Kafanchan: Curfew In 2 Kaduna LGs Following Protest Over Killings

A 24-hour curfew has been imposed on Jema’a and Kaura local government areas (LGAs) of Kaduna State.

This followed a protest in Kafanchan over killings and destruction of communities in the Southern Kaduna area.

Thousands of the protesters carried placards calling on the government to put a stop to the attacks.

Trouble broke out, however when the protesters were challenged by another group from the area.

Armed mobile policemen came to the place around 10 a.m. and started firing tear gas into the crowd.

The Interim Management Committee (IMC)  chairman of Kaura local government, Mr. Alex Musa Iya,  said he and his colleague in Jema’a LG, Dr. Humble Katuka, had to take steps to restrict movement for now due to the security situation.

He said: “It is true that IMC chairman of Jema’a LGA has declared a 24-hour curfew on the entire Jema’a LGA with emphasis on Kafanchan. After studying the situation, I thought it expedient to also restrict movement in Kaura for 24 hours due to the proximity of the two areas. I am happy to inform you that there is calm everywhere now. We shall study the situation and take all the necessary steps to ensure peace and security. The intention is not to hurt anyone. We call on our people to please co-operate in the interest of everyone.”

Earlier in a telephone interview said the Jema’a Local Government interim chairman, Bege Katuka, said, “As a responsible government, it was incumbent on the council to take proactive measures to guarantee the safety of lives and property.”

He urge the people to be calm and remain indoors until the situation improved.

Spokesperson of the youths who carried out the protest yesterday, Mr Nathan Chaweson, expressed regret over ‘the high level of impunity’ exhibited by the perpetuators of the various attacks in Southern Kaduna in recent times ‘even with the presence of security operatives’ at flashpoints.

“Throughout the period the attacks lasted, no single arrest had been recorded. We are pushed to the wall to question the innocence of the government in what has been happening,” Chaweson said.

He challenged the government to rise to the responsibility of protecting lives and property in all parts of the state to give everyone a sense of belonging.

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South Korean President Denies Following Cult As Scandal Continues

The South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, has publicly denied falling victim to a religious cult as scandal threatens to engulf her leadership.

Appearing close to tears in a televised address, she apologised for allowing a long-standing friend inappropriate access to government policy-making.

She agreed to be questioned over the scandal but did not offer to resign.

Choi Soon-sil is suspected of using their friendship to solicit donations to a non-profit fund she controlled.

Ms Choi is in detention facing charges of fraud and abuse of power.

 The main opposition party said the president’s apology lacked sincerity and it called on Ms Park to step back from state affairs.

Scuffles broke out between police and demonstrators demanding Ms Park’s resignation in central Seoul on Friday.

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Jay Z Says He ‘Misses The Old Kanye’ Following West’s Recent Rant

Here’s something we all have in common with Jay Z: He misses the “old Kanye.” Roc-A-Fella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke revealed as much following Kanye West’s surprising rant against his idol last week. Kanye blasted Jay for not personally visiting him after wife Kim Kardashian got robbed in Paris, for never setting up a playdate with their kids, and for Tidal politics preventing him from linking up with Drake, an Apple Music artist.

“I was shocked to hear what Kanye said onstage,” Burke told Page Six at his Reasonable Doubt 20th anniversary pop-up shop on Saturday. “There was never anything rumbling .?.?. so when you hear these things in public, it’s a little shocking.”

Page Six‘s source previously said Jay Z couldn’t “stand” Kanye because of his crazy personality and that the mogul can only tolerate the rapper in “small doses.” While Burke doesn’t go as far to confirm the source, he does highlight a change in Kanye’s personality that Jay Z isn’t at all fond of, telling the publication, “I’m not sure about the relationship at this point. I spoke to Jay [after Kanye’s rant] and we’re both just like, ‘We miss the old Kanye.’”

Burke went on to note that both men are too old to be rap beefing and that Kanye may have just been in his feelings at the time anyway. “[Kanye] is usually really honest. So it sounds like something he’s going through right now,” Burke added. “He may [say] something like that, and then three weeks later he may be back to, ‘That’s my brother.’”

That sounds pretty accurate from what we’ve seen from Kanye in the past. In the meantime, both men can just go ahead, pop in that College Dropout and think about the good ol’ days.

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Simone Biles Releases Statement On Twitter Following The Russian Drug-Testing Hack

A group of Russian hackers broke into the World Anti-Doping Agency’s database earlier this week and released the private medical records of multiple Olympic athletes, including Simone Biles, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams.

According to E! News, all three of the superstar athletes had been “given medical exemptions to use banned drugs” for various reasons, and Simone had tested positive for one of WADA’s banned substances prior to the 2016 Summer Games. In response, Simone took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain her side of the story, and to further emphasize that she did not misuse any drugs or cheat.

“I have ADHD and I have taken medicine for it since I was a kid,” she wrote. “Please know, I believe in clean sport, have always followed the rules, and will continue to do so as fair play is critical to sport and is very important to me.”

“Having ADHD, and taking medicine for it is nothing to be ashamed of [and] nothing that I’m afraid to let people know,” she continued.

WADA later released a statement on the matter, condemning the cyber-attack and to state that they believe it happened as a result of email phishing. They also believe that the attack happened in response to the Russian doping scandal at this year’s Olympics.

“WADA deeply regrets this situation and is very conscious of the threat that it represents to athletes whose confidential information has been divulged through this criminal act,” Director General Olivier Niggli said. “We are reaching out to stakeholders, such as the IOC, IFs and NADOs, regarding the specific athletes impacted.”

“Let it be known that these criminal acts are greatly compromising the effort by the global anti-doping community to re-establish trust in Russia further to the outcomes of the Agency’s independent McLaren Investigation Report,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the team behind the cyber-attack — which goes by the name Fancy Bears — has released a statement on their website saying that they “stand for fair play and clean sport” and intend to keep releasing information from the WADA database.

“We will start with the U.S. team which has disgraced its name by tainted victories,” they wrote. “We will also disclose exclusive information about other national Olympic teams later. Wait for sensational proof of famous athletes taking doping substances any time soon.”

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See Caitlyn Jenner’s Open Letter Following Controversial ‘Man In A Dress’ Comment

A lot of the 65-year-old’s comments have also sparked backlash, with her recent interview with TIME magazine being a cause for concern for the community.

In the interview, Caitlyn attempts to justify her focus on her physical appearance, stating that “people are still uncomfortable if a trans person looks like a man in a dress”, and the former Olympian has now written an open letter to apologise for the upset her interview caused.

Linking to the piece over on her Twitter page, Caitlyn wrote: “Setting the record straight about some of my recent comments”, with the letter reading: “In the first scene of the first episode of I Am Cait, I was up at 4:30 in the morning worrying, ‘I hope I get it right.’

“Since I told the world my truth six months ago, I’ve tried to be a force for good. I’ve met and listened to many people in the transgender community, from trans women of color, to the parents of trans kids who’ve taken their own lives, to people working in the courts and legislatures and media to make the world a better, safer place for trans people

“I’ve spent a lot of time listening to people tell me their stories. Even now, at the end of this whirlwind year, I still feel like I have so much to learn.

“I guess it’s true that there are some things that I have not gotten right. Sometimes this is because I’m still finding out about the issues. Sometimes this is because something that is true for me isn’t true for other people in our community. And sometimes I’ve said things that just come out the wrong way.

“And sometimes the media takes one comment out of context—or interprets it to mean something other than what I meant.

“In the last week many people have pointed out some mistakes I’ve made. My first reaction was to feel hurt, to wish people would give me more credit for having a big heart, and to know I don’t have a mean bone in my body. But as I’ve thought about it, I guess I’ve come to understand that maybe I have made some mistakes, and I need to make my real feelings more clear.

“This week a lot of attention was brought to my comments in my TIME interview, in which I said that my appearance is important to me, that I want people to be at ease when they encounter me, and that people are still uncomfortable if a trans person looks like ‘a man in a dress.’

“I think I caused a lot of hurt with this comment, and I’m truly sorry.

“What I was trying to say is that our world really is still a binary one, and that people who look “visibly transgender” sometimes can struggle for acceptance and may be treated poorly by others. And while this may be true, it’s also something that needs to change.”

Caitlyn goes on to explain that those who don’t want to conform to gender norms have “every right to look and present exactly as they choose”, admitting that she understands that her comments “probably” made her seem like all she “cares about is fashion, or makeup, or appearance.”

The star clarified: “I can tell you I really enjoy all of that—it’s who I am. It’s the world I come from, and as a person in the media I have certain expectations for myself. But I am only one person. There are a lot of ways of being trans.”

Poignantly rounding up the letter, Caitlyn acknowledges that this is “probably not the last time” she will say the wrong thing but promised to “keep learning”.

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Paparazzi Issued Strong Warning To Stop Following Prince George And Princess Charlotte

Paparazzi photographers have been issued a strong warning from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – to stop following their children.

An open letter from Kensington Palace has this morning revealed how Prince George and Princess Charlotte have come under increased surveillance from unauthorised snappers in recent months.

It said that several distressing incidents had put the youngsters’ safety at serious risk. One photographer had rented a tinted-window car in which he created a “hide” by hanging sheets inside.image

Stocked with food and drinks, he then allegedly parked it in a discreet place by a children’s play area – where he remained for several hours hoping to snap images of the Prince.

He was rumbled by police – and found lying in the boot with his camera poised.

The letter, from the Palace’s communications secretary, said that long-range lenses had also been used to capture images of The Duchess playing with Prince George in private parks.

Photographers had also been monitoring his movements, taking pictures of the children of private individuals visiting The Duke and Duchess’s home and pursuing cars leaving family homes.

Some had also used other children to draw Prince George into view around playgrounds, and been found hiding on private property in fields and woodland locations around The Duke and Duchess’s home in Norfolk.

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