Video: In Case You Missed Donald Trump Dancing In African American Church, Tells Congregation Why They Should Vote For Him

To African Americans who honestly can’t find a reason as to why to vote for Donald Trump, well here’s one reason.

The Republican attended an African American Church service and even though the Church was almost empty, Donald Trump delivered his speech and said that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, which is why they should vote for him and that he was there to remedy injustice.

Aside quoting the Bible, Trump joined in a spiritual exercise of worship and even though he couldn’t sing along, he danced along. Watch video below:

Video: CNN

Pastor Seeks Marriage Dissolution Because His Wife Told Congregation He Is A Ritualist

A pastor, Michael Temiloluwa, last Friday prayed a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve his union with his wife, Funmilayo, over her maligning and perpetual trouble-making attitude.

According to Temiloluwa, his wife had told the congregation in his church that he was planning to use her for rituals. He told the court: “Funmilayo has over a period of time tarnished my image, not only in our neighbourhood and in the church, but also in other public fora, by lying that I have engaged in unholy means as a pastor.

“I have tried every possible means of getting her to discontinue with these behaviours. I have even reported her to her relatives, but all to no avail.

“Worst still, she is an unrepentant trouble-maker, who uses all sorts of evil means to achieve her purpose. In fact, Funmilayo has neglected her role as a wife in order to make things difficult for me. In her typical disobedience, she sometimes leave my home for two months without my consent,” Temiloluwa, said.

However, his wife, Funmilayo, even though did not deny the allegations against her, claimed that her husband was far away from her. “Temiloluwa never sat down with me as a husband to discuss any issue, but rather preferred going to other people’s homes for unnecessary discussion,” Funmilayo stated.

She, however, refuted the allegation of being a troublemaker.The presiding President of the court, Mr. Ademola Odunade, however, adjourned judgment in the case till March 30, 2016, but ordered both parties to attend the court on that date with some of their relatives and the two children produced by the union.

Credit: Guardian

Controversial SA Pastor Who Makes His Congregation Eat Snakes, Beaten Mercilessly, His Church Burnt Down

Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, of the End Time Disciples Ministries was beaten up by some angry South African youths in Mmakaunyane Village in the North Western part of South Africa last week Sunday November 15th. During the attack, the youths burnt down his church and tied him and a member of his church up with rope.
Penuel, who is known for engaging in strange practices such as asking his congregation to eat grass, strip naked and swallow live snakes, had been lying low for sometime after a mob led by South African vigilante group, the Economic Freedom Fighters, burnt his church at Soshanguve in Tshwane. He had tried setting up his church again inside a bush in Mmakaunyane community but was caught.

The tent of his church was burnt down by the angry youths while he and some of his church members were beaten and tied up. Police officers fortunately came to their rescue.

Resident Johanna Baloyi said the pastor and his congregation were not allowed in their area. “How can a person eat a rat and claim it tastes like chocolate? That’s evil!” A church member who was protecting her pastor said they have the right to attend any church they wanted. She said the rats have healed and saved them from suffering.