Unconfirmed Report Indicates Shekau’s ‘Capture’

There were indications yesterday that leader of the Boko Haram insurgents, Abubakar Shekau, may have been captured in Borno State.
Unconfirmed reports said Shekau was nabbed by the ‘king of hunters’ around Gafa Mountain in Borno State.
Efforts to get official confirmation from the military failed, but a key said on phone that speculation about Shakau’s capture had been on for over a week. He however, revealed that troops of the Nigerian Army fighting in the area had surround the Gafa Mountain area last week over intelligence report that top Boko Haram leaders were hiding there.
The source said that with the cordon thrown around the area, there was no way Shekau and others would leave the place alive or without being captured.
Severally, the Nigerian military had pronounced Shekau either arrested or killed and severally the Boko Haram leader had bounced back alive, with YouTube video releases.
The Nigerian military had in September 2014 said that it had subdued Boko Haram leader, but shortly after that statement he appeared in a new video denouncing moves by the Nigerian Army to eliminate him.
On May 12, 2014, the DSS, through its former spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, insisted that the man in the videos released by the sect was not the real Shekau.
She had stated:  “Boko Haram has become a franchise; anybody can assume and lay claim to any name. What I know is that the original Abubakar Shekau is dead; the person claiming to be the national leader now is not the original Abubakar Shekau.”
Earlier this year, the Nigerian Army had announced the death of three key commanders of the extremist Boko Haram sect. The army said the terrorists were killed in a major air strike on their location in the dreaded Sambisa Forest.
The spokesperson for the Army, Sani Usman, said Shekau was also inflicted with “fatal injury” during the operation.
According to him, the bombardment was carried out on Friday while Shekau, who the Nigerian military had pronounced dead several times in the past years, was leading his group in performing the Friday prayers at a secret location called Tayye, in the heart of the vast forest.



Troops Capture Mallam Fatori, Northern Borno-Army

 The Nigeria Army says as part of Operation Gama Aiki, troops of operation Lafiya Dole and Multinational Joint Task Force captured Mallam Fatori a border town in the northernmost part of Borno State.

Army spokesman Colonel Sani Usman in a statement early Wednesday morning said  the town was taken by troops after a fierce battle closely covered by air operations.

However, He said the militants reinforced around border with Niger Republic, adding that: “This was while the troops were consolidating on this success.”

He also said the troops killed several of the Boko Haram militants in the resulting encounter and subsequently had to withdraw to a vantage position.

“The operation is continuing,” the Army spokesman said.

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Nigerian Troops Capture Town In Borno

Nigerian troops says they have captured the economic and strategic town of Banki town in Borno State.

A statement issued by the Acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Usman, said the soldiers also destroyed seven Boko Haram camps and successfully diffused seven Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

According to Colonel Usman, several Boko Haram terrorists were killed, and others captured alive between Banki junction and Ngorosoye.

Banki is a said to be a town where major economic and trading activities between Nigeria, Cameroon and Central African countries take place.

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Boko Haram Fails In Another Attempt To Capture Home Town Of COAS

Boko Haram terrorists have failed in their latest attempt to capture Buratai, Borno State, the home town of Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Maj-Gen. Tukur Buratai and also the location of a military camp.

The Director Army Public Relations (DAPR) Col. Sani Usman, who confirmed this in a short message Tuesday noted that this is about the fourth time since February 2014 the dreaded group has attacked Buratai.

Usman said that the terrorist invaders had in their desperate attempt to capture the town, struck at about 9.30pm Monday night but were repelled by Nigerian soldiers, returned again at about 3.00am yesterday and were equally pushed back.

He said: “Suspected terrorists made a futile attempt to attack Buratai town in Borno State and military camp located in the area. I am glad to inform you that the gallant soldiers rose to the occasion and dealt.

“They however made concerted effort at about 3.00am this morning which was equally repelled by the gallant soldiers. The situation and town is cool and calm.”

He recalled that the time Boko Haram struck first was in February last year when Gen Buratai was serving as commander of the Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta code-named Operation Puloshield.

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Yemen’s Fighters, Allies Capture Saudi Base

Fighters from Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement together with members of the allied popular resistance committees have taken control of a Saudi military base in retaliation to Riyadh’s ongoing air campaign against their country.

Ansarullah fighters and forces of the popular committees recaptured the base in the al-Makhrouq region of the southwestern Saudi province of Najran during an operation late Monday.

Several military equipment and vehicles were destroyed in the operation. The development comes as the Yemeni fighters and army allies attacked a Saudi military base near the border area of Tuwayliq in Sa’ada Province.

This is the latest in a series of attacks by Ansarullah as well as tribal forces against Saudi border positions over the past few weeks.

The Yemeni army, backed by popular committee forces, also on Monday destroyed four Saudi tanks after storming a base in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern city of Jizan.


4 Pilots Captured As Helicopter Crashes in Rebel Held Area

Syrian rebels have captured several government airmen after their helicopter crashed in a rebel-held area of the country’s northwest, activists have said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday that four crew members had been taken prisoner near Jabal al-Zawiya, about 10km north of the town of Maarat al-Numan in Idlib province.

Observatory director Rami Abdurrahman said opposition fighters, including members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, had taken most of the crew prisoner.

Another airman survived the crash but was reportedly killed by his captors, and the fate of a suspected sixth airman was unknown, the observatory said.

Syria’s state news agency confirmed that a helicopter had crashed in Idlib after a mechanical problem and said the authorities were looking for the crew.

An amateur video posted online showed rebels inspecting the wreckage of the helicopter, which had rolled onto its side on a rocky hill. The aircraft’s blue undercarriage was partially torn and the nose badly damaged.

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Chad Captures Boko Haram’s Executioner, “The Butcher”

A member of the Chadian military forces holds the head of a prisoner who is accused of belonging to the Boko Haram insurgency. Accused of killing five people, the soldiers nicknamed him ‘The Butcher.’

He was captured in a remote area of Nigeria, where Chad, Niger and Cameroon have launched a military campaign to help Nigeria defeat Boko Haram, the militant group which aims to carve an Islamic emirate out of northeastern Nigeria.

I was covering the Chad army offensive inside Nigeria against the insurgent group Boko Haram when I shot this picture. It shows a prisoner, believed to belong to Boko Haram, caught during the ride we had with the Chadian troops on the battle field.

Most Boko Haram fighters had left but a few isolated ones were caught that day. A Chadian soldier told me: “Come and see this guy, he killed five men by cutting their throat and he’s not even denying it.”

He was accused of killing five people the way Boko Haram does, cutting their throat with a knife. That is why one of the soldiers gave him a nickname ‘The Butcher’. He was suddenly materialising all the horror and fear of Boko Haram.

The soldiers violently dragged the prisoner to expose him to the press. The challenge with this picture was being fast enough to shoot it before the other journalists showed up and made it impossible.

I think it is a strong picture because of the brutality which emanates from the scene. The soldier presents the prisoner like you do with an animal at a fair.

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Soldiers ‘Capture’ Boko Haram Attackers, Seize Anti-Aircraft Guns

Reports provide that Nigerian soldiers on Wednesday morning, during the repel of boko haram insurgents in Biu, captured five Boko Haram terrorists and seized two anti-aircraft guns.

It was said that the capture happened after the troops foiled an early morning attack by the violent sect in Biu, Borno State.

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