Police Defuses 67 Landmines Buried By Boko Haram In Bama Army Barracks

The Commissioner of police in Borno State, Damian Chukwu, has said that operatives of the Explosive Ordnance Department (EOD) under his command defused 67 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) buried by Boko Haram insurgents at the military barracks in Bama.

Mr. Chukwu, who spoke to journalists on Sunday evening, said the explosives which have since been evacuated, may have been planted in the barracks shortly before troops of the Nigeria military liberated Bama town.

He said the defused bombs had enabled reconstruction workers to carry on with their work without any hitch.

The CP noted that Bama town, which now temporarily serves as the seat of the Borno government, following the relocation of the governor from Maiduguri last Wednesday, has been beefed up with more police to ensure the adequate safety for the visitors and workers alike.

“As the governor and his team were going to Bama to monitor reconstruction work, we put together various components of my operational units, the Police Mobile Force, the Counter-Terrorist Unit, the Special Protection Unit, the EOD i.e. the bomb disposal unit, the intelligence group as well as the conventional police, to go with them,” said Mr. Damian.

“In the process of doing reconstruction work in the military barracks, the soldiers and other people there saw some buried IEDs — about 67 of them — and called the attention of my men.

“It is believed that the insurgents buried those bombs while they were there, especially when the military came back to displace them.

“We had to deploy the EOD unit who brought out the bombs and destroyed them and then gave way for reconstruction work to continue.’’

 The CP added that more police personnel have been deployed all the liberated local government headquarters with a view to protect the returnees and prevent the return of the insurgents.

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Moment Dead Girl’s Coffin Is Reopened After Boyfriend Hears Noises Coming From Her Tomb

This horrifying footage shows the moment a dead teenager’s coffin was opened after noises were heard coming from inside her tomb.

There were fears Neysi Perez ,16 – who was pregnant when she died – had been buried alive and had woken up in the coffin.

The tomb was broken open and the coffin removed as panic ensued in the town of La Entrada, in
western Honduras.

She was buried after apparently suffering a heart attack scare after becoming caught up in the middle of a firefight.

She was examined by doctors who confirmed her death, and her family decided to bury her.

But the her horrified boyfriend reportedly heard some noises coming from inside the crypt when he visited the cemetery the next day.

The boyfriend called a guard over to listen to the sounds too, and he confirmed he also heard them.

The family arranged for the tomb to be opened, which took several hours. And it was late.

Doctors say the girl was dead and buried noises could have been figment of the groom. However the broken glass is something that nobody could explain, like one of his injured fingers.

Shiite/ Army Clash: 347 Corpses Were Buried In Mass Grave, Says DG Of Interfaith

Facts about the casualty figures during the December 12, 2015, clashes between the Nigerian Army and members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (also known as Shiites) in Zaria have emerged with the disclosure that 347 corpses were buried in a mass grave.

Making the disclosure at the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the Kaduna state government to investigate the clashes, Kaduna state Director General of Interfaith, Alhaji Namadi Musa, said a total of 347 corpses were given mass burial in Mando area at the outskirts of the metropolis.

Testifying on Monday before the commission headed by Justice Muhammad Lawal Garba, Musa said he personally conducted the mass burial, adding that he counted the bodies as they were being put in the mass grave.

He explained that the corpses comprises of 191 from the Army depot in Zaria and another 156 from the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hostpital (ABUTH), Shika, Zaria.
According to him, one Major Ogundare from the Nigerian Army Depot, Zaria led three military trucks loaded with corpses from the army depot while he (Musa) had five Mercedes Benz trucks loaded which with corpses and were taken to a mass grave in Mando area at the outskirts of Kaduna Metropolis and buried in a mass grave.

He added that it was during the mass burial that he had the opportunity to meticulously count the corpses as they were being dropped in the grave.

He disclosed further that it took five and a half hours – from 12:30am on December 14 to about 5:30am to bury all the corpses in one mass grave.

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Zaria Killings: Human Right Watch Says Over 300 Killed, Buried By Army

The killing of hundreds of Shia Muslim members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), by Nigerian army soldiers from December 12 to 14, 2015, appears to have been wholly unjustified, Human Rights Watch said today.

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the government should be sufficiently independent and impartial to hold those responsible to account.

Human Rights Watch interviewed 16 witnesses to the killings and five others, including local authorities, who said that Nigerian army soldiers fired on Shia Muslim members of the group at three locations in Zaria, in northern Nigeria.

The army said its confrontation with the Shia sect members who had erected a makeshift roadblock near a mosque resulted from an assassination attempt on the army chief of staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, whose convoy was passing by. In an internal military document seen by Human Rights Watch, the army said protesters appeared to be taking up positions near the back of the convoy.

“The Nigerian military’s version of events does not stack up,” said Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “It is almost impossible to see how a roadblock by angry young men could justify the killings of hundreds of people. At best it was a brutal overreaction and at worst it was a planned attack on the minority Shia group.”

The army carried out attacks at the Hussainniya Baqiyyatullah mosque and religious center, at the home of the Shiite leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Zakzaky, in the Gyellesu neighborhood and at the sect’s burial ground, Daral-Rahma, over the course of two days.

At least 300 Shia sect members, and likely many more, were killed and hundreds more injured, according to witnesses in at least two of the sites and a hospital source.

Soldiers quickly buried the bodies in mass graves without family members’ permission, making it difficult to determine an accurate death toll.

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Police Rescues Newborn Baby Found Buried Alive

A newborn baby was discovered buried alive underneath rubble near a bike path in Los Angeles on Friday.

A woman and her sister told KABC they were walking near the riverbed in Compton when they heard a baby crying. They called 911 and police arrived to discover a baby— believed born 36-48 hours earlier at a medical facility—buried underneath asphalt and debris.

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Abubakar Audu Buried After Resurrection Rumour (PHOTOS)

Abubakar Audu has been buried and laid in grave as Imams offer prayers. Sands poured into grave amidst tears and sorrow.

The burial which was officially fixed for 2.00 P.M, was briefly interrupted with jubilation over rumoured resurrection of the deceased.

?The interesting twist was spurred by a prophet who sought to pray for Audu’s corpse and bring him back to life.

?The prayer man was successfully but forcefully taken in by the wish of the crowd and they have all joined in the prayers for the resurrection of Audu with Holy Ghost fire renting the air as well as shouts of Allahu Akbar .

?Dino Melaye and some family members came out through the back door to calm the angry crowd. While they are largely engaged in fervent prayers others are weeping loudly by the door.

However, people are departing from grave site but a lot of sympathisers are still weeping profusely.



150 Hajj Stampede Victims Buried

Emir of Kano Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II,yesterday urged Saudi Authorities to publish details of victims of last Thursday’s Mina stampede on a dedicated website.

The emir, who is the leader of the Nigeria Central Coordinating Team for the Hajj, made the call at the post-Arafat meeting organised by (NAHCON) in Jeddah.

“At this age of technology, why can’t the Saudi authorities put the photos of the deceased on a website so that people can identify them easily without having to be moved from one hospital or place to another.

“We have to demand for it,” Sanusi stressed.

The Leader, Medical Team of NAHCON, Dr Ibrahim Kana, had earlier said that 1,180 bodies had been identified so far through frontal and lateral face photographs and finger prints.

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Oba Okunade Sijuwade To Be Buried Friday- Son

Adetokunbo Sijuwade, the son of the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, on Wednesday officially announced the death of the monarch, saying he would be buried on Friday.

Addressing journalists at the Government Office in Osogbo, the younger Sijuwade said the body of the late monarch would be flown in from London on Thursday and buried on Friday at 10 a.m.

Also speaking, Governor Rauf Aregbesola said the “late Ooni represented the Yoruba nation and has done a lot in uplifting the traditional institution in the state”.

Mr. Aregbesola, who read the last text message he received from the Ooni at the briefing, said the late monarch informed him of his frail health, adding that he was travelling to London for treatment.

He described the death of the Ooni as a great loss to the state and the Yoruba race, stressing, however, that a king could not die in Yorubaland.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Buried Next To Her Mother

Family and friends gathered at a cemetery Monday to pay their final respects to Bobbi Kristina Brown as she was buried next to her mother, singer Whitney Houston.

Police closed the road into Fairview Cemetery for the private ceremony. Outside the cemetery, well-wishers gathered to wave to the motorcade and hold up pictures.

The casket holding the 22-year-old daughter of Houston and singer Bobby Brown arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport shortly before 10 a.m. and made the short trip to Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, the same facility that handled Houston’s funeral arrangements three years ago.





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Bin Laden Not Buried In Arabian Sea, U.S Journalist Claims

The White House is dismissing as “baseless” a controversial report alleging President Barack Obama’s administration lied about the circumstances surrounding the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden.

“There are too many inaccuracies and baseless assertions in this piece to fact check each one,” White House National Security spokesman Ned Price said in a statement to reporters.

He took aim specifically at journalist Seymour Hersh’s assertion that the administration collaborated with Pakistani officials to kill the al Qaeda leader, saying that “the notion that the operation that killed Usama Bin Ladin was anything but a unilateral U.S. mission is patently false.”

“As we said at the time, knowledge of this operation was confined to a very small circle of senior U.S. officials. The President decided early on not to inform any other government, including the Pakistani Government, which was not notified until after the raid had occurred,” Price said.

“We had been and continue to be partners with Pakistan in our joint effort to destroy al-Qa’ida, but this was a U.S. operation through and through.”

It was the White House’s first response to Hersh’s stunning report, published this weekend in the London Review of Books, outlining what he describes as the true circumstances surrounding bin Laden’s death. Other former administration officials have panned the report as well, and during the daily press briefing, White House spokesman Josh Earnest again dismissed the report, citing CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen’s comment that “what’s true in this story isn’t new, and what’s new in the story isn’t true.”

“I thought that was a pretty good way of describing why no one here is particularly concerned about it,” he said.

Citing an anonymous “major U.S. source,” Hersh writes that the Obama administration cooperated with Pakistani intelligence officials to kill bin Laden, and that the chief of staff of the Pakistani army and director general of the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency knew about the mission, contrary to Obama’s claim that Pakistani officials weren’t aware of the raid in advance.

A U.S. official with detailed knowledge of the outreach to the Pakistanis after the raid tells CNN that based on the reaction it was clear the Pakistanis did not know in advance

CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen immediately rebutted Hersh’s allegations in a post that contradicts most of the claims in his 10,000 word report.

“Hersh’s account of the bin Laden raid is a farrago of nonsense that is contravened by a multitude of eyewitness accounts, inconvenient facts and simple common sense,” Bergen wrote Monday.

Hersh’s source is identified as a “retired senior intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad.”

And on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday morning, Hersh defended that sourcing and questioned why the Obama administration hadn’t yet responded to the report.

“This is not a wager — this is a story that has to be dealt with by this government very seriously,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Hersh stuck by his claims on CNN. In explaining why he relied largely on the “major U.S. source,” Hersh said that it’s “very tough for guys still inside to get quoted extensively,” and declared that he “vetted most and verified” his sourcing with further reporting in Pakistan.

But Hersh, who has drawn criticism for his heavy use of anonymous sourcing before, admitted that he had gotten some things wrong in his reporting before.

“I would argue that a lot of the stories I wrote were pretty much on-mark,” he said, but he acknowledged: “Nobody’s perfect, of course — everybody’s done bad stories.”

Indeed, he said he may have gotten the state where the military practiced the operation wrong in the piece because “sometimes my geography gets lousy.”

Hersh also revealed that the piece hinged in part on an on-the-record interview with former ISI head Gen. Assad Durrani who told him, “look, you got the story.” That was “one of the things that made the story doable now where it wouldn’t have been” before, he said.

Bergen, in his report pushing back on Hersh’s claims, says he reached out to Durrani and received a far different response.

Durrani said there was “no evidence of any kind” that the ISI knew that bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad but he still could “make an assessment that this could be plausible.”

Hersh also pushed back against skepticism over the claims in his article, calling it a “Lewis Carroll fairy tale” to believe bin Laden would’ve been hiding in such an easily accessible region of Pakistan.

The administration has said they received information on bin Laden’s whereabouts by tracking his courier, and that the top military target was killed in a firefight with an elite team of Navy SEALs.

But Hersh writes that the Obama administration had initially agreed to say bin Laden had been killed by a drone strike; that ISI was holding bin Laden a prisoner at the Abbottabad compound where he was killed, and that a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer told the U.S. of his whereabouts for the $25 million award being offered at the time.

Hersh also reports on boasting from some SEALs that bin Laden wasn’t given a burial at sea that adhered to Islamic religious traditions as the administration had claimed — rather, his remains “were thrown into a body bag and, during the helicopter flight back to Jalalabad, some body parts were tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains.”

Hersh also alleges Obama’s speech announcing the successful mission was “put together in a rush,” not vetted or cleared by national security officials and created “chaos in the weeks following.”

“This series of self-serving and inaccurate statements would create chaos in the weeks following,” he said.

Hersh quotes his source as saying: “This was not the fog of war.

“The fact that there was an agreement with the Pakistanis and no contingency analysis of what was to be disclosed if something went wrong — that wasn’t even discussed,” the source says. “And once it went wrong, they had to make up a new cover story on the fly.”

Hersh won the Pulitzer in 1970 for his shocking report on the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War that was widely credited with contributing to the public backlash against the war, and has since reported on conflicts in Iraq, Iran and Syria.

But Hersh has come under frequent criticism for his heavy use of unnamed sources. In 2004, for instance, his report that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld effectively approved abuses against terrorists held at Abu Ghraib prison was dismissed by a Pentagon spokesperson as “the most hysterical piece of journalist malpractice I have ever observed.”

Credit: CNN

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Buried in Riyadh (See Photo)

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has been buried at the El-Ud public cemetery in Riyadh.

Earlier on Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Egypt’s Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb joined the leaders of Gulf Arab states for the funeral prayer at the Imam Turki bin Abdullah mosque.

Bahrain’s King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, a high-level delegation from the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah were at the funeral, state television showed on Friday. Earlier, a royal court statement said that the king, believed to be around 90, had died at 1:00am local time (22:00 GMT), expressing its “great sadness and mourning”.

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Honduras Beauty Queen & Sister Buried in Honduras

Grieving family members laid to rest a beauty queen and her sister amid drenching rains Thursday, pleading for divine justice after the women were shot to death in what police say was a jealous rage by the sister’s boyfriend.

Miss Honduras, 19-year-old Maria Jose Alvarado, and her sister Sofia, 23, were interred in two cement graves at a tiny cemetery in this hamlet north of their hometown of Santa Barbara. About 300 people, including mourners and security forces, trudged through the mud for the ceremony.


The bodies had been delivered to the family home before dawn, but a sustained downpour prevented the graves from being dug for hours. Their mother wept as she kissed the two caskets adorned with flowers. Maria Jose’s coffin was also draped with her beauty queen sash.

“We are going to miss you; you will live in our hearts forever. You have gone to reunite with our father in heaven. He awaits you and will care for you there,” said 26-year-old Corina Alvarado, the victims’ elder sister. “Only God can punish those killers as they deserve.”

Credit: Yahoo News