26 Year Old Ugandan Singer Guvnor Ace Abandons 68 year old Swedish Wife for Younger Woman

26 year old Ugandan singer, Guvnor Ace who shot to fame and made international headlines last year after his wedding to a 68 year old Swedish woman named Mona Lisa Larsson has finally dumped her.

As at that time, Guvnor made it a daily routine flaunting his unshakable love for his wife and how it was never going to die despite an international outcry.

Fast forward to today, Guvnor Ace’s 68 year old wife is now crying out that Ace has dumped her for a younger Ugandan woman.

A heart broken Mona-lisa Larsson took to Facebook yesterday to vent her anger in broken English and call her estranged husband ” a cheap  and poor bush man after money” .

She said he tricked her by asking her to go shopping, only to come back and find him gone. He
allegedly fled with a Ugandan Woman to Norway. Aged Mona-Lisa accuses Gurvnor of having planned with the Norway based girlfriend to dupe her  into marriage in order to gain entry to Europe and then abandon her. She alleges Guvnor is now seeking political asylum in Europe. Below is what she shared on Facebook:

Are you surprised their love story ended this way?