Most People Believe This Is Why Donald Trump Won, Watch This Video

Aside many theories and analysis surrounding the surprise victory of Donald Trump, many spirituals are of the opinion that this video explains why he beat Hillary Clinton.

The video shows the president elect surrounded by clergies who took turns to pray for him. It was said that  Donald Trump met in New York City with several evangelicals, televangelists and a Jews for Jesus rabbi, who prayed for him to emerge victorious in the election.

Watch video below:


APC Does Not Believe In Zoning, Says Tinubu

Former Lagos State Governor, Ahmed Tinubu, has disclosed that the All Progressives Congress does not believe in Zoning when it comes to sharing of political office.

He further states that Nigerians should look forward to the incoming APC-led administration and the time has come for change.

Tinubu was briefing reporters at the Benin Airport about the sharing of the political offices. It is now time for progress, Tinubu stated.

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#BelieveItOrNot: Dog Worship Day in Nepal

Nepalese are marking the five-day long festival of Tihar, and celebrations today are dedicated to the worship of dogs.

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Also known as the festival of lights, devotees also worship the goddess of wealth Laxmi by illuminating and decorating their homes using garlands, oil lamps, candles and colorful light bulbs.

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