Perfect Timing: Couple finally ties the knot after dating for 41 years.

If the old saying, love and time are the only things that can’t be bought is true; after dating for 41 years, Bill and Linda Bownds have plenty of both.

After more than four decades, the Woodlands couple celebrated tying the knot with family in Katy.

“I love her and I want to make her happy and I think she respects me,” said Bill Bownds.

His bride, Linda, quickly interjected, “But I love him too.”

Surrounded by the family that brought them together, stories from when they met in 1975 and how it lasted this long are shared.

“Just try to make the other person happy,” said Bill. “Just put the other person first and make it a goal making that other person happy.”

Bill and Linda have always been “together” although they have never lived under the same room. The only secret they kept hidden from their families was their wedding.

“Everybody was in shock,” said Bill.

“It just seemed like the time was right even though it took us a while,” said Linda.

Bill’s 96-year-old mother, Kay, has been waiting for this Christmas for a long time.

“I knew they were meant for each other,” said Kay. “They got along so beautifully and apparently we got them together.”

Congratulations and a warm welcome into the family are scribed into the Bownds’ newest chapter of a four-decade old book.

“We have what’s called impartial love,” said Bill. “We care about each other first I think and that makes a big difference.”

Perhaps the couple will honey moon, in another decade or so.

Newlywed Couple Had Their First Dance In The Middle Of A Highway (WATCH)

Rather than panic after finding themselves stuck in a major traffic jam while en route to their wedding reception on Saturday, the couple in question instead decided to bring the party to U.S. Route 35 — by enjoying their first dance right in the middle of the highway. With their photographers and videographer Levi Curby of Levi Curby Media by their side to help capture the magical moment, the as-yet-unidentified pair began slow-dancing to Alison Krauss’ “When You Say Nothing At All” surrounded by the bright glow of car headlights.

WLWT reports the couple was soon after “rescued and taken to their reception, where they were greeted with loud cheers” — and presumably had a proper first dance in front of all their loved ones. But needless to say, a couple that can still have fun together when stuck in traffic on their wedding day is clearly a couple made to last.

A sexual health group is offering couples £200 to have sex on camera.

A sexual health organisation is offering to pay couples £200 to have sex on camera.

The Pleasure Project wants to film three couples having protected sex in natural settings like a student house or car while using a condom.

The filming will take around three hours, and the videos will only be viewable by a small test group through a private link – no-one else will have access to the footage.

Organisers say they want to make safe sex erotic, by creating videos of people having protected sex in “naturalistic” scenarios.

Campaign spokesman Suzanne Noble told The Tab: “The project we are working on is a pilot for a UK university to trial the most effective methods to ensure young people use condoms.

“The research we have done to date indicates that young people would prefer to view stylish, yet naturalistic scenarios in which couples are seen having sex while using condoms.

“So, for instance, we may film a couple having sex in a bedroom that looks like a student house or in a car.”

Those interested in taking part are asked to get in touch with the organisation.

They will have to provide details of their relationship – including whether they usually use condoms – and their availability.

The filming will take place in London in November.

The Pleasure Project describes itself as “an educational, advocacy and research initiative that promotes safer sex that feels good”.

“Most safer sex and HIV prevention programmes are negative and disease-focused,” their website states.

“The Pleasure Project is different: we take a positive, liberating and sexy approach to safer sex. Think of it as sex education … with the emphasis on ‘sex’.”

Britain’s Biggest Divorce Ever? Man Might Pay Wife £350m

The best friend of shamed BHS boss ‘Sir Shifty’ (together inset) is allegedly facing Britain’s largest ever divorce payout after reportedly leaving his wife for a Brazilian lover half his age. Multi-millionaire Richard Caring, 68, could be forced to pay out up to £350million to his wife Jacqui, 67 (pictured together right with Bill Clinton at a 2005 charity dinner), after apparently dumping her for his 35-year-old lover.

The businessman, who owns a string of exclusive London eateries including The Ivy and Le Caprice, is said to have moved out of the North London home – dubbed ‘The Versailles of Hampstead’ – he
shared with his wife of 45 years.

It is alleged he has moved straight in with his lover, Patricia Mondinni (pictured together left), with whom he has a young son. They are said to be living in a £32million ten-bedroom gated mansion in St John’s Wood, north west London.#

Dwarf Couple Marry In A Fairytale Wedding After They Met On Set

A Sunderland couple who met whilst playing dwarfs in a Snow White panto have married in a fairy-tale wedding, with their miracle son as page boy.

Laura Whitfield, who is just 4ft 2, proposed to 3ft 11 Nathan Phillips a month before the birth of their son – the only ‘double dwarf’ in Britain.

Nathan Junior was born with two different forms of dwarfism, anachondaplasia like his mum and pseudochondaplasia like his dad, and was not expected to survive more than a few hours. 

However two-and-a-half years later, the healthy toddler acted as a ring bearer at his parent’s wedding.

Laura, 26, and Nathan, 37, from Sunderland, met when they were both performing as dwarfs in a production of Snow White.

They got hitched in the lavish South Causey Inn, in County Durham, among 50 of their closest family and friends.

Bride Laura followed her son down the aisle in a £800 designer dress which trailed behind her as she reached the front of the church where Nathan waited in his suit.

This Couple Waited 9 Years To Open A Wedding Gift, See What They Found

When Brandon and Kathy Gunn got married in Michigan nine years ago, they received on very interesting gift from Kathy’s great Aunt Alison. On the outside of the box it said: “Do not open until your first disagreement.” So for the past nine years the gift has sat unopened on a top shelf in their closet.

“Now, there had obviously been plenty of disagreements, arguments and slammed doors throughout our nine years,” Kathy wrote in a Facebook post. “There were even a couple of instances where we both considered giving up … but we never opened the box.” Why? Kathy explained that they were too stubborn and also determined to make any disagreement work so they wouldn’t have to open it.

“It forced us to reassess situations,” she says. “Was it really time to open the box? What if this isn’t our worst fight? What if there’s a worse one ahead of us and we don’t have our box?!? As my Great Uncle Bill would say, ‘Nothing is ever so bad that it couldn’t get worse.'” So they waited. But when they recently were brainstorming gift ideas for another wedding they’re attending, they decided they’d waited long enough — and this is what they found inside:


There were two hand-written notes wrapped around money — one was for Kathy which instructed her to use the cash to buy pizza, then start a bath. The other was for Brandon and instructed him to use the money in the box to buy flowers and wine. So not only did the box provide them with all the tools for an epic date night, but it also taught them important communication tools as a couple.

“For nine years (and three moves) that box sat high on a shelf in various closets gathering dust,” she says. “Yet it somehow taught us about tolerance, understanding, compromise, and patience.” And that, is what they call priceless.

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Chinese Couple Have Their Reception Dangling Below a 590 ft Tall Bridge

A Chinese couple marked their wedding day in their own special way by dangling underneath a glass bottom suspension bridge overlooking a deep valley.

Bride Jiang Huizhu and groom Zhou Wenlong had their wedding on Tuesday, and descended onto a small platform attached to a bridge 180m (590 ft) above ground in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan Province for the occasion. 

They lay on their backs on the platform, posing for celebratory photos amid the beautiful and scary scenery.

Couple Caught ‘Having Sex’ In The Background Of Live Rio Broadcast

British people are known for being incredibly awkward when it comes to sex. It’s pretty true, except for the occasional nan who doesn’t give a fuck and shouts stuff over the dinner table. Is that just my family? Okay then.

BBC Olympics presenter Dan Walker responded to the fact that a couple behind him were getting down and dirty on a beach in Rio in possibly the most British way ever.

Once he realised what was going on he said that they were ‘having a hug’. Or ‘reading a book… in a strange pose’. Come on, Dan. We’re not five.

Sadly, he confirmed that they wouldn’t be zooming in any closer. Spoilsport.

Credit: BBC

The people of Twitter couldn’t contain their glee.
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Couple Allegedly Abandoned Their Toddler To Play Pokémon Go

According to a statement released by the Pinal Country Sheriff’s Office, an Arizona couple was arrested on July 28 after abandoning their 2-year-old son to go play Pokémon Go.

The app, which is a virtual-reality type game for hunting Pokémon, requires users to travel around the area in order to play. Brent and Brianne Daley, who claimed they went out to get gas, were absent for up to 90 minutes, stopping at parks and shopping malls while their son was sleeping. However, the police were called when neighbors spotted the toddler outside the house, screaming, crying, and wearing nothing but a T-shirt and dirty diaper.

Sheriff Paul Babeu is all too familiar with the consequences of civilians getting too wrapped up in the game, but this was the worst offense yet.

“Our agency and many other law enforcement agencies have been warning people about personal safety while playing this interactive Smartphone game, but we never would have imagined that parents would abandoned a child to play Pokémon Go,” he said in a statement. “This goes beyond comprehension.”

Brent and Brianne Daley were arrested for child neglect and endangerment. The state Department of Child Services took custody of their son.

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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Emerge In Public For The First Time Since Rekindling Engagement

The couple who began dating in 2010, got engaged in 2012 and broke up in 2013 have rekindled their relationship and were seen out for the first time since getting back together at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood last week Friday enjoying lunch. The 23 year old singer and 26 year old Australian actor got back together late 2015 after almost three years apart…see more photos below…


For Ladies With Private Instagram Accounts, Read How This Lady Found Her Hubby On IG

Erica Harris and Arte Vann had never met before their wedding day. But seconds after their first kiss, the two were married, thanks to a connection that started on Instagram.

A year ago, the two connected on Instagram and started their “courtship” through videos and original poetry. Harris told the Daily Mail that she came across his cute profile photo and personal, sweet comments, and wanted to get to know him better. She liked a few of his photos, he noticed, and then tagged her in a selfie. Their communication then went to hours-long phone calls, but then they got spooked because things got too intense. They both temporarily deleted their Instagrams and cut off communication, but rekindled things after Vann got into a car accident.

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WEIRD! This Couple Had Their Wedding In Cave Full Of Bats (SEE PHOTOS)

A couple in the Cornwall region of England recently held their ceremony in one such cave, and while it was actually incredibly beautiful, they encountered some wedding crashers in the form of sleeping bats. The only real obstacle the bats presented was that the wedding photographer couldn’t use a flash, because as he told the Daily Mail, a sudden flash of light is disturbing to napping bats.

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‘Inseparable’ Couple Married for 76 Years Die within Three Days of Each Other

An inseparable couple who were married for 76 years and went everywhere together including work have died within three days of each other.

Phyllis and Miles Higgin met at a dance in 1933 when she was just 15 years old – marrying in 1939 and only separated when he was sent to war.

They even worked alongside each other running pubs and once retired would go out for walks with their dog up to three or four times a day.

Even as they fell ill they shared a double room together at their care home in Burnley, Lancs.

Their family say Phyllis died aged 97 – and Miles died just three days later aged 99.

Loved ones thought poorly Miles would go first but believe “he waited for her to die – he didn’t want to leave her alone.”

Their only child, Angela Hartley, 66, paid tribute to her parents’ wonderful love story.

Their romance began in 1933 when they met at a dance when Phyllis was just 15 years old.

Mum-of-two Angela said: “Dad always said that he knew he had met the woman he wanted to marry.”

But the pair didn’t rush into things and did not marry until 1939.

Miles was then sent to war and they were apart during his active service where he worked as a cook for the Royal Artillery, stationed in Germany and Belgium.

During that time they exchanged many-a-love letter.

They were lucky to be reunited a staggering six years later.

Retired Angela, who used to work as a supervisor in a doctors’ surgery, said: “So many young men lost their lives and did not come home.

“Dad often talked of how he was lucky to be alive. He talked of several trains that he should have gone on but didn’t and then they ended up being blown up.”

After the war Phyliss became a weaver in the mills and Miles a miner.

Only child Angela, a much wanted and longed for child, came along in 1949.

She said: “I had a happy childhood and a happy life with them. They were brilliant parents and brilliant grandparents. They were family oriented and they were very devoted.

“They did everything together, they never went anywhere on their own.”

Through her teens the family lived in pubs for around 15 years when they entered the pub trade and managed two pubs in the market town during the 1960s.

Mr and Mrs Higgin, who had two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, were popular figures, with Miles ending his working life at the former Brockhall Hospital while Mrs Higgin worked in the canteen at Great Universal Stores.

Angela said: “Both my parents suffered with dementia. My mum was admitted to hospital after a fall and it was the proviso for her release that she go into a home.

“During her hospital stay I had looked after my dad and found it very difficult to cope. He did not like being without my mum.

“It turned out there was a double room at the care home so they went there together.”

After they retired the would spend hours walking together. They had a little dog and would go out three or four times a day for walks, walking around the town.

As their health deteriorated a couple of years ago Miles became Phyllis’ carer as she suffered with dementia.

But Miles soon became ill himself with dementia and several other life debilitating ailments such as prostate cancer and chronic lung disease.

Angela said:

 “I cannot fault the carers in the care home. They didn’t just care for my mum and dad, I felt they actually loved them.
“It became hard at the very end, we didn’t tell my dad that my mum was ill because we didn’t want to upset him.
“I was there during her final days and was with her as she passed away.
“It was heartbreaking telling my dad but I don’t think it sank in at first. We took him to her and he gave her a kiss.
“But it wasn’t until the next day that he asked for my mum all day long. It was so sad.
“I then stayed with my dad as his health deteriorated.
“I used to think my dad would go first because he was in worse health than my mum, but now I know that he was holding on for Mum. He didn’t want to leave her alone.
“Then when she had gone, he knew he could go too.”

 A joint funeral for the couple took place on Christmas Eve.

Angela said: “It was a sad day to have a funeral on but it was a beautiful ceremony. They were both carried in vintages hearses with a procession of vintage cars, it was absolutely wonderful.

“It is so hard to lose them both together, but at the same time it is nice to know they have never been apart, they have lived long and happy lives and they lived it together.”

Couple Brutally Caned In Public For Crime Of Affectionate Contact In Indonesia (SEE PHOTOS)

A woman who was accused of being too friendly with a man she is not married to, as well as the man himself, were caned at a mosque in Indonesia’s Aceh province on Monday.

According to the Jakarta Post, the caning took place before a yelling crowd at Baiturrahim Mosque in Banda Aceh after the couple was sentenced according to the city’s Sharia bylaws, which criminalize “khalwat (affectionate contact by an unmarried couple).”




“Take these punishments as a lesson. What has been done by these convicts should not be taken as an example. And, I hope their canings in Meuraxa district today will be the last ever,” Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin told the crowd, according to the Post. “And to the public, I ask that you do not isolate those who have been convicted here today. And also, those who have been convicted are reminded not to repeat the same mistakes.“

Credit: Yahoo

Prostitute Accuses Boyfriend Of Cheating With Her Male Clients

A prostitute has accused her boyfriend of cheating with her male clients, in one of the most bizzare Jeremy Kyle shows to date. Anthony was unaware that his girlfriend of ten years was being paid for sex until she stumbled upon her giving oral sex to a stranger on an alleyway, and instead of breaking up with her decided to stick with her so they could both make the relationship work.

Maria, his prostitute girlfriend accused him on the TV show that he has been having sex with her male clients, a revelation that left the audience bewildered. Anthony admitted he “wasn’t really happy” about his partner being paid for sexual favours. He said:

“I’m not really happy with that. [But] I love her.”She says she doesn’t do that bit down the bottom. She says she’s never been touched down there. She thinks that I’m doing one of her punters. She thinks I’m gay.”

Maria replied with rage: “What kind of boyfriend are you to let me do it?”
Asked why she was paid for sex, Maria explained “You know why. Drugs. That’s how I make my money.”

Maria explained to a bewildered Jeremy why she was making the accusations, saying

“There’s always stains on the bed and I’m never there.”

A lie detector test proved Anthony was telling the truth about not sleeping with anyone, male or female behind his girlfriend’s back.

Praising him for his loyalty, TV Host Jeremy said: “I didn’t think after 10 years I could be shocked, but I am.” “I don’t think there would be many men that would have hung around, love. He deserves every plaudit in the book.”

The Real Power Couple: 800-Pound Couple Vows To Lose Weight So They Can Have Sex For The First Time

Lin Yue and Deng Yang, both 30, haven’t had sex in the five years they’ve been married, Central European News reports. The couple says their weight (which combined is more than 800 pounds) has prevented them from doing so.

They recently made the decision to prepare themselves for gastric bypass surgeries, not so much for the sake of their sex lives, but because they want to start a family. A doctor in Changchun, China, told them they’d have to begin working on their fitness before the surgery in order to do so.

According to Central European News, Lin and Deng also made the gastric bypass decision because Qian Qian, who at 538 pounds is currently the heaviest person in China, announced earlier this month she was going to undergo the operation.

Best of luck to the couple!

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Indonesia: Man Kills Wife’s Rapist, Chops Off His Penis, Cooks And Eats It

A newly-wed Indonesian couple have been arrested over claims they dined on the genitals of the woman’s suspected rapist after her husband allegedly murdered him and cut off his private parts, police said on Tuesday.


According to the AFP, the victim’s body was found in a burnt-out van after a suspected revenge attack sparked by claims from the new wife she was raped a week before her wedding on Sumatra island.


The husband, 30-year-old Rudi Efendi, has admitted murdering the man after discovering his wife was not a virgin on their wedding night in September and being told of the alleged rape, but insists he acted alone.


“I was so outraged,” Efendi told reporters after his arrest last month, adding that deciding to eat the victim’s genitals was “to cure my heartache”.


Police say that after murdering the man, Efendi took home the victim’s severed genitals, ordered his 20-year-old wife to cook them, and the pair then ate them together.


The victim was a driver, whom the wife used to date.


Sulistyaningsih, a local police spokeswoman who goes by one name, told AFP, “The case is still under investigation but we strongly suspect that this is a premeditated murder.”


The husband is accused of carrying out the murder, while police believe the wife acted as an accomplice.


The victim was found dead in early October in a burnt-out van in Tulangbawang district, Lampung province. Police later arrested Efendi and his wife.


Efendi had ordered his wife to contact the victim and set up a meeting, according to police. But when the victim arrived, he found only Efendi, who then allegedly stabbed him to death, cut off his genitals and set the vehicle on fire.


Lampung Police chief Brig. Gen. Edward Syah Pernong said that when Rudi’s wife Nency heard about the discovery of an unidentified body in a burned-out black Daihatsu Xenia in Penumangan Lama village, West Tulangbawang Regency, on Oct. 4, she believed the body could be that of her missing husband.


“Nency recognized the burned-out car as the one her husband drove in his work as a chauffeur for a travel agency,” Edward said, as quoted by on Monday.


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Couple Arrested For Leaving 3 Month Old Baby In Hot Running Water

Two people have been arrested and charged with child neglect after police say they left a 3-month-old baby unattended in hot running water, causing severe burns on the baby’s body.
Marlon Valentine, 39, and Favian Houston, 29, both face charges of endangering the life of a child and child neglect.
Police say the two allegedly left the baby unattended in a sink smelling of urine with hot running water, causing second degree burns to five percent of the baby’s body. Valentine and Houston also did not provide medical care for the child in a timely period, police said.

DCFS also removed two other children, ages 2 and 4, from their residence that appeared underweight and not properly cared for, police said. They were treated at a local hospital and released to another family member.

Valentine and Houston were taken into custody Friday and both posted bond.

Source: ABC News 

This Couple Spent $300,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie & Ken (PHOTO)

A Paris-based couple has spent more than $300,000 on plastic surgery in order to resemble their idols, Barbie and Ken.

Twenty-year-old Anastasia Reskoss and 23-year-old Quentin Dehar have gotten more than 15 procedures to resemble the plastic figures, including nose and boob jobs, veneers, lip injections, cheek fillers, and Botox injections. Now they intend to have more work done to make their transformation complete. Anastasia wants to get breast implants, ear reshaping, eye-bag removal, and veneers, and Quentin wants more Botox and pectoral implants. They also plan to legally change their names to Barbie and Ken.

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Container Falls Off Ojuelegba Bridge, Crushes Couple

A container fell off the truck conveying it from the Ojuelegba bridge in Lagos, crushing to death two occupants of an unidentifiable SUV believed to be a couple.

According to an eye witness, a second white colored car, was also partially crushed but fortunately the occupants had scampered to safety on time.

The eye witness narrated that they were raising alarm to alert the driver of the jeep and the other occupant suspected to be his wife, without avail as the occupants who wound up the car windows obviously could not make out their cries.

Other eye witnesses disclosed that the truck had earlier this morning fallen at Ijora road, but was uploaded again only to cause havoc at Ojuelegba Bridge. It was also discovered that the container got loose as a result of not been fastened to the truck with hooks, chains or clips.


This Couple Are Still Eating Their Wedding Cake, 60 Years Later

Ann and Ken Fredericks  recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and along with it, a slice of their wedding cake. ?

Ann’s mother baked them the “dark fruit cake” back in 1955, and a tier of it has remained edible ever since.

It’s been wrapped and stored in a coffee can in a closet in the Fredericks’s kitchen, not even in the freezer, though it now requires being doused in brandy just to moisten it up a little, pre-tasting these days.


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Most Generous Couple Feeds 4,000 Syrian Refugees On Their Wedding Day

A couple in Turkey swapped out lavish nuptials with their friends and family for the bread line with thousands of Syrian refugees.

Last Thursday, Fethullah Üzümcüo?lu and Esra Polat doled out food to 4,000 Syrian refugees for their wedding reception on the border town of Kilis. The bride wore an elaborate white dress, with a tiara perched on her headdress, and the groom sported a white tuxedo with black trim. They stood behind large food trucks distributing meals to hungry Syrians. The couple had decided that instead of hosting their friends and family for a traditional banquet reception, they would feed the victims of a bloody civil war next door.

The idea came from the groom’s father, who volunteers for a Turkish relief organization called Kimse Yok Mu (KYM). For the past few years, KYM has distributed daily meals to the thousands of impoverished Syrians who’ve flooded across the nearby border. He approached a representative of the organization and proposed that the family would cover part of the costs of feeding refugees for the day (the family did not want to reveal the exact cost).

“I thought that sharing a big delicious dinner with our family and friends was unnecessary, knowing that there are so many people in need living next door,” he told the Independent blog i100.

Then he told his son, who was surprised by the prospect, but soon won over.

“When he told that to the bride she was really shocked because, you can imagine, as a bride you wouldn’t think about this—it’s all about you and your groom,” says Hatice Avci, the international communications manager for KYM. “In southeastern Turkey there is a real culture of sharing with people in need …They love to share their food, their table, everything they have. That’s why the bride also accepted. And afterwards she was quite amazed about it.”

So, they arrived at KYM’s distribution center on Thursday to spend the day serving food and taking photographs with their grateful recipients. “Hopefully this will also give the start for other wedding dinners to be held here with our brothers in Syria,” the groom told local news.


The One Thing Every Couple Fights About

We’ve all been there: those brutal fights with your partner or spouse that lead to skyrocketing blood pressure and slammed doors. But before things get completely out of hand, there’s actually one key question you both should ask: Are we both really fighting about the same thing?

This question, both obvious and not—when you’re in the thick of an argument, anyway—is a pretty simple exercise that could save couples plenty of heartache and takes only about two minutes, says psychologist Guy Winch, Ph.D, author of Emotional First Aid:Practical Strategies for Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure and Other Everyday Hurts.

We’re going to guess your gut reaction is something like this: Of course we’re fighting about the same issue—that’s why we’re fighting!The trouble is, though, there’s a really good chance that you and your partner are neither discussing the same topic nor recognizing the discrepancy. And this kind of miscommunication is a common, but avoidable, source of relationship trouble.

According to Dr. Winch, many couples’ arguments are either about two entirely separate issues or involve one or both partners trying to read the mind of the other. (Unsuccessfully, because no one has ESP. Yet, at least.) Think about it: How many times have you jumped the gun and gotten defensive before any insults have actually been hurled? Couples often wind up waging arguments against their own wrong interpretation—rather than what’s really being said.

But those same defensive instincts are biological. “Arguments often trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response, which makes blood rush to our limbs but away from our heads—which is what we use to perceive the other person’s point of view and articulate things correctly,” says Winch. “Thus, our brains are functioning inefficiently—at least as far as rational arguing goes—which in turn contributes to miscommunication being more the norm than the exception.”

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French Tourist killed, Wife Molested In Ebonyi State

A French couple, Nagnan Denis, 52, and his wife, Nagnan Mee Lavaud Liana, 53, were attacked by unknown hoodlums at a place where they set up a tent in Abomege axis of Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State on Monday June 1st. The man was killed while the woman was molested.

Ebonyi state Commissioner of Police, Maigari Dikko while speaking on the incident, said the victims were tourists who traveled through several countries to get to Nigeria and had traveled through many states and were heading to Calabar, Cross Rivers state when they made a brief stopover in Ebonyi state.

“We got the report yesterday from the DPO of Onicha council about the French nationals, a couple; they were tourists who left their country in December 2014 and arrived Nigeria through Badagry on May 3. They passed through Abeokuta, Benin, Onitsha, Enugu to Ebonyi with their vehicle; they were passing through Ebonyi to Calabar, when the incident happened. They arrived Abomega in the night. According to the widow, her husband had complained that he was tired and since it was late, they decided to pass the night there. They did not report their presence to any law enforcement agents around, but decided to look for a place that has natural shelter and so they went two kilometres off the road to pass the night. They found a quarry site and decided to camp there. According to the wife, when they were at the location, a motorcyclist and another man asked them who they were. Unless investigation proves otherwise, we are thinking that the motorcyclist was the informant to the hoodlums because an hour after he left, three people came into the camp. By then, they had already erected their tent atop the vehicle.”

The commissioner said 1,150 Euros and N13,000 was stolen from the couple during the attack. He also said 32 suspects have been arrested and are being interrogated at the state police headquarters. The French Embassy in Nigeria has been notified and their are plans to fly the victims body to France for burial.

Couple Trek For Jonathan From Warri To Bayelsa With New Born Baby (PHOTO)

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Edna Ayibaemi, have changed the trekking game by taking it to another level. This couple have decided to trek from Warri to Otuoke in Bayelsa state with their 25-day-old baby.

They are trekking just to honour the outgoing president, Goodluck Jonathan. The husband Michael revealed that he had been due to go on the trekking adventure alone, but his wife, who gave birth just 25 days ago, decided to join him with their baby.

According to the couple, the trekking was necessary because president Jonathan is a true hero for conceding defeat and allowing peace in Nigeria after the presidential elections despite the brewing political war.