and it’s natural that after investigation, they must present their own report on what has happened. But in view of the fact that there are many versions on what led to the death of the NYSC member, it would be fair to look at another version of what happened to be sure of what actually transpired. It doesn’t have to do with (President Buhari) not trusting the process; but gauge the report alongside other opinion; then, we’ll now be able to tell Nigerians that there were the circumstances on how she died.


“Don’t forget that the report of the NYSC has no autopsy and an independent investigation will require an autopsy. And now, the autopsy, alongside the report, will balance and it will fortify the conclusion the government will make,” Dalung said.

Tragic Tale Of How Corper Ifedolapo Died In Kano NYSC Orientation Camp Clinic

It was a tale of tears, agony and regrets on Thursday in Osogbo the Osun state capital, as a National Youth Service Corps member, Ifedolapo Oladepo was buried.

Like many thousands of young graduates mobilised for the 2016 Batch ‘C’ service year, 26-year-old Ifedolapo Oladepo, a first class Transport Management graduate of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho had said her goodbye to her family members, set for Kano, hoping to see her dreams fulfilled.

However, exactly a week after, it was her corpse that was brought to her family after she was said to have died following complications arising from an ailment few days into the NYSC orientation programme in Kano.



Unsurprisingly, her death has raised suspicion from her family members who now claim Ifedolapo could have been saved if she had been given the necessary attention by the NYSC authorities at the Orientation Camp in Kano.

Said to be in proper health before leaving for the Orientation Camp, the death of Ifedolapo has led to several questions regarding the state of health facilities at NYSC orientation camps across the country.

The family identified particularly lack of qualified medical personnel and wrong medications contributed to the death of the NYSC corps member.

Her elder sister, Oyeyode Abimbola, speaking with Channels Television, gave her account of what transpired between her and her sister before her death:

“She called me five hours to her death and told me to start coming as the NYSC doctors are not doing anything for her. They thought she was pretending in order not to go for parade, so they did not attend to her.


How Corps Member Died After Visiting Kano Orientation Camp Clinic
She noticed a lot of rashes on her body after injection, family says

“When she started calling people from home, they eventually gave her an injection (and) immediately after the injection, she called me again that she noticed a lot of rashes on her body that I should speak with the doctor who refused to talk to me.

“She called five minutes later and told me her tongue was twisting, then they sent all her friends out after seeing all the reaction on her body after giving her the unknown injection,” she said amidst tears.

“She said we should get a flight and I called immediately but they told me Abuja flight is Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“I told her to tell anybody in the clinic that I am a nurse and they should allow me to speak to them. Later a male nurse took the phone from her and told me she was having anaphylactic reaction and they will watch her for just one hour and transfer her to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital but alas they did not transfer her until five hours later when they noticed she was restless and calling people at home.

“I boarded a bus going to Kano with her sister, Kemisola Oladepo, to go pick her from there. I begged them to take her to a teaching hospital around but they took her to a general hospital in Gwazo where they have nothing or little care to render.

“They took her phone from her, claiming she was not resting. From that 5PM I could not talk to her, I took a 16-hour journey to make sure I get to her but I was called around 3AM that she gave up, without any doctor in the hospital to assist her.

“The only nurse on duty told me she tried her best by staying beside her when death was taking her away because there was nothing to use.

“From that 3AM till I got to Kano I was hoping it would only be a mix up somewhere it can’t be her my Dolapo is gone… (Sobs).

“I got to Kano and met her at Aminu Kano mortuary, alas it was her being put in that cold place.”

(Sobs) “Amoke mi you couldn’t withstand the agony, NYSC successfully cut your destiny due to negligence.”

Although they are grieving, the Oladepo family wants the government to restructure the NYSC programme and provide infrastructure needed to prevent the loss of innocent young men and women all in the name of serving their fatherland.

Arrived Sick

How Corps Member Died After Visiting Kano Orientation Camp Clinic
Ifedolapo Oladepo in camp before her death

?The Press and Public Relations Head of the NYSC in Abuja, Mrs Bosede Aderibigbe, when contacted told Channels Television correspondent in Osun state via the telephone that “the deceased corps member from the account I got arrived the Kano orientation camp sick and presented a medical report.

She claimed that it was not the drill in the camp as being alleged that complicated her case.

“We trained all our commandants and officers not to force anyone who is weak to do the drilling exercises.

“Although what happened is a big loss to the family and NYSC as well because we lost a life, we can only console the family.

“I have called for the full medical report and will send it to you immediately I get it.

“What we needed to do we have done. We asked the NYSC in Osun to attend the internment and this is the normal thing to commiserate with the family.

How Corps Member Died After Visiting Kano Orientation Camp Clinic

“The family should please accept our condolences but all reports reaching me indicates that she was not forced to do the regular drills as alleged. That is what I can say for now,” she concluded.

In the meantime, our correspondent is yet to get the medical report which the NYSC official promised to send as evidence.

Female NYSC Member Dies In Kano Camp Due To Negligence Of Camp Officials

Reports reaching Omojuwa.Com has it that a youth corper simply named Ifedolapo who was serving in the National Youth Service Scheme died while carrying out the usual military drill routine.

According to her colleagues, they had resumed camp a day before. However, the stress of traveling a long distance from Osun state (South-West Nigeria) all the way to Kano state in Northern Nigeria was a huge cause of tiredness and fatigue.

Without given time to rest from the long journey, it was recorded that all participating members of the scheme were forced to partake in military drills the following morning despite complaints of tiredness from the long journey.

Ifedolapo who reluctantly joined in the military drill just like every other person that fateful morning. During the course of what seemed like a rigorous exercise, Ifedolapo lost consciousness and she slumped.

The heartbreaking part of this unfortunate turn of event was that the NYSC staff & military personnel who organized and coordinated the drill were informed of Ifedolapo’s health condition but with the waive of a hand, they dismissed the call for help as a ploy on Ifedolapo’s part to escape the drills.

Further investigations into the story revealed that ifedolapo had earlier complained to some coordinators about her state of health but she her complaints were neglected and she was ordered to join the drills irrespective.

Ifedolapo fought for her life as she lay unconscious on the drill ground with no medical personnel to attend to her simply because those who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of participants believed Ifedolapo was only being dramatic so as to be able to exempted from the drill.

This is a sad situation as the corpers have called that justice should be done to the irresponsible camp officials who right under their noses allowed such an unfortunate event take place.

One of Ifedolapo’s colleagues was quoted saying; “Please for God’s sake, if NYSC cannot be scrapped, let it be restructured to give room for service in neighboring States. This is one death too many“.

According to Ngozi Emenike who also reported the case, she said; “So this girl died in Kano camp today due to negligence. They assumed she was pretending to be sick in order to dodge parade, so they refused to treat her until the situation got complicated. When will Nigeria grow? RIP Ifedolapo.”

There have been calls from Nigerians that the issue should be probed and justice should be served. There have been previous complaints about the attitude of NYSC officials especially in camps. From neglect of duty to bribery, extortion and sometimes sexual offenses, the appropriate authorities need to wade into these series of misconducts perpetrated by it’s officials.