Bride Who Breastfed Her Child During Wedding Ceremony Has A Word For Mothers

This beautiful 22-year-old mother shared photo of her breastfeeding her son on her wedding day and wrote:


“I enjoy nursing my son and I made sure when I chose my wedding dress I would be able to nurse throughout my entire night,” she said.


“And I was able to. So I just want to share with women that no matter who doubts you or who turns their noses up to breastfeeding that it can be done. No one should feel embarrassed about feeding their child in the most natural way”


This may be a subtle reiteration of the statement made by Pope Francis some days ago about breastfeeding babies in public where the Pope told nursing mothers to Feel free to breastfeed “hungry” babies in church.


He went on to say; “The benefits of breastfeeding include providing optimal nutrition and an immune system boost for babies, while helping mothers bond with infants and speeding maternal weight loss after birth.”


In many countries around the world, however, women are still widely discouraged from breastfeeding, especially when they are in public.


VIDEO: Groom’s secret lover turns up to his wedding in same dress as bride.

A groom’s secret lover shocked wedding guests when she turned up at the ceremony – wearing the same dress as the bride.

The ceremony, which is thought to have taken place in Ghana, was interrupted when the woman burst in wearing a white veil , gloves and gown.

A video recorded at the wedding shows guests whooping as the love cheat groom stands looking sheepish.

Watch Video:


Meanwhile, his lover can be seen trying to stand close to the pair as a man attempts to usher her away.

Shouting and screaming can be heard and, at one stage, the woman grabs the mic and speaks to the audience in a local dialect, apparently explaining that the groom is a philanderer.

It is unclear whether the ceremony went ahead, however Ghana AudioVisual News claimed a fight later broke out in the hall.

The Ghanaian news service uploaded the video to YouTube and it has been viewed more than 80,000 times.

It isn’t the first time a lover has tried to upstage the bride.

In another similar video revealed in May, a woman shouts during another ceremony, “so this is what you left my house for this morning?” – indicating she has a romantic relationship with the groom .

“And the other night?” she exclaims while clapping extremely loudly.

Gasps and murmurs can be heard as the groom turns to look into the crowd of guests.

A woman in red eventually stands up and appears to walk towards the unseen heckler as another woman can be heard saying: “She’s got to go”.

The clip was posted on WorldStarHipHop where it was viewed thousands of times.

While some viewers speculated that the clip may have been staged, others were adamant that the footage was authentic.

Running Bride Cancelled Her Wedding On Discovering Her Man Isn’t A Chevron Staff

“The Running Bride Cancelled Her Wedding On Discovering Her Man Isn’t A Chevron Staff” – Facebook User Claims
This is one of the disadvantages of online dating. According to a Facebook user who shared the photos yesterday,a bride just discovered that her man is not a Chevron staff as he claims to be and called off her wedding in Akwa Ibom.Below is what she wrote…..


Bride just discovered on wedding morning that her husband-to – be was actually not A CHEVRON STAFF.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Badoo etc all said he was a Chevron staff , but the truth was revealed this morning..

Na wooooooo ohhhh!’
See gobe. More photos below…

Image credit: Nkiruhomann

Bride Gets Dumped Week To Her Wedding, Destroys Wedding Gown In Heart Touching Way

Kilee Manulak was only a week away from her wedding when her husband-to-be dropped a bomb on her.

Well, not so much of a bomb as a text message saying he didn’t want to marry her.

“I just kind of went numb,” the Florida woman told WFLA. “My maid of honor, my mom and all my friends just helped me… I was just so devastated.”

She did allow herself a few days to grieve, but afterward she decided to “get even” with her ex in her own way — by signing up with her bridesmaids for the Color Fun Fest in Tampa, Florida. The goal: to ruin their dresses.

Manulak loved her dress and wanted to keep it after her wedding, but since it didn’t happen — and it signified sadness — she wanted to get rid of it.

“I wanted to maybe alter it, or do something new to it,” she said of her post-wedding plans for the gorgeous gown. “But I definitely didn’t want to destroy it.”

Manulak feels the same way about her broken wedding.

“I definitely want to tell him thank you for sparing me heartaches down the road, and thank you for letting me go so I can find true happiness,” Manulak said of what she wants her ex-fiancé to know now.

Credit: SheKnows

Saudi Man Divorces Wife Two Days After Marriage, Says She Is The Source Of Badluck

The superstitious man divorced his wife two days after their marriage, claiming she brought bad luck.
According to Gulf News, the man reportedly said that he thought something was wrong with his bride after witnessing a series of incidents.

He claimed that on their first day together, the curtains of the flat where they went to spend their honeymoon came down on the floor and the waiter who was serving them when they went out for their first dinner slipped and fell.

He added that when they returned to the flat, the bottle of perfume he was holding also fell on the floor when he told his bride that it had a great smell, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported.
The man thought that all the falls that occurred after the marriage were a negative sign and that his wife was going to be bad luck in his life, and decided to divorce her. The next day, he took her to her family’s home and told her parents that he was divorcing her.
However, social media users criticised the man for his attitude.
     “Does he think that marriage is such a trivial matter,” one blogger, Competent, asked.
     “Does he think that you can marry a woman and divorce her so easily over such trivial matters? He obviously needs help. He should not be allowed to play with people’s emotions as per his wishes.”
Yara, another user, said that the groom acted in a dramatically nonsensical manner.
     “The reason for the divorce is so frivolous and in fact reflects how limited his mind is,” she posted. “If he associates eyes with terrible signs, then he should talk with her and see what can be done, not divorce her.”
Another blogger congratulated the bride on her “lucky escape” from a strange groom.
     “Maybe he should consider that he may be the reason for the incidents,” he said. “The woman is obviously lucky to move out of the life of an obsessed man with a sick mind.”
For a blogger writing under the moniker of Falkon, the grounds cited by the husband for the divorce did not make sense.
     “This is utter nonsense and the reason is not logical at all,” he said. “We know there are some omens related to the eyes, but we also know there are prayers people say to keep the evil eye away.”

Source: Gulf News

LOL! What Guys Actually Think Of As Their Bride Walks Down The Aisle

The sweet:

“Look at that beautiful idiot. What a fool she is showing up here.” —Uhhnox

“I kept saying to myself ‘don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry’ right before my wife started walking down the [aisle]. As soon as I saw her I had to look at my groomsmen to avoid being an emotional mess, which made it worse because I made eye contact with my brother, who has been my best friend my entire life and my eyes watered up. Went back to looking at my wife but I couldn’t see how good she looked because of my tears. Thank God for pictures!” —Pokeyh4x

The heartfelt:

“Just got married in July. 72 hours before our wedding, my fiancee and I went to the doctor for the first ultrasound of our 12-week-old baby. There was no heartbeat. She was in surgery the next day for a D&E procedure. On the morning of our wedding, she spent three hours in the ER dealing with post-surgery complications, but she rallied and we got married as scheduled. As she walked down the aisle, none of our guests knew about her ordeal except for our family and best friends. We all teared up, knowing what she was going through. We got married on the beach in Cape Cod, so it was a long walk across the sand. As she approached, all I could think about was how fucking much I love her. What a strong, beautiful, and amazing woman.” —Velospeed

“30 years for me…I can still see her standing there…absolutely burned in my brain, along with the birth of our children. She was (and is) so beautiful…I felt (and feel) so lucky. It was like the whole world was gray, and as she walked toward me, the world became color in her path. I can’t even imagine the kind of man I would be without her.” —Mrmidhoratio

The tragic:

“‘I am making the worst mistake of my life.’ Divorced two and a half years later. Don’t get married young. Period.” —Mormonsarebrainwashd

“‘This is a mistake… This is a mistake…’ We separated in June and are in the initial steps of divorce.” —isthisoneinvalidtoo

“I was thinking: ‘Please let this be legit, I hope she does not bail when she gets her green card’. She bailed. I am currently putting in an annulment and have her arrested for immigration fraud.” —TeddyV

The tearjerker:

“I’ve been married multiple times. My last wife was pushed down the aisle in a wheelchair.
I was thinking ‘I wish this day could last forever.’ She passed away 17 days later.” -—FullNoodleFrontity

Since we can’t leave you on that note…the funny:

“I was thinking, ‘So this is it. I’ve finally did it. This beautiful woman is mine. Wait, fuck, she’s falling. Try not to laugh. Don’t laugh. Shit, I’m laughing.'” —TheMuffinguy

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Bride To Be Dumped An Hour Before Taking The Vows Just Because She Wanted Kids From The Marriage

Lol some weird stories we read on A bride-to-be whose partner dumped her as she stood in her veil an hour before their wedding has written a letter detailing her heartbreak. Cyndi Maisonneuve says she was “blindsided” when her fiancée broke things off as the wedding guests waited on a beach in Hawaii where the ceremony was due to take place.

In her letter to the Guardian, Cyndi says:

“He came into the room and said we needed to talk alone. He was crying. I assumed he was letting the emotion of the day get to him. Then he said it.

‘I don’t think I can do this.’

I stood there – with the veil already in my hair. This man who was supposed to be the love of my life was telling me he was calling off the wedding less than an hour before we were due on the beach. I didn’t even ask why. I told him to leave.

In her letter, she speaks about how she was about to marry a man that was her best friend, who she’d met two years earlier at a baseball game.

She describes them as besotted and said when he proposed after six months on a beach at sunrise, it didn’t feel too soon.

Cyndi writes: “I was 23 and it felt as if life was coming together.

“People would say how good we were as a match.”

But somehow everything went wrong.

“I had to watch from the window as my sister went to the beach and let everyone know,” she told.

“While I’d been out that morning, he had taken all his clothes and passport.

“He’d actually left me.

“I was heartbroken.”

Cyndi had to stay at the holiday resort for a week, bumping into her ex-fiancée who also stayed on the island.

She describes how she tried to pack her days with activities to stop her thinking about things, and to try and tire herself out so she would fall asleep at night.

The devastated woman ends the letter with: “The reason he gave for calling it off was that he didn’t want children and I did.

“He never said why that became an irresolvable issue only on the day itself.

“Eventually we lost touch.

“Now, six years on, I’ve started dating again.

“What happened is far enough in the past now not to hurt so much.

“I can even laugh about it.”