5 Things You Should Do Every Morning If You Want To Be Healthy

Oil Pull

Before you start saying “oil pulling is so 2014,” hear me out. I grind my teeth at night, and I know I’m not alone in this. In addition to the possible oral health benefits, oil pulling exercises a stiff jaw to alleviate pain, forces you to get up 20 minutes earlier, and acts as a chemical-free mouthwash.


While I oil pull, I stretch. I take this time to relax, meditate a bit, and warm up my body for the day. If I have time or get up early enough, I go to yoga or do a few Sun Salutations in my room. I know I’ll be in a desk chair all day, so I try to carve out some time to always get a good stretch session in.

Drink Lemon Water

A room-temperature glass of lemon water has tons of health benefits: alongside improved hydration, you’ll get a vitamin C boost for glowing skin, a metabolism boost, and a mood boost.

Care For Your Skin

I don’t have an extreme 11-step Korean skin care routine, but I do have a pretty solid lineup for my skin. I cleanse my skin with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and my Clarisonic, then tone, apply serum, and moisturize. Twice a week, I use a peel, and three times a week, I use a retexturizing scrub. And you know what? I never knew my skin could be this good! The byproduct of this is that I now look forward to waking up (don’t judge me) to go through my skin care routine.

Take Vitamins

I take B12 for energy, omega-3 for mood and muscle health, and vitamin E for hair, skin, and nails. If I’m drinking my vitamins in a shake, I use Vega One powder mixed with some coconut milk. At the risk of sounding like your mom, take your vitamins!

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Recession: London Companies Will Continue To Do Business In Nigeria

Mr Carl Woolf, International Trade Adviser at the United Kingdom(UK) Department for International Trade on Tuesday said that London companies would not be discouraged by Nigeria’s current economic recession.

Woolf told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of a ‘Market to Nigeria’ trade mission to Lagos that London companies would continue do business in Nigeria.

“London companies will continue to see Nigeria as a country with 180 million population with future huge opportunities.“Economic recession or not, London companies strongly believe in the huge investment opportunities in this country, Nigeria.

“It is even better for us to be here during this current Nigeria’s economic recession for us to really know what the future holds for our companies here,’’ he said.

Woolf, who led a mission of London companies to Lagos, said that the companies were visiting Nigeria to establish long-term business relations with Nigeria.

He said that the mission was being part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to enhance the competitiveness of London SMEs in international markets.

The UK International Trade Adviser said that the companies were interested and would be providing a wide range of products, services and expertise to Nigeria’s energy, infrastructure, agriculture and education sectors.

Woolf, however, said that it was imperative for Nigeria to examine her recent World Bank’s low ranking in Ease-of- Doing Business.

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The 1 Thing Happy Couples Do Every Day

Happy couples communicate with each other.

Constant communication seems so obvious, but it can easily slip through the cracks. In order to keep your relationship healthy and happy, there’s three things you need to do to communicate successfully.

1. Express your needs and feelings.

There’s no way for your partner to know what you want out of your relationship if you don’t say so. Make sure to clearly express how you are feeling — whether that be happy or upset — so that you and your partner are on the same page. Your significant other is not a mind reader, so it’s up to you. You may learn something new about each other.

2. Be totally honest.

The moment you start lying is the moment things go wrong. If you can’t be honest with the person you love, who can you be honest with? Go beyond being open about the dynamic of your relationship; talk about a bad day at work or a friend who hurt your feelings. The more experiences you share, the closer you will become.

3. Don’t just speak — make sure to listen.

There are two people in a relationship. Your partner should be communicating with you too. Be a good listener and make sure to take in everything your SO is saying. You are not perfect, so if you have to make some adjustments for your relationship work, be open-minded.

If you practice communication every day, you will see that your relationship will be stronger than ever. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but the greatest challenges are always worth the end result. Here’s to many more happy anniversaries with your significant other!

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If Someone REALLY Loves You, They’ll Do These 6 Things

1. Drop by for a surprise face-to-face visit

In a study conducted by Ford and YourTango, 55% of participants polled said that when a friend surprises them with a face to face visit, it made them feel totally loved..

Can you remember the last time you dropped by a friend’s house just to see their face, and say hello? Yes, we text about our day and communicate constantly, but nothing beats actually being in each other’s presence.

Studies have shown that being in the presence of the people we love is vital to keeping us happy and healthy. And it makes sense! Think back to the last time you hung out with a friend and laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe. There’s literally nothing that beats it.

2. Call to share good news instead of just texting

We can communicate with emojis, sure. I think many of us pride ourselves on our ability to weave an entire epic tale with strategic eggplant and frowny-face emoji.

That’s all well and good, but it turns out that even in this text-lovin’ age, 51% of all participants polled in the survey said that they would much rather hear their phone jingle and hear the roar of your congratulations on the other end.

Yes, a party hat and streamer emoji is cute, but you know what is so much cuter? Singing your own absolutely terrible personalized “Congratulations on Your Promotion at Guitar Center” song to your former roommate Stoner Dave.

3. Go for a weekend road trip

Studies show that 52% of adults on planet Earth (you know, this planet) seek out experiences that just CAN’T be replicated. Anyone can stay at home and order a pizza (and far be it for me to be critical of my favorite food), but when was the last time someone filled the gas tank, made a killer playlist, and just drove aimlessly with you for a couple of days?

You can’t remember, can you? That’s a damn shame! It’s a fact, lonely people don’t live as long as people who feel connected to their friends. SO STAY ALIVE, go on a remarkable adventure, you don’t need to be a millionaire to do it.

4. Tone down the multi-tasking

When people are multi-tasking, they might feel like they’re getting more done, but in fact they’re also getting more stressed. So let’s close our laptops, people. Ignore Pokemon Go. Mute that podcast. When someone is chatting with you (online or in person), they should be giving YOU all of their attention. They need to show that they value your relationship. And you need to do the same.

I mean, don’t be a creepy weirdo staring at them without blinking and gently stroking their face like some kind of monster, but we can all make more of an effort. We’ve all tried to talk to a friend or partner over the sound of their fingers clicking away on the keyboard. Be the change you want to see in the universe, y’all.

5. Remember to tell the people we love that we love them

My roommate now at the age of 33 is the roommate I was assigned as an 18 year old starting college. She’s my best friend. We’ve been there for each other for thick and thin. But ask me how often I actually tell her that I love her. The answer? Basically never.

If someone loves you, they should be telling you. (And vice versa.) Of course we should all be treating our special people with regular love and respect, but there’s something really special about making that eye contact and really TELLING the people you love that you’re thinking of them, and that they matter to you.

6. If you’re going through a tough time, they need to show up

The world is big and sometimes it’s scary. Bad things happen to everyone. When you or someone you love is struggling, the best thing we can do is activate our networks of support and really be there in that time of need.

Facebook wall posts can be meaningful, but people also need to pick up the phone. Show up, it’s good for you! Bring that devilishly delicious Frito pie perfect for soothing a sore heart and soul. Taking an active role in our social circles outside of the internet can make all the difference in the world in someone’s time of need.

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19 Things Unhappy People Do

1. They worry about things they can’t change

We are all guilty sometimes of wondering what might have been if we had chosen or acted differently. But in most cases, this is a dead-end street. Unhappy people tend to brood about the “could’ve, should’ve, would’ves” of life, but it’s important not to worry about things we can’t change; instead, we should learn from our mistakes and simply try to do better next time! We may even end up being happy that we made some mistakes.

2. They give up when things get too hard

Unhappy people tend to back down when they are presented with a challenge. It’s easy to throw in the towel when things seem like a lost cause, but powering through and persevering will usually yield good results. Giving up just leaves you feeling defeated. Regardless of the outcome, following through boosts confidence and reassures us that when all is said and done, we did everything we could to make it happen!

3. They take themselves too seriously

People who take themselves too seriously tend to take life too seriously in general. If you are able to take a step back and laugh at yourself and the absurdity of life every now and then, things won’t seem so dire.

4. They never exercise

Exercise has countless mental and physical benefits. The more you exercise, the better you feel about yourself and the more likely you are to live a healthy lifestyle. Ditching exercise for a more sedentary way of life can have an overall negative effect on mood, health, and happiness. Here are some workouts that match different moods!

5. They set unattainable goals for themselves

We all know that setting goals for ourselves is important; it’s the only way to get things done! But it can be a problem when the goals are unrealistic and unreachable. While we think it’s great to always reach for the stars, people who hold themselves to impossible standards will be left feeling disappointed if they don’t succeed. The key is to set small and attainable goals for yourself, and you will feel great when you meet and even exceed them. Remember — nobody is perfect!

6. They eat unhealthy foods often

Everyone has their guilty food pleasure (truffle fries, anyone?), and we fully support the occasional indulgence. However, unhappy people tend to let their indulgences become their habits. Eating healthy foods can lift your mood, give you more energy, and improve your physical health. Plus, there are so many great healthy recipes out there to try!

7. They don’t get enough sleep

Sleep is essential! The amount of sleep you get corresponds with how happy and productive you are the next day. You may think that putting in that extra hour of work is a good idea, but nine times of out 10, work — and most other things! — should take the backseat to a good night’s sleep. Check out some good bedtime habits to aid your beauty sleep!

8. They focus on their weaknesses, not their strengths

We all have our insecurities — the key is to embrace the good and try not to focus on the bad. Self-improvement is important, but unhappy people tend to dwell too much on their weaknesses instead of working on having a positive self-image. We should recognize our flaws and own them but never let them hold us back!

9. They spend too much time on social media

This one is a biggie! These days people lay out their whole lives online, and there are many drawbacks to this kind of social media over-share. For one, we can spend too much time comparing ourselves to other people. It’s great that your friend just got a new job, got married, or had a baby, but it’s OK that you are at a different — and just as important! — part of your life. It’s a good idea to take a step away from the screen and get some perspective. Unhappy people tend to get caught up in social media and worry too much about how they appear to other people, which can have a negative effect on how they view themselves.

10. They stay in their comfort zones

It’s easy to stay in our comfort zones where we feel safe and where the potential for risk is low. But staying there too long means we may be missing out on some great things in life. A huge contributing factor to unhappiness is boredom — and this can be easily remedied by trying new things and taking some risks! We don’t necessarily mean that you should drop everything and go skydiving, but maybe try a new type of food, go see a show that sounds unusual, or take a weekend trip somewhere that you’ve never been.

11. They worry about what other people think

Unhappy people tend to care too much what people think. At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do to please other people, so what matters most is loving yourself!

12. They gossip or speak negatively about others

Our moms taught us many things — one important lesson being that if you can’t say something nice, then there is no reason to say anything at all. People who are unhappy sometimes try to bring other people down in order to make themselves better, but this never works! A better remedy is to lift others up and work on feeling great!

13. They work too much

Everyone deserves a mental health day! People who work too much can often neglect their needs, and sometimes all you need is a day to take a break from work and focus on yourself!

14. They isolate themselves

When things get tough, it’s easy to withdraw from the people who care about you. But spending time with close friends and family when you’re unhappy is actually a great way to feel better! Sometimes being with people can take our minds off whatever is bringing us down, so surrounding ourselves with people who love us most is a great way to turn things around.

15. They never indulge themselves

Happy people know that it’s important to take a vacation, splurge on a new outfit, or enjoy a spa day now and then. People who aren’t happy sometimes forget that taking care of themselves is just as important as taking care of others. Make sure to treat yourself!

16. They’re OK with settling

People who are unhappy often stay in their comfort zones and are content to settle for things. Whether it’s staying stuck in a relationship that isn’t making us happy or settling for one job when we have our eye on another one, staying in ruts can make us feel like our lives have plateaued. Happy people work to get themselves out of these ruts and make the changes needed to start heading in the direction they want to be going!

17. They refuse to forgive

Unhappy people tend to hold on to grudges, but there is freedom and peace in letting go of things and offering forgiveness to yourself and others.

18. They avoid planning and organization

Disorganization can leave people feeling like their lives are in a state of disarray. Even if it is something as simple as rearranging your room or trying out these DIY organization hacks, restoring order can help you feel like you have regained a measure of control over things. Unhappy people who avoid organization and planning ahead tend to be less prepared to deal with life’s twists and turns.

19. They focus only on themselves

While caring for yourself is essential, unhappy people tend to only think of themselves. Treating others unkindly or constantly focusing on yourself and your own problems can be harmful to your well-being and happiness. It’s amazing what a little bit of kindness and looking at the bigger picture can do for the soul!

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What To Do When You Find Out You’ve Been Cheated On

Conservative estimates suggest that cheating occurs in about half of all relationships. Being cheated on can be a profoundly painful experience, and it can be hard to know what to do after the initial discovery. Here’s a comprehensive, mapped-out guide to deciding whether to stay or go.

First: Get Your Facts Straight

If your relationship is on the line, make sure you have the correct information about what happened. If you suspect that cheating occurred, or if you heard the information second-hand, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. You need to have a conversation. It will be horribly painful, there’s no way around that—but you should find out:

  • What exactly happened. Are we talking an online flirtation or an in-person tryst? Are there emotions involved, or was it just physical?
  • The circumstances around it happening. Was this a planned affair, or something that “just happened”? There’s a big difference between someone signing up for an Ashley Madison account and kissing someone in a drunken haze at a party.
  • When the infidelity occurred.
  • How many times it happened.
  • The status of your partner’s relationship with the other person. Has your partner told the other person that it’s over?
  • If your partner wants to stay in your relationship or not. The question of what to do next may already be answered.
  • If your partner used protection. This won’t help you decide what to do in terms of the relationship, but it’s important for you to know if you need to get tested for STIs.

Give Yourself a Time Out to Take Care of Yourself

Your emotions are going to be all over the place after finding out about your partner cheating. You’re going to need time to figure out up-from-down, much less figure out your next steps. After you’ve heard your partner out, tell them that you need some time alone to think about what you’re going to do. Ask them to respect your boundaries and not contact you until you reach out. You can give your partner a rough time frame (like two to four weeks), or just let them know you’ll get in touch when you’re ready.

Be aware that your immediate reaction may be to take drastic measures in either direction. Some people want to repair the relationship right away. After experiencing such a powerful threat to your relationship, it’s natural to feel drawn to your partner. Others may want to leave and never look back. Try to resist these urges, and give yourself the opportunity to make as clear-headed a decision as possible.

During this break, try your best to treat yourself well. Call in sick to work for a week. Reach out to your most trusted friends and talk it over with them. Try to eat and sleep. Go outside for fresh air and the opportunity to move your body. Write down all of your tortured thoughts in a journal. Meditate. Cook. Nap. Sing. Whatever makes you feel even the tiniest little bit better. Keep doing all of these things for as long as possible. Most of us struggle with self care, even when things are good, so it’s likely that you’ll find this step incredibly challenging. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth making an effort.

I’m obviously biased, but I think seeing a therapist is an excellent idea. Even your best, most compassionate friends will reach a limit where they’re a little tired of hearing you rehash all the same details. It’s nice to talk it all out with without having to worry about annoying anyone. And, you know, therapy will actually help you process the feelings instead of just rehash them.

Decide What to Do

You’re never going to get to a point where making this decision is easy, but some time and good self care should make this process feel a little bit clearer. Here are some other variables to consider:

  • How severe was this betrayal? As I said before, there’s a big difference between getting caught up in a moment and having a months-long affair. Motivations are important.
  • Has your partner cheated in the past? If your partner has cheated on you before, it’s time to move on. You may also want to consider whether your partner has cheated in past relationships.
  • What’s your relationship history? If you’re relatively early in your relationship, it may be best to cut your losses. On the other hand, if you’ve been with your partner for a decade, you may want to ask yourself if it’s worth throwing away all of that history for one moment of horrible judgment.
  • Is this relationship worth salvaging? Sometimes cheating is a sign that the relationship is long over. If you’ve been fighting or if you’ve been tempted to cheat yourself, it may be time to throw in the towel. If you’re with someone with whom you’ve never been able to visualize a future, this may be the opportunity to end things before they become even more complicated.
  • Does your partner understand the impacts of their behavior? If they’re not immensely apologetic, they don’t deserve your consideration. How you found out about the infidelity also matters. Did they fess up of their own accord, or did they get caught?
  • Is your partner willing to work through this with you? Is your partner is offering to make concrete steps to repair your relationship, like going to couples counseling?
  • Can you see yourself eventually forgiving? In order for a relationship to survive infidelity, you have to be willing to forgive. You can’t lord it over their heads in order to get what you want, or break it out as a trump card during arguments.

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11 Small Things You Can Do In A Marriage That Can Make A Big Difference

1. A good, long hug makes all the difference.
“At least once a day, especially after work, we just stand and give each other a long hug. No words or kissing or moving. I stand with my arms up and he stands with his arms out, then we fall into our hug. It’s a nice quiet moment in which we can decompress with each other.” –Michelle Gold

2. Go out of your way to do something silly and sweet to make your partner smile. 
“I hide things like his favorite snacks or a reminder of something fun we did recently in his shoes, pockets or cup holders in his car with little notes full of stupid puns to make him laugh.” – Lacey Marie

3. Never stop saying “thank you” — even for the simplest of tasks. 
“Even after 12 years, my guy always says to me after dinner, ‘Thank you for a great dinner’ — even if it’s a TV dinner. Makes me feel appreciated.” – Debbie Wagner

4. Create a quirky nighttime ritual that’s just about the two of you. 
“We snack in bed — a late-night ice cream or a chocolate bar that the kids know nothing about!” – Humi K. 

5. Don’t just say “I love you.” Tell each other why specifically. 
“Every night before we go to sleep we say to each other, ‘I love you today because…’ We do this no matter what happened that day. We even make sure to call or text it to each other when we are apart.” – Jae Russell

6. Kiss each other goodbye no matter what.
“Every morning when I leave for work, he’s still in bed. And every day I say ‘I’m leaving’ and even in a dead sleep, he kisses me.” – Steffanie Anne

7. Inside jokes are a must. 
“My husband and I quote movies all the time, and even recently during sex.
Me: ‘You keep moving my hands.’
Him: ‘I don’t know what to do with my hands, quoting Ricky Bobby.
Instant humor.” – Lindsey Lipp

8. Think about how you can make your partner’s day easier, and then do that. 
“My husband warms my car up for me and scrapes the ice and snow off of it in the winter time, even though I go to work way earlier than him and am fully capable of warming up my own car. It really means a lot that he gets up early and freezes just so I don’t have to.” – Wendy Griffith

9. Spending some time apart can strengthen your bond.
“It’s going to seem backwards but it’s important in my relationship for my husband and I to have our own interests and do our own thing. I’ll go to yoga or dinner with friends and he will play cards. The time apart gives us the opportunity to miss each other and gives us more stories to share.” – Sarah Goodier

10. Don’t underestimate the importance of touch.
“We always sleep naked and touch in bed, even if it’s just a toe against a leg or a hand on a thigh.” – Lauren East

11. Even when you’re busy, let your partner know that he or she is always top of mind. 
“I program ‘events’ in my husband’s phone calendar to alert him throughout the year. Sweet things like ‘Thinking of you xoxo’ and memories like the day we met.” – Kasey Christine St.