Supo Dosunmu, show promoter who gave D’banj and Don Jazzy their big break has died

Supo Dosunmu a popular US show promoter, CEO of Unique promotions and son of late Senator Wahab Dosunmu is dead. Supo died on Monday, January 16, 2017 in the United States.


Before his death, Supo (in black) was quite popular in the Nigerian Music Scene and he was a respected and popular show promoter in United States who took Dbanj and Don Jazzy on their first major tour US several years back.

Supo who had gone through thirteen surgeries had been off the scene since his March 18, 2010 car crash that left him bed ridden for over two years. He was just kicking off his career as a promoter again before he died.

Social media is currently buzzing with condolence messages from his family and friends..




D’banj: Nigeria does not have piracy. I’ve never been pirated.

Dapo ‘D’banj’ Oyebanjo, Afro singer, says Nigeria is the only country in the world where piracy does not exist.

The Kokomaster on Thursday said his creative efforts have never been pirated.

The singer made this comment at the inaugural edition of Music Week Africa, which held at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Lagos.

Explaining the reasoning behind his assertion, D’banj noted that what goes on in Alaba international market can’t exactly be called piracy because original CDs are being sold side by side supposedly pirated works.

“Nigeria is the only country in the world that does not have piracy,” he said emphatically.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never been prated because it’s the same place they are selling original that they are selling the fake CDs.”

When asked which was more commercially rewarding between e-sales of music and physical sales, he said “the money is everywhere. Everyone is playing their own role. The market is here”.

D’banj further revealed that he has entered into a partnership with SLOT to have CD stands located at their phone outlets.

The singer who has been a brand ambassador for several brands, also noted that companies need to include artistes in their plans before entering into partnership.

D’banj urged companies to seek the ideas of prospective brand ambassadors and incorporate it into theirs.

“Brands always have their plan and they expect the artiste to follow it but it requires more collaborative planning with the artistes,” he added.

D’banj Reacts To News Of N100million Unpaid Debt Scandal.

Nigerian entertainer, D’banj has reacted to the news released by Pulseng some days ago implicating him in a N100 million unpaid debt scandal.


Reacting to the allegation which held that the artiste had been sued to court by a Tech company over his failure to pay up the sum of N100 million owed by D’Kings which he signed on as a guarantor with the clause to shoulder the responsibility of any unpaid debt should the situation arise, D’banj in a series of tweets said:


“Silence is Golden, Yes! And you all know I don’t Talk! However, in this case, I will…


Is it poverty of content or state of d economy dt led u 2 publish untrue stories about me without confirm 4rm myself/ team? @PulseNigeria247


And the others that follow like zombie… well i no blame una. Even heard @SOUNDCITYtv I was like wow! Utter disappointment!


A Tiger must never lose sleep over the utterance of sheep. The worst thing than being talked about is not to be talked about at all. #Focus”


Recall that Pulseng had released some documents from the case which was reported to have been filed before a court. The documents included the agreement signed by both parties and two cheques allegedly issued by D’banj to cover the debt but returned unpaid due to insufficient funds in the account.


See the documents below:








Singer Dbanj dragged to court over N100m debt

Nigerian Afropop star, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known by his stage name as D’Banj, has reportedly been sued by a company, Mindhub Technologies, over N100m unpaid debt.

Pulse is reporting that the singer purportedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with the technology company on October 19, 2012, for the promotion of a concert organized by his media house, D’Kings Men Media LTD.

The contract agreement had it that Dbanj would be personally liable for the payment of the money in the event that D’Kings Media fails to pay.

However, when Dkings Men media failed to pay back, the company called for the repayment from the ‘Kokomaster’ and he reportedly paid only $260, 000 and N8, 600, 000.

Dbanj had reportedly issued a Skye Bank cheque No. 10000039 on December 29, 2013, for the sum of $240,000 in the name of Henry Ojogho, Mindhub’s Vice Chairman.

Reports say the cheque was returned unpaid due to lack of funds in the Dbanj’s account.

D’banj issued another GT Bank cheque No.00000046 dated January 20, 2014, in the sum of N15, 000,000 in favour of Mindhub and it was also returned unpaid.

He reportedly left the outstanding sum of $240, 000 and N6, 400, 000.

Following the outstanding debt, the company has legally taken up the issue as they said all efforts made by them for him to pay, proved abortive.

As a result, the company reportedly filed a suit in 2015 against D’banj to recover the money.

The case, which would be due for hearing on December 9, is currently before Justice Oyebanjo of the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja Division.

All efforts by DAILY POST to get across to the singer were abortive as at press time as his phone numbers were unavailable.

D’Banj receives BEFFTA Entertainment Icon Award at British Parliament.

Nigerian artiste D’Banj has received the Entertainment Icon Award at the 2016 Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA).


D’Banj expressed his delight about the award on his Twitter account on Thursday.


He wrote, “Yesterday, I received the #BEFFTA Entertainment Icon Award at the British House of Parliament, From Lord John Bird. I’m Humbled ! Oossshee”


Kanye West destroyed D’banj’s music career, and it was all for nothing

How do you go from the leading artiste in Africa, to a guy who every loves and rates as a celebrity, but whose music is no longer in demand? How do you tell if a record deal – which at the time signified the greatest aspirational goal of your music career – will become a Trojan Horse?

Let’s not coat it. Kanye West’s GOOD Music ruined D’banj’s career. There, we said it.

2011 was a crucial year for Nigerian music. It was the year when the rulers of pop music made a decision that was to cost them their dominance. D’banj and Don Jazzy, co-owners of Mo’Hits Records had found a way to meet up with Kanye West, where they sold him the Nigerian dream and sound. Kanye did buy it.

“D’Banj travelled to Dubai, at Dubai airport he met Kanye West just like anybody can meet any superstar at the airport.” Don Jazzy said, explaining the root of the end of Mo’Hits.

“He had the courage to go and meet him and introduce himself and that he wants to break into America and that he has done a song with Snoop Dogg and please listen to the song and tell me if it is good. And he understood and he listened to it and he liked it. And he asked us to drop by New York when we were going to LA for the video shoot with Snoop. So when we got to New York, we called them and his manager said we should meet up at Wyclef’s studio and the rest is history.”

The rest simply became history. Mo’Hits became history due to the irreconcilable differences between the business partners. D’banj, ever the opportunist, wanted in on the deal from GOOD Music. Don Jazzy hesitated, and wanted none of it. They argued and split.

D’banj revealed this to Olisa Adibua on his chat show, ‘The Truth: “Maybe Dr Sid? We came back from New York, and we had a meeting with Jazzy. Me and Jazzy. And Jazzy really expressed his discomfort that ‘listen, this place is too expensive. We are spending money, we are going to stay there, things dey happen for Nigeria, we are already bosses here, we don’t need all these…make we just stay here..

“And I’m like ‘we are almost there, like it’s expensive but I know it’s not really guaranteed, because it’s a dog eat dog world out there. And in his own words, ‘you can’t leave certainty for uncertainty,’ which makes sense.

“But I said to him that listen brother this is not uncertainty. For Kanye West to see us is not a joke. He saw us in Dubai, na God. Is it not the same Nigeria that we are doing music that took us there.

“And I asked him that, and he said he didn’t want to go, he didn’t want us to do it again, he said he wasn’t interested. So Jazzy literally said that he wasn’t interested, and I told him, because I had sensed it…before the last concert I had told the lawyers that I felt that it wasn’t…that’s why we had legal papers.

“So they were trying to get him to come around, but I understood totally, which is what I said to you. So when he came back home, he had a meeting and that was in July, and he said he doesn’t want us to do Mo’Hits again. That he doesn’t want us to do Mo’Hits again. And I said to him, ‘Please give me 6 months’.

“So I told him to give me 6 months, that he should please just…for me I was even trying to sell my shares, to convince him again, to sell my shares to someone else, take the money, go abroad and try. To do anything I could, because I had seen that it wasn’t working, and him and Sid had formed this synergy. It was very clear the way…I could see it. He wasn’t very comfortable around me, I didn’t understand what was happening, and me I didn’t…everybody knows that I don’t have time. I was always on the move.

“I wasn’t always on ground to see, and I think that was my mistake – I wasn’t sensitive enough to have noticed. And prior to that, if I felt anything, just as you would do as a boss, you should do whatever needed to be done. So I told him to give me 6 months. I remember December, Iwe had a meeting, and everybody was there, and Don Jazzy also said the same thing which was after 6 months. That was December 2011, and he said, that he had thought about it, and he wasn’t interested. In fact, not just me, that this one wasn’t interested (pointing to others).

“I was heartbroken, I think Kayswitch was with them, it was one voice, and I felt like…what’s happening here? And that’s where I started hearing few things that people just felt that they were not comfortable with me.”

The end of Mo’Hits, signaled the music end for D’banj. He was signed to GOOD Music, and Kanye West gave him his blessings, his chain, a remix of ‘Scapegoat’, and hummed his way into ‘The Morning’. Cosigns by other artistes helped make the charade continue, but the facts remained clear,; D’banj did not release any solo project under good music.

D’banj lost Don Jazzy, lost Mo’Hits Records, and lost his momentum. ‘Oliver Twist’ ( a Don Jazzy production), kept him alive musically, and so did the 2013 album, “D Kings Men”.  But ultimately, the damage was done. He has never recovered.

Ever since his split with Don Jazzy in 2011, there’s been a steady decline of D’banj’s musical powers, even though his celebrity went the other way. Each year brings another D’banj power move and endorsement deal, but the quality of the music takes a hit. 2013’s compilation album “D King’s Men” was a fantastic project which still stands as his best DB Records body of work, but it failed to catch on, with many attributing it to the lack of love from core fans who still blame him for splitting the indomitable Mo’Hits Records.

But subsequent singles have found plenty of marketing yield little fruits, and the dissent from critics and listeners have always been felt. A few bright spots have made his case salvageable; ‘Top of the world’, ‘Feeling the nigga’ and 2016’s ‘Emergency’ have still kept his case for music credibility alive, but he manages to find new ways to come up with less-inspired sounds.

2016 has had his record label undergo severe changes, and almost fallen apart. His producer DeeVee split from the group, so also did his joker, Tonto Dikeh, who is seeking fulfilment from motherhood and other familial concerns. His other signees, 2kriss, have been without buzz nor content.

But he is coming through with two new singles for an album. And you begin to wonder if he still has enough juice left in the tank to push through another album release. This year marks his 11 year in the music industry. Three studio albums, two compilation albums, and an EP is a good run for the Nigerian music industry, but he intends to change that number with another project.

The singer’s album will be purportedly be dropping before the end of the year, and plans are already underway to commence the rollout of singles, and other promotional materials. With a bashed musical credibility, and a fanbase that pretty much has very little contemporary reason to follow the new music, only time and the content of his album will be determinants on if there’s enough left in D’banj for another D’banj album.

Without GOOD Music, chances are that the story would have been different. Maybe the split with Don Jazzy would have stilled happened, but for other reasons. GOOD Music hastened it, and took away from D’banj, more than it offered.

Between Bonang & Adama Indimi… Is Dbanj

Seems like D’Banj has dumped his rumoured South Africa girlfriend and TV personality, Bonang Matheba as he publicly declared his love for his former girlfriend and billionaire daughter, Adama Indimi.


D’banj took to Instagram to wish Adama a happy birthday , and in his message, called her “the queen of his heart. Adama and D’banj have been dating on and off since 2011 until the coming of Bonang in 2014.

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D’Prince Tells it all! Reasons For Not Attending Dbanj’s Anniversary Celebration.

The Mavin crew were not invited to Dbanj’s 10th anniversary. The Prince bears his mind about it.

“To be frank, I thought that chapter was closed about two years ago, I never knew that D’banj is still granting interviews regarding the split because I thought we had gone through the whole story, leaked e-mail, hearsays and the likes. I am so happy that D’banj and Mavin Records are doing great. I don’t want us to keep putting the fans in the mishmash. The fans would always be vulnerable. The fans would always want to be entertained and we would always be the puppets that entertain them. “I think D’banj was speaking based on his feelings and the fans reacted. I will always have love for Mo’Hits, DB records and Mavin Records because at the end of the day, it is the music that would keep us relevant. It is what brought us to where we are in the first place. We should all concentrate on our work and progress. We should love one another and not hate. There is no fight or war between us. What matters most is moving forward and making music. I feel that he was pressured to do the interview; he did so and expressed his feelings. I may agree and disagree with some of the things that he said but at the end of the day, I am still going to stick to love, peace and harmony,” he said.







‘I Also Prayed That I Will Be The Richest Entertainer’ – Dbanj

‘My first single was out in October 2004 and my first album was released on the 25th of March 2005. Yes. As at then, I always said I was an entertainer. I always said “I’m Dbanj” as loud as I could. And I hoped and prayed that I’d become the biggest entertainer to ever come out of Africa. I also prayed that I will be the richest entertainer and so on. I had a lot of dreams. And it has been a great challenge since ten years up until now. When I count my blessings I see that God has been faithful to me. There are places I have been to that I didn’t think I would ever get, although I dreamt big. There are a number of stages I didn’t foresee I’d get to that I am honoured to be in. It can only get better. And I am very grateful to God’.


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The recent announcement that Nigeria’s most celebrated entertainer Don Jazzy, chief executive of Mo’Hit records and his partner D’Banj, the number one musician on the label, have parted ways, has left most Nigerians still reeling in shock.
Most people are yet to come to terms with the development as the broken down relationship many thought was made by the gods was untouchable.
Their decision to part ways was something our source said was agreed upon by the two former pals.
It was taken long before the deal by D’Banj, Don Jazzy and Kanye West’s GOOD music was sealed.
The lack of a business structure in Mo’Hit records made the company the butt of a joke especially in the international business community. Everything seemed to revolve around D’Banj alone.
It was becoming increasingly difficult for both to continue as partners because Don Jazzy who doubles as the label’s producer was having difficulties controlling D’Banj who was also a partner in the business.
Conflicts often arose in the house because of the seeming financial gap between D’Banj and other artistes on the label.
This grossly affected the business and also contributed to the duo relocating to the Island leaving the other artistes at their former abode in Maryland, Lagos.
The situation between the two deepened to a point where other artistes on the label were made to look ordinary.
Often, Don Jazzy faced an uphill task convincing other Mo’Hit records sign-on like Wande Coal, Dr. Sid and The Prince that he (Don Jazzy) was as committed to their career as he was to D’Banj’s.
Several newspapers in the past had talked about the situation but the record company through their managers had often denied having conflicts in the house.
The recording of a promotion song for President Goodluck Jonathan by D’Banj, was the icing on the cake as Nigerians descended on the Mo’Hit crew and accusing them of a sell out.
During the protest against government decision to remove subsidy on petrol, Nigerians took to the internet, calling for the head of D’Banj.
Don Jazzy desperate to protect his record company, quickly disassociated it from a sell-out. He went as far as tweeting on the wall of his Twitter that he regretted ever associating with the President.
To crown it all, D’Banj was no where to be found when the heat was turned on his partners.
Don Jazzy has since moved out of the mansion they once shared in Lekki Phase 1 and he’s currently squatting with Dr Sid at 1004, the same estate that Wande Coal lives on Victoria Island.
As at the time of filing in our story, Don Jazzy may have finalised arrangement to unveil his own record label which sources say will be structured in a way no one musician will hold sway.
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