The President, His Bishop and the Gates of Hell- The Niaja Verdict

Recently, whilst arguing with a friend over military rule versus democracy, I was asked to highlight the benefits of democracy. Without pausing for breath, my first response was ‘ real freedom of speech and expression’. I am glad that it was one of the things on my list because yesterday, I was able to send him a bbm message gloating over this little, yet so important aspect of our evolution as a nation.

For those who might be wondering what I am yakking about, I shall elaborate. Yesterday, our darling President joined worshippers at Winners Chapel, Canaan Land, Otta for their Sunday Service. The fact that the President went for Sunday Service isn’t what made social media agog yesterday, it is the alleged remark made by the Host Pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Bishop Oyedepo whilst reassuring the President of his support is said to have informed the President that “We will open the gates of hell on those who oppose you.When God enthrones you no one can dethrone you”. Walahi na there kasala burst oh! When the news of this statement filtered on to social media, the reactions were almost comical. Some people who already know their fate by virtue of supporting APC did not take it lightly and Oga Bishop was yapped gaan ni o.

As for me, I had an interesting time reading the various tweets in reaction to this. It made me realise that indeed democracy can be sweet – as in yummy. Can you imagine the fate of anybody who speaks against a Pastor that has just prayed for a Dictator? See why I said Freedom of Speech is a benefit of democracy?

In spite of having such an entertaining evening, I found myself wondering about three things.

  • Why did the Pro-APC guys take the matter to heart like this: The most interesting reactions came from supporters of the CHANGE campaign. Some of their comments were downright hilarious. In fact, they dug up every wrong statement our darling Bishop had ever uttered and began to  bandy it around. Biko, you guys should chill mehn, after all, when your Rev Father Mbaka gave his explosive sermon, all of you were very pleased, saved copies and even sent it via bbm to innocent people like us. Shall we brand your reaction as hypocrisy or pepper body? Or perhaps it is the threat of the furnace in the hereafter that is worrying youpipo? Oya judge ya matter yasef *side eye*
  • Would this alleged comment really sway a decided voter?: Lets see how this goes. So, you have decided to vote for Buhari, you believe that your reasons are valid but on Sunday, your Bishop threatens to open the door of the oven and give you first class access into hellfire and then you suddenly change your mind or how exactly does that work? I thought all you Christians had that big manual called the Bible which defines what constitutes a sin and when you get a pass onto the hot side. Is exercising your right to vote now a sin just because Oga Bishop said so? Or did the Bible tell you to vote your Pastor’s choice? Me no know oh, but even that kind of comment makes me wonder the kain Christians dem dey raise for there.
  • Did any of us really read the Electoral Acts?: Apparently, there is this little thing that mumu INEC failed to have done. They should have ensured that enough people knew what the electoral acts said. They should have used all possible means like adverts and jingles to inform the populace but did they? Naaaah! Our INEC often goes into comma only to reawaken six months before an election and even when they are up, they begin to flounder about like buffoons who didn’t know that an election was scheduled to happen. But, what do I know about all of these things eh? I’m just an olodo blogger. Below is an excerpt of the electoral act:

Section 95 (3) of the Electoral Act, states that “places designated for religious worship, police station and public offices shall not be used for political campaigns, rallies and processions or to promote, propagate or attack political parties, candidates, their political ideologies or programmes.”

In light of the of the section quoted above, who has contravened the laws of the land? Is it you or our MoGs? What has the Bible got to say about obedience to the laws of the land? On account of this, who is closer to gaining access to you-know-where now? Please do not answer that last question, no be me go cause make una backslide from your heavenward journey, biko.

Please, exercise your rights and vote your conscience because at the end of the day you aren’t the one with four private jets and many businesses, neither are you the one with the President of this great nation on your speed dial. Your reality and his are different.

Even though I know many people here are often scared to comment on religious topics, permit me to ask the bold ones, what is your take on this matter? Did the Bishop take it a little too far? Is the president getting desperate hopping from Oritz Bling-alot to Oyedepo? Or as I say, is everything fair in love, war and elections?

Over to you, after all the verdict is yours….

As Seen on:

APC Replies Pastor Oyedepo Over The “Gate Of Hell” Statement

Reports provided that Bishop Oyedepo said he will open the gates of hell on whoever opposes President Jonathan, APC responded via its twitter handle, @APCNigeria.

The tweet reads, “Go and open the gates of hell… We will enter there and use PVCs to CHANGE the padlock and lock you inside- APC Supporters”. See tweet below…