Putin Calls For Syria Ceasefire As #Aleppo Evacuations Continue

A nationwide ceasefire is the next step to restore peace in Syria after the recapture of Aleppo in the country’s north, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters at press conference in Japan on Friday.

As he spoke, thousands of civilians and rebel soldiers continued to flee Aleppo in convoys as the second day of evacuations within an agreed ceasefire began on Friday.
Up to 9,000 people have already been taken out of the besieged city in nine convoys since Thursday, including 108 wounded, according to Russian and Syrian state media.
For many of those leaving, their destination will be the rebel-controlled Syrian province of Idlib — likely the Bashar al-Assad regime’s next target.
An activist working inside the city broke down talking to CNN reporters on Friday, saying he wasn’t sure if his children would ever return to Aleppo.
“We waited for the international community and the United Nations to punish the criminal and not the victims (the people). Unfortunately the punishment was for the people. They have displaced us from our land,” he said.
“Honestly I don’t know if we can return back someday to our land or if it is going to be like the fate of the Palestinians.”
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Aleppo: New ceasefire reached to allow rebel evacuation

Syrian rebel groups have said a ceasefire agreement has been reached in war-torn Aleppo, while a pro-government militia has said the evacuation of opposition fighters will take place in “coming hours”.

On Thursday morning, a media outlet run by the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reported that a ceasefire had been reached and that rebel groups will be allowed to evacuate besieged pockets of eastern Aleppo.

Hezbollah had previously denied reports of an agreement, citing “big complications” during negotiations.

Officials from the Nureddin al-Zinki and the Ahrar al-Sham rebel groups confirmed to AFP news agency that a new truce deal had come into effect after hours of violence on Wednesday.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said hostilities were ongoing after an earlier agreement brokered by Russia and Turkey collapsed.

Under the initial plan, thousands of civilians and rebel fighters were due early on Wednesday to evacuate the east of Syria’s second city, scene of some of the worst violence in more than five years of war across the country.

The delay came on Wednesday morning when pro-government Shia militias demanded that civilians in Kafraya and al-Fua – two towns besieged by armed opposition groups – be evacuated, as well.

‘Dead lying in the street’

But cold and hungry civilians who had gathered before dawn to leave were turned away by pro-government militias.

“Bombing is ongoing, no one can move. Everyone is hiding and terrified,” activist Mohammad al-Khatib told AFP from inside east Aleppo.

“The wounded and dead are lying in the street. No one dares to try and retrieve the bodies.”

Syrian state television said rebel rocket fire on government-controlled areas also had killed at least seven people.

Former al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fateh al-Sham said on Wednesday that one of its suicide bombers detonated a car bomb at a regime position in southern Aleppo.

Turkey said it would meet with Russia and Iran in Moscow on December 27 to discuss a political solution to the conflict in Syria.

Syria’s army has pressed a month-long assault that has seen it take more than 90 percent of the former rebel stronghold in east Aleppo.

Turkey has said those leaving would be taken to Idlib province, which is controlled by a powerful rebel alliance that includes Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.

Sharif Nashashibi, a writer and Middle East analyst, said the Syrian government’s advances in Aleppo had created “a sense of emboldenment, that they can do what they want”.

“However, at least part of the impetus of this was the fence-mending process between Turkey and Russia, which brokered the ceasefire,” he told Al Jazeera. “If the ceasefire works it will contribute to that process, but if it fails it will strain it.”

Summary executions

The UN said on Tuesday that it had credible reports of at least 82 civilians, including 11 women and 13 children, being executed in recent days.

And the UN’s Commission of Inquiry for Syria said it had received reports opposition fighters were blocking civilians from fleeing Aleppo and using them as human shields.

Aleppo, a cultural and economic hub second only to Damascus in importance, had been split between a rebel-controlled east and government-held west since 2012.

It was unclear how many civilians remained in rebel territory, after an estimated 130,000 fled to other parts of Aleppo during the government advance since mid-November.

Syria’s conflict has evolved from largely unarmed protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad into a full-scale civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced more than half of the country’s prewar population.

Marwan Kabalan, a Syria analyst and associate political analyst at the Doha Institute, said he expects the Syrian government to focus its attacks on the Damascus suburbs after the fall of Aleppo.

“I think the regime will turn next to targeting the Damascus suburbs,” he told Al Jazeera. “Idlib is becoming a point of exile for fighters … I think it will remain like this till the very end [of the conflict].

“For now, the top priority for the international community and the opposition is to get the civilians evacuated from [eastern Aleppo].”

Colombia’s President Extends Ceasefire With Rebels Through Year End

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has extended a ceasefire with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) through the end of the year in order to give more time for a peace deal rejected by voters.

Santos made the announcement about the extension with Colombia’s largest rebel group during a televised speech on Thursday.

The original ceasefire, which was put in place in August, was nullified when the peace accord was narrowly rejected in a referendum earlier this month.

This came after President Santos, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to clinch the deal, heard proposals from representatives of those who voted against the agreement.

Santos said he decided to further extend the ceasefire after meeting with students who are demanding that the ceasefire be implemented despite its failure at the polls.

“One of the students reminded me, that in the army and in the guerrilla ranks, there are young people waiting to see what happens, hoping that they don’t need to fire another shot,” Santos said in the televised address, adding, “For that reason, and at the request of the students, I have taken the decision to extend the ceasefire until Dec. 31.”

On Wednesday, thousands of people marched in the Colombian capital Bogota to voice support for the peace deal between the government and FARC rebels. Students and victims of the decades-long war also took part in the march.

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How We Secured Ceasefire With Niger Delta Avengers, Others- Dialogue Team

The Niger Delta Dialogue Contact Group, NDDCG, headed by King Alfred Diete-Spiff says it will consolidate on the achievements made from meetings held with stakeholders.

A member of the group, Nkoyo Toyo, disclosed this at a press briefing at the end of its third working meeting in Port Harcourt.

She said the meeting reviewed the general security challenges in the Niger Delta and afforded participants opportunity to make valuable contributions on strategies toward attaining sustainable peace and development in the region.

Ms. Toyo, who said that the NDDCG had been able to host its working meetings in Akwa Ibom and Delta, added that the group was reaching out to other stakeholders for joint collaboration and partnership.

According to her, the activities of NDDCG have greatly contributed to creating a broad platform for effective engagement with government and other stakeholders on peace building in the Niger Delta.

“We have recorded active engagement with government, including meetings with President Muhammadu Buhari, Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu and Brig.-Gen. Paul Boroh, Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs.

“We reached out to Pan Niger Delta Group (PNDG) led by Chief Edwin Clark, we sincerely commend them for their decision to partner and have close interaction with us.

“NDDCG also had active engagement with all aggrieved groups in the region and ensured team work with all other relevant parties leading to the declaration of 60-day ceasefire by Niger Delta Avengers (NDA),” she said.

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U.N. Calls For 48-Hour Ceasefire In Aleppo To Avoid Humanitarian Catastrophe

The U.N. humanitarian chief on Monday urged all combatants in Aleppo to agree to a 48-hour pause to allow delivery of desperately needed aid, warning that otherwise the world risks seeing a “humanitarian catastrophe unparalleled in the over five years of bloodshed” in Syria.

Stephen O’Brien said Aleppo is being bombed every day, including a dozen new attacks on Monday, and has become “the apex of horror” in “the greatest crisis of our time.”

He told the U.N. Security Council, which has been deeply divided over Syria, that “you have the power with a pen — a simple pen stroke — to allow food to people.”

O’Brien said the U.N. asked to deliver aid to nearly 1 million people in besieged and hard-to-reach areas in August, but the Syrian government approved less than 50 percent of the requests, denying aid to rebel-held eastern Aleppo and several other besieged areas.

O’Brien said that not one aid convoy has moved yet due to fighting, insecurity and bureaucratic requirements, and the end of the month is just nine days away.

Russia, a close ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, said last Thursday it was ready to back the U.N. call for weekly 48-hour cease-fires in Aleppo, provided aid convoys travel to both rebel-controlled and government-controlled parts of the city.

U.S. deputy ambassador Michele Sison reiterated American support for the humanitarian pauses in her speech to the council, saying “it is imperative that all armed groups in Aleppo respect these pauses.” She urged Russia to follow its unilateral declaration “with genuine steps to support regular and sustained access to Aleppo.”

O’Brien welcomed the Russian announcement but also stressed that “we need the agreement of all parties to let us do our job.”

“In Aleppo we risk seeing a humanitarian catastrophe unparalleled in the over five years of bloodshed and carnage in the Syrian conflict,” he said. “Once again, I cannot stress strongly enough the need for a 48-hour pause in fighting to be approved by all sides and come into effect, so that safe and sustained humanitarian access is opened to all areas of Aleppo.”

The U.N. humanitarian chief said he and his office are working with all sides seeking to ensure that the Russian offer can be turned into “a comprehensive pause.”

Rebel-held eastern Aleppo, where up to 275,000 people live, has been almost entirely cut off from vital supplies including food, water, medicine and electricity for over a month, O’Brien said, while access to the estimated 1.5 million people in government-controlled western Aleppo “remains extremely difficult.”

The U.N. has found a new route into western Aleppo and has delivered some aid, and it is preparing 20 trucks to deliver food and other supplies to eastern Aleppo as soon as a cease-fire takes place, he said.

“This is a race against time, as fighting rages on, with ever more shocking reports of bombed hospitals and wrecked schools,” O’Brien said. “Electricity is out, water is scarce, and movement is restricted.”

He repeated his appeals for U.N. action, not just on Aleppo, but to end the war in Syria saying: “When hospital attacks have become the new normal, when medieval sieges of entire cities and neighborhoods have become a lasting reality for hundreds of thousands of people, this council cannot look the other way.”

Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin urged all those with influence to spur the opposition to move forward to a political settlement.

“Without that and without effectively combatting terrorism the necessary radical improvement in the humanitarian situation in Syria is impossible,” Churkin said.

Syria’s U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari agreed, stressing that a political solution must be Syrian-led “without any external preconditions or interference” and must be parallel to “fighting terrorism.”

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Pipeline Bombings: Militant Group Announces 2 Weeks Ceasefire

A militant group, Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders, NDRC, based in Bayelsa State, Wednesday, declared a two-week armistice within which it urged President Muhammadu Buhari to review his hard-line stance to consequential dialogue with militants and first-rate leaders of Niger Delta to prevent total devastation of crude oil export facilities.

This came as the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, accused ExxonMobil of telling lies about the bombing of its Qua Iboe 48-inch crude export pipeline on Monday evening. Spokesperson of the militant group, self-appointed Brig Gen Mudoch Agbinibo, stated: “ExxonMobil can deny and fool the general public about their Export Pipeline blown, yesterday (Monday). How long can they lie to their investors? Just in matter of days, the whole world will see the truth. Qua Iboe 48” crude oil export pipeline is down, so said the Avengers.”

NDRC, which recently blew up the Brass Creek Manifold, the largest in West Africa, situated in Peretorugbene, Ekeremor local government area, Bayelsa state, said: “With clear evaluation of the happenings and advice of well- meaning Nigerians and Niger Delta stakeholders, we hereby declare a two- week ceasefire for a sincere and proper dialogue.”

Spokesperson of the group, WOI Izon-Ebi, said in a statement: “We want the Federal Government to consult distinguished personalities, royal fathers and chiefs of the Niger Delta communities. Government should disassociate itself from negotiating with political jobbers in Abuja, but come down to the Niger Delta communities.”

“If after the two weeks of ceasefire, nothing meaningful happens, we have no option but to redirect our next phase of action to the exporting terminals to stop total export of our resources.

“We hereby call on Mr. President to do the needful by being sincere to himself and Nigerians to engage in meaningful dialogue to ensure a lasting peace in the Niger Delta and Nigeria in particular,” it added.

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FG, Niger Delta Militants Agree To 30-day Ceasefire

The federal government and militant groups in the Niger Delta, including the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), which has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on oil and gas installations in recent months, have agreed to a 30-day truce to give President Muhammadu Buhari time to come up with a comprehensive plan for the oil-rich region, investigations reveal.

The “30 days of quiet” was said to have been agreed upon last week by a federal government team led by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, and representatives of the militant groups, community leaders and the state governments.

Last week, Kachikwu had led a government delegation to different camps in Bayelsa and Delta States, including visiting the temporary site of the Maritime University at Okerenkoko, Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, in a bid to reach out to representatives of the militant groups to get them to stop its attacks on oil and gas facilities.

The activities of the militants have halved Nigeria’s oil production to some 1.4 million barrels per day, impacted negatively on power supply in the country and the country’s oil earnings.

According to a source who opened up on the 30-day period of truce, Kachikwu was said to have reached out to the militants through back channels and pleaded for some time for the Buhari administration to come up with a comprehensive Niger Delta plan that would address most of their demands.

The militant groups, the source said, accepted Kachikwu’s plea, adding that since the agreement was reached there had been no attacks on oil and gas installations in the oil-rich region.

“You would have noticed that there have been no bombings of oil assets in recent days. This is the fall out of the 30 days of quiet reached with the minister and his team.

“This will give the president time to come up with a comprehensive plan for the Niger Delta,” the source said.

He also revealed that some of the demands made by the militants were for greater control of the hydrocarbon resources in their communities, improved funding for the Amnesty Programme, clean-up of oil producing communities in the Niger Delta that had been devastated by oil exploration activities, and funding for the Maritime University, among others.

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Oil Facilities Attacks: Tompolo Calls On Militants To Ceasefire

The ex-militants leader, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo (Tompolo), yesterday called on the new militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers, to put an end to its attacks on oil facilities, saying it would not do the nation any good, especially at this critical period of the country’s economy.

In a statement titled: ‘A Call to the Niger Delta Avengers to give Peace a Chance in the Niger Delta Region,’’ which he personally signed, the Ibe-ebidouwei of the Ijaw nation denied any involvement in the recent attacks.

According to him, ‘’You members of the Niger Delta Avengers group are aware that some mischievous persons have continued to point accusing fingers at me that I am either behind you or directly carrying out the destruction of oil pipelines across the Niger Delta region, therefore I should be arrested by the Nigerian military.

“Sadly, the military had bought this ethnic induced and wicked accusation without a single proof to show that I am truly behind you people. On the other hand, some have suggested that you may be part of the multitude of persons I had catered for, from economically empowering to payment of school fees, hospital bills, and house rents and so on.

“And that as I am out of circulation as a result of my travails in the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), you might be tempted to strike out on your own for sheer survival.’’

Maintaining that he knows nothing about the new militant group and the destruction of crude oil facilities in the Niger Delta region, Tompolo said he had made it clear in many occasions that the issue he has with the EFFC would not make him resort to violence and bombing of oil pipelines.

He added that his team of lawyers had already challenged the defective process of legal service on him at the Court of Appeal.

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Humanitarian Aid To Arrive Syria After World Powers Agree To Ceasefire

Humanitarian aid may soon head to Syria, just hours after diplomats here reached a deal that could lead to a cease-fire.


Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the temporary “cessation of hostilities” in Munich ahead of a security conference here that got underway Friday. Dozens of world leaders and senior diplomats were attending.


Kerry described the effort to achieve a cease-fire as “unanimous” and “ambitious.”
“The challenge now is to make sure that we can create the conditions on the ground for the cease-fire to take place,” Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s senior foreign affairs diplomat, told reporters in Munich.
“Cease-fires are not always respected,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.
Syria’s five-year-long civil war has killed more than 250,000 people, driven more than 4 million people from the country and led to Europe’s worst refugee crisis since World War II.


But while the announcement marks a potentially significant development, it comes as President Bashar Assad’s military, backed by Russian air support, closes in on the Syrian opposition held city of Aleppo. Tens of thousands of new Syrian refugees fled for the border with Turkey amid the offensive. The deal also arrives as major differences remain between Russia and the United States over how to best achieve peace in Syria.

Russia is backing Assad, while the U.S. wants the Syrian president to step aside and is aiding some rebel groups. There was no immediate reaction to the cease-fire deal from the delegation representing Assad in recent peace talks in Geneva.

The cease-fire would not include the Islamic State and al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. Both are terrorist groups that a U.S.-led coalition is battling in Syria and Iraq.
David Miliband, president and CEO of aid organization the International Rescue Committee, and a former British foreign minister, said the agreement needs more detail and urgency, and that people in Syria should not have to wait for relief from bombings.

“We wait with eager anticipation to see whether this agreement is a turning point or a false dawn,” he said.



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PDP Dominated By Patience, Fani-Kayode, Fayose, Says Tsav As Jonathan Calls For Party Crisis Ceasefire

President Goodluck Jonathan has intervened in the open war between his aides and the National Working Committee, NWC, of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The President’s intervention during a closed-door meeting with the NWC members followed strident calls for the resignation of the national chairman of the party, Alhaji Adamu Mu‘azu and other NWC members for purportedly leading the party to its first defeat in a presidential election.

The president’s intervention was, yesterday, matched by calls from senior party members who also called on the warring members to pull away from the acrimony that has seen NWC members openly blame the President’s handpicked campaign managers for causing the defeat of the President in the election.

The call for ceasefire nonetheless, the crisis continued to smoulder with Chief Bode George, a former deputy national chairman of the party calling for the resignation of Mu‘azu from office.

Besides, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State stuck to his guns on the demand for the resignation of the NWC members, an assertion that drew the sharp response of a senior official of the NWC who reproached Fayose for biting the very fingers that fed him in his time of need.

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No Thin Line Between Jihad & Money: The “Ceasefire” Lesson

“If you say, I pledge to Nigeria my country, it is wrong and act of paganism. For me, I pledge to Allah my God, to be faithful to my Allah and you to your country. I to my Allah, I pledge to my Allah. To be faithful, loyal and honest to serve Allah. Are you saying what? To serve Nigeria? To Serve Allah? Loyal and honest to serve Allah? That is what I will say; this is what you are saying in your reading of western education. With all your strength you said you will worship a land, this is what you people said…” 

 “Harvest Jonathan’s neck, harvest Kashim’s neck, Allah said cut out Burabura’s neck, even in Ka’aba if some is doing Salat for so long as he is deviating from what Allah said, he is infidel. Cut out their necks until the time that you will get majority over infidels of the world. And you will get it, Allah said it, time will come that you will form majority over infidels, face to face.”

 ” For me anyone that embraces Islam is my brother. Stupid Jonathan, no matter your infidel status you will be surprise. Until the land is soaked with blood, you have never fought me but I am angry with you, this is what I said. We will kill and imprison and never get tired or you bring your trillion, there is nothing we can do with your money, if you know us you will not think that of us.”

Direct English Translation of Shekau’s Threats…

 The above statements are like moisture compared to flood, that is, there is an ocean full of such statements and the above is an aroma taste of the whole soup. How then can we expect fresh water from the sea? It is insane to assume the word “Ceasefire” proceeding from a group guided by the above quotes.

 And then, Boko Haram is suddenly identified by another who is not the usual Shekau we knew. “Who the hell is  Danladi Ahmadu?” The question our military intelligence never asked. So in order to add up to their heap of disgrace, they made the 419 ceasefire public.

While the world is forming coalitions to wipe out terrorism, our own government was breeding within its mind to “sign an agreement” with bloody extremist who boasted about abducting little girls and told the whole world they would engage them in sex slavery. These are the same bastards who slaughter Nigerians like animals and even our very own Air Force Officer and the military wants to “reason” with them. What shame!!!

Come to think of it, why would they want to sign a truce when their mates in Syria and Iraq are generating Millions of Dollars from plundering crude oil, or is it not the same crude oil we have? Aside the fortune they will get when they trade women and girl slaves, these bastards have their eyes on national oil. These people want to own the bakery and not collect bread.

While the nation was debating on the authenticity of the ceasefire and military was busy sweeping truths under the rug, these guys have already hoisted their black flag in Mubi, which is a major achievable victory for them.

This jihad intends to abolish nationality and implement anarchy by all means and we are here accusing PDP or APC, when both parties may become completely irrelevant by 2015 if care is not taken. Who will stand and vote PDP or APC, when black flags are replacing our Green and White? Who will stand and vote at the thought of their daughters sexually servicing these blood thirsty retards? And to President Jonathan, Buhari, Atiku and Kwankwaso, which Nigeria will you govern when the nation stands the risk of ceasing to become a nation? The CIA predicted a failed state and we said “God Forbid” when a group of mad fanatics believe it is “God’s Will”.

Again, most people cannot come to terms with the bitter truth that our Chibok girls may be gone for good. Please let us leave optimism aside and face reality. Shekau made his intention very clear regarding the girls even before the release of the new propaganda video that most of us have not seen yet, thus the authenticity of the claims that the girls have been married off is also highly questionable. Even released hostages from Cameroon said they did not see little girls in the camp.

Point being that, if he said he was selling the girls, he meant it. Thanks to ISIS for being such an inspiration to them. This entire situation has gone out of hand and believe me, the Government may not be capable of handling it nor any other political aspirant. But history provides hope with the such similar accounts of mad men who wanted to enslave and destroy humanity but failed. Name them, the Nazis, Communists, etc, where are they today???

Man is the only living creature among all living and non living beings, created with a mind to compliment the ability to make choices. Freedom for humanity mandatory and somehow, the forces that established this default mode of liberty has not allowed any movement, belief or course to alter it. Just keep watching… Boko Haram in this country will die naturally.


Dinah Adams @didiYargata
First Published on: http://yargata.blogspot.com

Gunmen Attack Borno Village

Reports say that gunmen suspected to be members of boko haram invaded Miringa, a village in Biu local government area of Borno State, yesterday. The attack was launched on traders as well as buyers in the market, killing 5 people with several others left injured.

An anonymous source confirmed the incident, adding that the gunmen came in two Hilux vans with Islamic inscription and flags and began shooting at people during the market hours.

This happened amidst the claimed ceasefire deal reached between the Nigerian Government and the boko haram Islamic sect.

Insurgents Abduct More Girls & Women in Adamawa

Dozens of women and girls from two villages in Nigeria’s north-eastern Adamawa state have been reportedly abducted by suspected militants, residents say.

The abductions have not been confirmed by the authorities, but residents say they took place a day after the military announced it had agreed a ceasefire with the Boko Haram group. The government hopes the Islamist group will free more than 200 girls seized in April as part of negotiations.

Seven Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Rebel attack Amidst Ceasefire

Despite ceasefire agreement between Ukraine and the pro Russian rebels, seven Ukrainian soldiers were killed late on Sunday when a separatist shell hit their armoured personnel carrier near the main airport at Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, a military spokesman said on Monday.

This records the largest single number of Ukrainian soldiers killed since a fragile ceasefire came into force on Sept. 5.

Ukraine: 4 Killed, Many Injured After Truce


Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says four servicemen have been killed in clashes with pro-Russian forces since the start of a ceasefire five days ago. Head of Defense Ministry’s Military Medical Department Vitaly Andronatiy told reporters on Tuesday that 29 other Ukrainian soldiers were also injured during the ceasefire.

After the ceasefire agreement, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered troops to stop all hostilities by 15:00 GMT the same day and instructed the Foreign Ministry to oversee monitoring of the ceasefire along with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Meanwhile, the airport in the eastern city of Donetsk has been reportedly the scene of gunfire and shelling overnight Tuesday. The city council of Donetsk said on Tuesday that a school and several residential buildings were hit by shelling. Shelling was also heard in the east of the port city of Mariupol where a woman was killed.

Kiev and pro-Russian forces accuse each other of repeated breaking of the ceasefire.

Breaking: Putin’s Spokesman Denies Ukraine/ Russia Ceasefire

Kiev says that leaders of aggrieved nations, Ukraine and Russia have agreed to a ceasefire, but Putin’s spokesman is denying claim.

Ukrainian presidency’s statement said on Wednesday after Poroshenko and Putin spoke by telephone that, “The conversation resulted in an agreement on a lasting ceasefire in Donbas. Mutual understanding was achieved regarding steps that would promote the establishment of peace.”

The office of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that he and his Russian counterpart have reached agreement on a “permanent ceasefire” in eastern Ukraine, however Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said the leaders had only discussed “steps” towards a truce.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told the Russian news agency Ria-Novosti that the two leaders had not agreed on a ceasefire because Moscow is not party to the conflict, adding: “They only discussed how to settle the conflict.”


Gazans Return to Rubbled Gaza

Joyous Gazans cheerfully celebrating return to Gaza on the announce of an unlimited ceasefire by Israel and Hamas. The truce initiated by Egypt has eased the blockade on Gaza, opened borders for aid and lifts the restriction of fishing activities off the coast, as some fishing boats have been seen sailing those restricted areas to resume business today. Also children have resumed playing in the surfs alongside the fishing activities.

gaza  _77192033_77189586

The ceasefire has ended the vicious attacks on Gaza which has killed over two thousand people within a period of 50 days.

Normal life activities is quite evident in Gaza as structures damaged by Israeli airstrikes are already being attended to. Gazans also attest to the fact that they have not heard any shelling from Israel or any rockets being fired from Gaza after the ceasefire.


Hamas however, has declared the ceasefire as “Victory for Resistance”, contrary to Israeli’s stance, claiming that Hamas has finally agreed to the offer it had repeatedly refused.

Some world authorities are however skeptical of the truce and some consider it as an opportunity not a certainty.

Both sides have however agreed to return to Cairo for further talks.