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German Kickboxer, Valdet Gashi Killed In Syria 6 Months After Joining ISIS

The 29-year- old father of two and a German of Albanian ancestry, was a two-time champion in world mixed martial arts and was from the German state of Bavaria. He became a jihadist, left his family behind and joined ISIS in Syria in January this year. He tried to deceive his family by telling him them he was in Bangkok, even posting photos on FB, but after reports of him joining the terror group emerged, he asked his family to not 'judge' him, saying "If I die while doing good, I of course will be glad.". He reportedly died last weekend...
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Post-Snow Photoshoot

Hey guys! Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not having a post over the last few weeks. I took a break from photography in December because …

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Hello everyone! Today’s post is dedicated to my very beautiful Nigerian and German friend, Chisara. I did a photoshoot with her and a few others on …

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