Saudi Dumps Islamic Calendar For Gregorian Calendar Due To Economic Crisis

Oil rich gulf country, Saudi Arabia, has dropped the Islamic Lunar calendar for the Gregorian Calender  for payment of salaries due to the economic crisis it is facing as a result of the fall in oil price.

The Gregorian Calender has at least 11 more salary days than the Islamic Lunar calendar. This will save the Kingdom more money in terms of payment of salaries, according to reports.

 Saudi Arabia, which houses two hoilest Muslim sites, had earlier sacked some 10,000 deputy Imams in efforts to cut costs for the country to be able to survive its economic crisis.

 Oil dependent countries like Nigeria, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have been thrown into economic crises as a result of fall in oil price.

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#FertilityDay: Italian Govt. Tells Women To Have Babies Due To Low Birth Rate

What is a woman, really, if not a vessel for making babies? According to a controversial new ad campaign in Italy, it seems the answer is “a failure to her country.”

In an attempt to combat falling birthrates, health minister Beatrice Lorenzin announced earlier this summer that Italy would hold its first ever Fertility Day on September 22nd. Through a series of state-sponsored events in major Italian cities, the “holiday” would focus on encouraging family-planning by helping those struggling to conceive, celebrating the beauty of parenthood, and discussing why a lower birthrate might be dangerous for Italy’s future.

Along with the announcement, the Ministry of Health launched a website, a computer game, and a series of promotional images in order to help encourage participation — but rather than get people excited, they instead sparked major backlash and global outrage.

The #FertilityDay images were quick to go viral for touting offensive messages like “Beauty has no age. But fertility does.” and “Young parents. The best way to be creative.” Many immediately pointed out that the tone of the ads is extremely pressuring, and the message ridiculously sexist.

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