Internet Goes WILD For Beyonce & Jay Z Video Featuring Wedding, Baby Bump, Blue Ivy & More

Privacy is so 2000 and late late thing ! We remember when Jay Z and Beyonce used to hide every aspect of their relationship, now, the couple has evolved and are giving fans more snippets into their wonderful life together. As they round off their successful “On the Run” tour, the couple present this video which features their private life that has always been kept secret from paparazzi and poking ears and eyes of the public


The Carters go to Paris Church, See Photos.

Beyonce is sharing family photos, but surprisingly and probably for the first time, we see the Carters going to church.


Pictures of wonderful family moments in Paris of the Carters shared by queen Bey, while she and Jay Z were in town filming their On The Run HBO special.

Taking a break from their tour, the entire family visited famous landmarks including the gorgeous Notre Dame cathedral where the family was captured in a quiet moment of spirituality in these snaps that were shared on



Beyonce Reveals Abs, Not Baby Bump (Bikini Photos)

Recent rumours imply that queen Bee is pregnant, but the star celebrity reveals otherwise in sizzling bikini photos, revealing abs and not a baby bump.


She also released a few photos from her birthday and their vacation with husband, Jay Z in a chartered yacht around Europe along with their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

bee bday malta

Beyonce Crashes Wedding in Italy

beyonce-bride-wedding-article    beyonce-bride-wedding-2-inline


Currently on a vacation in Portofino, Italy, Beyonce, 33, and husband Jay Z, 44, decided to pop into a local church on Saturday.

The A-list couple claimed they didn’t know there was a wedding going on, but Beyonce more than made up for it by taking a picture with the ecstatic bride.

And despite being underdressed for the occasion in a pink floral bikini, a nude sarong skirt, black shades and a straw hat, Queen Bey still managed to look picture-perfect and obviously made the bride’s day.

Wonder if anyone notices the absence of their number 3. Where is Blue Ivy?


Beyonce and Solange: Sisters Stick Closer

Looks like the Solange/ Jayz drama is gradually buried six foot beneath earth as the Knowles Sisters’ bond solidifies intensely. Regardless of previous rumours  assuming feuds and cold wars between the two sisters due to the elevator drama, which also led to more rumours regarding the near wreck of the power couple Jay Z and Queen Bee; things seem to be looking pretty different from the other side.

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bee n s

Well recently, both sisters have been sharing lovely pictures of themselves with so much glee. You could hardly spot pretense on both faces because their facial expressions look very real. Maybe it is because blood is thicker than water or probably because sisters stick closer than a “brother”. Or maybe their only fight should be a fan fight on whose celebrity is more prettier.

b n s   Cute-Beyonce-Solange-Knowles-Pictures

Beyonce & Jay Z At Music Festival; I SEE LOVE!!!!

After many months of speculation by various media sources about the power couple  been unhappy,  with Beyonce possibly seeking a divorce from her husband and a follow up on  Solanges ( Beyonces sister ) lift incident with Jay Z the couple stepped out over the weekend in a happy mood with smiles that the public have not seen them with in a while.


jarf - Copy                                   jayu - Copy

The couple both appeared on stage together after Beyonce VMA performance, but still rumors had it that the couple were masking things especially after reports surfaced that blu ivy was praying for her parents not to split i guess this pictures would help douse the rumors of a possible split.

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