Save Aviation Industry Before Another Plane Crash – Ben Bruce tells Senate

The Senator representing Bayelsa East senatorial district, Ben Murray-Bruce has predicted there will be a plane crash if the Senate does not take immediate action concerning urgent issues in the aviation industry.

The Senator said this at plenary, while speaking on the alleged deteriorating state of the aviation industry in Nigeria.

He moved a motion in favour of lesser taxes, regulations and reduced government interference in airline operations in the country.

He said: “The airport is nothing but a mall and can be self-financed by private sectors better. The Government does not need money to borrow to maintain or build airports.

“Airlines can be profitable if government will stop interfering in the way they are run.

“We are taxing the airlines to death, taxes should not be more than 5 or 10 percentage like in other countries but we charge about 40%.

“Tax Agencies in Nigeria are concerned about generating revenue which this is counterproductive to the airline.

“You cannot regulate the prices of tickets. This way you guarantee they don’t make profits, therefore their services will be reduced.

“No airline will delay you for eight hours unless they do not have finances to buy fuel, pay pilots and other services.”

He then urged the Senate to take the motion seriously, as hindrance to take action will lead to an accident which will lead to loss of so many lives.

“This motion is serious because an accident is about to happen, a plane will crash (and) people will die. I urge my colleagues to take this motion seriously.

“Find a way to work with the airlines not to kill them and find a way to make this motion productive and make it possible for them to be successful so we can live.”

Ben Bruce: I will fight Buhari in 2019

Ben Murray-Bruce, the senator representing Bayelsa East senatorial district at the national assembly, says he will fight President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 although the president currently retains his support.

The founder of the Silverbird group disclosed this while speaking in an interview with Peace Hyde.

“Buhari is the president today; he is my president. I must respect him regardless of what I feel.

“In 2019 we can fight but right now I want the economy to grow. If I take the position that I want to destroy APC and destroy Nigeria, will there be any Nigeria for me to fix in 2019?

“So it’s a dumb move to try to destroy your president or somebody you hate and destroy your country in the process. I’ll fight Buhari in 2019 but today he is my president; I will support him.”

Murray-Bruce also spoke on the western media’s coverage of Nigeria as well as his greatest goal in life.

“The Western press don’t like you. don’t be fooled. They see you as a product and sometimes you have value. They don’t see you as the destination for any major event, they will hit you hard,” he said.

“My greatest goal in life is to support the poor and I support them for two reasons. One, they are poor and they need help. Second is that if you don’t support them, they will kill you. The rich uses the poor to kill the rich. They kidnap, rape and maim you. We have a serious problem in this country.”

He has advised Nigerian presidents to appoint a minister of common sense to solve the problems of Nigeria.

“A lot of people in government do dumb things. I’ve told successive presidents in this country to appoint a minister of common sense.

“The minister of common sense will not have a budget. All the minister would do is to think about Nigeria and find solutions to the problems of Nigeria without thinking about enriching himself.”

Your anti-corruption policy scaring investors – Sen. Bruce tells Buhari

Senator Ben Bruce (PDP Bayelsa East) on Thursday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to adjust his approach to the anti-corruption crusade, saying the policy was scaring investors.

Bruce, who disclosed this while contributing to the Senate’s debate on the economic recession in the country, said Nigeria should not expect foreign investments as even local investors had stopped investing.

He said that people who had money to invest were no longer doing so because the anti-graft agencies were harassing any person with cash transactions running into millions.

He said: “Buhari’s approach to anti-corruption is wrong.

“Let us forget the foreign investors.

“What about the local investors?

“If people are afraid, they will not invest.

“Fear will not be a policy to grow the economy.

“Money is a coward.

“It only goes to places where there is peace and tranquillity.

“I have a friend who paid legitimate N50 million into his account and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission came and picked him up.

“We cannot be afraid to be Nigerians, we cannot be afraid to live in our country.”

Bruce recalled that former President Olusegun Obasanjo also fought corruption but that his anti-corruption fight was not one that put fear in the minds of real investors.

He said he supported Buhari’s anti-corruption fight but insisted that the approach should be changed to encourage investments.

On the prices of food in the market, Bruce said that poor Nigerians were feeling the brunt far more than the rich.

He said the prices of bags of rice, beans and garri had risen by over 50 per cent, while the retail prices of the same commodity rose by over 150 per cent.

The lawmaker said that while the rich bought the commodities in bags, the poor, whose minimum wage had not changed, had to buy at 150 per cent increased rate.

He attributed the increase in retail prices of items to the cost of transportation and called for a transport policy to check transportation costs.

Why Minimum Wage Should Not Be Reduced- Ben Bruce

Ben Murray Bruce has charged the thirty six governors of the country not to reduce the N18,000 minimum wage, stating that it is unjust for a government to contemplate reducing the workers pay.

In a twitter rant he hashtagged #Dontreduceminimumwage, the senator makes intellectual common sense as to why it should not be reduced. See his reasons in his tweets below:

You Can Not Stop Me From Donating My Wardrobe Allowance To Osun Workers, Bruce Tells Aregbesola

Ben Murray-Bruce has insisted that he would give 50% of his wardrobe allowance to workers in Osun State and the State Governor cannot stop him. Osun State workers are yet to receive salaries in 7 months. This comes after Governor Aregbesola of Osun State hit out at Ben Bruce gestures as being ridiculous, telling him to rather give his allowances to PDP states that had similar remuneration problems.

Ben Bruce had this to say on his twitter account, “I’ll take whatever attacks come my way but nothing and nobody can dissuade me from doing what my conscience directs in helping my fellow man,”

On ridiculing the governor, he said: “The month of Ramadan is here. Many unpaid workers will fast. With what will they break their fast? I thought of that and it moved me to act”

“I may not be a Muslim, but I respect Islam and I believe that it is wrong for me to respond to any attack during the Holy month of Ramadan,” he said.

I Will Not Respond To Your Attack During Ramadan, Ben Bruce To Aregbesola

Senator Ben Murray Bruce, has said that in the spirit of the month of Ramadan observed by Muslim faithfuls, he will not respond to critics over his decision to donate half of his wardrobe allowance to the unpaid workers in Osun state.

“I’ll take whatever attacks come my way but nothing & nobody can dissuade me from doing what my conscience directs in helping my fellow man. The month of Ramadan is here. Many unpaid workers will fast. With what will they break their fast?

I thought of that and it moved me to act. I may not be a Muslim, but I respect Islam and I believe that it is wrong for me to respond to any attack during the Holy month of Ramadan. I wish the Muslim Ummah a successful fast. Please pray for God’s intervention in Nigeria so that peace may return. Ramadan Kareem, ” he posted on twitter.

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Ben Bruce Offers Solution To Fuel Scarcity


Once again Ben Bruce is  a trending topic across social media as he has offered a solution to the current fuel scarcity in the country.

“My electric car is charged by solar. The sun is my energy. That’s why I introduced it in Nigeria. With it, I’m not blackmailed by marketers!” he tweeted.

NNPC should do the job they contract to marketers. If marketers can import, so can NNPC. Nigeria doesn’t need marketers, they need Nigeria!” he added.

‘The Hottest Place In Hell Should Be Reserved For Governors’ – Ben Bruce Speaks Up

Ben Murray-Bruce does not hide from the spotlight as he recently took to his social media platform to voice his opinion on the excesses of the present administration and its lawmakers.

Mr Bruce took to his Twitter handle to direct his posts at the executives and legislative arms of the government.

Reactions have trailed Senator-elect of Bayelsa East Senatorial District in Bayelsa state and Chairman of the ever-expanding Silverbird Group’s tweets centering on good governance and public sector accountability.


Since the former Director-General of the Nigerian Television Authority joined Twitter he has dived right into political matters, taking on issues that have been contentious in the National Assembly, such as pay-cuts for legislators, housing for government officials, and banning of imported products to encourage local enterprise.




His tweets come at an interesting time. President-Elect Muhammadu Buhari is known for his tough anti-corruption stance and is widely expected to cut the cost of government.

Notable figures such as Sen. Bukola Saraki and others have admitted to the need to cut the cost of running the National Assembly.

According to civic responsibility start-up Budget, the National Assembly budget is higher than that of 21 states in Nigeria.

This is obviously outrageous and Mr Bruce seems to be unhappy about it.

Still, his words have not come without criticism as many twitter users also reacted and faulting his sudden outburst and attacks on government officials.

Twitter users bemoaned his silence throughout the President Goodluck Jonathan administration while other questioned his effort and dedication during his time as the Director-General of NTA. Still others questioned his ability to champion the causes he has mentioned and the wisdom of some of the policy ideas he has advocated, such as protectionism for products manufactured in Nigeria.

Come May 29th, Nigerians will have an opportunity to hold Sen. Murray-Bruce and the Buhari-led executive government to account for the promises made to Nigerians during their campaigns.

Over the past few days the senator-elect has been going on about how public funds are being wasted by politicians in the country, calling for measures to be taken to curb this

#SaveMeka: Rhythm FM Abuja-Based OAP Needs Funds For Kidney Transplant

Rhythm FM 94.7 On Air Personality (OAP), Meka Akerojola, requires funds to undergo a kidney transplant in India. In the past week, colleagues, family, and friends of the Abuja-based OAP, have taken to social media to ask Nigerians to contribute to his treatment which is estimated to cost between N8-10 million.

Earlier today, writer, public speaker, and Chief Strategist Of Japheth Omojuwa, twitted, “Relapse. I visited him at the Hospital and he is in need #SaveMeka.”

“Rhythm FM’s Meka needs our help. Kidney challenge. Donate via Zenith 1004157460 Akerejola Meka or FCMB 242796901 Meka Akerejola #SaveMeka,” Omojuwa also twitted.

Since the emergence of the hashtag #SaveMeka, Tweeps have been tweeting at Ben Murray-Bruce, Chairman of the Silverbird group, owners of Rhythm FM, urging him to donate generously to the course.

In an interview with Metropole shortly after an earlier treatment in 2013, Meka noted that as a result of his health issues, he tries to relax more and not engage in strenuous activities.

 “Because of my health status,” he had said, “my lifestyle has changed. I am not huge on clubbing.”

Sadly, his condition has gotten worst, as his two kidneys are said to be malfunctioning.

To help #SaveMeka, donate to:

Bank- Zenith

Account name: Meka Akerejola

Account no: 1004157460


Bank: FCMB

Account name: Meka Akerejola

Account no: 2427969013

 Credit – Metropole

I’ll Expose Anybody That Offers Bribe To Me, My Colleagues Says Senator-Elect, Ben Bruce

A ?Senator-elect from Bayelsa State, Ben Murray-Bruce, has vowed to expose anyone who offers him or any other Senators bribe.

Mr. Murray-Bruce is part of the eighth Senate due for inauguration early June.

He said as Senator, he will expose any offer of “Ghana-Must-Go” to him or his colleagues.

Ghana-Must-Go bags are commonly used to convey large sums of money in Nigeria.

“Not while I’m there!” he assured his over 15,000 followers. “I will expose ANYBODY that dares approach me or my colleagues with Ghana Must Go.”

The Senator-elect said the incoming administration of Muhammadu Buhari should patronise Made-in-Nigeria products and services.

Mr. Murray-Bruce, few days ago, was bashed by Nigerians on Twitter over his sudden anti-corruption crusade, following a series of tweets. He was criticised for being less vocal during the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan, believed to be characterised by corruption.

He currently uses the micro-blogging site to speak his mind and unveil some of his plans for the 8th National Assembly.

He said the incoming assembly ?”won’t be a rubber stamp”.?

Senate: Ben Bruce Faces Disqualification Over Dual Citizenship

A former Attorney General of Bayelsa state, Chief Anthony George – Ikoli SAN has filed a suit before a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja challenging the eligibility of the Chairman of Silver Group, Ben Bruce in contesting the Bayelsa East Senatorial District election.

Chief George -Okoli is asking the court to disqualify Ben Bruce from contesting the election on the ground of his dual citizenship.

Bayelsa East Senatorial district comprises of three local governments namely Brass, Nembe, and Ogbia Local governments. Four people contested for the senatorial slot; they are Bruce, George-Ikoli, Madam Irene Digitemi and Mr Nelson Belief. The leadership of the PDP at the state had allegedly prevailed upon other candidates to step down for Bruce on account of his closeness to President Goodluck Jonathan.

The originating summons filed before the court by Chief George-Ikoli seeks the court to determine the following issues:

Whether having regard to the combined provisions of Sections 66(1)(a) and 28(1) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), an aspirant for the elective office of the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who whilst voluntarily acquiring the citizenship of another country (that is the United States of America) and in the process of which he (the aspirant) declares on oath, the absolute and entire renunciation of citizenship of and allegiance and fidelity to Nigeria can without more be eligible and seek election to the office of Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

Whether an aspirant to the elective office of the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who has declared under oath, that “he will support and defend the constitution of the United States of America, and he absolutely and entirely renounces and abjures all allegiance and fidelity to every prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, (including the Federal Republic of Nigeria) of whom or which he was heretofore a subject or citizen” is eligible by the clear provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended);

Whether a citizen of the United States of America whose citizenship is voluntarily acquired by subscription to the “Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America” and which oath absolutely and entirely abjures allegiance to a foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which he was heretofore a subject or citizen is eligible by the plurality of the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) to contest for the elective office of Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

Whether the third defendant is not wrong to accept the nomination of the first defendant by the second defendant as its nominee for election to the office of Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District at the forth coming 2015 National Assembly elections in view of the renunciation of the citizenship of Nigeria by the first defendant’s subscription to the absolute, unconditional and entire oath of allegiance of the United States of America;

Whether the first defendant having voluntarily subscribed to the absolute oath of allegiance to the United States of America and acquired its citizenship is not hereby ineligible to contest for the office of Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; and
Whether the second defendant is not wrong to present the first defendant as its candidate for the election to the office of Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District

In a 15 paragraph affidavit deposed to by Chief George-Ikoli, he alleged that after the primary elections at which he came second, he undertook an independent investigations of the entire process leading to the primaries and discovered that the first defendant had disclosed in the affidavit he deposed to in INEC form C.F 001 that he had voluntarily acquired the citizenship of the United States of America and owes allegiance to that country.