Ihenacho looking dapper as Man City unveils New Suits

Super Eagles forward Kelechi Ihenacho was looking more like a ready bridegroom as Manchester City unveiled new club suits designed by DSQUARED2.
The 21 year old was not only smart in the new suits but could pass for young man set for the Altar with his new bride.

Manchester City may arguably play the best football in the Premier League and now they will perhaps look the most stylish off the field as well.

The Etihad Stadium outfit unveiled a new club suit on Monday, which is exclusively designed by renowned fashion brand DSQUARED2.

City and DSQUARED2, an Italian brand, announced their multi-year partnership in October last year. Since then, DSQUARED2 have dressed the club’s players and coaching staff in their pre-match outfits for away Champions League matches.

To celebrate the arrival of City’s new suit, the founders and designers, Dean and Dan Caten said: ‘We wanted the players to feel as confident in this suit as they do when they pull on their team jersey.

City hit the headlines back in October last year when they jetted off to Barcelona for their Champions League match in eye-catching double denim outfits, made by international fashion house DSQUARED2.

They were all dressed the same in casual travelling attire as they were pictured arriving at Manchester Airport ahead of their flight to Barcelona.

Supermodel With Down’s Syndrome Returns To New York Fashion Week

Down’s syndrome model Madeline Stuart has returned the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

The 19-year-old made global headlines when she became only the second model with the disability to walk at NYFW in history.

Since then, she has gone from strength to strength and become a fixture in the fashion scene.

And last night Madeline, from Brisbane, Australia, once again walked at the prestigious event, this time for US House of Byfield at the Art Hearts Fashion show.

10 Things to Know About Yeezy’s Spring 2017 Show

Kanye West presented his Yeezy Season 4 collection at New York Fashion Weekon Wednesday, shuttling editors and guests out to Roosevelt Island to take in his monochrome latest. The regular set of famous faces made appearances in the front row—hi, Kim!—and some even turned up on the runway. As for the clothing, it was in line with West’s past seasons, mostly in shades of nude and neutrals and still very body conscious. While you wait for Nicole Phelps’s review, read Dirk Standen’s interview with Kanye here, and get the abridged version of events at Yeezy Season 4 below.


Photo: Courtesy of Matt Takei / @matttakei

1. West held the show at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island. The location was kept secret, with guests simply given the address of a bus to board in the afternoon that would drive them to the show.


Photo: Courtesy of @s5style

2. Pharrell, Spike Jonze, La la Anthony, Desiigner, Fabolous, A-Trak, Pusha T, and Virgil Abloh were just some the celebrities at the show.


Photo: Courtesy of Fashion to Max / @fashiontomax

3. Kim Kardashian West arrived fashionably late—read, an hour and 15 minutes—with her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. All three wore entirely monochrome, pale beige outfits and sat front row, followed by a crew of cameramen shooting Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


Photo: Courtesy of Alyssa Vingan Klein / @alyssavingan

4. Upon entering the park, guests were greeted by a merchandise shop selling Season 4 long sleeve tees in white and neon yellow with show information printed on them. For past seasons, items like this have served as invites given to guests without charge—picking one up this time would set you back $75.


Photo: Courtesy of Sandy Hullett / @sandyhullett

5. West collaborated with Vanessa Beecroft again for the staging this season. A selection of stationary models wearing skin-toned bra tops, leotards, and shorts were arranged in a formation within the center of the park, while others walked around an elevated white triangular runway.


Photo: Courtesy of Capsule / @capsuleshow

6. Among the street-cast models were Sofia Richie in a bright yellow hoodie, Slick Woods in the show’s camouflage portion, and Alice Metza.


Photo: Courtesy of @xovolivia

7. Teyana Taylor, one of the only female artists signed to West’s G.O.O.D. Music label—and the star of his “Fade” video—was the second-to-last model out in a black crop top and shorts look.


Photo: Courtesy of Kara Rubin / @karajrubin

8. Much of the collection echoed outfits worn by Kim Kardashian West in her daily life, like tight tank dresses, thigh-high boots, and oversize coats.


Photo: Courtesy of @chanelupdates

9. Chanel Iman closed the show in black trackpants and a matching black parka.


Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Bort / @ryanbort

10. West ran out to take his bow in an all-black ensemble.

Source : Vogue

Kanye West Says He’s Been Discriminated Against By The Fashion Industry Because He Is Not Gay

In an interview with Showstudio, rapper Kanye West said he believes he’s being discriminated against by the fashion industry because he’s not gay as he tried to further his career in fashion.

“I feel like I got discriminated in fashion for not being gay,” the 38-year-old said during a two-hour live interview with SHOWstudio:

‘In music, you definitely get discriminated in music if you are gay. It takes amazing talents to break down barriers,’ West said.

‘Everyone thought that when Frank Ocean dropped that it was going to be bad for his career. I feel like it’s so cliché to speak about him as it relates to this subject, but there are people who broke the ground and he broke the ground. The people that break the stereotypes make history.’

‘The first thing I thought about was a black radio show host maybe possibly making jokes because the black culture is generally homophobic,’ said West.

‘Then it was like, “F–k what people say. F–k what people think.” I feel proud to be in a family that has so many people breaking ground for generations to come. I’m still getting acquainted to what’s politically correct [to say though].

@Allsocks_: Is Wearing Socks and Sandals Now Becoming Trendy?

Would you or have you ever tried wearing socks on sandal before? Do you think it’s a nice idea? We understand that just the thought of wearing socks with sandals makes some people feel highly uncomfortable. Does it mean that wearing socks on Sandal is only fashionable on fashion magazines and not in real life?


Some fashion experts are of the opinion that it might be doable to rock socks with sandals, but socks with contrast toes will never work with sandals. Some feel wearing socks on sandal is just something you do while lazing around in the house and that should be all about it.


A stylist once said that the secret to making it work is to make sure some skin was visible between bottom of the pants & sock’s top; else it looks like one is in pajamas.


Many consider the peep toe heel sandal as the hardest shoe to style, simply because of the possibility of a pouf of sock sticking out of the front. To solve the peep toe heel socks dilemma, the best way to style them is with a very, very thin sock. Men’s trouser socks actually works best.


Some fashion bloggers feels that socks on sandal is worn only by the fashion-challenged. Do you agree? Does this stylists look challenged? LOL


On a fashion blog, a reader said, if it’s hot enough for sandals, it’s too hot to wear socks. If it’s cold enough to wear socks, it’s too cold for sandals. Another blogger feels it’s a terrible fashion choice, a big faux paux to wear socks on sandal, so many different views. Some think it is only a Jewish cultural phenomenon in which the Jewish man or woman wears socks with their sandals.


Socks and Sandals used to be the WORST fashion mistakes ever. Is it now becoming a trend among guys and girls?


@Allsocks_ on Twitter

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Are You in Abuja? International Fashion Expo(BIG SALES) & Miss Democracy 2014


Abuja had been invaded as of yesterday, 16th December, as the International Fashion Expo 2014 has began and will run through Sunday, 21st December.

This event was created for fashion enthusiasts and fashion inclined individuals who are receptive to rare edginess in fashion and also appreciate African fashion. International Fashion Expo 2014 is a fashion train that has taken off in Abuja and will move to other African countries. The Fashion Expo is featuring ace African designers from across Africa with countries like Ghana, Togo, Benin, Morocco, etc, who will be exhibiting their newest collection here in Abuja.

Many other products and items will be leased with huge discounts as all items must go, while the much expected Miss Democracy 2014 will come up on the 19th December. Leading Nigerian and Ghanaian Artists will be entertaining you alongside a world class fashion show with the best models on the runway.

Venue for this big end of the year event is The Nigerian Air Force Conference Centre and Suites, Kado Express Way, Abuja. Don’t miss this exceptional fashion experience… The Mother of all Fashion Shows!

Kanye West May Be A College Dropout, But He’s Going Back—To Teach!

As part of his mandated community service from his 2013 paparazzi mishap, the former Chicago State University student is teaching at Los Angeles Trade Technical College for 250 hours.

The community service stems from a paparazzi attack back in July of 2013, after a scuffle at LAX. The rapper pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of battery against the photog.

Los Angeles Trade and Technical College is attended for its classes in fashion design and technology which raises the question of what Professor West is actually teaching.

West certainly knows a thing or two about fashion as he has his own line at A.P.C. A pair of Kanye Jeans will run you $280

For The Fashion Lovers.


Today’s post is specially dedicated to the fashion lovers and also those who have taken an interest in fashion recently.

One of my friends is very interested in fashion and is starting up a fashion blog, so she asked me to take pictures for her until she gets her own camera.

Seeing as I’m still in school and I have exams coming up, I decided to take pictures for her every Friday because I figured it would be a nice way to end a stressful school week.

I don’t have much to say in the post because I’m not exactly interested in fashion and this is clear in the way I dress (I don’t dress up at all and when I do, I’m always wearing black)

I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

I will be posting some more pictures for the fashion lovers next week so stay tuned!


Today’s post is a bit like last week’s post, which you can check out here if you missed it. I took them all with the same theme in mind. I wanted the models to look natural and serene, and this is evident in their clothes and their poses. I editied a few more pictures from the photoshoot and you can view them below.

Comfort and Chisara

PS: I apologise for not having as many pictures in this post. I have been very busy with school work, as I have exams coming up in January. I haven’t had time for myself, which also means I haven’t had time to edit pictures. Hopefully I can find some time this week to edit a lot more pictures to share with you all.

If Kenya were a person, it would look like her…

As you all know, I carry my camera with me everywhere I go. I usually don’t carry it with me to school because I’m scared of losing my baby. Besides, I travel via the same route everyday and nothing interesting happens, so it’s pretty pointless. I also have lots of books to carry.

Anyway, I decided to take my camera to school on Friday because I assumed everyone would be dressed up. Luckily for me, Comfort was also at school and she looked beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

You all remember Comfort, right? The beautiful Kenyan model with a great smile? Yeah I thought so. I went up to her and asked if we could do a quick photoshoot during lunch and she said yes.

We went to the back of the school building and I spent about 20 minutes with her. I’ve been trying to experiment with lighting, so I was glad when the sun came out for a bit. Working with Comfort was so much fun. She doesn’t know it, but she has been a great help to me, as she is an experienced model. Comfort was very comfortable in front of the camera.

Haha, see what I did there? No? Okay.

Anyway, I’ve learnt an awful lot from her, in terms of directing the model.

I am really pleased with the pictures I got and I hope you like the best images I’ve chosen for this post.

Did I tell you Comfort wants me to take pictures for her portfolio? She’s hiring me as her personal photographer, but don’t worry. I’ll still have a soft spot in my heart for anyone else.



I’ll be posting more pictures from the photoshoot next week. Stay in touch!