Kukah: Men of God who took vow of poverty now enjoy comfortable cars, houses.

Matthew Kukah, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto diocese, has criticised church leaders who “enjoy” material things despite vowing to live simple lives.

Bishop Kukah said many Nigerian clerics are known to live lavish lifestyles while millions languish in penury.

He urged his fellow clerics to heed the advice of Jesus Christ, who asked the rich to sell their acquisitions and use the yield to help the poor.

Kukah asked religious leaders to respond to the needs of people and use their personal resources to assist those in dire straits.

Speaking at the second symposium and 50th death anniversary of Archbishop Charles Heery, in Onitsha Anambra state, Kukah said men of God should start practising what they preach.

“In terms of consecration, you profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience according to a particular charisma and sharing in a specific mission,” he was quoted to have said.

“God knows what you profess and certainly people know what you profess, but undoubtedly today, people question your way of living it.

“While many people in Nigeria today suffer poverty and want, church leaders and men of God who have taken a public vow of poverty, enjoy at least adequate material well-being and often have very comfortable houses, cars, and top technology in phones and computers and so on.

“To that something different which Jesus asked the rich young man to do, ’sell all we own and give the money to the poor and come follow me‘ is something we religious leaders cannot do because of our many obligations.

“It is something many will not want to do because of the securities it affords us. In terms of mission, it has been said that responding to the needs of the people determines where and how we live as church leaders, such as preaching of the gospel where it is most needed.

“God is asking religious leaders to use not only your personnel, but also your houses, your space, your other resources to be of service to the people in whatever way we can.

“In terms of communion, as church leaders, we say we witness through our lives to the communion of all people where all things are shared and used for the common good. Yet people see so many church leaders in Nigeria today who cannot live in communion with others because of tribalism and other divisions.”

Over 200 cars missing from the Presidency – Spokesman

Ghana’s new government has set up a special task force to track down more than 200 missing vehicles that should have been handed back when President Nana Akufo-Addo took office.

Presidency spokesman Eugene Arhin told reporters on Wednesday that an audit of vehicles indicated that many appeared not to have been returned.

He said officials could only find:

– 74 of the presidency’s 196 Toyota Land Cruisers

– 20 out of 73 Toyota Land Cruiser Prados

– 11 out of 24 Mercedes

– two out of 28 Toyota Avalons

– two out of six BMWs.

“The president of the republic currently has virtually only one vehicle at his disposal,” said Arhin.

“This is the vehicle which was purchased in 2007 during the Ghana at 50 celebrations. It is a BMW.”

The vehicles were assigned to former government officials and appointees under the previous administration of president John Dramani Mahama, whom Akufo-Addo beat in elections last December.

Presidency chief of staff Akosua Frema Osei-Opare said in a statement that the retention of state assets was illegal.

“Persons with state properties unlawfully in their possession should endeavour to contact the task force and make arrangements to surrender (the) same with immediate effect,” he added.

There was no immediate response from Mahama’s National Democratic Congress (NDC) party but the party faced a similar situation when it took power in 2008.

FRSC Auctions 37 Vehicles, 149 Motorcycles In Edo State.

The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC RS 5.1 Edo Sector Command has put up for sale 37 vehicles and 143 motorcycles in a public auction at two of its centres.


The centres are the sector command and the FRSC Oluku toll gate office.


Speaking to Channels Television at the office of the Edo Sector Command in Benin City, the Edo state capital, the Sector Commander of the FRSC RS 5.1, Samuel Odukoya, said that the exercise was well publicized as required by the FRSC Establishment Act 2007 and section 182 of the National Traffic Regulation 2012.


According to him, a Federal High Court in Benin on December 13, 2016 granted an order for forfeiture to the federal government, the listed items and also sales by public auction.


Source: Channels TV

Lagos Lawmaker Advises PMB Against Banning Cars Imported By Road

The President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government has been advised to review its planned ban on the importation of cars by road.

The FG was advised to overhaul the customs and excise instead as it is feared that the policy would affect the income the government is generating from vehicles and make life difficult for the masses.

Speaking in an interview with LEADERSHIP, a lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Abiodun Tobun stated that importing cars through land borders is okay, but that the government only needed to put more infrastructure in place and overhaul the Nigeria Customs and Excise.

Tobun, who is representing Epe Constituency 1 in the assembly, said further that if importation of vehicles through land is banned, then only few vehicles would come into the country.

“Money from hackney permit and vehicle license would reduce, import duties would reduce, so it is a wrong policy. They might have done it for security reasons, but what are the duties of customs and excise.

“Rather than doing that, the customs and excise should be sanitised, while the bad eggs should be flushed out,” he said.

On how the country could get out of recession, The lawmaker, who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Works and Infrastructure, said that the Federal Government should look into its economic team and see how to end the economic problems in the country.

He explained that if the government is fighting corruption and the economy does not improve, people would cut corners to put food on their tables.
He stressed that the government should put measures in place to make the economy better.
“All the watertight policies that make it difficult for people to survive should be reviewed.

“During the era of the past administration, things were not as bad as this despite the allegation that they were corrupt, now that we say the government is not corrupt, things should be better,” he said.

Commenting on the 2017 budget of Lagos State, which is about N813 Billion and the biggest by any state government in Nigeria, Tobun said that it is meant to enhance the speedy infrastructural development of the state.

According to him, it is a budget that tends to enhance security of life and property, improve education, provide infrastructure, good health and that it would ensure that the Neighbourhood Safety Corps Board that was newly constituted is properly funded.

He said: “Based on that, the budget is realisable because LIRS generates about 71% of the revenue, while capital receipt would take certain percentage. Lagos State is now part of Oil Producing States and we are expecting 13% derivation from the Federal Government, which will give us over N1 Billion every month.

“So, it is a realisable budget and we need to encourage the people to pay their taxes as expected and we will generate the fund. “Also, we have just approved N500 Billion to the state government, but they have not been able to access it.

“By next year, they would take the first tranche, which is about N100 Billion. With that, it is sure that the revenue is realisable. “The budget would ameliorate definitely poverty. If infrastructure is provided, security oof life and property is ensured as we are currently doing, investors would be attracted to the state and it would lead to more employment.

“Once there is security, people would be more productive and there would be foreign investment.
“Access to raw materials and nearness to market would be guaranteed, more people would do businesses and more people would pay taxes. With what the budget would provide, there would be prosperity for all.”

On Works and Infrastructure in the state, the lawmaker said that the performance of last year is about 91%, and that the allocation for next year is about N68 Billion.

He revealed that N13 Billion has been allocated in the 2017 budget for further job on Lagos/Badagry expressway, and that the state government would complete the overhead bridge in Abule Egba and Ajah, and start that of Pen Cinema Agege, rehabilitate roads in Epe axis, provide more pedestrian bridges and complete on-going ones.

“The multi-level building in Alausa and the one in Apapa would be completed. The government is trying to construct as many roads as possible,” he said.

Tobun however, defended the proposed Pension Law for those who serve as speaker and deputy speaker in the Lagos State house of assembly.
He emphasised that the law was actually meant to be for all the lawmakers for, according to him, having served the state meritoriously.

“We decided to restrict it to the speakers and deputy speakers. So, it is a welcome development, afterall the Governor, Deputy Governor, President and Vice President have pensions and they all went in through joint-tickets.
“If they work for four years and enjoy life pensions, why can’t the speaker and his deputy enjoy same,” he said.

TECHNOLOGY: BMW launches first real-life Transformer Car.

It’s an action figure fanatic’s dream: A real-life transformer is up for auction in Abu Dhabi, but you’ll need at least $600,000 to make a bid.


Antimon is a BMW 3-series car that transforms into a robot in 30 seconds. It’s the work of 12 engineers and 4 technicians from Turkey, who spent 11 months putting their creation together.

“We want to show our power all over the world,” said Turgat Alpagot, sales and marketing director for Letrons, the Turkish startup behind the transformer. “We think if we do something like this it’ll get great exposure all over the world.”


Alpagot says he’s already received bids for Antimon at this week’s Big Boys Toys exhibition in the UAE capital. The highest bidder can take Antimon home at the end of the exhibition on Saturday.


real life transformer
Bids are starting at $600,000 for a real-life transformer


The car isn’t licensed for the road, and you can’t drive it. But it can be moved by remote control at speeds up to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) per hour. In its standing position, the robot can move its arms, fingers and head.

Letrons hopes Antimon will be the first in a series of 12 transformers. The rest are in the research and development stage.


Alpagot says the company has received interests from theme parks and shows looking to rent Antimon.


What’s next? The creators are seeking funding from private investors to develop smaller transformers that are more affordable and can be driven on the road.


Watch Video Below:


Senate uncovers govs, minister’s imported luxury cars in Lagos.

There are strong indications that influential Nigerians, including a serving governor and a minister, are among owners of about 1,500 exotic vehicles parked in the Volkswagen Yard, on the Mile 2-Badagry Expressway in Lagos since 2015.

Another governor from the South-East (name withheld) has also been identified as the owner of 15 Sports Utility Vehicles intercepted and impounded by officers of the Nigeria Customs Service and parked in the agency’s office in Ikeja.

The Senate Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariff, led by its Chairman, Hope Uzodinma, had visited the VON premises last week on oversight assignment when it discovered that the place looked deserted with disused equipment in its assembly plant.

The officials of the company, who had earlier declined to open the store to the lawmakers for inspection, were forced to grant the visitors access into the warehouse when the lawmakers threatened to force the door open.

The senators, who were there in company with security operatives and officials of the NCS, saw no fewer than 1,500 pieces of various models of Volkswagen products and other brands of vehicles in the warehouse.

It was learnt that the senators were curious when they found out that there were port tags on the vehicles, indicating that they were imported.

One of the lawmakers said that his colleagues were not convinced by the explanation offered by officials of the company that the firm did not abuse the auto policy introduced by the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration with its action.

The senator added that the team discovered that about 15 Sports Utility Vehicles, on the premises of the NCS office in Ikeja, Lagos, which were impounded by the service when the dealer attempted to evade payment of duty, belonged to a serving governor in the South-East.

He said the vehicles carried Federal Government’s official number plates in an attempt to deceive officers of the customs service.

Uzodinma had alleged in an interview with journalists in Abuja that there were indications that the company was not assembling vehicles in Nigeria as it claimed.

He stated that his committee discovered different vehicle brands in the company’s warehouses which were already assembled before they were shipped to Nigeria.

The Managing Director of VON Automobiles, Mr. Tokunbo Aromolaran, however, refuted the Senate claim that the company was sabotaging the country’s economy.

Aromolaran said, “The Chairman of the Senate Committee, in company with about 30 people, comprising senators, officers of Nigeria Customs Service, journalists and police officers, descended on the VON premises on October 28, 2016, without prior notification.

“They were given free access to our plants and warehouses, and found nothing other than what you would expect to see in an auto assembly plant – an inventory of vehicles assembled, awaiting delivery.

“We also confirmed that applicable duties were paid at the ports when the components were imported into the country.

He said, “All applicable duties and levies on Volkswagen vehicles stored at VON have been paid to the NCS (SKD vehicle kits and fully built units). This can be verified by the service.

Uzodinma, however, said on Saturday that the committee was convinced that VON was sabotaging the nation’s economy, adding that a public hearing would be organised soon to unravel the alleged sharp practices.

The Public Relations Officer, Nigeria Customs Service, Mr. Wale Adeniyi, said the affected vehicles had remained under NCS custody because duty was not paid on them.

Adeniyi stated, “There are no separate laws for top government officials or highly-placed Nigerians. The laws are the same for everybody and the laws specify that all imported vehicles attract duty. If duty was not paid, the vehicles cannot be released.”

He, however, added that if the owners paid the required duty, the SUVs would be released.

On the 1,500 vehicles found in the premises of Volkswagen, Adeniyi said, “I do not have details of that development.”

Why we bought N3.6bn exotic cars during recession – Reps

The House of Representatives on Thursday defended its decision to buy exotic cars for its 360 members at a period the country’s economy is in recession.

It said lawmakers must have a means of mobility while carrying out oversight duties over Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government.

The House will spend at least N3.6bn across 24 months to complete payment for the luxury vehicles supplied by the Kaduna-based Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited.

The PUNCH had reported exclusively on Monday that the firm had already delivered 28 units of Peugeot 508 series to members in the first batch of 50 cars.

A total of 360 units of the exotic automobile would have been delivered by January 2017.

The Deputy Chairman, Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Jonathan Gaza, while defending the procurement of the cars on Thursday, said that recession would not stop lawmakers from performing their legislative duties.

He argued that in a recession, both the executive and legislative arms of government were expected to work even harder to find urgent solutions to challenges facing the country.

Gaza noted that while working during recession, members were not expected to trek to the premises of the MDAs for oversight duties.

He added, “In a recession, we will all put on our thinking caps. We are working; these are committees’ cars and they are not the personal property of members.

“When you came here today, how did you come? Did you walk down to this place (National Assembly) from your house?

“If a member is going to visit an agency, will he trek there?

“We need materials, computers, stationery, cars; these are all for work.”

Asked to comment on whether the National Assembly would approve Buhari’s bid to take a loan of $29.96bn, Gaza replied that discussions were ongoing between the two sides.

The lawmaker said no conclusions had been reached.

He also declined to speak categorically on whether the government had begun making releases for the constituency projects of lawmakers.

The constituency projects of senators and members are worth N100bn in the 2016 budget of N6.06tn.

The refusal of the government to fund the projects is reported to be one of the sore points in the relationship between Buhari and the National Assembly.

But, when asked a direct question on the issue, Gaza parried it.

“We don’t release money for constituency projects. Our work is to pass the budget and we passed the 2016 budget. It is the responsibility of the executive to release funds for projects.

“Also, the money is not paid into our pockets, we don’t touch it,” he replied.

Police Recover 19 cars, SUVs From Ex-IG Arase

The Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, has ordered an investigation into the purchase and distribution of vehicles by his predecessors.

It was gathered that the probe was informed by the discovery that retiring officers, including former IGs and Deputy Inspectors-General of Police, were in the habit of appropriating police vehicles for their personal use.

Findings by our correspondent on Sunday show that the probe, which is being handled by the Special Investigation Panel, had identified and recovered 19 police vehicles from former IG, Solomon Arase.

Some of the vehicles include assorted sedans, Sports Utility Vehicles and pick-up vans.

The vehicles, it was learnt, were apart from the four vehicles he was entitled to take away with him on retirement.

A senior officer, who is familiar with the investigation, said the SIP was still working to recover five additional vehicles from the former police boss.

It was learnt that the SIP, headed by Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Ali Amodu, (retd.), had also recovered a number of police vehicles from other retired DIGs.

The recovered vehicles were said to have been distributed to newly promoted Commissioners of Police and AIGs.

The source said, “We are making progress in our investigations. We were able to trace 24 vehicles to the former IG and we have recovered 19 already. He has yet to release the remaining five, but we won’t let up until we recover all the vehicles. We have pictures of the vehicles and they have been documented, so he can’t deny it, the recovery is a fact.”

Arase had earlier denied taking away 24 vehicles when his successor, Idris, made the allegation during an interview with journalists on July 18, 2016, shortly after he assumed office.

Idris had further alleged that the seven DIGs, who retired alongside Arase, also carted away between seven and eight cars each.

Arase, however, denied the allegations of his successor, saying he did not go away with any police vehicle.

He said, “What am I going to do with 24 cars? Do I want to open a car shop? This is a malicious accusation. There are ways of verifying issues rather than engaging in media propaganda.”

Arase said all vehicles bought by the police under him were distributed to the state commands and other appropriate units of the Nigeria Police Force.

Governor Fayose donates cars, N50m to teachers in Ekiti

Governor Ayodele Fayose has donated N50 million to teachers in Ekiti State. He also gave two brand new cars to best teachers in public primary and secondary schools.

Fayose, who spoke during the commemoration of this World Teachers’ Day in Ado-Ekiti, said it was to appreciate them for making the state to emerge first in the 2016 National Examinations Council (NECO).

He promised to increase the incentive to N100 million next year if the teachers could sustain the feat, adding that his government would continue to treat them with dignity and celebrate their competence to help the future of the state.

In another development, Fayose urged President Muhammadu Buhari to stop blaming past leaders, particularly his predecessor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, for the current economic recession.

He said what Nigerians voted for in 2015 was a change and Buhari should live by that acronym, failing ‘which Nigerians will change the change’.He said: “ What we voted for in 2015 was plenty and bountiful blessing and not economic recession. Today, Nigerian teachers can no longer afford three-square meals a day.

“Nigerians are not begging for too much. What they wanted is to change their fortunes for better. President Buhari must stop complaining. He must address this recession that is killing Nigerians.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy National President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Mr. Peters Adeyemi and Deputy National President, Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Mr. Kelvin Nwankwo, have pleaded with states owing teachers’ salaries to pay up to cushion the effect of the hard-biting economy on the people.

The duo, who commended Fayose for honouring their colleagues, called for an upward review of teachers’ retirement age from 60 to 65 to arrest premature retirement from the service.

Also, the founder of Afe Babalola University (ABUAD), Chief Afe Babalola, and a former governor of the old Ondo State, Bamidele Olumilua, praised Ekiti teachers for their patriotic and unwavering zeal for the development of education in spite of the economic challenges.

Olumilua said: “Though Nigeria is tough, but Ekiti is lucky to have a governor that has been doing what is necessary. The recession we are passing through is not something unusual, but what we need is a man that is connected to God and who can do what is necessary and we have it in Governor Fayose.

“If you can see, Ekiti is making progress because we have a man that is committed to the well-being of the populace and he is ready to listen to you to make your future great.”

Girl Plunges Car Into Canal Killing Herself And Her Dad After Mistaking Accelarator For Brakes

A teenage learner driver killed herself and two others after mistaking accelerator for brake and plunging into canal.

The car fell more than 10 feet before it landed upside down in the water – with the force of the impact believed to have knocked all four people on board unconscious.

Locals frantically jumped in and tried to smash the windows and rescue them as they slowly submerged under the water.

According to Daily Mirror ,only one was rescued alive and rushed to hospital where she is in a coma, while the other three tragically died.

Reports said the 19-year-old girl, identified by her surname Wu – only had a learner’s licence and still needed to be accompanied by an adult.

She was reportedly driving her father’s car with her dad, 51, in the passenger seat and her sister, 16, and another friend, 17, in the back as they set off.

But soon after the inexperienced Wu started the engine, she reportedly stepped on the accelerator pedal – thinking it was the brake, causing the vehicle to charge forward and down the embankment of the canal.

All four were unconscious by the time they were pulled from the submerged vehicle, with paramedics pronouncing Wu, her dad, and the friend dead at the scene after unsuccessful attempts to revive them.

The tragic incident occurred in Dongfeng, which is in Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province in southern China.

‘Return Government Cars Or Get Arrested’ – Gov Bello Warns Ex Govt Officials

Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello, has warned former political office holders in the state to return official vehicles they made away with while leaving office or risk being arrested. A statement issued by the state government released today reads;

“The refusal of the former political office holders ?involved in this act to return the vehicles despite several appeals made to them has led to the constitution of the Vehicles Recovery Committee by the State Governor, Yahaya Adoza Bello,”

The Committee, which was inaugurated yesterday, April 11th, was mandated to go after the vehicles and recover same in order to accelerate the smooth running of the current government and its programmes. The committee which is chaired by the ?Adaidu Akoh, who is also the Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Duties, says it has so far recovered 7 cars.

I Will Only Drive Nigerian Made Cars– Minister

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, on Monday declared that as soon as the Federal Government starts implementing the budget, he will only ride in cars manufactured in Nigeria.

He also stated that all 17 agencies under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology will be directed to patronise Nigerian made cars, adding that the move was to promote the use of locally produced goods.

Onu, who disclosed this while hosting a delegation from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited at the headquarters of the ministry in Abuja, further noted that vehicles manufactured in Nigeria had 60 per cent local content.

He said, “Through Innoson we can now see vehicles that are manufactured in Nigeria with 60 per cent local input. This is a great feat and we will corporate and collaborate with you and will lead the very urgent need in Nigeria to patronise Nigerian made goods. The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology will do it by example.

“We are just waiting for the budget to be out. But I will like to make this known to our country that as soon as the budget is out, the minister of science and technology will only drive in cars made in Nigeria and this include vehicles in the Ministry of Science and Technology. Also, all our 17 agencies will be directed to patronise made in Nigeria vehicles.

“We believe that leadership by example is the best form of leadership and this ministry will carry this beyond here. This will ensure that we find value in the things that we produce. There is no other way that Nigeria can become a great nation except when we as Nigerians patronise goods made in Nigeria.”

He assured the delegation that the government would support local manufacturers by clearing the challenges faced by operators in the manufacturing sector, adding that this would create wealth for Nigeria.

Credit: Punch

Ford China Venture To Recall 220,000 SUVs Over Fuel Leakages

Ford Motor Co’s China joint venture will recall roughly 220,000 Kuga sports-utility vehicles (SUVs) over potential fuel leakages, China’s quality watchdog said on Friday.

A company spokeswoman confirmed the recall is specific to China.

Driving on severely bumpy roads could lead fuel tubes in the SUVs to rub against other components, over time leading to wear and tear and potential fuel leaks, the watchdog, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said on its website.

The recall affects Kugas produced by Changan Ford, a 50-50 joint venture between Ford and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co, between 2012 and 2014.

UK Detectives Find A Fleet Of 29 Stolen British Vehicles In Uganda!

Detectives tracing a Lexus stolen from London have ended up tracking it to Uganda – where it was found alongside a fleet of British cars worth more than £1 million. The National Crime Agency was able to use a smartphone app to trace the journey of the stolen RX450h (top left) 6,000 miles to the Uganda capital Kampala, where they were stunned to find it alongside 28 other luxury cars which had been stolen from the UK by the car-smuggling gang. Luxury right-hand-drive cars are in great demand in land-locked Uganda. Locals still drive on the left as part of the British colonial legacy though. More photos below…

Bullet Proof SUV: Ibim Semenitari Replies Governor WIke, “You Made Away With Everything You Had When You Were The COS”

The former Information Commissioner of Rivers State, Mrs Ibim Semenitari whom State security officials forcefully took away her Lexus bullet proof SUV has released a press statement concerning today’s invasion of her home. Below is what she said. Also read what Governor Wike had earlier sent out immediately after her release. So much drama.

“On Thursday June 18, 2015, over 10 policemen armed with machine guns and in two trucks – one Ford Transit and one Hilux arrived my residence, No 12 A Ernest Ikoli Street, Old G.R.A Port Harcourt. Without either a search warrant, letter or precious information, they forced their way into my premises.

My security guard on duty requested to know their mission and who sent them. They refused to disclose either, but went round taking photographs and videoing my premises.2

The security guard got in touch with my assistant who spoke with the men, explaining to them that I was out of town and again requested to know their mission and purpose.

Again they declined insisting on seeing me first. She then got in touch with me by phone as we were uncertain as to the identity of the policemen in question.

Upon further investigation and after about 3 hours of them laying siege on my premise, I was told that they were from Rivers State Government House and had been sent to recover vehicles in my possession.

They attempted to break into a Range Rover Jeep belonging to my Husband and bought long before I was made Commissioner in Rivers State Government, damaging the front door. The vehicle in question contrary to the lies being paraded is not an armoured vehicle and has never at any point belonged to the Rivers State Government nor its agents including myself as Commissioner of Information.

By the time I finally made contact with them and expressed my displeasure, they insisted that they would take away a Lexus jeep duly allocated to me as Commissioner of Information and which by law I am entitled to leave with upon leaving office.

The monetization policy of the government allows public officers to leave government with their official vehicles as this is in lieu of vehicle, allowance, transport and other allowances, which they cannot draw because of the monetization policy of 2002.

Mr. Nyesom Wike served as Chief of Staff, and upon departure left with all the vehicles he used as Chief of Staff. This has been the practice since this democratic dispensation when President Olusegun Obassanjo instituted the monetisation policy.

Having served as Commissioner for two tenures, I amentitled to my status cars and have proof of allocation.

While I understand that Mr. Wike feels a dire need to destroy the reputation of Governor Amaechi and all those worked with him, it is unacceptable that he will engage in brigandage, thuggery and underhand tactics to do so.1

A simple letter from any government official requesting me to make a submission or tender documentation would have been the appropriate way to go and I would have willingly tendered all the relevant documents to them.

Breaking into my home, invading my privacy, damaging my property and removing property from my premises is inappropriate and illegal.

I have chosen however to put out these details in the public space as it is apparent that for some persons only a destruction of my hard earned reputation would do and this I would not accept. My records in the Ministry of Information are crystal clear I hope that Mr. Nyesom Wike is able to say same about his tenure in every office he has held.

Forcing their home into my home unlawfully isn’t the appropriate way for any government that claims legitimacy to behave.

Ibim Semenitari

June 18, 2015”

Below is the earlier press statement released by Governor Wike;

 “In furtherance of efforts by the Rivers State Government to recover government property from officials of the immediate past administration in the state, security agents and government house officials on Thursday took possession of government vehicle from the home of the former spokesperson for the Amaechi administration, Mrs Ibim Semenitari.

The security operatives carried out the operation at the home of Mrs Semenitari located at Ernest Ikoli Street, Old GRA Port Harcourt. The operatives recovered a Lexus Armoured Vehicle from the residence. Another Range Rover vehicle is said to have been in the possession of the former Information Commissioner.

It will be recalled that top officials of the outgone Rotimi Amaechi administration carted away several government property and vehicles prior to May 29. Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has since assured the people of Rivers State that all government property illegally carted away before his inauguration will be recovered and those found to be involved in the illegal act will be brought to justice.

Simeon Nwakaudu,

June 18, 2015.

Government House, Port Harcourt.

Outgoing Senators, Reps To Leave With 109 Jeeps, 360 Exotic Cars

Senators and members of the House of Representatives will go home with the operational vehicles of the National Assembly currently in their possession as the 7th Assembly winds down on Friday.
Each of the 109 senators has a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, commonly referred to as ‘jeep’, assigned to them for “operational” purposes like carrying out committee and oversight duties.
The story is the same at the House, where each member has a 2011 model Toyota Camry attached to them for operational duties.
Apart from the operational vehicles, principal officers, including the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, have   additional vehicles assigned to them.

The Prado jeeps and Camry are properties of the National Assembly that should have ordinarily been left behind by the departing legislators.
But, The PUNCH gathered on Tuesday that, with the understanding of the management of the

legislature, the vehicles have been valued, taking note of the years of depreciation, to allow lawmakers who wish to go home with them to do so by paying 30 per cent of the purchase price.

The money is to be deducted from the severance package of the senators and the House members.
Findings showed that in line with the arrangement, the Prado jeeps, valued at the market price of about N9m, would be given away to senators for around N2.7m.
In the same vein, members of the House will each part with about N1.9m to go home with the Camry, valued at N6.5m.
An official   of the National Assembly management, who confirmed the “deal” to The PUNCH in Abuja on Tuesday, said, “The cars have been used for four years, so this valuation has taken cognisance of the years of depreciation.
“The vehicles are not taken away free of charge and as a matter of fact, it is optional. A lawmaker who does not want to go with the vehicle will submit it to the National Assembly and it will be so documented.
“The deduction will be done from their severance package at source, which makes it easier.
“It is a practice that has been on over the years.”
Investigations also showed that, aside the operational vehicles, each of the senators, on resumption in 2011, was given 300 per cent of their total basic salaries as car loans and   300 per cent as housing allowance. About 250 per cent was advanced to them as furniture allowance.
Each of the senators, according to investigations, is receiving N1.8m basic salary monthly while the Senate President’s basic salary per month, is N2m.
One of our correspondents learnt that the car loan, which was about N6.5m per senator and N7m for the senate president, was used to buy a brand new Toyota Camry car each.
The amount, according to a senior member of staff of the National Assembly, was deducted from the basic salaries of the senators within two years.
The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to the press, said the arrangement was a departure from the past practice whereby some senators went away with their operational vehicles as parting gifts.
He said, “The loans were obtained for the lawmakers through the banks where their salary accounts are domiciled, hence the bankers usually deduct certain percentage agreed upon from their monthly payments to service the car, housing and furniture loans.”
Attempts to get an official reaction from the Deputy Director of Information at the National Assembly, Mr. Ishaku Dibal, were unsuccessful   as calls put through to his mobile telephone did not connect.
However, the Deputy House Majority Leader,   Leo Ogor, confirmed   that the operational vehicles would be taken away “but certainly not for free.”
Ogor explained that the “normal procedure” was that the vehicles would be evaluated and an agreed sum deducted from the severance package of departing legislators.
“I don’t know what the amount will be; but I know that the cars are not for free. The management of the National Assembly will work it out and communicate to members accordingly”, he stated.
Investigations further revealed that members of the House were also offered the choice of taking home the plasma TV sets in their offices on the condition that they would pay 50 per cent of the purchase price.
The PUNCH learnt that a 40-inch TV set for example, was supplied for a contract sum of N600,000 in 2011. This means a member planning to take it home will pay N300,000 to the management of the legislature.
Another House official however disclosed to The PUNCH that most members of the House turned down the Tv set offer.
“They agreed to take the vehicles but almost all of them rejected the offer of the Tv sets on the grounds that they were too expensive.

Buhari Rejects Rolls Royce Provided By Nigerian High Commission In London – Report

President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, currently on a private visit to England, on Friday turned down the use of a Rolls Royce made available for him by the Nigerian High Commission in London.

Buhari shocked officials of the High Commission when, on landing at the Heathrow Airport, he declined to make use of  the  Rolls Royce and other facilities offered him.

The Nation gathered that after exchanging pleasantries with the embassy officials led by the High Commissioner, Dr Dalhatu Tafida, the president-elect politely told them that his visit was strictly private and he had made arrangement for all his needs while in the UK.

He reportedly thanked them for the warm reception and quickly hopped into a less flamboyant car he
had arranged for and drove out of the airport.

A source said: “It appeared he was uncomfortable with the number of exotic cars in the convoy.

“Hard as the stunned diplomats present tried to convince him, he refused to bulge, insisting that since he did not inform the Commission of his visit because it was not an official trip, hence he was not entitled to such grandeur.”

Buhari, yesterday, held talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron at his 10, Downing Street official residence.

Top of their discussion was the continued threat to Nigeria’s security by the terror group, Boko Haram.
The official website of the UK government said after the talks that “both leaders congratulated each other on their recent election victories and discussed the challenges facing Nigeria.”

It added: “the Prime Minister stressed the UK’s wish to work for a stable, prosperous and secure Nigeria.

“The leaders discussed security in the region and the fight against terrorism, particularly the threat posed by Boko Haram.

“They discussed the need for a regional approach and agreed to continue working together to build the capacity of the Nigerian Army, with the UK continuing to provide military training and intelligence support.

“On tackling corruption, they agreed this was a priority to ensure Nigeria’s prosperity and success.”

Mr. Cameron was said to have agreed to look at what technical assistance and support the UK could provide to the Nigerian government as it looks to undertake its reforms.

“They also discussed the need to tackle organised crime and the links between the UK and Nigeria.

“Finally, they talked about the challenges posed by migration from Africa to Europe and the president-elect said he would do all he could to secure Nigeria’s borders,” the statement said.

Source: The Nation

Joel McHale Thanks the Kardashians for His ‘House, Cars, and Children’s Education’.

Although comedian/writer Joel McHale has been mocking the Kardashians as host and executive producers of E’s The Soup for as long as the controversial family has been famous, he also knows who pays the bills.

McHale, 43, opens up about his fellow E! stars in a new interview with The Daily Beast, surprisingly acknowledging their importance in his life.

“Their celebrity has reached a level that E! never dreamt of, and forThe Soup, they are in the news every day — even if they do nothing,” he explains. “Yesterday it was ‘Kim Kardashian Is Taking Piano Lessons! ‘This is not news! No one really cares about it, but everyone talks about it, and it’s happening!”

“I guess I have to thank them for the cars that I own and the house that I live in and for the education for my children, because they have, in a very weird way, paid for it,” he admits.


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Cars Are Made in Africa… (Must Read)

Kiira Motors Corporation, Uganda

Originally developed by students from Uganda’s Makerere University for a project headed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the sedan hybrid electric vehicle called the Kiira EV SMACK was designed for the region, local terrain and consumers’ ability to afford the car. The five-seater sedan is powered by a rechargeable battery and also has an internal combustion engine-based generator which charges the battery. The first commercial vehicle from this line is expected to rollout in 2018

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Nigeria

The domestic vehicle maker Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has built on its success of manufacturing buses and trucks to launch a passenger car line comprised of a truck (IVM 1021A) and a Sports Utility Vehicle (IVM 6490A). According to the company website, the automobile company was commissioned by President Goodluck Jonathan and founded by Mr. Innocent Chukwuma.

Kantanka Automobile Company, Ghana

The Ghanaian based automobile company founded by Apostle Safo Kantanka, assembles its passenger vehicles (mainly SUVs and pickup trucks) at the company’s manufacturing plant located in Gomoa Mpota in the central region of Ghana. The automobile company has reportedly pushed back commercial release of its models pending approval from the Ghana Standards Authority.

The commercial success of these “made in Africa for Africans” cars will depend on the uptake by African consumers.

Credit: forbes.com

Porsche Cayenne Returns With Class Leading Features

The Porsche Cayenne continues to exude class-leading features in the luxury SUV segment twelve years after it made a debut on the automobile scene.

Now in its second generation, the Cayenne offers better handling, comfort, and family-friendly size that made the original a hit in a lighter package with greater power and fuel efficiency.

Brand Manager at Porsche Centre Lagos, a subsidiary of Stallion Motors Limited, Mr. Anurag Shah, acknowledged Cayenne’s outstanding characteristics at a media launch in Lagos.

“The new Porsche Cayenne embodies the ultimate Porsche traits; class-leading performance and outstanding driveability. No matter the road conditions the new Cayenne delivers a unique automotive experience and we expect our local customers to share in the excitement around this thrilling evolution,” he said.

He added that Porsche has given the Cayenne an even sharper design with precise lines and purposefully placed light refracting edges with front body, front wings, bonnet and air blades which are also all newly shaped.

Read more http://dailyindependentnig.com/2014/11/porsche-cayenne-returns-class-leading-features/?

Paris Motor Show 2014

carr vid-pic

The global motor industry has descended on Paris for the 2014  MotorShow, one of the biggest events in the 2014 automotive calendar.

The Mondial de l’Automobile halls are packed with lavish stands hosting the best new production and concept cars that the manufacturers can muster and the Auto Express team are out in force bringing you the latest news, live.

We’re bringing you a wealth of live coverage over the coming days and this page will be constantly updated with the latest from the show. Scroll down for the full Paris Motor Show experience.

motto kar

This is the Lamborghini Asterion. The official word is that it’s a ‘technology demonstrator’, although anyone who knows their Lamborghini history, or classic car onions, will recognize a gentleman’s transcontinental express when they see one.