Kylie Jenner Reveals Secret Behind Her Butt

Kylie Jenner has revealed the secret behind her… behind.

The reality star, 18, admitted her enviable butt is not all natural – she wears padded Spanx!

Kylie posted a photo of herself on Snapchat wearing the shapewear, captioned “These new spanx are bomb. From Target.”

After a Twitter user called her out for showing her “butt pads,” Kylie took it a step further, Tweeting back, “They are spanx… here’s the link if u want some ;),” along with a link to the product on Kohl’s website.

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Your Butt Defines your Personality

A Russian study states that the shape of your butt can reveal your personality. See if this is true for you or someone you know.

Men with Muscle Butts are: Strong, persistent and enduring in bed.

AddMassToAss_620x4453 anaconda

Women with Round Butts are: Sexually active, materialistic and unkind.

Those With Wrinkly Butts are: Reliable, steady and calm, whereas asymmetrical wrinkles expose selfish and greedy people.

3.-wrincled-butt-238x300  saddle

Those Who Have Saddlebag Butts are: Faithful in love and marriage. Men and women with such buttocks are hopelessly mediocre individuals.

Women With Saggy Butts are: Good wives and careful mothers.

janice_bikinibumcloseup aunaturale-hairy

Those With Hairy Butts are: very kind and agreeable people, although they also expose their genetic predisposition to illnesses of pelvic organs, first and foremost. One should also bear in mind the fact that parents, who have hairy buttocks, give birth to psychologically unbalanced, short-tempered children.

So have you identified your butt here?


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