Gen. Buhari: I Will Be The Leader You Deserve

President-Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians that he will be a leader the nation need and not a maximum ruler, saying the change Nigerians are yearning for has finally come.

Addressing newsmen in the early hours of Wednesday morning shortly after he was formally declared winner of the Presidential election, Buhari also assured the he will work closely with President Jonathan to ensure a smooth transition from one government to the other.

Buhari who won the election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) the Presidential election was hard fought, with high emotion, saying the outcome showed that Nigerians can truly effect a democratic change of government.

With the elections gone he said, the time is not for confrontation, but a moment to being to heal the wounds and work towards a better future for the country, adding that this can only be done by extending a hand of friendship and conciliation across the political divide.

While describing President Jonathan as a statesman, he said “At exactly 5:15pm this (Tuesday) evening, President Jonathan called to congratulate me on my victory. For this, I want all Nigerians to join me in congratulating and appreciating Mr President for his statesmanship.

“President Jonathan engaged in a spirited campaign and was a worthy opponent. I extend my hand of fellowship to him. I look forward to meeting him soon as we plan the transition from one administration to another. He will receive nothing but understanding, cooperation and respect from me and my team.

“The good people of Nigeria, answered the call of history. When the account of this fine moment is written, it will be said that it was the people themselves who led this nation to democracy.

“You stood in line patiently for hours in the sun, rain and then in the dark to cast your ballots. Even when the vote was extended to Sunday in some places, you still performed your civic duty. You did so peacefully.

“You voted with your heart. Your vote affirms that you believe Nigeria’s future can be better than what it is today. You voted for change and now change has come.

“INEC has released the official results of the Presidential election. INEC has declared that I gained the most votes with the required spread and thus won this election. In a more profound way, it is you, Nigerians that have won. The people have shown their love for our nation and their belief in democracy.

“The declaration of INEC accurately reflects the will of the people. While there might have been some logistical obstacles and irregularities associated with the exercise, the result shall stand as what the people want.

“I thank all Nigerians who have made this day possible. Our country has now joined the community of nations that have used the ballot box to peacefully change an incumbent President in a free and fair election. To me this is indeed historic.

“Most people will welcome the result because it is the one they voted for. Others will naturally be disappointed. I ask that we all be circumspect, respectful and peaceful in these times.

“This was a hard- fought contest. Emotions are high. We must not allow them to get the better of us. This is not the time for confrontation. This is a moment that we must begin to heal the wounds and work toward a better future. We do this first by extending a hand of friendship and conciliation across the political divide. We hope and pray our friends in other parties reciprocate.

Nigeria’s Security Council Gives Condition For Elections To Hold In North East

*No news on abducted Chibok girls-Minimah
People of the troubled zone of North-east will exercise their voting rights in the coming elections only when all the structures of government and governance there are reinstated.

This was the outcome of a meeting of the National Security Council presided over on Tuesday by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The meeting, which was held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, lasted several hours.
The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega, briefed the council on the readiness of his commission for the elections.

Jega, who left the Presidential Villa before the meeting ended, simply told State House journalists
that the meeting went well.

The INEC boss said: “I believe it (the meeting) went well.”

Jega, however, declined comments on his commission’s plan to use card readers during the elections.

But the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Kenneth Tobiah Minimah, who addressed journalists after the meeting, said the people of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States could only vote when the structures of governance there are reinstated.

On the fate of the over 200 schoolgirls of Chibok, Minimah said there was no news for now.

According to him, “You know Yobe and Adamawa States have been liberated completely and we look forward to the reinstatement of structures of government and governance. I’m also sure you know that in Borno State, out of the 27 local government areas, we have three local governments remaining: Abadam, Kalabaldi and Gwoza. And we are optimistic that with time, we will liberate those local governments”.


On whether the council discussed the forthcoming elections, Minimah said only the INEC was competent to talk about the elections, adding that the commission had to reassess and evaluate the situation in the three troubled states.

Minimah, who said the military had liberated areas captured by the Boko Haram sect, said: “I’m not competent to speak on that matter (elections). The INEC is still there. INEC has to reassess the situation and evaluate because the areas have been liberated, but I can also tell you that not all structures of governance have been reinstated and they will need to be reinstated so that citizens can go back to their areas, and it is then I think they can execute their rights as voters”.

Asked how soon those structures would be reinstated, the Chief of Army Staff said: “I don’t know”.

On the abducted Chibok girls, Minimah said: “No news for now. In all the liberated areas we have, we have also made enquiries, but the truth is when the terrorists are running away, they also run with their families, and those we have come in contact with have not made any comments suggesting that Chibok girls were there and taken away. But we are optimistic that as it becomes closer, the territory is becoming elusive to them. We will get further details on that”.

President Jonathan Meets With Theophilus Danjuma Behind Closed Doors

Former Minister of Defence and chairman of the Victims Support Fund, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, has  held a closed door meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan at the presidents residence in the Presidential Villa.

The retired General was at the villa as early as 9.30am and was received by the president with a warm handshake before the two  retired into the residence for a meeting that lasted for about 15 minutes.

General Danjuma told journalists that the meeting was confidential noting that he had been abroad for some time and needed to see the President on return.

The post President Jonathan Meets With Theophilus Danjuma Behind Closed Doors appeared first on Channels Television.

APC Reports Patience Jonathan To ICC over ‘Inciting Comments’

The presidential campaign organisation of the All Progressives Congress has reported the wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, to the International Criminal Court.

This is as a result of what they term her inciting statements in Calabar 2 weeks ago,telling the supporters of the PDP to stone anyone canvassing for change in the state.

The letter signed by its Director-General, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi,  would be delivered to ICC on Monday (today), and the Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, and the National Human Rights Commission would also be sent copies of the letter.Part of the letter reads

“Change, as the entire country knows by now, is the slogan of the APC – the rallying cry of a political party that wishes to bring hope of greater and better things to come for Nigeria and Nigerians.
“By her statement, Mrs. Jonathan was clearly calling on the PDP supporters in Calabar to attack supporters and campaigners of the APC in the state,”

They likened some of Patient’s statements to those of Simone, the wife of a former President of Cote d’Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo,who was indicted by the ICC for her part in planning to perpetrate brutal attacks, including murder, rape, and sexual violence, on her husband’s political opponents in the wake of the 2010 elections.

“Mrs. Jonathan does not occupy any formal office in the Nigerian government as the position of the First Lady is not recognised by the Nigerian constitution.
“But Mrs. Gbagbo’s case shows the ICC’s awareness of how someone beyond formal governmental and military hierarchies can be identified as responsible for serious international crimes.
“Patience Jonathan’s incontrovertible hate speech not only contravened the laws of the land, but also went completely against the Abuja peace accord jointly signed by the two presidential candidates, Muhammadu Buhari and President Goodluck Jonathan – a gesture which is aimed at forestalling violence before, during and after the 2015 elections.The PDP supporters in the state, who may not know better, could easily yield themselves to the First Lady’s admonition and embark on a process of wanton stoning and other attacks against the APC members.”

Account For Your Role In Killing Of 300 Igbo People In 1969, Fani-Kayode Tells Buhari

Director of Media of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation (PDPPCO), Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has asked the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) to account for his role in January 29, 1969 coup d ‘etat, during which about 300 Igbo people were slaughtered.

Fani-Kayode made the demand during a press conference he addressed in Umuahia, the Abia State capital, where he called on the South-East voters to shun the APC presidential candidate at the polls.

According to him, the role played in the massacre of defenceless Igbos by the army division in which Buhari served, was part of the questions that was to have been put to Buhari during the sitting of the Justice Chukwudufu Oputa-led panel which he shunned. However, he said it was important that Buhari addressed the issues now that he is seeking to become the president of the country.

“We attended caucus meetings with them and the questions that kept coming up on the issue of the presidential election centred on the role Buhari played in the very sad events of the night of January 29, 1966, when a coup d’état took place in our country, during which no fewer than 300 Igbo army officers, a sitting head of state, General Aguiyi-Ironsi and a serving governor of the old Western Region, Colonel Fajuyi, were killed in the most brutal fashion in less than 24 hours.

“It is important for us to look into this today, considering the fact that Buhari is aspiring to be the next president of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian people have a right to know the truth about Buhari’s role in the tragic events of that night, as they do not deserve to be kept in the dark. We deserve to know who did what, who to and how many times. That is the message I got from most of the Igbo leaders I met on this tour and that is certainly the feeling of most Nigerians. The days of feeding our people with half-truth and telling them not to discuss the ugly events of the past which were long over. It does not stop there.

“The other issues that were raised centred on the role Buhari allegedly played during the very tragic events in the core north in the mid 60s just before the Civil War, when no fewer than 100,000 innocent and defenceless Igbo civilians, mainly women and children, were killed within a period of three months by irate and armed local mobs.

“Many have asked and wondered whether it was true that Buhari was amongst those that covertly orchestrated and encouraged those killings, as well as supported the slaughter of those innocent and helpless citizens. We consider this issue most relevant today, because this same man, who some people have alleged was involved in this carnage and genocide, is desperate to become the next president of Nigeria.

“We give thanks to God that Igboland is now a vital and integral part of a united and indivisible Nigeria and that the pains of the Civil War are many years behind us, yet the wounds inflicted on our minds must be healed and completely too.

“This can only be done by the exposition and enunciation of truth and when those who committed the most heinous atrocities against innocent civilians, women and children, even many years ago, are brought to justice. This can only be done after the souls of the innocents that were slaughtered are appeased by ensuring that anyone, no matter how highly placed, who committed or encouraged any crime against humanity at any point in time in our history against fellow Nigerians is brought to book.

“The best way to do this is not to dismiss these grave and serious questions, because this man was accused of participating in the terrible atrocities against the Igbo, both on January 29, 1966 and during the course of the massacre of innocent civilians in the North in September, October and November 1966.

“At this juncture, we must ask this painful, yet pertinent question: Is it true that the blood of the Igbo people ran up to the knees of Buhari on the night of July 29, 1966? This question, among others were put to Buhari during the sitting of the late Oputa-led panel in 2001 and instead of him answering them accordingly, for attendant matters to be settled once and for all and, if these allegations were indeed true, for him to ask for forgiveness, Buhari refused to turn up. Instead of coming clean and making use of this historic opportunity to settle the matter once and for all and make peace, Buhari went to court to ask for an injunction to restrain the panel from compelling him to come and give answers.

“This is very unfortunate and it is nothing but a sad and graphic reflection of his unrepentant and vicious mindset. The truth is that it is because he failed to face the Oputa-led panel and answer those questions 14 years ago, that we are still asking those questions today,” he said.

PDP Will Win General Elections Despite APC’s Propaganda – Muazu Babangida

Gov. Aliyu Babangida of Niger State said on Thursday that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would win the general elections in spite of increased propaganda from opposition parties.

Babangida said this while fielding questions from State House correspondents in Abuja.

According to him, the PDP had no problem winning the elections, both at the gubernatorial and presidential level.

“Believe me, I have no problem. While it may be tougher this time around, because of the confederation, but believe me, PDP will win Niger State without any hesitation, and I have no problem with that.

“I don’t even think twice about it. When people are very good in propaganda, sometime, they even come to believe their own propaganda.

“But believe me, we have no problem in Niger State as far as PDP is concerned.”

The governor, who acknowledged that the PDP made some forgivable mistakes during its primaries, said many of those who defected from the party would come back after the elections.

He said the postponement of the general elections had provided the party an opportunity to reconcile with aggrieved members.

“There are, may be, places where we have a few problems, particularly where people might have felt aggrieved because of the way and manner the primaries were conducted.

“But, believe me, we are doing extremely well particularly, with this time frame that has been extended.

“It has given us an opportunity to reconcile with all those who we can reconcile with. There are some who may be bitter enough, may be until after elections before they decide to come back.

“Many of them who had left, the moment we win back our seats, they will all come back again.’’

On the use of card reader during the general elections, Babangida expressed doubt over the effectiveness of the machine.

Commenting on the friction between him and his deputy, the governor said that the differences had since been reconciled.

Source – Daily POST NG

Anxiety as INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega meets RECs on Wednesday

There were concerns in Abuja on Monday that some Resident Electoral Commissioners might pass a vote of no confidence in the Independent Electoral Commission Chairman, Attahiru Jega, on Wednesday.
Jega is expected meet with the RECs on the said date to assess the collection of Permanent Voter Cards by registered voters and the situation in communities recaptured from Boko Haram.
It was gathered that the   no confidence vote might be a prelude to Jega’s removal by the Federal Government.
A top member of the commission, who confided in our correspondent, said the RECs that are backing the plot to remove Jega are known government apologists.
“The meeting on Wednesday is most likely to be stormy. I say this because some resident commissioners are plotting to move against our chairman. They may pass a no confidence vote in him. But the chairman enjoys strong backing in the commission. Any plan to pass a vote of no

confidence in him will not work,” he said.

The PUNCH learnt on Monday that   Jega would demand from the resident commissioners   feedback on the rate of PVC collection in their states.
Our source   said INEC had noted the success recorded by the military in the North-East, particularly some communities recaptured from Boko Haram.
He said that some internally displaced persons in Borno and Adamawa states had started returning to their communities.
The source said that before the communities were recaptured, INEC had made provision for the IDPs to vote in their camps.
He explained that with some of them returning to their communities, the commission would reconsider its initial plan.
It was learnt that RECs from Adamawa and Borno states, would brief the meeting on the situation in the recaptured communities.
The source said, “Besides the reports we will get from security agencies, RECs from those areas will brief us on Wednesday on the situation in the communities. We will also get update on the collection of PVCs.”
Following the rescheduling of the   general elections, INEC on February 8 extended the deadline for collection of PVCs to March 8.
When contacted, the Chief Press Secretary to the INEC Chairman,   Kayode Idowu, said that Nigerians should be encouraged to collect their PVCs.
Idowu, who     declined to comment on the agenda of the Wednesday meeting, said that the number of those who had collected their PVCs had increased to 55,079,365.
“As of last weekend, the figure had risen to 55, 079,365. That is 80.02 per cent,” he explained.
The commission had on Friday said the total number of PVCs collected had risen to 54,327,747 (78.93 per cent)
When asked whether the meeting would discuss extension of the deadline for the PVCs collection, Idowu said registered voters should be encouraged to collect the PVCs.
On what INEC would do for people returning to recaptured communities, he said, “It is too early to say. The commission has planned to conduct voting for the IDPs in safer areas within their states. But if they are no longer displaced as we get closer to the election date, the commission will have to address that.”
Asked to comment on fears that the meeting might be used by pro-government RECs   to pass a vote of no confidence in his boss, Idowu replied,   “That is one conversation I will not get into please.”
Source: The Punch

Group Offers To Sponsor Presidential Debate At Chatham House

A group, Wind of Hope, has offered a fresh platform for a presidential debate between the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Muhammadu Buhari, and President Goodluck Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on the political situation in the country, at Chatham House, London, United Kingdom.

National Coordinator of the group, Onoriode Akpe, in an open letter of invitation to Buhari, noted that the speech delivered in London by Buhari shows that he is more comfortable in London, hence, the need to take the debate there and give Nigerians the opportunity to watch the front runners in the forthcoming presidential election talk about their plans for the country.

“We wish to congratulate you on your recent visit to the United Kingdom where you delivered a speech at Chatham House, London on February 26, 2015. Your speech at the event is clearly a source of motivation for your supporters who in recent times seem to have lost steam in their aggressive marketing of your candidacy for the office of President,” the group wrote.

“In our quest to deepen democracy which thrives on robust and constructive deliberations that aid the electorate in making informed decisions, Wind of Hope hereby challenges or offers you a platform to debate with the incumbent, President Jonathan, before the forthcoming elections, at Chatham House, where you were so obviously at ease before your supporters and the international media.”

While offering full sponsorship, the group asked Buhari to “state your preferred date and time. Again, we wish to reiterate the import of such a debate in this election which you appropriately described as ‘Nigeria’s landmark election’ in your speech at Chatham House.”

Ignore Self-Serving Endorsements Of Jonathan In South-West – Chief Ayo Fasanmi

Chief Ayo Fasanmi, an elder statesman and First Republic Senator has urged South-Westerners to ignore the self-serving endorsements of President Goodluck Jonathan in the South-West because they do not represent the views and position of the people.

In a statement issued on Monday, Fasanmi said: “some Nigerian newspapers reported endorsements of President Jonathan by some groups in South-West Nigeria. A variety of reasons were given for the endorsement including desire to promote Yoruba interests. Yet, when critically analysed, these reasons are spurious. Indeed, the arguments for the endorsements mask the selfish interests of the endorsers.

“No doubt that the South-West geopolitical zone has several interests. Among these interests are desire for security, genuine federation with greater autonomy for the federating units, rule of law, effective governance under a democratic and accountable government, drastic reduction of corruption and economic and social development including infrastructural development.

“These interests are shared with some other geopolitical zones who want a Nigeria that is truly federal and where government will put the interests of the citizens first. Majority of the people in the South-West and indeed the whole of Nigeria want to live in a functioning and strong state not a state that is fragile and on the brink of failure under a kleptocratic PDP administration. Above all, majority of people in the South-West want a progressive government,” he said.

“Those who endorsed President Jonathan base their decision among other reasons on his commitment to implement the outcome of the National Conference. However, the outcome of the Conference will require a constitutional amendment hence it is the National Assembly and states of the federation that have the power to implement the conclusions of the Conference (Chapter II Section 9 of the 1999 Constitution). The President has minimal not pivotal role. Going by recent political trends in which APC is ascendant, PDP may lose control of the National Assembly. Indeed, it may become a minority party with fewer state governors and legislatures. Consequently, it is delusional to think that Dr. Jonathan can implement a conference when he might be out office and when PDP becomes a minority party. This, of course, assumes that the re-scheduled election is held and that PDP does not engage in electoral shenanigans and manipulations.

Chief Ayo Fasanmi

“Further, President Jonathan has a gaping credibility gap. In 2011, he promised to provide electricity, ensure security, create jobs, transform the economy and combat corruption. None of these promises have been fulfilled to the satisfaction of Nigerians. That is why Nigerians want change.”

“A second reason given by those who endorsed Dr. Jonathan is his promise to end Yoruba marginalization. He has, we are told, agreed to appoint Yorubas to important positions. The 1999 Constitution in Chapter VI Section 147(3) states that each state of the federation is entitled to one Ministerial position. However, portfolio assignment is the prerogative of the president. Despite the fact that Dr. Jonathan won five South-West states in 2011 with a vote tally of 2.7 million, people of the South-West play minimal role in his administration except of course in rigging elections and participating in the plunder of Nigeria. It should not be forgotten that it was a Yoruba man who paired him as Vice-Presidential candidate to late President Yar’adua. He has fallen out with his mentor who has been trenchantly critical of his mismanagement of Nigerian affairs.”

APC Has A Faulty Manifesto For Job Creation -Sambo

Vice President Namadi Sambo has described the manifesto of the opposition All Progressives Congress, especially as it concerns job creation, as faulty.

He said the number of jobs the party promised to be creating annually if its presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), is elected was lower than the number of jobs the present administration is currently creating per year.

A statement by his spokesman, Umar Sani, on Friday quoted Sambo as speaking while granting audience to the Alhaji Tanko Yakassai-led Northern Elders Council at the State House, Abuja on Thursday evening.

“If you look at the APC manifesto, one area that you will know that there is something wrong is that they said they will create one million jobs annually, but we have 1.4 million jobs annually that comes up, so if you produce only 1 million jobs, what about the 400,000? Who will give them the job?” the Vice President was quoted as saying.

Sambo urged the Northern elders to return to their states and inform their people correctly that the right direction to go is to give him and President Goodluck Jonathan the chance to continue to move the country forward.

This, he said, could be achieved my voting massively for them during the March 28 presidential election.

He said the elders had taken a right decision with their earlier endorsement of the President for re-election.

He expressed the belief that the nation would witness a successful and peaceful election because the Federal Government is recording successes in curbing the spate of insurgency in the North-East.

He reiterated Jonathan’s position that he had delivered on their electoral promises they made to the nation in 2011.

Kaduna’s Situation Is Getting Worse By The Day – El-Rufai

Mallam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai is the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kaduna State. The former FCT minister, in this interview with MIDAT JOSEPH bares his mind on why  he intends to be the occupant of  Sir Kashim  Ibrahim House  come May 29 this year  

Why are you in the Guber race?

The condition of the state is getting worse by the day and no one who means well for the future generation should fold his or her hands and watch. Nigeria had administrations in the 1950s and 60s that had made it possible for me to have sound public education, but the same is no longer obtainable in present day Nigeria. The tragedy had occurred in every sector of the nation’s life and it is time people who have the love of the country at heart to sit up and do something about it. We are not in this journey just for the purpose of having power. We are not in this journey to settle scores, nor to insult others. We are in this race in order to bring back equity, justice and fairness into the process of governance. It took me 13 months to consider contesting for the post of governor. 10 years ago I was not a politician. But circumstances has forced us to become politicians.

The situation in the country and in Kaduna State require that people who had experienced the better times that past administrations provided come to the rescue. The important role of the government is providing quality education. If someone like me whose father died while I was young had not had an education, I might have gone into religious extremism, or some other vices. All of us are sons and daughters of ordinary people. We are where we are because of education, but we have lost that.

What has your party got to offer that is different from the ruling party?

The APC is a party with a manifesto to better the lives of Nigerians. We intend to bring about the required change through our programmes that would ensure peace and harmonious living among the people of Kaduna State, give free education to every child, revive infrastructure and industry to get people employed, assist farmers to practice agriculture to the best of their abilities, as well as introduce programmes for skill enhancement for people who might be good with their hands but are not so favourably disposed to formal education. This is what we want to do and it’s not going to be an easy task.

This is because the state has been brought to its knees as a result of impunity, corruption, and ineptitude. The current administration in the state had collected huge amount of money with nothing to show for it. The government has collected 600 billion naira in the last eight years. It has also borrowed 100 billion naira. We have challenged the present government to show a project of 10 billion naira. Not even the Government House is worth 10 billion naira, and we know it was constructed at three times the amount it should cost.

Insecurity has been a challenge in Kaduna State, are you worried by this and how do you intend to tackle it?

That is why we are saying that we will do everything to bring peace back to our people. We will leave no stone unturned until we bring anyone that kills another person in Kaduna State to justice. No one living in Kaduna State will be above the law under our watch. The second promise is that no child will be left without education. We will ensure that our teachers are well paid. We will also ensure that teachers are paid salaries that are higher than other professions.

These are the minimum we promise. Above all, we promise that we will treat everyone equally. We will not treat people based on where they come from or on the basis of religion or ethnicity. We will not get drawn into that because God knows why every human being is here. I have gone round and I have said it several times since I announced my intention to run for office that the whole state is one big village which is hungry for development; our goal is to develop the whole of Kaduna State without leaving behind one section of it. If others before us have focused on one section in Kaduna, we are going to change that. We want to see that each and everyone is making progress in this state. We want to see that when people wake up in the morning they see progress.

APC Leaders Meet On Consensus Candidate

Leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) met behind closed doors on Monday night to midwife the emergence of a presidential candidate in a rancour-free process.
The meeting was necessitated by the need to have a consensus candidate so that, among other things, the party would have more time for campaign, according to sources.
It was learnt that besides Atiku, all the presidential aspirants, including House of Representatives Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, have accepted to step down for Buhari.

Jonathan Gets Ultimatum For Presidential Declaration

AHEAD of the formal declaration of President Goodluck Jonathan for his re-election bid for the 2015 Presidential election, the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP yesterday gave the President and other aspirants vying for various elective positions,  one week ultimatum to purchase their expression of interest and nomination forms, saying the party cannot go for a national convention to ratify someone who has not indicated interest to contest.

Addressing journalists yesterday at the Party’s National Secretariat, PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh said the October 30 closing date for the sale of expression of interest and nomination forms will not be extended beyond 6 pm on that date.

Enugu North PDP Chairman Explains Why Ugwuanyi Got Endorsed

The Zonal Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu North, Chief Mike Ejinima has explained why the Chairman, House Committee on Maritime , Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi got endorsed as the party’s preferred candidate as regards the race for who becomes the party’s flag bearer in the 2015 governorship election in Enugu State.

He said it was because of the democracy dividends the lawmaker has brought to the people while representing them at the National Assembly.

Ejinimi noted that leaders of the zone believes that Ugwuanyi will make available to people of the state more dividends of democracy if given the chance to become governor, describing him as a man of the people who has shown honesty and selflessness as a member of the National Assembly.

Ejinima, who at a point was a Director in the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, argued that the decision to endorse Ugwuanyi was one of the best things that will happen to the Party, stressing that, “Ugwuanyi is an experienced politician of over 20 years, before he became a member of the House of Representatives. He is a very nice human being, humble and social.

He is somebody who has performed creditably as a legislator. He has given us a lot of democracy dividends, not only in his constituency but beyond.”

#KakandaTemple ~ Elections 2015: Congratulating Goodluck Jonathan, President-Elect


Alright, God forbid. I also pray against this eventuality, the inauguration of disaster on May 29, 2015, because it appeals to our collective emotions. But this prayer alone can never stop a genius of electoral sentiments and manipulations, especially in a country where the politicians are obviously smarter than the electorates, from reaching a height where the destiny of the nation is designed. No country has ever been built, or project executed, or even a cause pursued, by amens and faith alone. Except in the imagination of Nigerians, the ones whose senses are bound in the fabrics of bigotry, extremism and patriotism along the lines of ethnicity, religion and region, respectively.

In the eyes of Nigerians who are already victorious for they have, or least so they thought, embarrassed the Presidency with the cacophonous criticisms over the President’s insensitivity to the spate of killings in the country, the past few days may be seen as tough for the partying occupants of Aso Rock. But, on a clearly written note, President Goodluck Jonathan really is the victor, the undeclared winner–Mainasara, as his northern campaigners called him pre-2011 presidential elections.

The pulse of the nation has changed ever since Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State embarked on his “conspiracy theory” campaigns, accusing the Presidency of complicity in the growing insurgency in the north-east. With actually only conjectural proofs. This conduct makes the return to Aso Rock in 2015 much more easy for GEJ. The more cheap and unverifiable propagandas and conspiracies are propounded by those who should know better, the more he becomes more electable in a country this polarised. There was almost a consensus in our dismissal of GEJ as an irredeemably failed President, before these torrents of sentiments begin to blur our senses of perception.

The tragedy is, many may now volunteer to pitch tent with GEJ because of these dangerous accusations – of the Christian as the enemies. Without credible proofs, aside from obvious failings of government’s counterterrorism measures. We can only judge the President, without making him likable by a section of the citizens, with undeniable records of his very poor performance – which are enough to get Nigerians united against the present mis-governance. You see, if any people accuse my own too as the destroyer without corroborating evidences, I’ll be similarly hurt and even take an unpopular decision to support that unfairly judged devil!

The good people of Nigeria, however frustrated and suspicious we have become in attempting to understand this insurgency, must end this child’s play at once and ally to defeat the vampiric ruling class, all of them, stripped of the immunity they have earned in their dubious religious, ethnic and regional advocacies. If you don’t know how terrorism works, joining the bandwagon of the proponents of conspiracy theories isn’t the best resort. We must understand what terrorism is, we must understand that it is not a fanfare, but an irrational fatality perpetrated by a people to whom we’re not humans, but symbols, symbols of satanism, of anything unholy, of infections that must be cured. Violently!

The Boko Haram is as real as water. It began before our eyes, so any attempt to dismiss its actual existence, as some deluded citizens have done in their disturbing vulnerability to this seemingly plausible reports of the the federal government’s involvement, is lazy and mischievous. If you have concluded that the government or President as an individual sponsors the violence in the north, let’s also embrace the wisdom to ask: Who are influentially and integrally in the in the federal government. Both Muslims and Christians, northerners and southerners, and all the ethnic groups are represented.

So before you begin to accuse the President of complicity in destroying the north, do know that the Vice President, Inspector-General of Police, Minister of Defence, National Security Adviser, and even the Chairman of the ruling party, which some of us call “Boko Haram” in promoting our conspiracy of the government’s complicity, are Muslims and northerners. And, as such northerners occupy relevant security positions, how would they comply in these alleged ploys to destroy their own people?

I know that it’s understandable to embrace conspiracy theories in the absence of reasons, but the existence of BH itself is unreasonable. We embrace these conspiracy theories, every bit of them, even the absolutely absurd, because we had never experienced the irrational fatality of terrorism. We’re so hopeless, that any culprit presented to us is acceptable, which is even as dangerous as terrorism itself. The best decision Nigerians ought to make now is allying to ask our leaders to stop politicizing our security challenges. As we read Nyako’s letter or speech, let’s have in mind that he’s just also politician being who he is: a manipulative opportunist! He is no different from Olisa Metuh a few weeks ago, except for the damning fact that Nyako

I have written extensively on the terrors inspired by unchecked religious extremism and, having observed the damaging trends of this evil, I acknowledge that it is capable of turning Nigeria into the mess it is now and, thus, if I’m given a chance to talk to Gov. Nyako face to face, in the absence of his gun-totting guards, I’ll definitely tell him he’s just politically paranoid. We can’t talk about Boko Haram as though Mohammed Yusuf never existed!

The tragedy of Nyako’s claims is, we live in a country where his political posturing may be seen as humane activism by some, which is why many of us are already hoodwinked by his claims, without bothering to ask: what do BH insurgents want? Killing us, nonbelievers in their hollow ideologies, is seen as acts of worship by them. Terrorists who have been indoctrinated to consider terminating you acts of worship should be our first suspects in this dilemma. Our politicians, if they’re indeed morally upright, must form an alliance, however forced, to protect us, instead of their predictable maneuvering for victories at the February polls, which seems to be more important to them than even our security!

That you don’t like GEJ, which is very understandable, isn’t a reason to hang your objectivity in analyzing an attempt to undermine him by a paranoid politician. I’m also I’m sympathetic to the cause of APC in its bid to oust the failed incumbent but I won’t endorse any obvious propaganda!

On this, I wish to say, I’ll not forgive you, if my foresight is right that our misplaced paranoia may earn us, but may God intervene, another torturous term under GEJ. If you think GEJ is not electable, especially with this twist of ‘politicized activisms’, that’s because you don’t know Nigeria beyond Facebook and Twitter. May God save us from us!

By Gimba Kakanda
@gimbakakanda (On Twitter)