Teen Dresses Up As a Clown to Scare His Friends & Ended Up Getting Stabbed

The creepy clown epidemic has officially turned violent, but not in the way you might think.

A 16-year-old in Berlin hoping to scare a group of his friends by putting on a clown mask and approaching them with a hammer ended up in the hospital on Monday night after one member of the group reacted to the “prank” by pulling out a knife and stabbing him.

When the 14-year-old realized that he’d just stuck a knife in his acquaintance, he helped provide first aid until emergency medical help arrived on the scene to take the creepy clown to the hospital. The younger teen was then arrested, but has since been released to his parents.

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Advice From A Wedding Planner: Think Well Before Hiring Family And Friends

It’s okay to patronise a business  owned by a family member or friend. When it comes to a wedding a lot of them give you their services at little or no cost which is a good thing. What you should have in mind is “can someone who is emotionally invested in your wedding judge professionally”?

Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want it then you become restrained from expressing your thoughts. I once planned a party for a client who said her cousin was going to handle finger foods. So I got talking with her on the phone and she seemed nice. I scheduled for a meeting for all my vendors but she couldn’t make it and didn’t even send representative but I  still called and updated her.

On the day of then event she was the last vendor to set up, came an hour after the event had started, most of guests had started eating and didn’t want finger food anymore. My client didn’t say a word to her but I could tell she regretted using her for that event. Some of us find it hard expressing our dissatisfaction from a vendor we don’t really know ,talkless of a family member or friend.

If you must use them, make it clear exactly what you want and how you want, put aside the fact that you know them personally and be very outspoken about the results you expect. That way if anything happens they won’t start sulking and you won’t feel guilty .

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“Beware Of Counterfeit Friendship” – AY Writes

The comedian took to his Instagram last night to talk about ‘frienemies’. What he wrote below:

“Be careful of superficial friends who usually would come to you to gossip another friend. “Here’s where i lose trust with people. If a friend comes up to me and says, ‘Oh, my God, did you hear about Genevieve and Tunde? They’re getting a divorce, and it is ugly. I’m pretty sure Tunde is cheating,’” You have just shared something with me that was not yours to share. And my trust for you is completely gone.
A lot of times, we share things that are not ours to share as a way to build a connection with a new friend who is no longer close to the other friend that he or she was once close to. Some closeness are built on talking bad about other people. These is common! You know what I call it? “Common enemy intimacy.” In this type of friendship, trust and truth are alien. The intimacy is only built on hating the same person you both have considered an enemy. Beware of counterfeit friendship”

South African Bank Closes Accounts Held By Zuma Friends

A South African company owned by friends of Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday First National Bank has closed its accounts due to a scandal over its relationship with the president.

“Oakbay has received no reason whatsoever justifying FNB’s actions.

“We are already in the process of moving our accounts to a more enlightened institution,” Oakbay Investments said in a statement.
FNB is a unit of FirstRand

Three other South African companies, including KPMG and Barclays Africa, have severed ties with a firm owned by the Guptas, a family of Indian-born businessmen close to Zuma.

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Sokoto Girl Abduction: Family, Friends To Meet Police, Governor’s Aide Today

The family and friends of Patience Paul, a 15-year old girl who was allegedly abducted and forced into a marriage in Sokoto, will meet with the police this morning.

Isaac Paul, the girl’s brother, said over the phone that they would also meet with Imam Imam, Governor Aminu Tambuwal’s spokesperson.

“The meeting is holding by 10 a.m. at the police headquarters in Sokoto,” Mr. Paul, 28, said.

The Sokoto State government on Thursday launched an ?investigation into the alleged abduction and forced marriage of Miss Paul.

Mr. Imam said on Thursday that the government had been unable to contact the victim’s family to shed more light on the allegation.

“In the interim, the Human Rights Commission was asked to present an interim report and update the public with all information as it becomes available,” Mr. Imam said.

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Students Who Started A Company To Predict The Success Of Youtube Stars Now Make Millions

Timothy Armoo and Ambrose Cooke, both 21 established Fanbytes a year ago and cash in on the success of YouTube stars

Two internet-savvy friends who decided to put their university studies to one side and set up their own business are celebrating after their company raked in a six-figure turnover last year.

The friends, who predict who the next Zoella or Jim Chapman will be by how big their following is, started the firm a year ago and have seen its success sky-rocket – with predictions to earn seven figures in the next year.

Speaking to FEMAIL about his brainchild, Timothy, who is a student at Warwick University but spends most of time in London working on his start-up, said: ‘We can predict who will be the next breakout stars on YouTube based on some super geeky algorithm that we’ve created and brands as such New Look, Sephora, and Adidas are all hopping on board.’

After coining the idea, Timothy called on Ambrose, right, to be his business partner and they brought Mitchell Fasanya, left, on as their Chief Technical Officer

After coining the idea, Timothy called on Ambrose to be his business partner and says he will never forget how he and his now best friend first met.

He recalls: ‘We were at a leadership event, and I remember one of the speakers mentioned the importance of networking with the phrase “look to your left, look to your right, your future business partner might be next to you”.

‘Ambrose looked at me to his left. We bonded over sports, books and then I started building Fanbytes asked him to join.’

Timothy, who sold a media company at 18 which netted him some notoriety and some cash, invested £3,000 of his own money into the start-up, which he says was inspired by his younger cousin.

He said: ‘I remember my little cousin buying a bunch of new stuff, random new hats and trainers and I asked him why he got them. He mentioned that he was influenced by KSI who is a YouTuber now.

‘When you see your own family members having their purchasing habits being changed by this random guy in his bedroom somewhere you’re instantly alerted to the power of YouTubers. Similarly, we saw that these guys were micro celebrities in their own right and needed a way to monetise their audience.

‘YouTube is quite unfair to creators, taking 45 per cent of fees from adverts so we knew that they’d need a better way.

‘There are a few players in the space but everyone keeps using random slow management companies and we just decided to build a website which makes it as easy as buying an ad on Google or Facebook. And brands such Disney, Nickelodeon, Sephora have all signed up.’

So how does the concept work? Clients tell Fanbytes about their brand and they then help build a successful campaign.

Whether it’s downloads, traffic or general social buzz, the team of creatives promise to utilise their clever algorithm to help clients find the perfect influencers to collaborate with based on gender, age and audience location and track the clicks, views and engagement.

Political Associates, Friends Shun Dokpesi’s Son’s Wedding

As son of Dr Raymond Dokpesi got married in Abuja on Saturday, political allies of the embattled Chairman of the Africa Independent Television (AIT) were found wanting in attendance. The wedding of Williams Dokpesi to his heartthrob, Diane at Emerald Park and Recreation, Area 3, Abuja, which would have would have been a jamboree of some sort were the AIT Chairman not to have found himself in troubled waters, turned out to be scanty and was attended by few friends and family members.

Neither the church service nor the wedding reception was attended by any of his political friends or popular faces in the Nigerian polity. Photos from the event showed that the wedding fell short of expectations, as the venues were deserted. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a popular figure in the national polity, said the troubled Daar Communications owner got shunned because of his ongoing battle with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

According to him, the wedding would have become the talk of town but for the recent scandal which none of his politician friends want to get associated with. “It’s a pity that all his politician friends have left him at the most trying times. Nobody wants to associate with him because of his EFCC trouble. We all know that anyone who attends or appears in the photos, might be picked up on by EFCC as an accomplice in the ongoing probe. It’s better to be safe,” he said.

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Rapist Jailed After The Woman He Tried To Rape Tracked Him Down On Facebook

A young woman who was sexually assaulted by a man she met outside a nightclub tracked him down on Facebook after he mentioned they had friends in common.

Chanel Purchase, 21, found the picture of 22-year-old James Huggett after trawling social media following the attack in April last year.
The man – who did not tell her his name – had offered to walk Miss Purchase home, but pinned her to the floor and tried to rape her just metres from her front door.
On Tuesday, Miss Purchase, from Sheerness, Kent, told how she believes combing Facebook helped bring her attacker to justice.
The young woman, who has waived her right to anonymity to warn others about the dangers women face, phoned police after the attack but immediately began her own investigations.
Although he did not tell her his name, and he does not have a Facebook account, the attacker spoke about their mutual friends which helped Miss Purchase track down the photograph.
She said: ‘It wouldn’t have been easy to confirm it was him and identify him if I hadn’t have found the picture so I think I helped solve the case.’
The attack took place after Miss Purchase had spent the evening out with friends at a nightclub close to her home. She had met Huggett outside who insisted that he walk her home.
She eventually agreed but, as they approached her house, Huggett pushed her to the ground and launched the assault, pulling down Miss Purchase’s underwear and attempting to rape her. When she struggled and screamed, he fled.
That night, Miss Purchase – who is planning to train as a midwife next year – called the police who immediately sent out officers to take a statement and DNA swabs.
Determined to see him swiftly brought to justice, Miss Purchase then trawled through social media in a bid to track him down.
After finding a photo of him, Miss Purchase informed police of his identity. Huggett, of Minster, Kent, was arrested the next day.
Speaking after his conviction last week at Maidstone Crown Court, she said: ‘I think he should get a few years. I will never feel safe if he was released.’
During the trial the jury heard a neighbour had been in bed when she heard a noise and looked outside to see what she thought was a scuffle between two people.
Prosecutor Simon Taylor said one was straddling the other and pinning them down. He said: ‘It was then that she saw the person on the ground was a female and heard her shout “get off me, and if you don’t get off me I’ll scream”.
The court heard how, when the woman screamed, the man ran off and the neighbour recognised the victim as Miss Purchase.
Huggett initially denied meeting the victim but then admitted seeing her outside the nightclub. He then claimed they cuddled
and kissed on the cheeks before he went home to change into jeans. 
But he denied trying to rape the woman and said Miss Purchase had mistakenly identified him as her attacker.
He later said that he had given a false alibi – including to his legal team – because he did not want to involve his parents in the trial as they grieving from the death of their son Craig.
‘I lost my brother in a motorcycle accident and it was only a couple of months before this,’ he told the jury.”
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Threats Of Lawsuit From Former Partners Unraveled Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status

According to a report by TMZ, Charlie Sheen has known for a year that he’s HIV positive but kept it under wraps but it all unraveled when some former partners threatened him with lawsuits. TMZ reports below…

As we reported, Charlie will appear on “Today” and reveal he’s HIV positive. We’re told he’s known about his status for more than a year and he kept a lid on the information. We’re told things changed when Charlie confided in several friends he thought were confidants … it turned out they weren’t, and spread the word he was HIV positive.

That led to several of Charlie’s former partners contacting him and threatening a lawsuit because they were unaware of his status when they had interaction with him. Our sources say Charlie settled several of the cases and, in return for money, got confidentiality agreements.

We’re told one of the settlements occurred late last month.

We also know when people go to Charlie’s house they are almost always required to sign confidentiality agreements which require anyone who might make a claim to do so in arbitration and not through the courts … which thereby keeps things private.

#Parisattacks: 11 Friends Die Side By Side At A Paris Cafe While Celebrating Birthday

A group of 11 friends were killed during a 35th birthday celebration when two gunmen opened fire at La Belle Equipe café , it was reported last night.
They were celebrating the birthday of Houda Saadi, a waitress who worked at the nearby Café des Anges.
Houda had joined by her 36-year-old sister and mum-of-two Halima and her two brothers Khaled and Bashir.
Brother Khaled and Abdallah Saadi

Houda and Halima were killed and Khaled and Abdallah, who miraculously survived unharmed, fought to save their sisters’ lives.
Khaled, who also worked at the Café des Anges, began giving CPR but his attempts were in vain .
One of the sisters passed away on the blood-soaked cafe floor while the other, who had been shot in the head, died later in hospital.

Mum-of-two: Sister Halima Saadi, 36, was also killed

Hero Ludovic Boumbas who sacrificed his life for another woman in the restaurant, Chloe Clement , when he threw himself in front of a bullet.
Chloe, who is recovering in hospital, is said to be so traumatised she keeps repeating her saviour’s name.
Most of the 19 tragic victims at La Belle Equipe were from the birthday celebrations, including five members of staff from the Café des Anges and six of their friends.

Birthday girl: Houda Saadi was celebrating turning 35

Among them was Michelli Gil Jaimez, a 27-year-old Mexican who had lived in Paris for three years and worked at La Belle Equipe. She had become engagned just days before the massacre.
Others who spent their final moments celebrating with Houda Romanian Lacrimioava Pop, known as Lacri, and her partner Ciprian Calciu; Hyacinthe Koma; Djamila Houd, 41; Guillaume Le Dramp, 33; Romain Feuillade, 31; and René Bichon.

Source: Mirror Online 

Fake Nigerian Doctor Practises For 10 Years With Friend’s License

A fake doctor has been nabbed after practising for 10 years.Martins Ugwu,a senior official of the Federal Ministry of Health, who has been practising as a medical doctor for close to 10 years, was arrested by the police upon discovery that he stole the medical license from his friend.

Ugwu, who is a Senior Medical Officer II on Grade Level 13, was found to have impersonated his friend, Dr. George Davidson Daniel, who is undergoing a residency training programme in Jos, Plateau State.

He allegedly stole the license from his friend for whom he was best man during his wedding in 2006. They both hailed from Orukpa in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State.

PUNCH learnt that Ugwu, who was due to be promoted as Assistant Director in Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, has been working in the civil service since 2006 under the name of Dr. George Davidson Daniel until he was indicted by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria as an impostor.

Ugwu, who was arrested by the police last Thursday, was however released a few hours later, fueling speculations that the policemen might have been compromised.

Ugwu’s arrest was sequel to an investigation by the MDCN, which registers all Nigerian doctors and regulates their practice, after investigations uncovered two Dr. Daniels—the same name on two separate identity photographs.

But the MDCN said it was dissatisfied with police handling of Ugwu’s case and promised to take up the matter with the Inspector-General of Police.

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Friends, Associates Abandon Jonathan As Visitation To Villa Drastically Reduces

Following his loss in the March 28 presidential election, most of the friends and associates of President Goodluck Jonathan have abandoned him to his fate. The Presidential Villa has become a shadow of its boisterous self.

President Jonathan’s friends and associates, who had turned the Villa to their second home before the election, have deserted the place. The number of friends and associates the President received on a daily basis has drastically reduced since he lost the election.

While about 800 people daily visited the Presidential villa before the election, fewer than 150 visited in the last couple of weeks.

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How Orekoya Boys Became Friends With Kidnapper’s Children

The three children of Mr. and Mrs. Leke Orekoya–Aderomola (11 months old), Adedamola (4 years old), Demola (6 years old) ? who finally regained their freedom on Wednesday, having spent seven days in the hands of kidnappers, have yet to fully grasp the enormity of what they went through.

But as much as their innocent minds could comprehend, they have been able to describe life in captivity.

Playfully, the oldest of the children, Demola answered questions our correspondent put to him.

Thirty-five-year-old Funmilayo Adeyemi, who abducted the three children, after she resumed work as a nanny at the couple’s Surulere home, has four children.

Those four children quickly turned to tools of her heinous business after the Orekoya boys were brought home.

In order to ensure the children did not miss home too much, Adeyemi allowed the children play with her own children.

Demola told our correspondent that neither he nor brothers cried when they did not see their mother in those seven days.

“The woman asked us to play with her children. We all played together, though their television was not working, we only played around the house. We did not cry because we had people to play with,” the boy said.

He went further to say, “She (Adeyemi)brushed our teeth every morning but she only bathed us in the morning. She did not bathe us in the night like our mummy does for us at home.”

The children love cartoons but that was too much of a luxury for them to enjoy in captivity.

“We could not watch cartoon network because the television in their house was not working,” little Demola said.

He said he misses his friends and could not wait to play with them again, but that surely will be under the watchful eyes of their mother, Adebisi Orekoya.

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