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#KakandaTemple ~ The Hysteria of a Malfunctioning Robot: A Response to Muhammad Mahmud’s Misinterpretation of Texts

Dear Mahmud, I think you have just made it into the Guinness Book of Records as "the most sophisticated illiterate ever identified in the history of public discourse". For this, I ought to have sent you a private mail congratulating you for this ignoble accomplishment. However, I feel that your education should be done in public and to the records of especially the social group whose emotions you have appealed to. Before we get into this response to yours, I strongly advise that you start with the prelims--go and read my earlier essay, "Scholars of Misinterpretation, Misquotation and Blackmail" (Blueprint,...
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#KakandaTemple: Farewell, Destitution!

Exploring Abuja this week brought upon me a strange feeling intensified by a visit to an orphanage. It tugged my empathy towards the dregs of the city seen across every part of the country. Earlier in the year I accompanied a friend to an orphanage in Minna where she showed me how best to mark a birthday with her modest donations. Hers was the gesture that roused me this Tuesday to join the Nigerian author Teresa Ameh for her library donation at Heritage Home Orphanage in Gwarimpa, Abuja. In an instance where the richest man in Africa is from the poorest region of Nigeria, a show of philanthropy from the...
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