‘I’m Yet To Find My Wife’ – Nollywood Actor, Bryan Okwara

Handsome Nollywood actor, Bryan Okwara, is no doubt a lady’s man. His looks and dress sense have made him a hot cake to girls.
But despite these intimidating qualities most women pray to have in a man, he is still not married and the former Mr Nigeria said the reason for this is because he is yet to find his lost rib.
He spoke to Nigeriafilms.com on this and other issues:

What’s your definition of fashion?
My definition of fashion is 1, dress how you want to be addressed, 2, always be a gentle man, 3, dare
to be different, 4, exude confidence, 5, be original.
But you hardly wear native dresses

(Laughs), well, yeah, I just finished a campaign with Yomi Casuals and Sly Mone, I wore this Agbada, mehn, I’m killing it and he gave me a piece.

So, how many native wears do you have in your wardrobe?
Hmm, right now maybe four.

Why, don’t you support Nigerian fabrics?
It’s not that I don’t support Nigerian fabrics, it’s just about what is ready for me to wear, which goes with my brand. I wear natives of course. Like I said, I was on a campaign with Yomi Casual and native on Vogue fashion week in Port Harcourt, it was actually a native show. But naturally, I would rather wear a suit not because I have a preference, its something you are sooth in. If you wear something you are comfortable in, you will speak better, you will look better and act better. So, that’s my idea of an outfit.

Do you plan to cut your dreadlocks?
Well, you have to ask Kanu this question. If you are in the entertainment industry, different people pick different style, you pick different personality, so whatever goes with you, you go with it and if it does not go with you, don’t try to be somebody else.

When do you plan to settle down?
(Laughs), mehn, you guys just keep to your social media, you will know when the wedding bells will start ringing because this boy right here is going to the top and there is a saying that once a man has found a wife, has found a good thing, So hopefully I pray that some day that I find a good thing to go with.