There’s a ‘plot to trigger anti-Buhari protests’ across the nation – Group

A group known as the Northern Patriotic Assembly has alleged that there were plans to trigger a nationwide protest against President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a press conference on Monday, Kwuanu Terrence, spokesman of the group, said some individuals intend to exploit Buhari’s health saga through paid protests and “media propaganda”.

Terrence said Buhari did what he ought to have done by informing the national assembly that he was proceeding on a medical leave.

“We have reliably gathered that the inhumane rumours about the president’s health are calculated to cause a sense of uncertainty when he eventually returns to the country so that there would be apprehension about the veracity of any decision taken by him and for Nigerians to see him as someone whose body may not pull through the rigours of state functions,” he said.

“The plot in this instance is to trigger nationwide protests similar to the Yar’Adua era, asking him to abdicate.

“Fortunately, no human being is God to be able to correctly predict the outcome of schemes undertaken in pursuit of inordinate ambitions.

“We have been clearly informed that a governor has set up a secretariat for meetings of elders to harness their best brains and further such alliances in the event that President Buhari has to continue staying back on doctor’s recommendation.

“For this purpose, a refined model of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) has been activated to be launched in the coming days. Financial mobilisation for paid protesters is being concluded as we speak.”