Nigerian Christians and the abuse of God’s Grace – By Ayodele Oloyede

Deola asked Ben if he was prepared for the presentation he had the following day. He replied, “I am by the grace of God.”

Instead of going over his work to make sure everything was in order, he watched some movies and went to bed on the premise that the grace of God was sufficient.

Ben got up in the morning, spoke in tongues for one hour, dressed up and went to the meeting disorganized. He didn’t take his time to prepare and go over his work and couldn’t deliver as expected. Of course, he lost to someone who was more organized and prepared.

“I will come by the grace of God” was the reply Blessing gave to her friends when she was asked if she was going to show up for the make-up class. Eventually, she didn’t show up. Was that to say that the grace of God was not sufficient?

“Ik, how are you preparing for your forth coming examination?”

“I am trying o. I will pass by the grace of God.”

He kept on playing and before he knew it he, was pressured. He ended up failing 3 courses out of 7. His highest score was a C.

I can go on explaining how we have abused or misused the word GRACE.

Many of us have seen it as an avenue to be lazy. Most of us have neglected our part because we think success will fall on us like a pack of cherry all in the name of grace.

We have refused to take responsibility for our actions, we have refused to sit up, we have refused to do the needful because we are “Christian / Believers”.

90% of Christians are praying for God to give them the ability to buy what thinkers are producing. Check your prayer points for 2017( – house, car, mac pro, clothing, holiday in Dubai, e.t.c)

The funny thing is that half of the producers don’t speak in tongues. We have limited the grace of God to give-me-give-me.

The grace of God and speaking in tongues is supposed to give us an edge.  It’s supposed to put us few steps higher. It’s supposed to take us to places where our natural strength can’t take us; to give us insight, foresight and ideas.

Are you going to stop saying by the grace of God when asked a question? No, but you are going to be precise.

“Dorathy, are you going for the training tomorrow?”

“Yes, I will be there 8am by the grace of God!”

“John, how prepared are you for presentation?”

“My slides are ready, I have also studied the materials they gave me and I will go over them again and by the grace of God, only the best will happen.”

In 2017, take responsibility for your life.  Roll your boat. Be specific. Know what you want and go for it. Do something.

The same rain falls on the good and evil, principles are universal.

Grace gives you an edge. DON’T ABUSE

Photos: Aisha Falode’s Daughter Launches Book On Late Brother “Gift of Grace”

Aisha Falode’s daughter, Toluwalese today released a book she titled Gift of Grace about the gruesome murder of her brother, Toba Falode who was killed last year in Dubai. It was such a touching event, but above all God gave them the grace to pull through. I pray He will keep giving them the grace. The event held at Wheatbaker and Dele Momodu who was only yesterday in London made it back for the event. More pics below…