Germanwings Plane Crash: Shouting Match Between Pilots ; One Pilot Locked Out Of The Cockpit

It has emerged that one of the pilots flying the German Wings Airbus Jet was locked out of the cockpit and could be heard trying to smash the door down.

Four specialists from Interpol and French detectives are trying to work out why one of the pilots locked himself in the cockpit.
The two pilots on board can be heard shouting at each other in German before the one outside tried to smash the door down.
The Captain had 6000 flying hours while the co-pilot joined Germanwings in 2013 and had only 600 flying hours.
Its not known which of the pilots was outside and which was inside.
With this revelations suspicions are rife to whether there was a rogue pilot who deliberately flew the plane into the French Alps and killed everyone and a terrorist theory is also being considered.
However investigations continue by a team of experts from Interpol and French detectives.

Germanwings Crash: Plane’s ‘Black Box’ Found

A black box recovered from the scene may hold clues to what caused a German jetliner to take an unexplained eight-minute dive on Tuesday midway through a flight from Spain to Germany, apparently killing all 150 people on board.

The victims included two babies, two opera singers and 16 German high school students and their teachers returning from an exchange trip to Spain. It was the deadliest crash in France in decades.

The Airbus A320 operated by Germanwings, a budget subsidiary of Lufthansa, was less than an hour from landing in Dusseldorf on a flight from Barcelona when it unexpectedly went into a rapid descent.

The pilots sent out no distress call and had lost radio contact with their control centre, France’s aviation authority said, deepening the mystery.

While investigators searched through debris from Flight 9525 on steep and desolate slopes, families across Europe reeled with shock and grief. Sobbing relatives at both airports were led away by airport workers and crisis counselors.

Credit: AP