Man commits suicide after third deportation from the US

With just a plastic bag of belongings in his hand, a Mexican man who was deported from the United States Tuesday promptly killed himself, jumping off a bridge in view of the US border.

Sinaloa state native Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 44, threw himself to his death, authorities said. He had jumped 30 meters (100 feet).

Witnesses said the man was in great distress after being sent back to Mexico for the third time.

The tragedy comes as US President Donald Trump has pledged to deport millions of undocumented migrants living in the United States.

Trump has called Mexican migrants criminals and pledged to build a massive border wall.




Melania Trump ‘has no intention’ of profiting From Public Role – Lawyer

Melania Trump “has no intention of using her position for profit”, her lawyer has said, after a court document suggested the First Lady expected to develop “multi-million dollar business relationships” in her new role.

The controversy centres around a lawsuit filed on behalf of Mrs Trump in New York state court against Mail Media, the Daily Mail’s owner, over a now-retracted report that falsely claimed she once worked as an escort.

The $150m (£120m) lawsuit claims the article had cost her millions of dollars in potential business.

Mrs Trump had a “unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to launch numerous product lines, including jewellery, apparel, shoes and cosmetics at a time when she is “one of the most photographed women in the world,” according to the new lawsuit.

The document does not specifically mention her role as First Lady, but speaks of developing “multi-million dollar business relationships”.

The passage drew attention, with ethics experts and US media questioning whether she wanted to use her presence in the White House for profit.

But Charles Harder, Mrs Trump’s lawyer, said the First Lady “has no intention of using her position for profit and will not do so”.

“It is not a possibility,” Mr Harder said.

“Any statements to the contrary are being misinterpreted.”

This week Mrs Trump, a former model who married President Donald Trump in 2005, also settled a defamation lawsuit for a “substantial sum” against a Maryland blogger who wrote about the false claims she had worked as an escort.

Mrs Trump has kept a low profile since her husband’s inauguration on 20 January.

She is living in New York while her son Barron finishes the school year.

Mrs Trump joined the President last weekend at their home in Florida but has not returned to Washington since the inauguration.

Iran retaliates, denies US wrestling team visas after Trump ban

Iran has refused visas for US athletes due to compete in an international wrestling tournament in response to President Donald Trump’s travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries, the foreign ministry said Friday.

“Considering the policies adopted by the new US administration, the foreign ministry was inevitably forced to refuse travel by the US wrestling team to Iran,” spokesman Bahram Ghasemi was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency.

The team was due to take part in the event in western Iran from February 16-17.

Trump signed an executive order a week ago barring entry of all refugees to the US for 120 days, Syrian refugees indefinitely and blocking citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entry for 90 days.

The order, which caused mayhem worldwide and has been met with legal challenges, was later clarified to say that green card holders were not targeted by the ban.

Iran on Thursday rejected a warning from Trump over its latest missile test as “baseless and provocative”, reflecting growing tensions between Tehran and the new US administration.

Trump’s Travel Ban Discriminatory — Obama

A former US President, Barack Obama, has criticised President Donald Trump’s executive order to curb immigration, backing protesters who have taken to the nation’s airports to express their displeasure.

Obama, in a statement on Monday by his spokesperson, Kevin Lewis, said Trump’s immigration policy was discriminatory.

“The (former) President fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion,” CNN quoted Lewis as saying.

Lewis added that Obama perceived the protests as “exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.”

This is the first time Obama, who ceded power to Trump 10 days ago, would criticise the current President, breaking an unwritten rule that former presidents should refrain from criticising the current White House occupant.

Trump had on Friday banned seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days and suspended the admission of all refugees.

Trump’s order temporarily banned immigration from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia and indefinitely stopped Syrian refugees from coming to the United States.





President Trump Fires Acting Attorney General who Said Travel Ban was not Lawful

President Donald Trump fired acting US Attorney General Sally Yates after she defied him on his controversial executive order on immigrants and refugees, according to a statement White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer issued Monday night.

“The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States,” the statement read in part.

Yates — an appointee of former President Barack Obama — told the Justice Department earlier Monday not to defend Trump’s executive order.

Yates, who was set to be replaced by Trump’s appointee Jeff Sessions once he’s confirmed, denounced the executive order in a letter to Justice Department lawyers, saying it may not be lawful.

“I am responsible for ensuring that the positions we take in court remain consistent with this institution’s solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right,” Yates said in the letter.

“At present, I am not convinced that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful.”

Trump’s executive action, authorized on Friday, calls for a temporary halt on all refugees coming to the US, and bars the entry of foreign nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries. The order has sparked protests in streets and airports across the country, and has been roundly condemned from members of both parties. Trump spent the day Monday vigorously defending the order.

Trump criticized Yates in a tweet Monday evening:
Yates’s directive was generally a symbolic one and would only have been enforced until she left office.

Yates was appointed by former Democratic President Barack Obama.
The White House dismissed her comments as rhetoric and said Trump acted within his presidential powers.

A new acting AG Dana Boente was sworn in immediately.

US Allies worried

There was criticism from within the U.S. government. U.S. State Department officials circulated a draft memo of dissent, saying Trump’s move would hurt America’s image abroad and inflame anti-American sentiment.

Separately, U.S. officials said the department received multiple cables from U.S. embassies over the weekend reporting foreign dissatisfaction at the order.

The Iraqi parliament voted to ask the country’s government to retaliate against the United States, putting at risk cooperation in the fight against Islamic State.

A government official in Baghdad said Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari plans to meet the U.S. ambassador soon to express dismay at Trump’s decision.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson joined a chorus of concern expressed by U.S. allies, ranging from Iraq to Germany.

“This is, of course, a highly controversial policy, which has caused unease and, I repeat, this is not an approach that this government would take,” Johnson told parliament.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in London and other British cities on Monday to demonstrate against the ban. People, some holding placards reading “No to Racism, No to Trump” and “Dump Trump,” staged a protest outside the Prime Minister’s Downing Street residence.

Trump moves to stop US Embassy from issuing visas to citizens of 7 countries

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to sign executive orders today that includes a suspension of visas for citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African countries.

This was revealed by congressional aides and immigration experts, who asked not to be named, briefed on the matter. Trump gave a hint about this on twitter, saying a big day was planned on national security on Wednesday.

He is expected to block visas being issued to anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.



CEO of US cybersecurity Firm Resigns After Trump Threat

The CEO of a cybersecurity firm in San Diego has resigned after posting on his now-deleted Facebook page threatening comments about President-elect Donald Trump.

Matt Harrigan, who founded PacketSled, stepped down on Tuesday after his online postings prompted a backlash and calls for a probe.

The company said that it had accepted Harrigan’s resignation after he admitted to posting the online comments on election night November 8 as the shock outcome of the vote became clear.

“Once we were made aware of these comments, we immediately reported the information to the Secret Service and will cooperate fully with any inquiries,” the company said in a statement.

Harrigan in his expletive-laden online rant wrote that he would be “getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts.”

He added, apparently addressing Trump: “Find a bedroom in the whitehouse (sic) that suits you (expletive). I’ll find you.”

He later apologized in a Twitter message saying his comments were a “flawed joke” taken out of context and that he had no “malicious intention” toward Trump.

Donald Trump Says he Will Take Just $1 as Salary

US President-elect Donald Trump has said he would take $1 as his salary a year and not the $400,000 that comes with the US president’s job and will refrain from going on any vacation.

Asked whether he was going to the president’s salary, 70-year-old Trump said, “No, I’m not gonna take the salary. I’m not taking it,” confirming a promise he made in a campaign video in September. “I think I have to by law take $1, so I’ll take $1 a year. But I don’t even know what it is,” Trump told CBS’s “60 Minute” in an interview aired yesterday.

Trump said he did not know what the salary of a US President is and also said he would not take any vacation.

“We have so much work. There’s so much work to be done. And I want to get it done for the people,” he said.

“I want to get it done. We’re lowering taxes, we’re taking care of health care. I mean, there’s just so much to be done. So I don’t think we’ll be very big on vacations, no,” Trump said, ruling out a vacation for himself.

Trump defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential vote, in a result which shocked many who had expected her to win following favourable opinion polls.


Trump to Meet Chinese President on Bilateral Ties

hinese President Xi Jinping and US president-elect Donald Trump agreed Monday to meet “at an early date” to discuss the relationship between their two powers, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said Monday.

In a telephone call, Xi told Trump — who frequently savaged Beijing on the campaign trail and threatened to impose a 45-percent tariff on Chinese-made goods — that the world’s top two economies “need cooperation and there are a lot of things we can cooperate on”, CCTV reported.

Xi and Trump “vowed to keep close contact, build good working relations, and meet at an early date to exchange views on issues of mutual interest and the development of bilateral ties”, CCTV said.

Before his election, Trump went as far as calling the Asian giant America’s “enemy”, accused it of artificially lowering its currency to boost exports, and pledged to stand up to a country he says views the US as a pushover.

He has vowed to pursue a policy of “peace through strength” and build up the US navy.

But he also indicated he is not interested in getting involved in far-off squabbles, and decried the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal, which encompasses several other Asian countries and has been seen as an effort to bolster US influence, for costing American jobs.

CCTV cited Trump as saying in the call that China was a large and important nation that he was willing to work with, and that he believed Sino-US relations could realise “win-win” benefits.

The phrasing the broadcaster attributed to the US president-elect is typical of Chinese diplomacy.

In a statement, Trump’s office confirmed the call and said that “the leaders established a clear sense of mutual respect for one another”.

Trump “stated that he believes the two leaders will have one of the strongest relationships for both countries moving forward”, it added.

Boko Haram Leader Reacts to Donald Trump’s Victory

The leader of the jihadist group Boko Haram has reacted to the election of Donald Trump to the White House with a warning that “the war has just begun” against the West.

“Do not be overwhelmed by people like Donald Trump and the global coalition fighting our brethren in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and everywhere,” Abubakar Shekau said in an audio message posted on YouTube late Sunday.

“We remain steadfast on our faith and we will not stop,” he said in the hour-long message. “To us, the war has just begun.”

Boko Haram is waging a seven-year-old uprising against the Nigerian state that has claimed more than 20,000 lives, with the insurgency spilling over the West African nation’s borders into neighbouring states.

Boko Haram, which last year pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, has been in the grip of a power struggle since late last year.

The IS high command said in August that Shekau had been replaced as leader by Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the 22-year-old son of Boko Haram’s founder Mohammed Yusuf.

Shekau claims he is still in charge, however, as rival factions vie for control.

During a visit to Nigeria in August, US Secretary of State John Kerry congratulated the government for reclaiming swathes of territory and releasing thousands of hostages from Boko Haram, while warning against the use of excessive force to fight extremists.

Trump Removes ‘Muslim Ban’ from His Website

One of President-elect Donald Trump‘s most divisive promises — to ban Muslims from entering America — disappeared from his campaign website before reappearing on Thursday.

Trump‘s campaign staff told US media that text of the pledge, posted in December following terror attacks in San Bernardino, California, vanished because of a technical glitch.

It reappeared after journalists questioned the disappearance.

“The website was temporarily redirecting all specific press release pages to the homepage. It is currently being addressed and will be fixed shortly,” the campaign said in a statement.

Trump said in December that Muslim immigrants pose the United States a security threat and called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

It was one of a number of his statements — including a pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border and criticism of women who accused him of sexual harassment — that prompted the greatest backlash against his campaign, with accusations of xenophobia.

Later, he shifted to say immigration should be suspended from any country “that has been compromised by terrorism.”

His stance apparently helped win him the presidency with the support of a majority of white, working-class voters.



Reuben Abati: The Sad News of Trump’s Triumph

Democracy is tricky; it sometimes ends up as a parody of itself. When the people clamour for change, they can vote with their hearts, and prove impervious to plain sight reason, and overlook likely pitfalls. We can only hope that Donald Trump does not become the symbol of the change that Americans are seeking. That would be sad indeed for the free world.” – Reuben Abati, “Anything Can Happen in America”, The Guardian, March 6, 2016.

Earlier this year, I had written a piece titled “Anything Can Happen In America”, from which the quote above is excerpted, but I had virtually no idea that the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election could be so shocking, unthinkable and unbelievable. I was like the pollsters, the cultural activists, the Nobel Laureates, the American media establishment and the global community, minus Russia and Vladimir Putin, a Clintonite. I stood with her. When the unthinkable happened on Tuesday, and Americans chose as their 45th President, Donald John Trump, the real estate developer, reality television celebrity, a complete outsider who stumbled on politics and turned it into a celebrity show, I could only ask: how did it happen?

The triumph of Trumpism, a byword for incorrect conduct, misogyny, hate, racism, nativism, isolationism, anger, and defiance is sad news for the world. It is an assault on the ideals of American democracy. Trump’s triumph has left America more divided than it was a week ago, and the prospects of that nation rescuing itself from the tragic mistake it seems to have made may take long in coming. The same country that champions it the most has exposed the underbelly of democracy, that beloved option for global leadership, ironically.

Democracy is said to be driven by the values of good rather than evil, of humanity as opposed to inhumanity, individual freedom and rights rather than oppression, inclusion as different from exclusion but the same model of governance hands over power to the majority. As we have seen, the majority may not necessarily represent the will of all the people, or even the real majority, it is the choice that is made by the voting majority or as determined by the guiding rules as in the case of the United States: and no matter how stupid, illogical or unreasonable that choice may be, it is taken as the voice of the people and it is binding. This dictatorship of the determined majority has nothing to do with popular opinion or goodwill, but the actual choice that is made according to the guiding rules of the game.

Democracy, relying on the strength of numbers and local rules has fed many countries with statistically right but logically wrong outcomes. The outcome in the United States this week is completely confusing. And that explains why there have been protests across America by those chanting “notmypresident” to express their dismay over Trump’s surprise win. This is the first time in a long while that the outcome of an American Presidential election will leave the entire country so tragically divided the morning after. Even the international community is in shock.

Trump’s triumph is a threat to the liberal standards on which the global order is anchored. Hillary Clinton in her concession speech said her defeat is “painful and it will be for a long time.” Not necessarily for her but for America and the rest of the world. The deepest cut is in America’s heart; the wound that has been inflicted therein by Americans themselves will be felt for a long time to come.

This year’s American general election should inspire a deeper interrogation into the nature of democracy and its many pitfalls. The people of the United States had a plain choice between good and bad alternatives. More than any other American Presidential candidate in this election, Hillary Clinton got the most impactful endorsements, yet she did not win.

If the rest of the world had been asked to vote, she would have won by a landslide, but it was up to the Americans themselves to choose their own President, and they have just told us to mind our own businesses in our countries. Hillary Clinton is urbane, experienced, charming and gifted. She has proved her mettle as First Lady, Senator and as Secretary of State. She won the Presidential debates, ran a dignified and organized campaign and won the confidence of every critical constituency. Bernie Sanders who ran against her for the Democratic party’s ticket and Donald Trump, as well as their agents in many places threw mud in her direction, but the polls favoured her to the last minute.

The pollsters have been proven wrong by the choice that America has made. Hillary Clinton gave hope to generations of women across the world. Her emergence as America’s President would have broken the glass ceiling at the most powerful spot in the world, and energized young men and women across the world. America has decided to spit in the face of history and opt for misogyny birthed by ultra-conservatism. Confronted with the obvious choice of a decent, tested and experienced woman who could have given them the prize of two Presidents for the price of one, they chose a foul-mouthed, egoistic, bombastic, free-wheeling outsider with a wife whose body shape and naked assets would be part of a yet uncertain legacy.

America’s future post-Trump’s triumph is uncertain because what Trump stands for, the little that we know about that, raises nothing but anxiety, definitely not confidence. America has as President in waiting a man elected on the wings of sheer populism and racist, nativist propaganda. His campaign was anchored on the hate-propelled belief that the only way to make America great again is to shut out Muslims, blacks, immigrants, intruding neighbours from Mexico and Latin America, keep Americans for Americans only so they can have jobs and prosper, and the spin that America is not safe in the hands of women whom he considers fit only as objects and pieces of decoration.

By voting Trump, America with its intriguing electoral college system, which robs a popular candidate on technical grounds, has deleted the triumph of American-led neo-liberal progressivism in the global order. The sad news in part is that this is also a growing trend in Europe, the equivalent of Brexit.

Trump’s triumph is however worse than Brexit. It is not likely “to make America great again.” It is more likely to reduce, if not jeopardize America’s influence as a stabilizing force in the global system. Donald Trump as Presidential candidate repudiated America’s commitments within the global system. He says he will pull out US troops and command stations in Europe and Asia. If he keeps to his words, he could create such instability across the globe that would result in countries which otherwise depended on the United States looking out for themselves security-wise.

Trump is perhaps America’s nemesis: too much rationalization and over-simplification of everything was bound to get the United States into trouble. The chasm between the American establishment and its ordinary people has been blown open.

Washington is a living symbol of correctness on every stage, but now the people have rejected Washington and its politics. There have been about 44 female Presidents across the world, and now, the most powerful country in the world has proven itself to be less progressive than India, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Korea, Liberia, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Croatia, Nepal, Taiwan, Chile, Costa Rica, Philippines, Indonesia, Iceland, Malta, and even Kosovo! America preaches inclusion and unity in diversity, but the white, blue-collar and middle-class Americans who voted majorly for Donald Trump have shown that the average American is not interested in diversity; they want America to themselves alone. America is not a country of nationalities, it is a country of immigrants, and yet the settled immigrants want to shut the door of the land of dreams to others. Donald Trump exploited their fears. He has proven that it is possible to become President by appealing to the people’s basest instincts. Shameful.

Trump, Machiavelli’s “great-great-grandson” has through dirty tricks created a revolution from which even the same party that saw him as an outsider and treated his emergence as flag-bearer as an accident has benefitted. The Republican Party owes its ascendancy in the White House and Capitol Hill to this outsider who brought the tactics of Machiavelli, soap opera and television shows to push a failing party back to reckoning.

Trump is neither Republican nor Democrat; he belongs to the party of the streets, of a racist American street motivated by a determination to reverse the misfortune of disappearing jobs in inner America, inability of make ends meet, pay children’s school fees or live decently. Americans chose Trump because he spoke the language of the streets and projected himself as their messiah. He projected himself, in his own words, as the champion of “the forgotten men and women of our country…People who work hard but no longer have a voice. I am their voice”. And so the people think, and so they voted for him so enthusiastically they even handed him the battleground states of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina, which secured his victory and ended the emerging Clinton dynasty. He is the candidate of America’s children of anger.

Trump’s organized blackmail and dirty job may have given him the biggest job in the world but it will not sustain him there or make him a great President. The easiest thing to do is to promise the people change by pulling down the sitting government and the entire political Establishment. In Trump’s reckoning, he did not just defeat Hillary Clinton; he has defeated Barrack Obama, the entire Washington Establishment and its allies.

Inexperienced, badly prepared and ignorant, as is the common consensus, Trump has to run the most complex governance system in the world. He can repudiate his campaign promises and turn 360 degrees. This is not beyond him. In the last year, his position on anything and everything has changed from one stop to another. Or he may choose to fulfill his bizarre promises and imperil the American Presidency and the global order.

One option will expose and ridicule him. The other may fetch him the aggrieved assassin’s bullet or a one-term Presidency that could end up either as a tragi-comedy or a nauseating farce. The fulfillment of the Simpsons’ and Michael Moore’s prophecy is the highest point of America’s disillusionment. Soon enough, America will learn, at substantial cost, new lessons about its new reality. Take it easy, Hillary. Destiny is what waits for every person behind the dream.

Americans Bought into Our ‘Change’ Ideology – APC

The All Progressives Congress has congratulated Americans for buying into the “change mantra” by electing Republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, who canvassed change in U.S. polity.

The National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, said in Abuja on Wednesday that Americans had spoken by voting Trump, adding that APC could do nothing than to congratulate him for the victory.

Odigie-Oyegun, however, declined to speak on the expected Foreign Policy of the Republican President-elect, but stated that he preached change and Americans bought into change.

He said, “Like APC, Trump preached change and Americans bought into the change by electing him.”

The APC National Auditor, Chief George Moghalu, while also congratulating Trump for his victory said it was about the people of America.

He said, “l am however, a bit worried over the positions before and during the election, especially from the side of the President-elect with regards to his Foreign Policy.”

Meanwhile, some politicians and political parties have expressed concerns over the victory of the Republican candidate against his Democratic opponent, Hilary Clinton.

While some believe that Nigeria and Africa should be weary of Trump`s victory, some believed that the Democratic policy in the last eight years was not beneficiary to Nigerians and Africa.

#HesNotMyPresident: Americans distance themselves from Donald Trump.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump was today declared the next President of the United States after winning the 2016 election.


Trump opened up a lead against opponent Hillary Clinton in the early hours of the morning before making a victory speech when the news was finally confirmed.


As riots break out across the USA, Americans against Trump’s presidency have been taking to social media to voice their despair, disbelief and terror at the news – with some even comparing the outcome to 9/11.


And many are immediately distancing themselves from the decision by using the hashtag #HesNotMyPresident. Below are some tweets some Americans tweeted in defiance of Donald Trump’s election victory.

Americans Are Pleading With Michelle Obama To Save America In 2020

Many Americans are already looking ahead to the next election in four years’ time. Alongside calls for Kanye West to honor his pledge to run in 2020, many are turning to the outgoing FLOTUS Michelle Obama for hope.

To see why, revisit her rousing speech from this year’s Democratic National Convention, where she told crowds, “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great, that somehow we need to make it great again. Because this right now is the greatest country on earth.”

See tweets in support of FLOTUS for POTUS below:


Psychic Fish Picks Trump as US Next President

A “psychic” fish in India on Tuesday picked Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, hours before Americans head to the polls.

Chanakya II, a flowerhorn cichlid fish, was given three chances to pick between two floating sticks bearing a photo of Republican Trump or his Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

The creature, which has a bulbous forehead that resembles the extravagant coiffure of the real estate mogul, swam towards Trump all three times.

Chanakya II’s first official prediction sees him join the swelling menagerie of soothsaying animals.

His predecessor, Chanakya I, was famous for accurately forecasting winners in football and cricket matches, his owners at the Chennai-based NGO Indian Community Welfare Organisation said.

There have been numerous “psychic” animals since Germany’s football oracle, Paul the Octopus, successfully tipped the winner of eight-straight matches during the 2010 World Cup.

All eyes are on the US presidential election as a divisive 511-day campaign comes to an end with either the country’s first female president or a populist property tycoon poised to enter the White House.

More than 40 million Americans have already cast ballots in states that allow early voting, with opinion polls suggesting Clinton has a slim edge.

US Stocks Fall as New Poll Suggest Possible Trump Victory

Wall Street stocks fell Tuesday as a new poll suggested Republican candidate Donald Trump could win the presidency, an outcome that has stirred anxiety in financial markets.

The share price declines sent leading equity indices to their lowest level since just after Britain’s shock vote to exit the European Union in June.

At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 0.6 percent to 18,037.92.

The broad-based S&P 500 declined 0.7 percent to 2,111.75, while the tech-rich Nasdaq Composite Index dropped 0.7 percent to 5,153.58

Clinton is generally preferred by markets compared with Trump, who is viewed as a wildcard, in part because of his harsh criticism of Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen and international trade pacts.

“The market is pricing in a somewhat reduced likelihood of a Clinton victory, but it’s not down all the way to pricing in a Trump victory,” said Karthik Sankaren, director global strategy of Eurasia Group.



Jay Z to Perform Ohio Concert for Hillary Clinton

Jay-Z is set to perform a “get out the vote” concert in Ohio, prior to Election Day, with the aim of getting black voters out for Hillary Clinton in the key swing state. The date nor the venue of the performance have been confirmed but a Clinton aide confirmed to BuzzFeed News on Monday that the show will take place in Cleveland. The gig comes as part of Clinton’s effort to lock up key battleground states, with Ohio being among the states in which she has consistently trailed Donald Trump. By encouraging younger minority voters to show up to the polls, Trump’s chances in a state like Ohio would diminish. Jay-Z, along with wife and fellow pop icon Beyoncé, have been outspoken supporters of President Obama and endorsed Clinton early on in the Democratic primary.

Donald Trump keeps Sniffling During Presidential Debate and the Internet Wants to Know Why

Republican party candidate Donald Trump who recently raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s health, claiming she had no stamina, appeared to be sniffling during the U.S presidential debate on Monday night—and social media users took notice.

Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia earlier this month and her campaign team has constantly refuted claims by Donald Trump that she is not medically fit to be president, so Twitter users reacted when they saw Trump sniffling repeatedly. More tweets below…

ISIS Monsters Executes Six Members who Fled Battle by Crushing them With BULLDOZER

There is no limit to ISIS barbarity as the monsters crushed six of its own members to death with a bulldozer after accusing them of running from a battle.

The men, who were killed on Monday according to local reports, fled the town of Sharqat in northern Iraq.

According to Iraqi News, civilians were forced to watch the barbaric execution. The strategic town outside Mosul fell to Government forces, who have launched a major campaign to retake the northern city, which is the final ISIS stronghold in Iraq. 

This follows the capture of a cross-dressing ISIS killer who tried to avoid capture disguised as a woman.

Abu Omar al-Assafi was installed by ISIS to govern Sharqat in northern Iraq after the terror group swept through the country in 2014.

But Iraqi security forces found him trying to escape the area after the town was liberated last week. He was reportedly disguised as a woman and hiding among civilians. Cowards


Kerry Tells UN that Russia Must Ground Syrian Air Force

US Secretary of State John Kerry demanded on Wednesday that Russia force Bashar al-Assad’s regime to ground its air force in order to revive hopes of a ceasefire in Syria’s civil war.

Addressing the UN Security Council, including his Russian opposite number Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Kerry said efforts to find peace could yet be salvaged but only if Moscow takes responsibility for recent air strikes.

Kerry said that only Russian and Syrian war planes had been active in areas of northern Syria where on Monday a United Nations aid convoy had been destroyed from the air and on Tuesday a field clinic was bombed.

“I believe that to restore credibility to the process we must move forward to try to immediately ground all air craft flying in those key areas in order to de-escalate the situation and to give a chance for humanitarian assistance to flow unimpeded,” he said.

“And if that happens there’s a chance of giving credibility back to this process,” he said, referring to an agreement he reached with Lavrov in Geneva earlier this month to broker a cessation of hostilities.

“In Geneva, Russia related that Assad was prepared to live by the cessation of hostilities and would accept the idea of not flying over agreed upon areas,” Kerry said.

“But because of what’s happened in the past few days my friends we have no choice but to do that sooner rather than later, move immediately to restore confidence and implement a genuine ceasefire now.”

Moscow has rejected the idea that Russian or Syrian planes carried out Monday’s strike on the UN aid convoy, and Lavrov told the council that there would be “no more unilateral pauses” by Assad’s government forces.

He said that previous breaks in bombing by the government side had only allowed the rebels to re-arm and strengthen their positions and urged UN members to revisit the list of banned terrorist groups excluded from the ceasefire.

“If we can agree on this kind of comprehensive approach, and integrated multi-faced approach, the chances of a cessation of hostilities surviving and being successful will be better,” he argued.

Clinton Unable To Keep Americans Safe- Trump

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says the recent string of suspected terror attacks across the US shows that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton can’t keep American people safe.

On Saturday, nearly 40 people were injured as a result of two blasts in New York and New jersey as well as a stabbing spree at a mall in Minnesota.

Trump took to his Twitter account on Monday and blamed the former secretary of state and President Barack Obama for the security challenges the America faces today.

“Saturday’s attacks show that failed Obama/Hillary Clinton polices won’t keep us safe! I will Make America Safe Again!” Trump said in one tweet.

“Under the leadership of Obama & Clinton, Americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. Time to change the playbook!” the New York businessman wrote in another post.

Read More: presstv

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Tied in New Polls

U.S Republican party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is tied with Donald Trump in new polls among likely voters released on Thursday night by CBS News/New York Times poll after a turbulent week battling health issues. According to the new polls, Trump and Clinton are locked at 42% among likely voters nationwide in a four-way race with Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 8% and 4% respectively.

Reports have it that enthusiasm among Democratic voters for Hillary Clinton has waned.

Obama: Trump Not Qualified, Says Public Should Follow Up On his ‘Wacky Ideas’

U.S. President Barack Obama further reaffirmed his commitment Thursday that Donald Trump would be unsuitable for the White House and said the Republican presidential candidate has made contradictory statements. 


“I don’t think the guy is qualified to be president of the United States and every time he speaks that opinion is confirmed,” Obama said at the conclusion of the Asian Summit in Laos. 

“The most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow up and ask questions on what he says, which appear to be either contradictory or uninformed or outright wacky ideas.”

Barack Obama
Joshua Roberts | Reuters

He added that the election season in the U.S. has somehow made behavior seem acceptable that would usually be considered completely unacceptable. 

“This is serious business, you have to know what you’re talking about and you have to have done your homework,” Obama added. 

He said that if U.S. voters really listened to what Trump had to say, then he was confident that people would make a good decision at the November elections. 

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Trump once again praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he has been a better leader than Obama. 

“(Putin) has very strong control over a country. Now, it’s a very different system and I don’t happen to like that system. But certainly in that system he’s been a leader far more than our president has been a leader,” the Republican presidential nominee said at NBC’s commander-in-chief forum in New York.

Source : CNBC

Turkey Says It’s Ready to Help any US Initiative To Capture Raqqa

Turkey would be ready to join any initiative proposed by the United States to capture an Islamic State stronghold in Syria, President Tayyip Erdogan said in remarks published on Wednesday, as Turkish-backed forces took more Syrian land from jihadists.

Obama floated the idea of joint action with Turkey to capture Raqqa during talks between the two leaders at a G20 summit in China, Erdogan said, according to Wednesday’s edition of Turkey’s Hurriyet daily.

Turkey launched an offensive in northern Syria on Aug. 24 to clear Islamic State from its border and to prevent territorial gains by the Kurdish YPG militia, which Ankara believes has links to Kurdish insurgents fighting on its soil.

“Obama wants to do some things together concerning Raqqa in particular,” Erdogan told reporters on his plane that arrived early on Tuesday, referring to Islamic State’s de facto capital. He was speaking after meetings in China with Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders.

“We stated that would not be a problem from our perspective. We said, ‘Let our soldiers come together, whatever is necessary will be done’,” the Turkish president said, adding that a specific Turkish role would depend on further talks.

U.S. officials have welcomed Turkish efforts to dislodge Islamic State from Syrian strongholds but voiced concern when Turkish troops engaged fighters aligned to the YPG, a force Washington sees as a valuable ally in battling jihadists.

Turkish-backed forces clashed with YPG fighters in the initial stages of the two-week old Turkish incursion into Syria, but have since shifted their focus onto territory held by Islamic State and captured a string of villages.

Turkey’s military said late on Tuesday that three Turkish soldiers were killed when two tanks were hit by rockets fired by Islamic State. Four others were wounded, it said.

The military also said the Free Syrian Army, a loose-knit rebel force backed by Turkey, had taken six more villages, also located in Islamic State-held areas.

Turkey and its rebel allies now control a 90-km stretch of land on the Syrian side of the border and are pushing south.

Ankara wants international support to take control of a rectangle of territory stretching about 40 km into Syria, creating a buffer between two Kurdish-held cantons to the east and west and against Islamic State to the south.

Turkey says such a “safe zone” would help stem the flood of Syrian refugees. But the idea has yet to gain traction from the United States and Russia, both engaged in Syria, because of the military demands of policing such a zone.

Turkey, meanwhile, has been sending more military hardware south. The army sent 15 more tanks to the Islahiye district near the border, bringing the total number of tanks and armored vehicles in that area to 90, Dogan news agency reported.

“We do not have the chance to take a backward step. If we take a backward step terror groups like Daesh, PKK, PYD and YPG will settle there,” Erdogan said, according to Hurriyet.

Tyrant Canceled By FX

Say goodbye to Tyrant: FX aired the final episode on Wednesday night.

“It’s very difficult to find common ground with other people whose stories we do not know or understand,” said FX CEO John Landgraf in a statement. “The creators of Tyrant have done their utmost over three seasons to tell American audiences a tiny fraction of the many gripping, human stories coursing through the Middle East today. We want to thank Howard Gordon, Chris Keyser and their talented team of collaborators, including all the writers, directors, cast and crew, as well as our studio partners at Fox 21 Television Studios, for taking on Tyrant’s tremendously ambitious story with such profound dedication and respect.”

Producers on show hint that Tyrant could find a new home – but also say the finale at 10 p.m. ET serves as a fitting end.

Tyrant is a beloved show to all of us at Fox 21 Television Studios, and we are indebted to Howard and Chris for their incredible work, and to John Landgraf and everyone at FX who have been fantastic partners,” said Fox 21 Television Studios President Bert Salke in a statement. “We feel the show is a gem and we’d love to find a way to keep it in production. That said, we want to be realistic about its prospects. So for its loyal audience, tonight’s episode will be a satisfying end should the series not find another home, but also provides interesting possibilities should we be able to continue on some other platform.

Launched in 2014, Tyrant told the story of a U.S. pediatrician named Bassam Al-Fayeed who returns with his American family to his Middle-Eastern home after his tyrant-father dies. It starred Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Moran Atias, Ashraf Barhom, Noah Silver, Alexander Karim, Cameron Gharaee, Melia Kreiling, and Chris Not

Putin a Better Leader Than Obama – Trump

Donald Trump has showered Vladimir Putin with praise as he and rival Hillary Clinton took pointed questions from military veterans.

The Republican presidential nominee told the forum the Russian president “has been a leader far more than our president [Obama] has been”.

It came on the same day the chief of the Pentagon accused Russia of sowing the seeds of global instability.

Mrs Clinton, meanwhile, defended her judgment despite her email scandal.

The White House candidates appeared back to back on stage in half-hour segments in New York on Wednesday night.

Quizzed by ‘NBC’ host Matt Lauer on his previous complimentary remarks about Putin, Trump responded: “He does have an 82% approval rating.”

“I think when he calls me brilliant I’ll take the compliment, ok?” added the businessman.

He said Putin had “great control over his country”.

Trump also predicted that if elected in November, “I think that I’ll be able to get along with him.”

The property magnate recently drew sharp criticism when he urged Russia to dig up the emails that Mrs Clinton deleted from her email server.

It is not the first time Trump has made admiring comments about the Russian leader.

Last December he said it was “a great honour” when Putin called him “a talented person”.

Trump’s latest remarks came hours after US Defence Secretary Ash Carter said Russia “has clear ambition to erode the principled international order”.

In a speech at Oxford University, Carter also appeared to allude to suspected Russian involvement in hacking of Democratic National Committee computers in the US.

“We will not ignore attempts to interfere with our democratic processes,” he said.

On Tuesday night, Trump also courted controversy over sex abuse in the military, reports the BBC.

He stood by a comment he made three years ago when he appeared to blame such assaults on the decision to allow women in the forces.

“It is a correct tweet,” Trump said of the 2013 Twitter post in which he remarked: “What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?”

Mrs Clinton, who appeared first on stage by virtue of a coin toss, found herself once again on the defensive over her private email server.

A US naval flight officer told the former secretary of state he would have been jailed if he had handled classified information as she had done.

The Democratic nominee replied: “I did exactly what I should have done and I take it very seriously. Always have, always will.”

Mrs Clinton also said her 2002 Senate vote in favour of the Iraq War was “a mistake”.

Both candidates talked about the ongoing conflict in Syria

But she said it meant she was in “the best possible position” to ensure it never happened again.

Mrs Clinton also pointed out that Trump had once supported the invasion.

The former secretary of state vowed to defeat the Islamic State group, though she emphasised: “We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again.”

Unusually for a US presidential candidate, Trump made unflattering remarks about America’s military leaders.

He said the generals had been “reduced to rubble” during President Barack Obama’s administration.

Trump and Mrs Clinton’s forum offered a preview of the questions they will face in their three forthcoming presidential debates.

Donald Trump to Visit Mexico After More Than A Year Of Mocking It

Donald J. Trump will visit Mexico on Wednesday for a private meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto — a trip that will take him to a nation he has repeatedly scorned — before quickly flying back for what is billed as a major immigration speech in Arizona.

Mr. Peña Nieto’s office said Tuesday night that the meeting would take place at the presidential palace in Mexico City, and Mr. Trump, on Twitter, said he looked “very much forward” to the visit.

The Mexican president’s office said Mr. Peña Nieto had sent invitations last week to both Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton. The negotiations for both trips were reported by The Washington Post. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign would not comment Tuesday on whether she had received the invitation.

Mr. Peña Nieto is reaching out to Mr. Trump in the face of the Republican candidate’s antagonistic attitude toward Mexico in his policies and campaign rallies. He has said many Mexican immigrants who enter the United States illegally are rapists, and he has repeatedly insisted that Mexico will pay for his proposed wall along the southern United States border.

He is widely reviled in Mexico, where the wall proposal has revived deep grievances over sovereignty and respect that have historically dogged Mexico’s relationship with the United States.

“They are not our friend, believe me,” Mr. Trump said in a speech last year in which he accused Mexico of treating the United States unfairly, “but they are killing us economically.”

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he added. “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some I assume are good people.”

Politicians in Mexico have largely remained silent on Mr. Trump, though there have been outbursts, including from Mr. Peña Nieto himself. In March, he compared Mr. Trump to Hitler and Mussolini for what he called Mr. Trump’s strident remarks and populism, though he later tried to soften his words without quite taking them back.

The trip will take place hours before Mr. Trump is to give a speech in Phoenix that is expected to clarify his stance on immigration, which has plagued his campaign over the past few weeks as he has wavered on key elements of his platform. His campaign has given conflicting signals over whether he will stick to the hard-line positions he took during the Republican primaries, particularly on deportations, and he suggested recently that he was open to “softening” some of his proposals. But his calls to have Mexico pay for the wall have continued.

The trip is the latest gamble for Mr. Trump and his struggling campaign. But for all the risk it poses, it offers an image Mr. Trump relishes: of a wily negotiator willing to do the unexpected — meeting with a perceived enemy — to advance his agenda.

It will also be his first official meeting with a head of state as the Republican presidential nominee.

President Enrique Peña Nieto during a speech at the National Palace in Mexico City last week.CreditHenry Romero/Reuters 

Despite Mr. Trump’s routine scolding of Mexico and its leadership, several of his closest allies have warm ties with the country and its president. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, a top Trump adviser and confidant, traveled to Mexico in 2014 to meet with Mr. Peña Nieto, arguing that it was imperative for the United States to put Mexico at the center of its foreign relations.


Donald Trump’s Adviser Says He Doesn’t Want Clinton Assassinated, Just Executed By Firing Squad ‘For Treason’

Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative and member of Donald Trump’s GOP veterans’ coalition has repeated calls for US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to be executed and says reporters misunderstood the type of harm he wishes her. According to Al, Clinton’s use of private e-mail servers while she was secretary of state could be seen as treason, to which the punishment is death.

In a radio show , Al Baldasaro, an army veteran said:

“This whole thing disgusts me. Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”.
But after the US Secret Service said they have started investigations into Al Baldasaro’s comments, for his encouragement of violence, Baldasaro now claims that he is the victim.
“The liberal media took what I said and went against the law and the Constitution and ran with it, and they said that I wanted her assassinated, which I never did,” Baldasaro told on Tuesday.
“I said I spoke as a veteran, and she should be shot in a firing squad for treason.”

Obama Pardons And Shortens Terms For 214 Prisoners; 67 Had Life Sentence

US President Obama commuted the sentences of 214 federal prisoners Wednesday, the largest single-day grant of commutations in the nation’s history.  He has 562 total commutations during his presidency — most of which have come in the past year . Obama has now used his constitutional clemency power to shorten the sentences of more federal inmates than 9 past presidents combined.
The early release of the 214 prisoners, mostly low-level drug offenders and non violent offenders, is part of Obama’s effort to correct what he views as unreasonably long mandatory minimum sentences to those inmates. Some date back decades, including 71-year-old Richard L. Reser of Sedgwick, Kan., who was given a 40-year sentence for dealing methamphatamine and firearm possession in
1989. He’ll be released Dec. 1.

Obama said in a Facebook post:

“The more we understand the human stories behind this problem, the sooner we can start making real changes that keep our streets safe, break the cycle of incarceration in this country, and save taxpayers like you money,”

The president’s clemency power usually takes one of two forms: Pardons, which give offenders a full legal forgiveness for their crimes, and commutations, which shorten prison sentences but often leave other conditions intact. Many of those granted commutations Wednesday will remain under court supervision even after release.

He shared a letter he received from a prisoner he pardoned and wrote on FB:

few months ago, I received this letter from a Floridian named Sherman Chester.


When Sherman was a young man, he wrote, he made some bad choices, got in over his head, and ended up with a life sentence without parole for a nonviolent drug charge. At Sherman’s sentencing, even the judge couldn’t believe he was bound by law to hand down a punishment that didn’t fit the crime.

We know that Sherman‘s story is all too common in this country — a country that imprisons its citizens at a rate far higher than any other. Too many men and women end up in a criminal justice system that serves up excessive punishments, especially for nonviolent drug offenses.

But this is a country that believes in second chances. So we’ve got to make sure that our criminal justice system works for everyone. We’ve got to make sure that it keeps our streets safe while also making sure that an entire class of people like Sherman isn’t relegated to a life on the margins.

 Last year, after he served more than 20 long years in prison, I commuted Sherman’s sentence and those of many others who were serving unjust and outdated prison sentences.

 And today, I’m commuting the sentences of an additional 214 men and women who are just as deserving of a second chance. Altogether, I’ve commuted more sentences than the past nine presidents combined, and I am not done yet.

These acts of clemency are important steps for families like Sherman’s and steer our country in a better direction, but they alone won’t fix our criminal justice system. We need Congress to pass meaningful federal sentencing reform that will allow us to more effectively use taxpayer dollars to protect the public.

I hope you’ll take a minute to read and share Sherman’s letter. The more we understand the human stories behind this problem, the sooner we can start making real changes that keep our streets safe, break the cycle of incarceration in this country, and save taxpayers like you money.


Donald Trump Tells Woman With Crying Baby To Leave Rally

Donald Trump ejected a woman holding a crying baby from his campaign rally Tuesday morning in Virginia, marking the first time he’s been distracted enough to demand the ouster of anyone other than left-wing protesters.

At first the Republican presidential nominee seemed unperturbed by the interruption  as he worked his way through his stump speech on America’s trade imbalances with China, Mexico and other nations.

‘Don’t worry about that baby,’ Trump said from the podium as the child wailed. ‘I love babies! I love babies. I hear that baby crying – I like it! What a baby, what a beautiful baby.’ Continue…

‘Don’t worry, don’t worry,’ he reassured the audience in an Ashburn, Virginia high school auditorium. ‘The mom’s running around like, “Don’t worry about it,” you know.’

It’s young and beautiful and healthy, and that’s what we want,’ he said.

In time, however, the tyke pushed Trump off his game when he returned to China-bashing and said: ‘They have ripped us to shreds – ripped us absolutely to shreds!’

‘Actually I was only kidding,’ he said, turning his back to the woman. ‘You can get the baby out of here.’
‘That’s alright. Don’t worry,’ he reassured her as she gathered her things – and her child – and made her exit.

‘I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking!’ Trump joked with the crowd.

‘That’s ok. People don’t understand. That’s ok.’


How Royal Family Hid ‘Negro’ Painting Moments Before William And Kate Entertained The Obamas

The word ‘negro’ had to be removed from a painting inside Kensington Palace at the last minute before the Obamas arrived for their informal dinner with the royals.

The U.S. President and First Lady were just moments away from being entertained by Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry on Friday night, when an eagle-eyed assistant spotted a plaque, which named the piece of art ‘The Negro Page’.

A frantic removal reportedly took place inside the drawing room to avoid causing offence to the American couple.  A pot plant was also put in place to cover where the plaque would have been.

A source told The Sun: ‘Imagine the horror when someone spotted the N-word.’

The dramatic painting on one of the walls – A page With Two Horses, by Albert Cuyp, from The Royal Collection – features a black servant boy in a landscape from 1660. It is also known as The Negro Page.

Mail on Sunday art critic Philip Hensher says the work, from the Golden Age of Dutch painting, would particularly appeal to a History of Art graduate, such as Kate.

A Kensington Palace spokesman declined to comment on the reports last night, DailyMail adds.

On Friday, the world was given an unprecedented insight into the world of the royals as the drawing room was seen for the first time since being refurbished.
The lavish room was recently redecorated for the couple using £4.5million worth of taxpayers’ money although the couple footed the bill for fixtures and furnishing themselves.

Its design was more reminiscent of a comfortable country home than a grand, palatial lounge – with floral cushions adorning comfortable looking cream sofas.

On the grand black piano sitting behind William and Mr Obama, who looked at ease in each other’s company, were intimate family photos and an elaborate bouquet.

Olalekan Waheed Adigun: In Event That Donald Trump Wins…

Political theorists have sometimes been seen as a group of people who predict (the result of an election) wrongly and later explain why they predicted wrongly. This perfectly describes those who initially predicted the 2016 United States elections. Every political analyst, political observer, political scientist or commentator was so sure that Donald J. Trump is not going to be the Grand Old Party (GOP) Presidential nominee in 2016. Many were equally absolutely sure that Trump is not going to be sworn in as the 45th US President in January, 2017. Does the reality that stare us in the face proves us all wrong?

If the results from the primaries in the states are anything to go by, Trump is leading comfortably in at least 14 states and also likely to pocket many of the delegates and super-delegates during the party’s convention in July. So far, every poll in the media appears to strengthen his grip on the process. No one told us of a possible Trump lead at this time few months ago. No one predicted or saw the possibility of Mr. Trump winning even a state primary, let alone in “big” ones. No one ever said he would be the leader in every single national poll and gaining strength in all the early primary and caucus states? The past few weeks has shown that his candidacy has the capacity to survive what we professional political observers all think are obviously fatal gaffes and flubs.

If there is anything the Trump campaign has done well, it is his ability to redefine electoral campaign by broking all known rules. He has also, for the first time in a long while, shaken the GOP establishment to its very root. Those who took his presidential ambition with the wave of the hands must now be having a rethink. They are now either endorsing him, as the case of Chris Christie and Ben Carson, both former Republican presidential candidates; or John McCain and Mitt Romney, both former GOP candidates. Romney had nothing but strong words for the real estate mogul in his recent speech where he said: “His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing members of the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat.” In any case, one thing is sure, seriously or otherwise, Trump is having it his way and seems to be enjoying it!

Another thing that seems to be working for Trump is his theatrics. As a host of the popular NBC reality show, The Apprentice, he surely knows how to get the audience excited or get them to weep. He seems to know how to capitalize on basic human emotions and turn it to his own advantage. He can boldly and unapologetically call for the banning of Muslims from entering the United States. Only Trump can remind Africans of their colonial masters not doing a poor job of colonizing and get away with it. It takes only Trump can do this. He can say obviously ignorant things like calling Mexicans “rapists, drug peddlers and criminals” and get away with it because there are always those who like to hear these lines like nursery rhymes. Another exciting part of this is that he wants to protect the border by “building a wall” but he wants coerce the Mexican government to pay for it!  He does everything he is quoted as doing or saying because there are ready audiences for his “movies”. He says what his colleagues would have loved to say but for political correctness- a virtue Trump detests with a passion.

Let us make an important point here that there is nothing Trump is saying or alluding to that has not been said in varying degrees by other Republican candidates. The only difference, perhaps, is that he is more direct or “raw” unlike others. He is flying high on the fears of the average American, or Republican, putting the party’s establishment in a serious dilemma. The recent outbursts of pro-Establishment kinds like Romney, recently, may just be an indication of the difficult situation the party may find itself. Trump has earlier been quoted to have said he would run as a third party or independent should the Republican establishment frustrate him out of the race. Can he do that? Only those who do not know that to succeed in real estate means you must have strong negotiation skills. For Trump to have come this far in real estate means that he has perfected his art of negotiation. Of what reality are Trump chances in the election?

There is a big possibility that Trump will win the 2016 election and he may win the November election. His supporters have argued that not many smart people thought Ronald Reagan would become the President in 1980. They also told their critics that few experts successfully predicted Jimmy Carter to win in 1976.

Trump has a reputation for making controversial remarks. His critics point out that this makes him look “unpresidential” and may cost him the election ultimately.  That is one possibility. Another possibility is that when people really hate you, they strangely are still connect with you and sharing a portion of their mental and emotional bandwidth with you. Eventually, if Trump Campaign strategists get their permutations right, they may be able to convert these haters to lovers using a well-crafted strategy. No one recalls “liking” Adolf Hitler (except for his most fanatical supporters) when his party, the National Socialist Party or Nazi, was seeking power in the 1930s. The rest, as they say, is history!

Our worst fear, perhaps, for Trump winning is that his administration may end up leading people to convergence by stirring up discussions on controversial topics by steering clear of being politically correct. Notice that Trump takes the most controversial and often eccentric approach where he throws a spanner in the works, waits for the stirred up discussion to settle down, goes quiet for few days and then plays the same cycle again.  He hasn’t changed his views on racism. Trump once attacked Megyn Kelly (a presenter with Fox News) for daring to asking him “tough questions”. She has to be observing her period since “blood coming out of her wherever”. This was after he once described women as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”  If the perception strengthens that Trump is against women as a segment itself, things may go bad for him in this space where candidates have a no-go zone. He has not bothered to apologize for the foul language he used late last year on fellow contestant, Clary Fiorina. His rallies have often turned violent, with Trump himself urging his supporters on promising to “pay the legal fees” for bullying others. We can continue, but will these stop him?

There is what is called Law of Gravity, but if we throw an object up in the air and it does not come down, what we you think? Maybe it landed on the roof or got stuck in a tree. We will not doubt this Law because we think it cannot be repealed. But by now, many will be doing their best trying to find out why Donald Trump has stunned the political establishment. We need not to abandon the assumption about politics. Let us ask a serious question: When and why do voters behave in ways that seem to break the rules? When are bedrock assumptions about campaigns rendered at least temporarily inoperative? In this context, poll numbers taken months before an election won’t count; while they can measure a public mood, the choice of a candidate is something like a customer in a store trying on hats.

Coming from a showbiz background, Trump handlers should know when to draw the line between popularity (or beauty) contests and electoral campaigns. A lot of people often fail to realize the differences between the two. The former is won by those who keep the media busy while the latter is won by politicians. The fact that business mogul does not see himself as a politician should can reduce his campaign to a pageant!

If the main parameters for measuring performance of his campaign are simply his name recognition and media mentions (as he once boasted in Chicago), then it only show that Trump is yet to get over the fact that it is an election, not a showbiz.

All these notwithstanding, should Donald Trump win come November, then some things are involved. First, like I posted on Twitter some days ago, we should start preparing “boys quarters” in my small village in Kwara to cater for the influx of deportees, many of whom have left us many years ago. Second, and more seriously, the boundaries in American politics would have been shifted by wide margin. And lastly, a Trump win will only strengthen the arguments that there are really no “rules” of engagement as far as politics is concerned making many political theorists to look for new jobs!

But the question is: Will Donald Trump ever win?

Olalekan Waheed Adigun is a political risk analyst and independent political strategist. Email:, Follow me on twitter @adgorwell.

Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

‘My Husband Is Telling The Truth, He’s A Great Leader’ – Melania Trump

Melania Trump, largely absent from the US presidential campaign, stumped for her husband Donald for the first time Monday and called him a great leader who treats everyone equal. Looking to bounce back after a rocky week, Trump called his better half to the rescue. The 45-year-old former model of Slovenian origin is chic and stylish, but until now her public presence alongside her Republican frontrunner husband has been fleeting, including brief appearances at election watch parties.

Her interviews have been limited. But in the US state of Wisconsin, where polls show Trump trailing his arch-conservative rival Ted Cruz in the primary that the state hosts Tuesday, Melania is accompanying her husband at several campaign events. Trump, whose apparent degrading of women and controversial remarks about Mexicans and Muslims have raised alarm bells in the Republican Party and more broadly across the American electorate, has confided that his wife has encouraged him to be “more presidential.” At a rally in Wisconsin, Mrs. Trump gushed praise of her husband, saying: “I’m very proud of him. He is a hard worker. He’s kind. He has a great heart. He’s tough. He’s smart.” She added: “He’s a great communicator. He’s a great negotiator. He’s telling the truth. He’s a great leader. He’s fair.”

“As you may know by now, when you attack him, he will punch back ten times harder,” she said. “No matter who you are, a man, or a woman, he treats everyone equal.” Melania unwittingly found herself in the eye of the storm last month in one of the low points of the campaign, when an anti-Trump political group unveiled a questionable ad on Facebook that used a photo of her lying naked and handcuffed to a briefcase. The photograph, taken aboard Trump’s custom-fitted private jet, was part of a shoot for the magazine GQ in 2000, before the couple married. The political poster, released just before votes in Arizona and Utah, featured the photo with the words: “Meet Melania Trump. Your next first lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”

Trump accused Cruz, a senator from Texas, of being behind the provocation and responded by retweeting a photo montage showing an image of Melania next to an unflattering picture of Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi, along with the phrase: “The images are worth a thousand words.” On Monday night, speaking later to Sean Hannity on Fox News, Melania said, “I have a tough skin. I think it’s not fair that they’re attacking family, wife, or children”. – ‘100 percent’ behind husband – The few times that Melania has spoken out, she gushed over her husband, telling MSNBC in February that she was initially attracted by his “great energy,” charm and “amazing mind.”

The couple have a 10-year-old son, Barron. “I am a full-time mom, and I love it,” a smiling Melania proclaimed, adding that her maternal role was the reason she was not out campaigning more with Donald. “But I support my husband 100 percent,” she said. Melania has defended Trump’s more controversial statements. “I don’t feel he insulted the Mexicans,” she said of his explosive remark last June that Mexico was sending “rapists” and other criminals across the border as undocumented immigrants. “He said illegal immigrants,” she added. “He didn’t talk about everybody.” She also stressed that her husband had proposed only a “temporary” ban on Muslims entering the country.

“He wants to protect America… That’s very important to him,” she said, adding that he treats women the same way as men in the Trump organization. Born in what was then Yugoslavia to a fashion-industry mother and a car-salesman father, Melania has recounted studying design and architecture before leaving for Milan and Paris to launch her modelling career. She arrived in the United States in 1996 and met Trump two years later.

They married in January 2005 in Florida and her Dior dress was estimated at $200,000. Among the invited celebrities was Hillary Clinton, this year’s likely Democratic presidential nominee. – Lavish lifestyle – Melania Trump speaks at least five languages, including English, Italian, French and German. Her Twitter account — inactive since Trump declared his candidacy — reflects the privileged lifestyle of a jet-setter traveling between their lavish New York apartment and residences in in Florida. She has tweeted photographs from high-society gatherings and landmark sporting events, as well as recollections of her red-carpet saunters and charity functions. In each image Melania appears impeccably dressed.

Initially, she was not entirely on board with the idea of Trump launching a White House bid, with the candidate acknowledging recently that Melania would have been content as the wife of a billionaire businessman and reality TV star. “She said, ‘We have such a great life. Why do you want to do this?’” Trump told The Washington Post in an interview published Saturday. “I really have to do it,” Trump said he told her, adding that his wife eventually backed his bid and was confident of his victory

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US To Give $600m As Assistance To Nigeria This Year – John Kerry

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, says the US government will be giving $600 million as assistance to Nigeria this year. He said this while speaking at the opening session of the U.S- Nigeria Bi-National Commission meeting in Washington DC yesterday March 30th.

“Our development assistance this year will top $600 million, and we are working closely with your leaders – the leaders of your health ministry – to halt the misery that is spread by HIV/AIDS, by malaria, and by TB. Our Power Africa Initiative is aimed at strengthening the energy sector, where shortage in electricity has frustrated the population and impeded growth” he said

‘Exit This Race Within 24 Hours Or We Will Release All We Have Found.’- Hackers Threaten U.S Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

Today, an individual purporting to be a representative of the hacker group Anonymous posted a disturbing Twitter video that threatened to expose ‘very dirty secrets’ of U.S Presidential candidate Ted Cruz including information about Cruz ‘visiting prostitutes!’

“Your lying during this presidential campaign has gotten out of control,” the video begins. A voice alleges, “You have committed voter fraud to steal votes that do not belong to you … The fraud you have committed against Mr. [Ben]Carson will not be tolerated.”

“Anonymous will not let this go without repercussions or consequences,” the video states. “We will not sit and watch the citizens of America fall for it any longer.” “Almost every word that comes out of your mouth is a complete lie … and you, Mr. Cruz, have been hiding behind some very dirty secrets that lie beneath the surface … secrets that you believed would never haunt you.” “It’s time that we tell America what’s hiding behind the curtain,” the voice states, taunting, “… Do you recall visiting prostitutes?” (The clip offers no suggestion or proof that Cruz actually did consort with hookers, however.) Finally, the video ends with an ultimatum: “Mr. Cruz, we are now demanding that you exit this race within 24 hours, or Anonymous will release all of the information we have found … Your so-called underground hacks that you think were done in the dark will be brought out for all the public to see …Your disgusting behavior … will go viral on every social media platform.”

N.Korea Sentences US Student To 15 Years’ Hard Labour

North Korea on Wednesday sentenced an American student who admitted stealing a propaganda banner from a hotel to 15 years’ hard labour for subversive activities, state media said.

The judgemnt was handed down on Otto Warmbier, a 21-year-old student from the University of Virginia, by North Korea’s Supreme Court, the North’s official KCNA news agency said.

Observers said the harsh sentence was likely a reflection of soaring military tensions on the divided Korean peninsula following the North’s nuclear test in January and long-range rocket launch a month later.

The United States took a leading role in securing the resulting sanctions that the UN Security Council imposed on the North earlier this month.

In recent weeks, Pyongyang has maintained a daily barrage of nuclear strike threats against both Seoul and Washington, ostensibly over ongoing large-scale South Korea-US military drills that the North sees as provocative rehearsals for invasion.

In announcing the jail sentence, KCNA said Warmbier had committed his offence “pursuant to the US government’s hostile policy” towards North Korea.

Warmbier had initially been arrested in early January on charges of “hostile acts” against the state. KCNAsaid he was convicted under an article of the criminal code dealing with subversion.

“In the course of the inquiry, the accused confessed to the serious offence,” it said, without elaborating.

Warmbier was arrested as he was leaving the country with a tour group. He later said he had removed a political banner from the staff-only area of the Pyongyang hotel where the group had stayed.

The sentence was handed down just hours after veteran US diplomat Bill Richardson reportedly met two diplomats from North Korea’s UN office in New York to press for Warmbier’s release.

“I urged the humanitarian release of Otto, and they agreed to convey our request,” Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico, told the New York Times.

In the past, North Korea has used the detention of US citizens to obtain high-profile visits from the likes of former US presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton in order to secure their release.

Richardson has travelled to North Korea several times over the years on diplomatic missions that have included negotiating the freedom of arrested Americans.

The United States has no diplomatic or consular relations with the North. The Swedish embassy in Pyongyang provides limited consular services to US citizens detained there.

Warmbier is one of three North Americans currently detained in North Korea, which recently sentenced a 60-year-old Canadian pastor to life imprisonment with hard labour on sedition charges.

The US State Department “strongly recommends against all travel” to North Korea and specifically warns of the risk of arrest.

Human Rights Watch said the severe sentence was shocking given that Warmbier’s alleged offence amounted to little more than a “college-style prank”.

“Pyongyang should recognise this student’s self-admitted mistake as a misdemeanour … release him on humanitarian grounds, and send him home,” said Phil Robertson, deputy director of the rights watchdog’s Asia Division.

Detained foreigners are often required to make a public, officially-scripted acknowledgement of wrongdoing, and Warmbier was paraded in front of reporters and diplomats in Pyongyang last month.

Footage of the carefully orchestrated event showed a sobbing Warmbier pleading to be released and saying he had made “the worst mistake of my life”.

Warmbier said he had been tasked with stealing the banner by a member of the Friendship United Methodist Church in Wyoming, Ohio, who wanted it “as a trophy” and offered him a used car worth $10,000 if he succeeded.

Political slogans extolling the achievements of the country and its leaders and encouraging citizens to work harder and demonstrate their loyalty are pervasive in North Korea.

They can be seen on the streets and in nearly every public building, as well as every work unit.


Caitlyn Jenner Attacks Hillary Clinton, Says Former First Lady Doesn’t Care About Women

Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner has attacked Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton during the opening episode of her latest reality TV show.

Jenner, 66, described the possibility of a Clinton presidency as ‘unfortunate’ dismissing claims that she should be more liberal because she has transitioned from a man to a woman.

The self-confessed conservative was discussing politics and the presidential election during the premiere of ‘I Am Cait’.

Caitlyn said: ‘If we are unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side. But she won’t be it would be the last place I want to be. ‘She couldn’t care less about women, she only cares about herself.’

When asked about which Republican candidate would be most supportive of transgender people, Jenner replied ‘all of them’.

Last week, Jenner offered her services to Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign to become his advisor on trans issues.

‘Obama Attacking Me Is An Honor’ – Donald Trump

Donald Trump said Tuesday that it was a “great compliment” to be criticized by President Barack Obama.

During a campaign event, former South Carolina Republican Party chairman Van Hipp asked Trump to respond to Obama’s condemnation of Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric earlier in the day.

“This man has done such a bad job, he has set us back so far. For him to say that is a great compliment, to tell you the truth,” Trump replied.

Trump also added that Obama was “lucky” the Republican presidential candidate decided against a 2012 bid. 

“You’re lucky I didn’t run last time when Romney ran, because you would’ve been a one-term president,” Trump said, referencing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), his party’s nominee that year.

At a Tuesday-afternoon press conference, Obama called out the entire Republican presidential field for the candidates’ positions on issues like climate change and immigration reform. Obama also stood by his claim that he does not believe that Trump will be the nominee. 

“I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president. And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the American people. And I think that they recognize that being president is a serious job,” Obama said.

“It’s not hosting a talk show or a reality show,” he added. “It’s not promotion. It’s not marketing. It’s hard. And a lot of people count on us getting it right. And it’s not a matter of pandering and doing whatever will get you in the news on a given day.”

Anti-Beyoncé Rally Flops In New York City As Only 3 People Show Up

When Beyonce appeared in the SuperBowl half time event, flanked by all-black squadron of leather clad dancers wearing berets, she immediately stole the show with a routine peppered with black power references.
Then came the backlash from viewers annoyed that nods to Malcolm X and the Black Lives Matter
movement had turning the sporting interval into a political platform.

But on Tuesday, only a handful of protesters turned up for anti-Beyonce rally outside American Football’s New York headquarters.

They were outnumbered by the singers’ supporters and campaigners with Black Lives Matter banners.
Ariel Kohane said he attended the protest because Beyonce’s new song, Formation, was a call to violence against the police.

“Some of us are surprised that there are only a couple of us out here today,” he told New York magazine’s The Cut. “It is scheduled from 8 to 4pm. It’s a business day. Also, the weather; the rain turned a lot of people away.”

Witnesses said he was one of only three people (including one person who said he had not even seen the halftime show) to heed the call to protest by a new group, called Proud of the Blues.

“We encourage anyone and everyone who supports the police to show up and march around the block of the NFL headquarters on this day. Be absolutely peace and non-aggressive,” the group said in its invitation.

“Let’s show the world that it’s not necessary to be disruptive to America while conveying an effective message to the masses.”

And there was certainly little disruption outside the offices of the National Football League, where police had cordoned off part of Park Avenue for the protesters.
In fact they were outnumbered by about 30 of Beyonce’s fans, who carried banners saying “Pro black doesn’t mean anti white,” and “Get information,” a line from the new song.

Anti-Beyoncé Protest To Happen Next Week In Response To Her Super Bowl Performance

Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl went down a treat with fans and critics. The singer delivered a riveting performance of her new single ‘Formation’ backed by a sea of female dancers. Referencing the Black Lives Matter Movement, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, it was also the most radical political statement from the star in her 20-year career.

Watch clip of her monster performance here

 However, it turns out that not everyone was a fan of Beyonce’s newsworthy performance, with some claiming it was “anti-police” with its references to the Black Panthers. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani also criticised Beyoncé for using the performance “as a platform to attack police officers”.

And now, the criticism has gone a step further with an anti-Beyoncé protest set to take place in New York next week, reports New York Magazine.

The event description calls her Super Bowl performance a “race-baiting stunt” and an act of “racism” and “hate speech”:

“Join us as we demonstrate on the block of the NFL Headquarters building.

Are you offended as an American that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl?

Do you agree that it was a slap in the face to law enforcement?

Do you agree that the Black Panthers was/is a hate group which should not be glorified?

Come and let’s stand together. Let’s tell the NFL we don’t want hate speech & racism at the Superbowl ever again!”

The protest is scheduled to take place between 8am-4pm next week. 

Watch the music video for ‘Formation’ below…

Source – Mobo

Zika virus: Officials Confirm First US Case Of Infection Via Sexual Intercourse

Dallas officials have confirmed the first case of Zika virus in the US being transmitted locally via sexual intercourse.

Just one day after the World Health Organization deemed the virus as an international health emergency, officials in Dallas County said the patient had contracted the virus via sexual contact and not through a mosquito bite, as reported by NBC.

Dallas County Health and Human Services said the patient was infected after sexual contact with a person who had the virus and had returned from a country where the virus is known to be present.

The patient, their condition and address have not been identified.

Officials said this is the first case of the virus to be transmitted locally in Texas, although there are seven others in Houston and Harris County who have confirmed cases of the virus after traveling abroad.

Common symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis or red eyes. The virus is usually mild with symptoms lasting several days to a week. However, there is thought to be a link between the virus and a rise in cases of microcephaly – a birth defect, which causes abnormal smallness of the head in babies – in the affected countries.

“Now that we know Zika virus can be transmitted through sex, this increases our awareness campaign in educating the public about protecting themselves and others,” said Zachary Thompson, DCHHS director, to NBC. “Next to abstinence, condoms are the best prevention method against any sexually-transmitted infections.”

There is currently no medication or vaccine for Zika virus.

Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last week that the evidence of the disease spreading via sexual intervourse is insufficient to warn all travelers, not just pregnant woman, of the potential danger.

Dr. Márcio Nehab, a pediatrician and infectious disease specialist at Fiocruz, a research institute in Rio de Janeiro, told The New York Times: “At the moment we need to be more concerned with the mosquito, the vector known for transmitting the virus.”

“Muslim Women Must Learn English Or Be Deported” – British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has declared that Muslim women who fail to learn English to a reasonable standard may face deportation from Britain.

This came as his centre-right Conservatives launched a £20 million ($28.5 million, 26 million euro) language fund for women in isolated communities as part of a drive to build community integration.

In an announcement on BBC radio on Monday, Cameron also suggested that poor English skills can leave people more susceptible to the messages of groups like Islamic State (IS).

He said, “Immigration rules already force spouses to speak English before they come to Britain to
live with their partners. Notwithstanding, they would also face further tests after two and a half years in the country to make sure their language skills were improving.

“You can’t guarantee you will be able to stay if you are not improving your language. People coming to our country, they have responsibilities too.”

Investigations have reportedly revealed that Cameron’s government estimates that around 190,000 Muslim women in England, about 22 percent speak little or no English.

Cameron said that lack of language skills could make Muslims in Britain more vulnerable to the message of extremist groups.

“I am not saying there is some sort of causal connection between not speaking English and becoming an extremist, of course not,” he told BBC radio.

“But if you are not able to speak English, not able to integrate, you may find therefore you have challenges understanding what your identity is and therefore you could be more susceptible to the extremist message.”

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s comments which drew criticism from Muslim groups and opposition parties, Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said, “David Cameron and his Conservative government are once again using British Muslims as a political football to score cheap points to appear tough.

Shafiq accused Cameron of ‘disgraceful stereotyping.’

Also, Andy Burnham, home affairs spokesman for the main opposition Labour party, accused Cameron of a ‘clumsy and simplistic approach’ which was ‘unfairly stigmatising a whole community.


El Chapo’s Lawyers Say He Won’t Get A Fair U.S. Trial Because Of Donald Trump

El Chapo’s lawyers are fighting the drug baron’s extradition to America on murder and drug charges on the grounds that he won’t get a fair hearing because of Donald Trump.

Attorneys for the former kingpin of the Sinaloa Cartel are using Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants being ‘rapists and murderers’ as evidence that any trial in the U.S. will be biased.

Mexican and U.S. officials want to have El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquin Guzman Loera, tried
and imprisoned in America because of his track record of escaping from Mexican prisons.Guzman, who made billions of dollars smuggling drugs from the east of Mexico into America, was first captured by authorities in 1993 when he was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.However, he was free again in 2001 after bribing prison guards with a reported $2.5million to turn a blind eye as he was wheeled out of jail in a laundry basket.

It took authorities 13 years to relocate Guzman, who narrowly avoided capture several times, before he was locked away again in 2014.

Despite repeated warnings by U.S. authorities that Mexico did not have the means to hold Guzman he was again thrown into their most secure prison, and freed himself for a second time in 2015.

Guzman was recaptured by Mexican marines after a fierce firefight last week and is now facing life behind bars on drug trafficking and murder.

This time Mexican authorities have agreed to have the cartel boss extradited, a move which his lawyers are bitterly resisting.

Trump used the issue of Mexican immigration across America’s southern border to launch his presidential campaign.

Daily Mail UK

Woman Spends All Her Money On Powerball Tickets Then Creates A Go Fund Me Page To Ask For Funds

A woman by the name of Cinnamon Nicole from Cordova, has raised a little more than $800 in seven hours via her Powerball Reimbursement Go Fund Me page. Nicole alleges to have spent all of her money on purchasing tickets with the assumption she would win the $1.6 billion jackpot, but soon realized the winning tickets were sold in Los Angeles, Florida and Tennessee suburbs.
Despite the chances of anyone winning the jackpot being 1 in 292.2 million, Nicole still decided to go big, and unfortunately now can’t go home because she allegedly doesn’t have any money.
She wrote:

Please help me and my family as we have exhausted all of our funds. We spent all of our money on lottery tickets (expecting to win the 1.5 billion) and are now in dire need of cash. With your small donation of at least $1.00, a like  and one share, I’m certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up from the trenches of this lost and spend another fortune trying to hit it big again! PLEASE, won’t you help a family in need. DONATE NOW.

For your charitable donations, Nicole promised to make givers her #MCM or #WCW. Yet, despite the gall of the Go Fund Me Page, some users simply weren’t in support of her attempts.
Sonya Hagans quoted new viral internet star, Michelle Dobyne and wrote “Not tuhday” while Kenyatta Gibson was a bit more spirited in her response.
The page has since been taken down.

Revealed: The Only Country ISIS Fear..

ISIS militants only truly fear one of the nations that opposes it, according to a journalist who spent time living among them., Islamic State fighters told Jürgen Todenhöfer, 75, that Israel is the one nation they are wary of.

Mr Todenhöfer, who spent 10 days in Syria in 2014, told Jewish News:

“They think they can defeat US and UK ground troops, who they say they have no experience in city guerrilla or terrorist strategies.”But they know the Israelis are very tough as far as fighting against guerrillas and terrorists.”They are not scared of the British and the Americans, they are scared of the Israelis and told me the Israeli army is the real danger.”

Boluwatife Adekunle: Cynicism, Pharisaism And The World Today

And part of the statement reads…. “The United States calls on the Government of Nigeria to quickly, credibly, and transparently investigate these events in Zaria and hold to account any individuals found to have committed crimes.”

The United State government, through its embassy in Abuja, released a statement to make known its concern and position on recent clash between Nigerian military and members of Islamic movement, whose leadership hails from north-western part of the country. The imbroglio has been widely condemned, following the needless loss of lives.

According to Vanguard… “The Chief Medical Director of the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in Zaria, Dr Lawal Khalid said the hospital’s morgue had received 61 bodies from the ongoing turmoil”.  The outcome of the incident involving the military and Shiites is rather unfortunate, an event the Army Chief says “could have been avoided”.

The official statement released on behalf of US government also reads… “While many details of the incidents that reportedly began on December 12 remain unclear, we are dismayed to learn of multiple civilian deaths [emphasis mine]. It is essential that all sides refrain from actions that further destabilize the situation.”

The bloodbath in Zaria vis-à-vis today’s upsurge of sectarian violence, which over the years as resulted to “multiple civilian deaths” across the globe, spurs the author of this essay to take a trip down memory lane as regards “multiple civilians” who in recent times were victims of US military engagements in Middle East and other regions, in circumstances popularly described as collateral damage or collateral murder as it’s being used in some quarters.

October 3, 2015 –Médecins Sans Frontières MSF Trauma centre in Kunduz was hit several times during sustained bombing by US-led coalition forces. According to MSF report… “The total number of dead is known to be at least 42, including 24 patients, 14 staff and 4 caretakers.”  What makes this event tragic was the “multiple civilians” who were armless; defenceless that got caught up in the mess.

“The official said the first bomb had landed at 02:10, and MSF staff called NATO in Kabul at 02:19 and military officials in Washington a few minutes later, but the bombing continued until 03:13.”

The bombing continued for 30 minutes after MSF pleaded with them to stop. This incident, sorrowfully, occurred just few days after MSF says that all parties to the conflict, including Kabul and Washington, had been told the precise GPS co-ordinates of the hospital in Kunduz on many occasions, including on 29 September.

“Why Is the U.S. Refusing an Independent Investigation If Its Hospital Airstrike Was an ‘Accident’?” –Glenn Greenwald

MSF President Meinie Nicolai condemned the attack as “abhorrent and a grave violation of International Humanitarian Law.” “We cannot accept that this horrific loss of life will simply be dismissed as ‘collateral damage’.”

And speaking of “collateral damage”

October 15, 2015 –The Intercept published secret documents about US drone wars. “… The US government has been wildly understating the collateral casualties from its drone program, according to an extensive eight-part series report in The Intercept. Using leaked documents on Operation Haymaker, one report takes an unprecedented look at drone strikes in Afghanistan between January 2012 and February 2013, during which more than 200 people were killed by US drones. Of those people, only 35 were approved targets, the rest being either collateral damage or mistakes resulting from faulty intelligence…”

April 5, 2010 –Wikileaks reveals video showing US air crew shooting down Iraqi civilians. According to TheGuardian… “A secret video showing US air crew falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad and then laughing at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency, was revealed by Wikileaks today. “

Today’s Syria is literally a country on hold. Life has been made cheap, very sadly though, in that part of the world.

Some conspiracy theories suggest that the over 200,000 already lost souls and millions of displaced people living in inhabitable environment across border nations in Europe, is as a result of U.S support for the opposition rebels in Syria, supplying arms and other logistics to the Islamic State fighters in their quest to wage war on Bashar al-Assad’s leadership [The current Syrian President].

As stated by a report on Aljazeera… “The answer can be found in diplomatic communications released by WikiLeaks, which show that regime change in Syria has been the policy of the U.S. government as far back as 2006. Even more horrifying — after hundreds of thousands of deaths, untold lives ruined and more than 4 million refugees fleeing the country — is the evidence that Washington has had a policy of promoting sectarian warfare in the country for the purpose of destabilizing the Assad government”

Libya has not been the same ever since the implementation of US agenda to forcefully sack Mahmud Gaddaffi from office. They succeeded in their quest but the Rebels trained and armed by US continue to rain havoc on the once peaceful and economic giant country. Many innocent souls “multiple civilians” perished away as collateral damage.

“Look at Libya and what you[U.S] did there, that got your Ambassador murdered. Was it us that did this? You even had a Security Council decision. But okay… What did you proceed to do yourselves? You started bombing the territory. This is in clear contravention of the Security Council resolution.”

That was Vladimir Putin, Russian President, speaking at the Valdai international Discussion Club in late 2014.

Part of his comments also reads… “Is it a good result that your Ambassador was murdered? It is actually a terrible catastrophe. But do not look around for somebody to blame when it is you[U.S] making these mistakes. You must do the opposite; rise above the endless desire to dominate. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambition”

Over and above, this writer is worried about what has become of the world today, the “multiple civilians” who had been victims of sectarian violence across the globe and millions who are displaced due to ongoing wars and conflicts.

It is to this end, the author of this essay joins United State government to condemn in its entirety the “multiple civilians” killed in Zaria.

Boluwatife Adekunle


Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

Something Unexpected Happened To ISIS Captives At Point Of Death

A new ‘execution’ video features rebel Syrian fighters forcing ISIS captives to kneel in the dirt at gunpoint – only for them to do something completely unexpected.The footage opens with captives being led along a dusty road in orange jumpsuits.
The captives are then forced to kneel in the dirt while the members of the al-Shamiyya Front (a coalition of northern Aleppo-based rebel factions) proudly display their pistols.They then point the weapons at the back of the militants’ heads.

It appears the ISIS fighters are about to die in yet another harrowing execution video
Suddenly a message flashed up on the screen:

“Muslims are not criminals.”
Astonishingly, the masked men holster their weapons and walk away.
Another rebel then appears and lectures the jumpsuit clad ISIS militants on justice – powerfully showing them the mercy the terror group has denied to so many of its victims.
Sheikh Mohammed Khatib, President of the Sharia Office of al-Shamiyya, says:

“To the champions of our revolution and the hope of our people, justice will guide us, Islam needs us.” We have allowed you a way out… we do not seek any fame”If you desire to execute us, here are our swords, such executions will only consolidate our faith.Kindness is the premise of our lives”

Culled UK Mirror 

Legendary Superstar Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement From Basketball At Age 37

One of the most talented basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant, of the Los Angeles Lakers announced yesterday Sunday November 29th that he would retire from professional basketball after the end of this season, his 20th in the NBA.

He announced his retirement in form of a poem on The Players’ Tribune website, bringing to a close one of the most decorated careers in the history of the sport. In the poem titled ‘Dear Basketball’ The 37 year old wrote:

You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream
And I’ll always love you for it.
But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer.
This season is all I have left to give.
My heart can take the pounding
My mind can handle the grind
But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.

In a statement Sunday night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called Bryant “one of the greatest players in the history of our game.”

“I join Kobe’s millions of fans around the world in congratulating him on an outstanding NBA career and thank him for so many thrilling memories.”

Bryant was 17 years old when he was picked 13th overall in the 1996 draft by the Charlotte Hornets, who promptly traded him to the Lakers, the only organization for which he has played in his professional career. He has won five N.B.A. titles and two Olympic gold medals, has been named to 17 All-Star teams and was voted the league’s most valuable player in 2008. He ranks third on the NBA’s career scoring list, behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone.

Man Draped In American Flag Jumps The White House Fence On Thanksgiving Day

The Obama’s Thanksgiving celebrations had to be cut short after a man draped in the American flag jumped the fence of the White House.

President Obama and his family were tucking into their turkey dinner when they were put on lockdown so the Secret Service could conduct a sweep of the grounds following the security breach.
CNN reports that Joseph Caputo – who was wearing a baseball shirt, gloves and the flag as a cape when he hopped the fence – was immediately taken into custody. He also appeared to have a binder in between his teeth as he climbed the metal railings.
Joseph Caputo scaled a fence on the North Lawn at 2:45 p.m., according to Secret Service spokesperson Robert Hoback. The jumper was immediately apprehended and taken into custody. 
According to two CNN photojournalists who witnessed the incident, the men was carrying an envelope, had on a blue shirt and white pants and was cloaked in an American flag. They said the officers who detained him had their guns drawn and were accompanied by K-9 units.
Vanessa Pena, an intern on Capitol Hill, was playing tourist with her twin sister who was in town for Thanksgiving. “We were just standing there and the man came up behind us,” she told CNN. “I heard him take a deep breath and say, ‘All right, let’s do this.'”
Pena said the man “ran through” she and her sister before he jumped over a barricade, and then the fence.
Though the White House issued an official “all clear” about two hours after the episode began, the north and south fence lines remained temporarily closed Thursday evening.

ISIS Website Hacked And Replaced With Advert For Viagra

An ISIS propaganda website on the dark web has been hacked and replaced with an advert for a service selling prozac and viagra tablets which told extremists to ‘calm down.’ The site for the terror group appeared on the Tor browser of the dark web last week in a bid to get extremists to join up.

However, less than a week later, the site had been hacked and visitors to the page were greeted with a message for the medication.
It read:

‘Too much ISIS. Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff. Please gaze upon
this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all so desperately crave.’ 
It is believed to be the first time that a hacking group have taken down a website on the dark web.

Snoop Dogg Helps Give Out 1,500 Turkeys To Families In Need On Thanksgiving Day

For the second year in a row, Snoop Dogg spent a day spreading holiday cheer in Inglewood, California — with the help of hundreds upon hundreds of Thanksgiving turkeys.

Last Thursday, a week before Thanksgiving, Snoop Dogg joined Inglewood Mayor James Butts to give away more than 1,500 turkeys to local families in need.
The rapper took pictures with more than 800 people at the event, according to KNBC-TV. He’s also said to have given out quite a few hugs.

“This is a very big help for not only myself, but for about a thousand people,” resident Xiomara
Payan told the news outlet of the turkey giveaway.

Snoop Dogg’s involvement in the giveaway began last year when he asked the city what he could do to give back to the community, reports the Associated Press.

At the time, Butts reportedly suggested that Snoop Dogg help give out turkeys at the event. The city gave out 800 turkeys last year.

According to the Good News Network, Snoop Dogg plans to continue this giveaway tradition in the coming years.

At last week’s event, the rapper told the crowd that he considered Inglewood, where his production crew is headquartered, his “second home,” per TMZ.

Protests Across Chicago As Black Teen Is Shot 16 Times By White Cop, As He Lay On The Ground

The video of the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald (pictured inset) has been released and it’s chilling. The dashcam footage shows a white police officer, Jason Van Dyke, (pictured inset right) shooting Laquan dead on the streets of Chicago. He shot Laquan 16 times at point blank range for 13 seconds as the young man laid motionless on the ground with smoke rising from his back.
The police officer claimed he felt threatened by the teenager and that was why he used his gun but he has since been charged with first-degree murder.

Yesterday, hundreds of protesters took to the streets after watching the video of the shooting which was released last night. They chanted ’16 shots’ and formed human blockades across roads in Chicago. Other demonstrators gathered outside police stations
Laquan McDonald (right) is carrying a small knife but can be seen walking away from police officers as they approach him
Dashcam footage shows McDonald after being shot by Van Dyke and falling to the ground
Van Dyke later walks up to McDonald’s dead body on the street and kicks the knife he was holding out of his hand
Van Dyke continued to shoot even as he lay motionless on the ground

Bill Cosby Spotted With Wife Looking Frail & Weak As He Leaves Home To Visit His Daughters

Scandal-scarred Bill Cosby and his wife Camille made a rare trip outside the gates of their well-protected lair at the weekend to visit New York. Cosby, 78, looked frail as he left his townhouse on New York’s Upper East Side on Sunday afternoon, leaning on his wife for support.

He wore a white hooded sweatshirt embellished with the words ‘Hello Friend,’ the catchphrase of his son Ennis, who was murdered in 1997.

It was the first time the couple have been pictured together since November 6 last year, when they gave an interview to NPR as the claims against him were beginning to grow. Cosby has not been pictured since May.

The comic, facing claims that he drugged and raped dozens of women over decades, left his long-time home in Massachusetts to take a private plane trip to the Big Apple where all four of his daughters live. More photos below.


Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane On Syrian Border

Turkey has shot down a Russian warplane on the Syrian border, a senior Turkish official has said. According to Al Jazeerah, the plane was shut down on Syrian territory in Latakia’s Yamadi village.

The plane was downed by the Turkish military according to the rules of engagement because it violated Turkish airspace, the Turkish official said.

The Turkish president’s office identified the plane as Russian and said it was warned before being shot down, according to semi-official Anadolou agency.

A Turkish military statement said that the plane violated Turkish air space in the Hatay province and was warned ‘ten times in five minutes’. “Our two F-16 planes on air patrol duty intervened in the plane in question on November 24, 2015, 9:24am, according to the rules of engagement,” the statement said.

The Russian defence ministry said that an SU-24 fighter jet crashed in Syria as a result of an attack from the ground. “A probe is in progress into the circumstances of the Russian plane crash,” the ministry was quoted as saying by the TASS Russian News Agency, adding that the plane had stayed within Syrian airspace. Objective monitoring data confirm this.”.

US Republicans Claim American Muslims Cheered 9/11 Attacks

Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Ben Carson claimed on Monday they saw a video of Arab Americans cheering as New York’s twin towers collapsed on September 11, 2001.

Within days of the 9/11 attacks, police, fact-checkers and US media had debunked the rumors that people were cheering from rooftops of Jersey City, across the river from Manhattan.

But Trump, the billionaire frontrunner for the Republican nomination, suddenly revived the story on the campaign trail Saturday, eight days after deadly attacks in Paris.

“I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down,” Trump told a rally in Alabama.

Carson, who is currently Trump’s top rival in the race, told reporters a similar story Monday.

Asked whether he had seen footage of American Muslims in New Jersey cheering on 9/11, Carson said “I saw the film of it, yes.” Pressed which footage he saw, he said “the newsreels.”

ABC News published a video of Carson’s remarks in Nevada.

“There are going to be people who respond inappropriately to virtually everything. I think that was an inappropriate response,” Carson said of the cheering.

“I don’t know if on the basis of that you can say all Muslims are bad people. I really think that would be a stretch.”

The remarks, particularly by Trump, that there were large groups of Muslims cheering on the day of unprecedented terrorist attacks on the United States drew sweeping condemnation, including from George Pataki, who was New York’s Republican governor during the attacks and is currently running for president.

“Not sure what luxury spider-hole @realDonaldTrump was hiding in on Sept 11 but I saw Americans come together that day,” Pataki posted Sunday on Twitter.

Jersey City’s Democratic mayor, Steven Fulop, also called out Trump.

“Either @realDonaldTrump has memory issues or wilfully distorts the truth, either of which should be concerning for the Republican Party,” he tweeted.

Challenged multiple times by ABC’s “This Week” talk show host George Stephanopoulos, who argued that police said the cheering did not occur, the brash real estate tycoon stood by his inflammatory remarks.

“There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down,” he said.

Ahmed The ‘Clock Boy’ Seeking $15 Million In Damages

Two months after “clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed made international headlines, new details of his controversial arrest emerged Monday in a letter his attorney has sent to school and city officials in Irving, Texas.
As many as seven adults teamed up to interrogate the 14-year-old boy after a teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb and pressured him to sign a confession, according to the “letter of demand” from his lawyer warning of plans to file a $15 million suit.

Ahmed’s September arrest, deemed an overreaction by many observers, drew waves of sympathy and extensive news coverage; President Obama invited him to join several other science-inclined students at the White House’s “Astronomy Night” last month.

But his family, which shortly thereafter took up a benefactor’s offer to relocate to Qatar, argued in the letter that the boy’s reputation has been “permanently scarred.” They are seeking not only financial reparations but written apologies from the city’s mayor and police chief.

“Everyone in the country and around the world believes this has been a wonderful experience for Ahmed’s family, and in some ways, it has been,” said Anthony Bond, a family friend. “But now they are settled in Qatar, they have realized they are tremendously traumatized.”

The letters elaborate on the timeline of the arrest, which set the Internet into a frenzy and changed a 14-year-old boy’s life forever.

The letter of demand alleges that officials at Ahmed’s school never really thought that his homemade clock, assembled from “spare parts and scrap pieces he had around the house,” was a bomb. Attorneys claim that Ahmed showed it to another teacher earlier in the day without consequence. But in his English class, a teacher told him it “looked like” a bomb.

An Irving School District spokeswoman said the district received the letter of demand this morning and that its own lawyers would “respond as appropriate, as with any legal matter,” but otherwise offered no comment.

Attorneys blame the school district and the city for “stoking the flames” and placing blame on Ahmed even after it was decided he would not be criminally charged and his “suspicious-looking item” was not a threat.

The family is demanding an apology from Van Duyne and others involved because they would like to return to Irving, attorney Kelly Hollingsworth said.

“Qatar is nice, but it is not Texas. That is their attitude toward this,” Hollingsworth said. “They are citizens of Irving, Texas, USA, first. Are they devout people devoted to their faith? Absolutely. But they are Texans, too, and they want to come home. What we are seeking is for them to be able to do that with their heads held high.”

“The generosity and support Ahmed has received has been very much appreciated, but what the system has to do is try to find a way to redress him,” Hollingsworth said. “What’s the effect of this young man having his reputation in the global community scarred for the rest of his life?”

Source: Washington Post

Mali Hotel Attack: How Jihadists Killed Man For Lying About Location Of Air France Staff

Islamic extremists who killed 19 people in a gun attack on a luxury hotel in Mali’s capital on Friday were hunting for Air France staff, a security guard has claimed.
The terrorists shot their way past a five-man security team before turning their weapons on terrified guests at the hotel in Bamako.
One security worker, Kasim Haidara, told The Telegraph that the terrorists were specifically hunting Air France staff – quizzing a man at gunpoint about their location.
He said:

“When they got up there, the terrorists asked him: ‘where are the staff of Air
France?’.”He told them that they were on the seventh floor instead, and when they realised later that he had given them wrong information, they came back down and killed him.”

Another one of the guards, Cheick Dabo, said his colleagues had just finished morning prayers and had put away their weapons – a shotgun and two pistols – when the militants struck.
He said:

“We didn’t see the jihadists until they started firing on us. We weren’t concentrating and we didn’t expect it.

Mohammed Coulibaly, a cook at the hotel.

“I was busy cooking when a waitress started screaming at the door, ‘They are attacking us, they are attacking us’,”
“I asked everyone to go into the hallway, so everyone headed in that direction. Suddenly we heard the footsteps of the jihadists behind us and there was total panic, and people were running in every direction.

 Mr Coulibaly said he then hid in a bathroom with one of the guests, but one of the assailants saw him through a window and started firing, prompting him to run to the kitchen where he was nearly overwhelmed by smoke.

 I realised that if I didn’t leave the kitchen the smoke would kill me. So I waited until I didn’t hear any noise and I ran from the kitchen and escaped the hotel through a window.”

Iran Sentences US Journalist To Prison

Iran has sentenced detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian to an unspecified prison term following his conviction last month on charges that include espionage, Iranian state TV reported Sunday.
Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi, the spokesman for Iran’s judiciary, announced the punishment in a statement on the TV station’s website.

“In brief, it is a prison sentence,” he said. The verdict is “not finalized,” he added, referring to an expected appeal.

Rezaian’s lawyer, Leila Ahsan, told The Associated Press she had not been informed of the verdict — let alone details of the sentence.

“I have no information about details of the verdict,” she said. “We were expecting the verdict some three months ago.”

Rezaian was detained with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, and two photojournalists on July 22, 2014. All were later released except Rezaian, a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen.

Rezaian went on trial in four closed-door court hearings at Tehran’s Revolutionary Court over the past months. Last month, he was convicted of spying and other charges.

The Post has vigorously denied the accusations against its correspondent.
Rezaian, who has covered Iran for the Post since 2012, grew up in Marin County, California and spent most of his life in the United States. The Post, U.S. officials and Rezaian’s family have all called for his release. Iran does not recognize dual-nationality.

Iran’s state media, citing the indictment, have said Rezaian collected information on Iranian and foreign individuals and companies circumventing sanctions and passed them on to the U.S. government. Iranian state TV has repeatedly called Rezaian an “American spy.”

Earlier this month, the intelligence department of the powerful elite Revolutionary Guard claimed in a report to parliament that Rezaian is an agent seeking to “overthrow” Iran’s Islamic ruling system.

His incarceration and trial played out as Iran and five world powers, including the U.S., negotiated a landmark agreement in which the Islamic Republic agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Source: AP

Obama Places $5m Bounty On Head Of Key ISIS Terrorist In Charge Of Drafting Recruits From The US And Europe

The US president has placed a $5million bounty on the head of a key Islamic State terrorist in charge of mobilizing foreign fighters in Syria. The man’s name is Abu-Muhammad al-Shimali and last night, the US government announced the reward for information leading to the location or identification of the terrorist also known as Tirad al-Jarba.


He’s a senior leader of ISIS and heads the moving of foreign fighters into Syria and processing the group’s new recruits there. He’s said to be the leader of ISIS immigration and logistics committee, responsible for moving foreign terrorist fighters primarily through Gaziantep, Turkey to Jarabulus, Syria, a border town the group controls.

ISIS Threatens To Attack New York City In New Video Showing Suicide Bombers Walking Into Times Square

ISIS has threatened to bomb New York City in a newly released video, just days after vowing to attack Washington, D.C. The video clip features shots of yellow taxis and crowds in Times Square and Herald Square in Manhattan, with vibrant French music playing in the background – a nod to the Paris terror attacks on Friday.

It then cuts to a man wrapping a bomb around his waist before walking into the crowds and pulling the trigger.
New York police have issued a statement to say they are aware of the footage.They added that there is no direct threat to the city but insist there is a ‘heightened state of vigilance’.

‘In addition, we are continuing to deploy additional Critical Response Command (CRC) teams throughout the City, out of an abundance of caution,’ Stephen Davis, a Deputy NYPD Commissioner, said in a statement on Wednesday.

He added: ‘While some of the video footage is not new, the video reaffirms the message that New York City remains a top terrorist target.’

The video, which runs for nearly six minutes, includes a scene that appears to show a suicide bomber making preparations and zipping up a leather jacket.
The clip shows a brief glimpse of Times Square and then of a suicide bomber holding what appears to be a trigger, it said.

Islamic State Group Says Bomb Downed Russian Plane

The Islamic State group has said it smuggled a bomb on board a Russian airliner that crashed last month, after discovering a “way to compromise the security” at an Egyptian airport.

The latest edition of its official online magazine Dabiq said IS had initially planned to down a plane belonging to a country from the US-led coalition targeting militants in Iraq and Syria.

The militants decided to instead target the Russian plane departing the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh after Moscow began an air campaign in Syria in late September, the magazine said.

Man Duped To The Tune Of $718,000 By Fake Psychics

33-year-old British consultant, Mr. Rice was a successful and well-traveled professional, with close to seven figures in the bank, and plans for much more. And then he gave it all away, more than $718,000, in chunks at a time, to two Manhattan psychics who vowed to reunite him with the woman he loved. Even after they had discovered that she was dead.

“I just got sucked in,” the man, Niall Rice, said in a telephone interview last week from Los Angeles. “That’s what people don’t understand. ‘How can you fall for it?’”

There was even, between payments to one of the psychics for a time machine to cleanse the past, a brief romance.

“It’s embarrassing now,” he said.

In May, the police arrested one of the psychics, Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, 26, after Mr. Rice sought out a private investigator and decided to press charges. She was charged with grand larceny.
The man’s identity was not revealed in court documents. But Mr. Rice said he chose to come forward last week, after learning that the Manhattan district attorney’s office intended to allow Ms. Delmaro to plead guilty in exchange for a year in jail, and that it was unlikely that he would ever see any restitution. A hearing is set for Tuesday.

“I just want justice,” Mr. Rice said from Los Angeles, where he now lives. “I just don’t want her to do to anyone else what happened to me.”

It seems almost unfathomable that anyone could be taken in so thoroughly, with such a breathtaking level of gullibility. And so, Mr. Rice’s story begins.
By the spring of 2013, he had earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in search engine optimization, drawing traffic to websites in exchange for commissions. He was raised in a poor family, and planned to buy his mother a house in England.
But he was troubled. Painfully uncomfortable in social settings, he drank heavily and used drugs, he said. That year, he flew from England to Arizona to enter a rehabilitation clinic for acute anxiety, he said. In the clinic, he met a woman named Michelle, another patient.

“We had such a strong connection, it was unbelievable,” he said. “I loved her deeply.”

But the relationship ended a couple of weeks after they left rehab, when Michelle overdosed on pills and returned to the clinic. She broke it off with Mr. Rice. He said he agreed it was for the best.

“I was moving on with my life,” he said. He came to New York and found a bed in the McKibbin lofts in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, two former warehouses filled with makeshift apartments that are often likened to a rowdy dormitory for young newcomers.

Depressed one day in August, he walked over the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan and spotted a psychic shop on Delancey Street. “And I went in,” he said. (In a previous written statement to the police about this day, Mr. Rice claimed to have visited a psychic in Times Square. In fact, he said on Thursday, he was on Delancey. His Times Square encounter was still two months away.)
He met a psychic named Brandy. “She knew a lot of stuff,” he said. Stuff about him. “‘I saw that you were connected to this girl,’” she told him.
He told her about Michelle. “She said, ‘If you could choose, would you want to be back with her?’” he said. Yes, he said.
She asked for $2,500 that day, and he withdrew it from a nearby Chase bank. She said he would have his money back soon.

“I ended up giving her 10 grand, 12 grand in the first week,” he said. “It’s hard to explain.”

He continued. “It wasn’t like saying, ‘Give me 10 grand and I’ll tie your shoelaces,’” he said. “There’s a half truth in there, there’s something in it. This whole psychic scam is based on them knowing what’s going on in your life. They have a gift.”

He bought a $40,000 ring from Tiffany’s for Brandy to ward off evil spirits. He spent his birthday with her and her family, and they cooked him a steak. But he lost faith in her. He had recently visited Michelle in California, a disastrous five-minute conversation on the sidewalk.

“The whole way I was caught up in it, she said afterward I was acting weird,” he said.

So he shopped around for a new psychic. He drove to work in Midtown Manhattan and parked his car in a garage near Times Square, on West 43rd Street. He noticed a psychic parlor across the street. There, he met Ms. Delmaro, who called herself Christina, Mr. Rice said.

“She somehow said all the right things,” he said. “It sounds mad now that I’m saying it.”

He led a double life. “I’d go to Christina and talk about Michelle for an hour, and go back to the office. She wouldn’t leave me alone. She was like family.” He paused and added, “I needed my mum, really.”

He kept his visits to the psychics largely to himself, but eventually mentioned Christina to a roommate from McKibbin, Lauren Horton.

“He seemed like a normal guy,” Ms. Horton, 34, a graphic designer, said Friday. But his faith in Christina, and the money he was paying her, was something else altogether.

“It was insane to me,” Ms. Horton said. “I told him many times he was out of his mind. He was convinced that if he didn’t pay her for the work she was doing for him, bad things would happen to him.” She likened his ongoing visits to the psychic to an addiction.

Mr. Rice moved out of East Williamsburg to an apartment on the Lower East Side, and invited Ms. Horton over for Christmas. Christina was there. “I didn’t like her because I knew what was going on,” Ms. Horton said.
In February 2014, Mr. Rice, longing to see Michelle, logged on to her Facebook page.
“I saw, ‘R.I.P.,’” he said. Michelle had died of a drug overdose.
Mr. Rice said he had just paid Christina $90,000 that she said was needed to build a bridge of gold in another dimension to trick an evil spirit that was haunting Michelle. He called her and told her Michelle was dead.

“Christina said, ‘Don’t believe it,’” he said. “‘If you believe it, it’s true.’”

She said she could help get Michelle back — a reincarnated Michelle, a new Michelle.
Then things escalated.

“I slept with Christina,” Mr. Rice said. “We slept together once. It was a massive mistake.”

Ms. Delmaro’s lawyer, Jeffrey Cylkowski, said the relationship throws his accusations of theft into question. “If you’re involved with somebody, was it a gift?” he said.
Mr. Rice left New York and moved to California, where he had briefly lived. He said Christina emailed him constantly about visions she had of a new Michelle: “‘I just saw someone in the supermarket; it might have been her.’”
There was one last giant payment — “the big one” — for $100,000, he said. His bank asked him to confirm what he was spending the money on. A car, he said.

Christina told him she was broke because she had no time for other clients. “She was homeless, she’d lost everything for me,” Mr. Rice recalled being told. “I believed she lived in a church.”

He met and dated a woman who Christina led him to believe was the new Michelle. He questioned her, looking for common traits — “I was being weird” — and the relationship ended.
He flew back to New York and met a private investigator who identified Christina as Ms. Delmaro, who had been arrested previously in Florida. Mr. Rice pressed charges in May, giving the police bank records showing the payments.
He later acknowledged that his statements were incomplete: He accused Ms. Delmaro of taking all his money, leaving out the two months he spent consulting with the other psychic, Brandy, because he had resumed contact with her and now believed she was protecting him from possible retaliation, he said. He later amended his complaint. Brandy has not been charged with a crime.
The district attorney’s office said it would not comment on the case before it was resolved.
Mr. Rice’s misstatements, and the affair with Ms. Delmaro, did not help his case, the private investigator, Bob Nygaard, acknowledged. But they are not unusual, he said.

“The things that make a person a perfect mark also make him a bad witness,” Mr. Nygaard said. He said prosecutors could have done more to seek out other potential victims of Ms. Delmaro.

Mr. Rice went broke. He lost his apartment in Manhattan and sold his BMW, expensive watch and laptop. He asked his father for a few thousand dollars. Now, he said, he is barely making his rent payments of $500.
Last week, Mr. Rice said he wants to return to England, “I’m trying to get it together”, but acknowledged that he had been drinking again of late, including the day of the interview.

“I don’t know if I want to make money again. I’m scared to,” he said. “I want to go home, but I want to see this through.”

Source: NY Times 

Paris Terror Suspect Ahmed Almuhamed Identified As Rescued Refugee In Migrant Boat Wreckage

A terrorist behind the Paris attacks who allegedly posed as a Syrian refugee was rescued by Greek authorities after the migrant boat he had smuggled himself on sunk, it has been claimed.
According to Serbian media, a Syrian passport belonging to Ahmed Almuhamed was found at the scene of the attack at the Stade de France.

Now a Greek newspaper claims to have discovered the 25-year-old and a family member, called Mohammed Almuhmed, were rescued from a wrecked migrant boat that had sunk on the journey from Syria.
The rescued men were brought to the island of Leros on October 3. They were among a convoy of 69 refugees who were registered and had their fingerprints taken before continuing on their journey.

The newspaper Protothema says the men’s passports were checked but the island authorities did not have the ability to determine whether their documents were real or not.
Ferry tickets found by the newspaper allegedly showed he and his companion were transferred to Kalymnos to catch the ferry that would take them to the port of Piraeus in Athens.
The tickets, from Kalymnos to Piraeus, were issued by Blue Star ferries and they travelled onboard the Diagoras.
Greece’s deputy minister in charge of police, Nikos Toscas, said he was ‘identified [as a refugee] according to EU rules’ as he passed through the country.

According to Serbian authorities, the men had arrived in the country by October 7.
A statement from a minister said Almuhamed had requested asylum in the town of Presevo in Serbia before crossing into Croatia and Austria.

Source: Daily Mail 


ISIS Brutal Executioner, Jihadi John Reportedly Killed’ By A US Drone Strike

Just like Boko Haram’s Shekau,ISIS’ brutal executioner nicknamed “Jihadi John’ disapeared once his identity was unmasked by intelligence forces ..
Now, intelligence forces say American forces have carried out air strikes in Syria which have reportedly ‘eviscerated’ Jihadi John.

Officials in the US are still trying to determine whether he has been killed, following the drone attacks in Raqqa, Islamic State’s capital.The British Isis militant, whose real name is Mohammed Emwazi, was reportedly ‘eviscerated’ when leaving a building and entering a vehicle.
The official told ABC News that the strike was a ‘clean hit’ with no collateral damage.Pentagon Press secretary Peter Cook said:

 ‘US forces conducted an airstrike in Raqqa, Syria, on November 12, 2015 targeting Mohamed Emwazi, also known as “Jihadi John”. ‘We are assessing the results of tonight’s operation and will provide additional information as and where appropriate.’

Emwazi, 27, carried out a number of beheadings of Western hostages in Syria and was top of the UK Govenrment’s ‘kill list’ of up to a dozen British radicals whom ministers want taken out with targeted drone strikes.

Man Escapes From Jail, Posts Pictures On Facebook & Gets Re-arrested

An Idaho man that authorities say escaped the Payette County jail by scaling a razor-wire fence and then taunted authorities on social media has been captured in Mexico. The U.S. Marshal’s Service says 38-year-old Nicholas Grove was recently arrested in Tulum, Mexico, and on Friday was turned over to U.S. authorities.
‘Social media certainly played a role originally because this certain individual bragged about his escape on Facebook,’ Brian Underwood, with the U.S. Marshal Service, said.
Police had been monitoring Grove’s Facebook posts that included selfies and various shots around Cancun, Mexico.
Authorities say a surveillance camera shows Grove on August 26, 2014, climbing the fence with razor wire and runnng away.
Grove had been jailed for several weeks and faced charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of burglary tools and an invalid license.

‘He caused us some grief and we’re glad to see that he’s off the streets and hopefully he’ll get his day in court in Payette County,’ Payette County Sheriff Chad Huff said.

Improvements have been at the jail to make escapes more difficult, Huff said.

‘We believe our safety and security of the jail has increased and is much better,’ he said.

Underwood declined to say where Grove is being held. It’s not clear if Grove plans to fight extradition, which could delay his return to Idaho.

Listen To American Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Become A Rap Lyricist On Campaign Ad

Ben Carson is feeling himself, and why wouldn’t he? He’s currently number one in the Republican presidential race. In fact, he’s feeling himself so much, he wrote a rap song about it.

In an effort to reach young voters who have been turning up at the polls in droves, Dr. Carson is using his rap “Freedom” promo to “inspire” people to vote for him in 2016.

From ABC News:


“Reaching them on a level they appreciate and follow and see if we can attract their consciousness about the election,” Carson campaign spokesman Doug Watts told ABC News. “They need to get involved and express their voice through their vote.”

“This happens to be a group that we feel pretty strongly is ready and prepared to start working for Ben Carson,” Watts said.

Carson spent $150,000 on the ad, which will be played for two weeks in the Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, Houston, Little Rock, Memphis, Jackson, and Miami urban radio markets. Listen below.

Listen to The Ben Carson Ad Here

Ben Carson Says Many Americans Are ‘Stupid’

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, whose poll numbers have taken off thanks to enthusiastic populist support, seems to hold a more skeptical view of voters than he usually displays on the campaign trail. In a speech from last year, Carson said in reference to the American people, “Many of them are stupid,” Mother Jones reported Tuesday.

His statement came during a stop on a book tour, when Carson spoke at the Richard Nixon Library on Oct. 19, 2014. Many in the crowd seemed to want Carson to run for president, chanting “run, Ben, run” as he entered the room. When an audience member asked if he would enter the 2016 presidential race as an independent, Carson said he would not do so because it would split the Republican vote.

Carson broadened his speech from specific political parties to vague political enemies, who he said were permeating various aspects of American society in a quest to control the country:

They can twist and turn things as much as they want. But what they don’t understand—and they miscalculated. They were doing a great job in terms of fundamentally changing this nation. In terms of infiltrating the school systems. In terms of infiltrating the media. All of this—they’ve done a great job. Everything was perfect. Except they underestimated the intelligence of the American people. The people are not as stupid as they think they are. Many of them are stupid. Okay. But I’m talking about overall.

Credit: Yahoo

Babatunde Fashola Receives International Award

Former Lagos state governor and Minister Designate, Babatunde Fashola yesterday received the Stephen J.Solarz Award in honour of his commitment to building a peaceful and vibrant society and work to improve social and economic conditions in Lagos as well as his role in preventing the Ebola outbreak from becoming a crisis in Nigeria. Fashola is pictured above receiving the award from billionaire Mo Ibrahim, the founder of Mo Ibrahim Foundation at the 20th Anniversary Award dinner of the International Crisis Group in New york, USA. See more photos below…


US Forces Rescue 70 Iraqis Held Captive By ISIS

US special forces have rescued 70 Kurds held captive by Isis in an overnight raid on a militant-run prison near the northern ISIS stronghold of Hawija. One soldier was killed and several senior ISIS militants were also seized during the ‘successful’ operation, it has been reported.

Airstrikes were used to destroy roads leading to the site, to prevent militants making an escape. The raid reportedly involved American helicopters, Kurdish and American Special Operations forces and airstrikes.

Sheikh Irfan, who said his nephew was among the Kurdish peshmerga fighters held prisoner, said a peshmerga official called his family today to confirm the rescue mission. He said he was told that 70 hostages were freed, including peshmerga fighters.

4-Year Old Killed In US Road Rage Shooting

A four-year-old girl was fatally shot in the head while riding in a truck with her father in New Mexico in what authorities called a road rage attack.

A suspect identified as Tony Torres, 32, has confessed to the shooting of Lilly Garcia on Tuesday afternoon in Albuquerque. An anonymous tip however led to his arrest.

“She was so proud to tell people she just turned four. She just started school two days ago. She was very bright and very smart. She is my world,” the girl’s father, Alan Garcia told ABC News.

The father had picked up the girl and her 7-year-old brother from school Tuesday in a truck and started driving on an interstate highway when some kind of road rage ensued that afternoon.
Shots were fired. Shortly after that, the man noticed his daughter was bleeding, and quickly pulled to the edge of the road and tried to administer first aid, but she didn’t make it to the hospital alive.The father had picked up the girl and her 7-year-old brother from school Tuesday when the unfortunate incident happened.

Pastor Adeboye Receives Certificate Of Recognition By The US Congress

Pastor  E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God yesterday October 21st received a certificate of recognition by the Congress of the United States.
The certificate is usually given to recognize devoted service and achievement. Big congrats to him. The photo was shared on Pastor Adeboye’s Facebook page.

US ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed To Move To Qatar

Texas teenager Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school on suspicion that it was a bomb has accepted a scholarship from the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, where he will study.

After being detained over the clock, Ahmed’s case went viral on social media.
Some alleged he was unfairly treated because of his name and religious background. Officials in Irving Texas defended their decision, saying they were only concerned with the safety of students.

The Qatar Foundation is providing a full scholarship for his secondary and undergraduate education, according to a news release.

“Our family has been overwhelmed by the many offers of support we have received since the unfortunate incident of Ahmed’s arrest,” the Mohamed family said in the release. “From the White House to Sudan, to Mecca, we have been welcomed by a variety of individuals, businesses and educational institutions.”

According to his family, Ahmed will be enrolled in the Qatar Foundation’s “Young Innovators” program and his whole family will relocate with him to Qatar.

“Qatar was a cool place to visit. I loved the city of Doha because it’s so modern. I saw so many amazing schools there, many of them campuses of famous American universities,” said Ahmed in the news release. “The teachers were great. I think I will learn a lot and have fun too.”‘

He met US President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday.

In addition to being invited to the White House, Ahmed received an outpouring of support from scientists, politicians and celebrities including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

So far Ahmed has met: Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, National Geographic Society CEO Gary Knel, Queen Rania of Jordan, Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore and US President Obama.

Man Arrested With Over $1.2 Million Hidden In A Trailer

A 51 year old man, Roman M. Sanchez was driving with a trailer in tow at about 6:45 a.m. Monday in Hidalgo County, just north of the Mexican border, when he was pulled over by a Texas Highway Patrol trooper for a routine traffic violation.

However, when the trooper inspected the trailer which Sanchez allegedly was towing, he discovered 12 hidden bundles of cash, totaling $1,239,755.
Sanchez couldn’t satisfactorily explain where he got the money from and was subsequently arrested and charged with federal money laundering and taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service.

US President, Obama Sends 300 Troops To Cameroon To Support Fight Against Boko Haram

President Obama on Wednesday, October 14, said he had ordered 300 troops to Cameroon to work with West African soldiers seeking to counter the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram. In a letter to Congress, Obama said that the troops would provide “intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance” in the region.

White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, said that the troops would be armed for their protection but that they would not engage in combat.

President Obama said that an advance force of about 90 military personnel had begun deploying to Cameroon, which borders Nigeria, on Monday, October 12. Administration officials said that unarmed Predator drones would be sent with the troops, who will aid a multinational task force composed of soldiers from Cameroon, Chad, Benin, Niger and Nigeria.

Source: The New York Times 

ISIS Terrorist That Auctioned Off Young Christian Girls Killed In Russian Airstrike

According to Villi Wilson, this ISIS guy that was pictured auctioning off Christian girls in a slave market – laughing and happy (pic above) – was killed in the Russian airstrike recently. Villi wrote:

“You remember the son of a bitch ISIS guy that was auctioning off christian girls…Yep…Putin got him!!” See a pic of his corpse below…

Child ISIS Jihadi Tells Obama To Submit To The ‘Caliphate’ Or Die

A child jihadi armed with a rocket-propelled grenade has threatened to behead ‘Dog of Rome Obama’ in a chilling new video released by ISIS.

The boy, who is only about ten-years-old, tells US President Barack Obama who he calls Dog of Rome he is ‘dreaming’ if he thinks American soldiers will enter the land the terror group controls.

He warns:

 ‘Wake up from your sleep and pay the jiz’ yah (religious tax) in submission before the swords of the khalifah (caliphate) reach you and cut your filthy head.’If you think your soldiers will enter the land of the khilafah and pollute it with their filth, then you’re dreaming,’

Kingsley Ohajunwa: The EU Migrant Crisis; A Lesson For Africa

The mere fact that a good number of things in life come in two forms is a special reason to appreciate the beauty of life itself. This does not happen for objects alone, it happens for events, philosophies, ideas and human actions. So for every North, there is a South; for every up, there is a down; there lies a West somewhere; for a good action, we can also examine the bad part and ultimately for every action there is a consequence; for every cause, there is an effect. As ordinary as this may seem or perhaps as humorously ironic as this may seem it goes a long way towards helping us understand how double-faced life and events which take place in it can be. There will always be two sides to a coin!

In 1945 when the United Nations (UN) was established it was done with the primary aim of preventing a re-occurrence of events which happened between 1914-1918 which was the First World War and those which happened between 1939-1945 which was the Second World War. These two wars claimed the lives of several millions and as with most other human actions still have their effects which can still be traced till date. While death is the immediate consequence of war, distant effects include increase in the number of orphans and refugees; wanton spread of hunger due to damaged farmlands and means of commercial food production; sickness and outbreak of diseases; aggressive and hostile behavior of the refugees towards other people. These consequences will continually be the result of wars which of course are fallouts from political, economic, social and religious relationships that exist among countries. All of these in turn create more responsibility for the UN to handle. While we understand that relationships, whether between individuals, institutions or countries can go sour at any point, efforts must be made to ensure they don’t culminate into war and its resultant effects.

Of course all continents in the world have their challenges with some being ecological and social while others may be economic, it is worrisome when by what appears to be deliberate actions humans create issues for themselves; this brings us to the migrant crisis currently rocking Europe. Over the last decade there have been veracious attacks of some regions by others, there have also been internal scuffles which have left many dead, there have been extreme show of belligerence which have not only left people dead, but have left several others injured, homeless and ultimately displaced. It may be unnecessary examining the root causes of these shows of human violence. What is necessary however is whether they are justifiable or not and then the effects of the actions. But then can we also agree that there is little or no justifiable reason to engage in violence especially when the outcome can easily be envisaged. In other words before the action is carried out we already have a clear image of what the effect(s) will be. Since an action has a foreseeable outcome of disaster, then why can’t efforts be channeled towards avoiding such? But because this is not a moral piece the author shall not like to thread the moral path.

Our focus is the effect; this aspect of our discourse has seen to the homelessness of several thousands who have now resorted to seeking refuge in some European countries. In what appears to be a compulsion of some sort the European Union (EU) must now seek ways to manage these scores of displaced individuals. Indeed there is a problem! Lately we have seen aggression shown by these displaced migrants towards security agents who have barricaded the Serbia-Hungary border which has in turn turned out violent and attracted international attention. In addition to this certain European nations against their prior policies on cutting down on the number of illegal immigrants are now having to accommodate a certain part of these refugees. Furthermore it is financially and economically demanding as funds will have been made available for their welfare while the various accommodating economies will now be stretched to align with the immediate negative changes. The social effect of this can be in perceived hostility, deprivation and maybe being ostracized by citizens of the host countries.

Considering the fact that it is perceived that Europe has a better crisis-management mechanism which enables it recover and stabilize better but yet face such level of consternation and ultimately bewilderment in the face of such issues, how then will Africa fair when faced with such? Let’s also not forget that Africa has been termed and portrays itself to be a developing continent. It is therefore time Africa looked inwards to address some of its burning issues such as terrorism, wanton spread of hunger and poverty, unemployment, bad governance and corruption. While it may be argued that things will not or ever get to the point where military violence, airstrikes and war will cause serious issues of individuals having to flee their home countries, the above-mentioned vices can in some manner result to this as well. It will be wise in understanding that at this point Africa’s interest should be channeled at developing itself from within. To a lot of political and social commentators the EU Migrant crisis would have hitherto been a phenomenon that could never have gotten to the level it is, at least considering the seemingly robust nature of diplomatic relations among countries, the efforts of regional organizations and the vibrant modus-operandi of international organizations. In spite of all these we see a Europe which is battling to heal a self-inflicted injury on its foot. Africa surely has a lot to learn from this!

Africa has had its share of wars and internal scuffles; its resolve to move forward in spite of this and ensure they never happen again is what makes all the difference. Already the continent is faced with developmental challenges which should over the decades have been solved; however it’s still battling with them. This on its own is enough task for the continent. Let’s not forget that the value of every immigrant is calculated based on the marketable skills, knowledge or resources they bring into a country. This in its own regard worsens the country’s Gross National Income (GNI) and of course reduces its Per Capita Income Index. It therefore stands in contrast to the concept of economic growth. Of what use will refugees be to any country and its economy? Why then should Africa by its actions or inactions thrive to promote events that only increase the number of displaced persons? The EU situation is only a verisimilitude example of explaining how related and closely-knitted together countries can be especially when it comes to desperate measures of survival; if this be the case why can’t such closeness by used for the advancement of developmental programmes which better promote healthy human co-existence within the continent. This piece does not by any means promote unhealthy and selfish development agenda of countries at the detriment of others, it basically calls for logic, fairness and deep considerations to be applied when issues of regional and international diplomacy calls.

Kingsley Ohajunwa is a Nigerian writer. He can be reached via email on

Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

ISIS Extremists Publish Address Of Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden And Call For His Death

A British ISIS supporter has published the name and address of the Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden and called on American extremists to execute him.

Mirror Online has been monitoring jihadi chat on social media and has spotted several people linking to a text file containing instructions on how to find Robert O’Neill, who claimed to have killed the al Qaeda chief. This information was shared by an unnamed British extremist, who dubbed O’Neill a “number one target” and called for his immediate death.

The address is now being shared on social media along with a sinister hashtag.

Dozens of extremists have now republished the Navy Seal’s private information.

“I leave this info of Robert O’Neill for my brothers in America and Al Qaeda in the U.S, as a number one target to eventually hunt down and kill,” the ISIS supporter wrote.

The anonymous jihadi slammed O’Neil for “traveling around America putting on seminars boasting about killing Sheikh Osama”.

He also posted a link to a story in the International Business Times in which O’Neill’s father said the family were “not afraid of ISIS”.

The Navy Seal went public with his claims in a documentary called “The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden”.

He is understood to have separated from his wife over security concerns.

“We’re actually looking into changing my name,” she told Esquire in 2013.

“Changing the kids’ names, taking my husband’s name off the house, paying off our cars.

“Essentially deleting him from our lives, but for safety reasons,” his wife once said.

Source: Mirror

Father Of British-Born Oregon Shooting Gunman Says He Is ‘As Shocked As Anyone

The dad of British-born Oregon gunman Chris Harper Mercer (pictured above) has spoken of his disbelief after his son killed 10 people and injured seven in a US college gun rampage yesterday.

The killer burst into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg and opened fire. Eye-witnesses say he was asking victims their religion before shooting people who identified themselves as Christian.

The 26-year-old was later killed in a shootout with police.

Dad Ian Mercer told reporters outside his home he is ‘as surprised as anyone’ at the tragedy.
He said: “Obviously, it’s been a devastating day. Devastating for me and my family.

“I’m just as shocked as everybody at what happened today. I’ve just been talking to the police and the FBI. That’s all the details I have right now, is what you know already.”

Police recovered four weapons at the scene, including three handguns and a long-range rifle, according to reports.

Hollywood Actress Alleges That Pope Francis Will Be Assassinated This Week

Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has alleged that Pope Francis will be assassinated this week during his upcoming visit to the U.S. if the security operative do not act fast to avert the murder.

The head of the Catholic Church is set to make his first official trip to the country later this week, starting his tour in Washington, D.C. before heading to New York and Philadelphia.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has already promised to step up security in the Big Apple to make sure the pontiff is kept safe during his visit, but Sarandon fears the Pope may still come to harm.

She tells the New York Daily News, “I think they’re going to assassinate him. I think he’s done some
major, major cleansing of the whole system … I love this pope. He’s humble … He doesn’t live in the palatial whatever. I think he’s a pope of the people.”

De Blasio previously said of the security arrangements for Pope Francis’ visit, “[There is] a great partnership between the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI. We’re ready. We have the personnel, we have the equipment, we have the planning.”

Kendall Jenner Makes Forbes Top 10 Highest Paid Models List

19 year old Kendall Jenner made Forbes’ list of highest-paid models for the first time and she’s the youngest on the list. Kendall is the 8th highest paid model with her $4 million earnings putting her just behind top model Kate Moss. Gisele Bunchen, of course, leads.
Check out the full list below:

1. Gisele Bundchen $44 million
2. Cara Delevingne $9 million
2. Adriana Lima $9 million
3. Doutzen Kroes $7.5 million
4. Natalia Vodianova $7 million
5. Miranda Kerr $5.5 million
5. Joan Smalls $5.5 million
6. Lara Stone $5 million
6. Alessandra Ambrosio $5 million
6. Candice Swanepoel $5 million
6. Karlie Kloss $5 million
7. Carolyn Murphy $4.5 million
7. Kate Moss $4.5 million
7. Liu Wen $4.5 million
7. Daria Werbowy $4.5 million
8. Kendall Jenner $4 million
9. Hilary Rhoda $3.5 million
9. Jourdan Dunn $3.5 million
9. Kate Upton $3.5 million
9. Anja Rubik $3.5 million
9. Edita Vilkeviciute $3.5 million

Olalekan Waheed: The World Went Silent When We Died

 In an amazing display of bravery, an unnamed Tunisian street hawker set himself ablaze (some say it was out of frustration) in a sunny afternoon in 2011. This singular heroic act was soon led to series of riots which ultimately brought down the Ahmed Ben Alli’s regime and things will never be the same again. As the world watched the “Arab Spring” extends to Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Libya and many other Arabian territories arms freely flew into the hands of “freedom fighters” and pro-US regimes’ foot soldiers which will later become deciding issues in world peace and security. Ever since the world left us to find solutions to our problems they left us alone and went silent!

Keen observers of international affairs will probably know that not much has changed in the United States’ foreign policy thinking since the end of the Cold War era in 1991. The role of Washington in the so called Arab Spring shows that the White House still views international relations strictly from Cold War lenses. The role of the “World Powers” in Syria specifically calls to question the supposed end of the Cold War. Ever since “Communist” China and former “Soviet” Russia supported the Bashar al-Assad’s Government in Damascus, Washington found a way to oppose the same regime hence supporting the “freedom fighters”. Not minding the fact that US supported the Hosni Mubarrack’s over three decades old regime, US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation(NATO) forces brought down the seeming popular anti-Western 42 year old dictatorial Libyan regime led by Muammar Gaddafi. Suffice to say, both countries have known no peace ever since!

There is a school of thought that Washington’s reluctance to intervene in the Syrian crises because the country has no Crude Oil (an important geo-political resource) unlike its colleagues in the Middle East. There is still another school that says had the Obama administration intervene at the early stages of the Syrian crises, it might not have exploded or in the worst case human casualties would have been very minimal. The two views cannot be wrong, if Washington has dropped its Cold War toga and viewed the issues from more realistic standpoints.

The decision of the US and its allies of initial “non-interference” have proven costly. The new dimension of global terrorism and insecurity accounts for this rather unfortunate decision. The disturbing nature that international terrorists now take which has now led to the agitation for Islamic States of Iraq and Syria(ISIS), the Islamic States of Iran and the Levant(ISIL) and other Islamic States(for short) affiliates and their nefarious activities in the region explains the conspiracy of world leaders as these groups rein terror on us all.

The Washington government supplies arms to its “Freedom Fighters” in Syria, Libya, and in other places to fight governments they do not support as part of their foreign policy objectives, forgetting that the so-called “freedom fighters” soon turn “terrorists” soon after they are left alone. This was exactly the case with Western-trained Osama bin Laden and the likes. The same “Freedom Fighters” they armed are now the new Islamic State (IS) fighters that have been killing our people with impunity and the world is silent!

Even if we concede that the US is protecting its economic and political interests in the Middle East (Oil and Israel), doing it at the expense of monumental loss of human lives is uncharitable, considering the fact that the US was a major causative factor in the imbroglio. The fact that Washington singularly account for more than any other for the escalation of the ISIS crises, US it is that must take the lead in bringing an end into all these needless killings. The world cannot continue to remain silent as innocent lives are being lost.

As a matter of recommendation, State Department’s strategists must get of this Cold War mentality. The world is in the 21st century and the Great Wars went with the 20th century. The fact that either Russia or China supports or oppose an issue does not automatically mean the US must take an opposite action on the same issue. This will only make international relations filled with tensions suspicions, distrusts, and hatred. Human lives are at stake here for God’s sake!

This is why the whole world, not only the United States, must stand firm against the ugly trend of ISIS. This is not the time to remain silent. Our people are dying on daily basis for daring to profess their faith. Ancient artifacts and Temples dating back over 2000 years are being destroyed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. This is not the time to be passive neither is it time to be silent. If you are silent now while these atrocities go on then you are part of the world that was silent while we died. We died for what we know nothing about. We died because of the profession of our religious beliefs. And as ISIS operated; burning and killing children, murdering “infidels” and maiming innocent and harmless citizens and the world went silent. Do we need to say that all started in Tunisia?


Olalekan Waheed ADIGUN is a political risk analyst and an independent political strategist for wide range of individuals, organisations and campaigns. He is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

 His write-ups can be viewed on his website

Tel: +2348136502040, +2347081901080


Follow me on twitter @adgorwell

Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

Angry Woman Paints Donald Trump’s Portrait With Her Menstrual Blood

Presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump is no stranger to being ridiculed.

However, one Oregon artist, Sarah Levy, may have finally gone too far in her attempt to ridicule Donald who made an inflammatory degrading post about a bloodied woman

She decided to made a painting of him, using only her menstrual blood since Donald loves blood.

See the blood paint and Donalds tweet below…

The painting, somewhat laughably titled “Whatever,” features the Republican candidate striking a very famous, and very red, pose.

Levy created the artistic rendering as a response to Trump’s insults toward Megyn Kelly after that first Republican debate.

She talked to BuzzFeed News about the reasoning behind the blood-soaked depiction:

    “That he thinks he can bring up the healthy functioning of women’s reproductive systems to insult women’s intelligence is a big problem that I think needs to be called out.”

The bright red luster of the original painting has, according to Levy, faded to brown in the days since she created it.

US Warns Of ‘Terrorist’ Attack Threat In South Africa

The United States embassy in South Africa on Tuesday, September 8 issued a rare ‘terrorist threat’ warning to US interests in the country, and advised its citizens to be on heightened alert against attack, AFP reports. The security message issued by the embassy in Pretoria said there was no information on the possible timing or target in South Africa.

Extremists may be targeting US interests in South Africa, to possibly include US Government facilities and other facilities identifiable with US business interests,” the embassy statement said.
Remain aware and vigilant of your surroundings. Be vigilant and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security.”

A spokesman for the South African ministry of state security told AFP that the government was aware of the US announcement, but that it had no immediate comment.

The embassy issued a general security alert last week ahead of the September 11 attacks anniversary, but the warning on Tuesday appeared to signal a new level of concern. Security analyst Ryan Cummings said the US had last issued a “terror threat” in South Africa in 2009.

The embassy was unable to confirm the date. “One would not immediately associate South Africa with Islamic extremism, which is the driver of international terrorism against US interests,” said Cummings, a Cape Town-based analyst at Red 24, a risk management firm.

“We haven’t had an extensive history of transnational terrorists targeting US interests (but) there has been evidence that South Africa serves as some form of a gateway or potential logistics and financial hub. “The fact that this warning speaks specifically to South Africa means the perceived threat is specifically within our borders.”

Source -AFP

NDLEA Occupies Arik Attendant’s House, Grills Co-workers

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency on Wednesday stormed and occupied the Lagos house of Chika Egwu Udensi, a crew member of the Arik Air flight W3101, who was arrested with 20 kilogrammes of cocaine at the London Heathrow Airport.
The NDLEA moved to the house after they had interrogated pilots and flight attendants of the flight that left the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos for London on Monday night. The interrogation lasted for several hours at the NDLEA head office in Lagos.
It was gathered that soon after the interrogation, the NDLEA moved to the suspect’s house in the Ejigbo area of Lagos State.
A source, who did not say if there were occupants in the house, told one of our correspondents that the NDLEA men were “currently occupying the house, and we will not leave here until we get all the

evidence that we want.”

It was gathered that although the operatives had seized the suspect’s Range Rover, the NDLEA was still of the opinion that Udensi had other property.
The source said, ‘We are investigating if he has other property in Lagos or elsewhere. Some of them (suspected drug courier) live simple lives, but have other valuables stashed everywhere. We are searching for incriminating documents.”
On the interrogation, the NDLEA in a statement said the entire crew members including some support staff that worked on the flight before it departed Lagos appeared before narcotic investigators at the Ikoyi headquarters of the agency.
They include two pilots and members of the cabin crew comprising an Australian and a South African.
The statement by the NDLEA spokesperson, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, read in part, “The invitation which was made by the agency was swiftly complied with by the management of Arik Air.
“The crew members were conveyed to the NDLEA office in an official bus belonging to Arik Air. This is part of ongoing investigation to determine their level of involvement in the smuggling of 20 kg of cocaine found with Chika Egwu Udensi, a member of the cabin crew in London.
“The latest Range Rover car belonging to the prime suspect parked on the airline’s premises had also been moved to the NDLEA office as exhibit.”
Ofoyeju also confirmed to one of our correspondents that the operatives went to the attendant’s house, adding, “Wait till tomorrow (Thursday). We will make a comprehensive statement on it.”
Meanwhile, the Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer, NDLEA, Mr. Ahmadu Giade, was said to have promised to carry out an elaborate investigation into the ongoing case, stressing that all persons involved would be exposed and prosecuted.
“The agency has made remarkable progress in it counter-narcotic efforts and will resist any act capable of reversing the gains so far recorded,” he said.
However, findings by our correspondent revealed that the NDLEA and other aviation security officials were seriously grilling an Arik staff member working in the catering department who is believed to have assisted the suspect.
Security officials, it was learnt, believed that the suspect was assisted by some staff members of Arik catering department to move the 20 kilogrammes of cocaine into the aircraft.
One of the top security officials, who spoke to our correspondent under the condition of anonymity, said, “Security officials believe strongly that the 20kgs of cocaine might have been moved into the aircraft through the Arik’s catering department. There is a prime suspect in that department that is being interrogated specially.
“Normally, staff members of the catering department carrying foods from the airline office to the aircraft are not usually screened. Officials believe the bags containing the 20kgs of cocaine may have been taken through this route.”
“The reason for this is that there is a machine that searches the cabin crew members at the airline’s office before they go to the airport terminal to board the plane. So if the suspect carried it himself, he may have been caught. A major suspect in the catering department is going through series of interrogation.”
Source: Vanguard

French President Presents Award Of Highest Honour To Men Who Thwarted Train Attack

French President, Francois Hollande, presented on Monday the country’s highest decoration to four men credited with thwarting an attack on a Paris-bound train, saying that they had prevented “a massacre.”

American friends Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and a British man, Chris Norman, were received at the Elysee Palace and decorated with the Legion of Honour.

Hollande hailed the four’s “incredible act of humanity,” in jumping into action Friday evening when they saw a Kalashnikov-toting man on a high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris.

The man, who also had nine magazines and an automatic pistol, was tackled initially by Stone and held until the train reached the next station and he was turned over to police.
He is in custody.

The three Americans, childhood friends on holiday in Europe in their early twenties, wore polo shirts and khakis at the ceremony.
Stone and Skarlatos, who reached the gunman first, are both members of the U.S. military who were in civilian clothes during the attack.

‘Give Me Back My Gun,’ Train Attacker Pleaded With Americans

A gunman tackled by young Americans on a train between Amsterdam and Paris pleaded with them to hand back his Kalashnikov after they overpowered him, one of the group said.

“Everything happened very fast,” Anthony Sadler, a student travelling with friends Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone, both members of the US military, told France’s BFMTV.

“I didn’t realise what was happening until I saw a guard run past. I looked back and saw a guy enter with a Kalashnikov. My friends and I got down and then I said ‘Let’s get him’,” said Skarlatos, a 22-year-old member of the National Guard in Oregon, who has recently returned from service in Afghanistan.

“We didn’t know if the gun wasn’t working or anything like that. Spencer just ran anyway and if anyone had gotten shot, it would have been Spencer and we’re just very lucky that nobody got killed,” he added in quotes shown on the BBC.

Stone tackled the gunman but was cut with a knife.

“At that point I showed up and grabbed the gun from him and basically started beating him in the head until he fell unconscious,” said Skarlatos.

Sadler added that the man — later identified as a 26-year-old of Moroccan origin — “didn’t stand a chance.”

“As soon as we saw him, we all ran back there. It all happened really fast,” Sadler told BFMTV.

“He didn’t say anything. He was just telling us to give back his gun. ‘Give me back my gun! Give me back my gun!’ But we just carried on beating him up and immobilised him and that was it.”

Mobile phone footage from inside the train and shown on several TV stations shows the suspect, a skinny man wearing white trousers and no shirt, flattened on the floor of the train with his hands and feet tied behind his back.

A Kalashnikov is seen leaning against a seat and blood is visible on a window.

Sadler told BFMTV he had spoken to Stone, recovering from the knife wound in hospital, adding that he was “doing well”.

“He can’t believe that all this happened,” said Sadler. “I’m just a college student. I came to see my friends for my first trip to Europe and we stop a terrorist. It’s kind of crazy.”

A source close to the investigation said two people were being treated at a hospital in Lille.

As well as Stone, who received cuts to his neck and hand, another American passenger was shot in the shoulder. No information was given on their condition.

President Barack Obama singled out the Americans, saying “it is clear that their heroic actions may hve prevented a far worse tragedy.”

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the group showed “great bravery.”

“Without their cool-headed actions we could have been faced with a terrible incident,” he said.

US Sending Arms To Nigeria – Report

THERE are indications that the United States government is sending arms to the Nigerian military in its efforts to crush Boko Haram.
Facts that the US might start sending arms to Nigeria came on the heels of the US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle’s revelation in an interview with one of our correspondents that the US government never placed arms embargo on Nigeria.
“There’s been a lot of misunderstanding on this issue before, during and after President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Washington. Let me be clear about a couple of things. One, we had worked very closely with Nigeria on the Leahy Amendment….The second piece of misinformation, which has been bandied about in (newspapers’) headlines, is that the US has lifted its arms embargo on Nigeria. There was never an arms embargo,” Entwistle said.

According to Radio France Internationale, the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency records

show that the country’s Department of Defence is set to transfer military material to Nigeria.

The RFI noted that a DSCA list of “so-called Excess Defence Articles” slated for Nigeria indicated that the US Army was about to transfer Caiman trucks, armoured vehicles designed “to defeat current and emerging threats,” according to their manufacturer, British-based BAE Systems.
The RFI added that the US government was also sending armoured vehicles known as MaxxPro MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected), made by Navistar Defence, an Illinois company, and Israeli-based Plasan Sasa.
It is unclear which Nigerian military units will receive the equipment, but the report said that the US government had confirmed that deliveries were pending.
When The PUNCH contacted the Department of State to confirm the types of military hardware the US would be sending and when deliveries of the weapons would be made, the newspaper was directed to contact Nigeria’s Ministry of Defence.
The spokesperson for the US State Department, Noel Clay,   via an email to The PUNCH, said, “The United States is set to expand its efforts to provide bilateral security assistance to Nigeria to counter Boko Haram. We will refer you to the Nigerian MoD to confirm the arrival of any US-origin material, but we can say that a key component of our security assistance to Nigeria in recent years has been training on the importance of respect for human rights and professional military conduct.
“Impunity for human rights violations by security forces not only tarnishes Nigeria’s reputation, but cannot prohibit us from engaging with involved units. We will continue to work with the Nigerian military to ensure they conduct disciplined military operations in accordance with clear rules of engagement and international law; treat all detainees humanely; allow access to independent monitors to all detention facilities; and hold accountable the perpetrators of unlawful violence.”
Meanwhile, a former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, has said prayer is the best weapon against terrorism.
Gowon, who is also the founder of Nigeria Prays, a non-profit organisation, said this on Sunday at the National Prayer Rally, which held at the Olive Tree Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ikoyi, Lagos.
He observed that Boko Haram insurgency had been the most disturbing of all the problems of Nigeria.
“There is need for Nigerians to begin to change their orientation and begin to pray according to the will and purpose of God. The only way prayer can be of benefit to all is for us to ask that God’s will be done. We should pray that God will answer our prayers in way that it will be a blessing to all,” he said,
Gowon, as Nigeria’s ruler between 1966 and 1975, prosecuted the Nigeria-Biafra civil war.
He said the incessant suicide bombings in the country were enough cause for worry.
He said, “It is sad that some people wilfully take their lives and the lives of others. This is a great concern. There is no longer respect for lives. There is no regard for human dignity. This is worrisome. That is why I really want to appeal to Nigerians to raise an altar of prayer for Nigeria. We should consistently pray and constantly ask that God will cause his mercy to flow in our nation. The bloodletting is embarrassing and ungodly. It is time for us to raise our voices and cry to God for His mercy on our land.
“If God could save the Biblical Saul who later became Paul, I am confident that God can touch the lives of these people called Boko Haram. We know they are faceless and nobody knows their agenda. That is why I believe that it is only God who can really intervene in their lives and bring a change.”
Source: The Punch

Idi Amin Gave the Funniest Ever Head of State Speech To Queen Elizabeth and Also Predicted Barack Obama Would Be President

Idi Amin’s speech

Idi Amin of Uganda (President’s SPEECH)

For those of us who English is not their first language, read on!!Here is a speech delivered by Idi Amin at a sumptuous luncheon hosted By Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain .

“My majesty Mr. Queen Sir, horrible ministers and members of parliament, invented Guests, ladies under gentlemen. I hereby thank you completely…..Mr. Queen, sir; and also what he has done for me and my fellow Uganda who come with me.

We have really eaten very much. And we are fed up completely:And also very thanks to you keenly open up from all windows: so that those plenty climates can come into lunch. But before I go back to my country with a plane from the Entebbe airport of London I wish to invitation you Mr. Queen, to become home to Uganda so that we can also revenge on you .

You will eat a full cow:and also feel up your stomach and walk with difficult because of full stomach completely. Even when you want to rest at night; I will make sure that you sleep on top of me in the top up stairs of my mansion completely so that you can enjoy all the gravity of fresh air.

“But now am sorry because I have to tell you that I have made a shortcall on you only. But next time I shall make a long call on you to last the whole moon completely. Thank you very much to allow me to undress you completely before these extinguished ladies undergentlemen sir.

Lastly but not list, I ask the band to play our international anthem of the republic of Uganda and also the British international anthem..Your majesty sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the bottoms of all the people of Uganda .

With this few words I thank you Sir.


Idi Amin Predicting that the USA will have an African American President and Secretary of State

OAP Freeze Wants Donald Trump To Be The Next US President… Find Out Why

The Cool FM On air personality was previously one of Donald Trump’s critics,especially with his tweets about Ebola and Africans..Now, he seems to have taken a U-turn,expressing his wish that Trump becomes the American President so Nigerians will be forced to return home and fix their country…

My next American President! Donald Trump! I hated this guy initially because of his comments on Africa during the #Ebola pandemic. But after the perceived lack of direction (except of course, in the instance of the controversial gay marriage issue), I personally think it’s time America elected someone the world can see through, instead of
a political facade. When, if at all, he becomes president, I hope he successfully tightens immigration laws, so our Nigerian brothers and sisters there can come back home and #FixNigeria. My opinion is, instead of discarding your sinking ship for a floating one, stay aboard and #FixIt

Megyn Kelly Responds To Donald Trump: “I Certainly Will Not Apologize For Doing Good Journalism”

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said Monday she will not respond to personal attacks by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who sharply criticized her after last week’s debate.

During Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, Kelly had asked Trump to address his negative comments toward women, calling some “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” In response, Trump responded jokingly, “only Rosie O’Donnell.”

“For the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell,” Kelly said during Monday’s broadcast of The Kelly File as she pressed for an answer to the question.

“I felt he was asked a tough but fair question,” Kelly said. “We agree to disagree.”

Andrew Harnik / AP

Following the debate, Trump said he felt the moderators’ questions were “not nice,” and that Kelly in particular treated him poorly. He went on to tweet and retweet rants about Kelly that called her a “bimbo,” overrated, and angry.

His criticism reached a fever pitch Friday in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, in which he said Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

The candidate on Saturday tweeted he meant to say she had blood coming out of her nose, though the remark was taken by many to be a reference to menstruation. In response, Trump’s top adviser parted ways with the businessman, and Trump was also disinvited from the conservative RedState gathering in Atlanta.

Kelly said Monday she had decided not to respond to the personal attacks.

“I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism,” she continued. “So I’ll continue doing my job without fear or favor. And Mr. Trump, I expect, will continue with what has been a successful campaign so far.”

President Buhari Brought N2.7 Trn Investments From US Visit – Presidency

An estimated N2.7 trillion ($13.6 billion) worth of direct investment is part of the immediate benefits accruing from President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent state visit to the United States, the Presidency claimed yesterday.
The presidency also affirmed that the visit cost the Nigerian treasury less than N220 million contrary to assertions in some sections of the media. It further explained that President Buhari’s son, Yusuf, did not receive any estacode for the trip even as it contended that great savings were made by members of the delegation against previous visits.
The five governors who were in the delegation, the presidency said, paid their way while permanent secretaries and other senior government officials only received their entitlements.
File: US President Barack Obama speaks with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, July 20, 2015. Obama welcomes Nigeria’s freshly elected president after the country’s first ever democratic transition. AFP
File: US President Barack Obama speaks with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, July 20, 2015. Obama welcomes Nigeria’s freshly elected president after the country’s first ever democratic transition. AFP
The presidency’s explanations followed news reports in some sections of the media that the visit was wasteful, cost N2.2 billion and was not in anyway beneficial.
In a statement, yesterday, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, said besides the economic benefits, plans were already in motion to lift hindrances to the flow of military support for Nigeria’s war against insurgents in the North-East.
Some immediate benefits
According to him, “some of the more immediate benefits of the President’s trip to the US include: the proposed $2.1 billion fund from the World Bank for the re-development of the northeast battered by Boko Haram; $5 billion from US investors in Nigeria’s agriculture sector; $1.5 billion investment in the Nigerian’s health sector; and another $5 billion investment from the US in our country’s power sector.
“Also, as things stand, the embargo on weapons sales to Nigeria is in the process of being removed. The trip to the US by President Buhari was definitely very successful and beneficial to Nigeria. Only those rabidly determined to find faults unnecessarily will cook up falsehood in a futile effort to rake up murk where none exists.
“It is very sad that in this age of free-flowing information and in this era of change, a media organisation would make itself available as a vehicle to peddle a lie of such low and ignominious quality.
“Contrary to the newspaper’s assertions, the total cost of the trip to the Nigerian taxpayer was at the most minimal, in line with the policy of this administration to cut waste and extravagance.
Buhari’s son didn’t receive estacode, govs paid their way
“In point of fact, the total amount expended on the trip by the office of the President amounted to nothing near 10 per cent of the speculated figure.
“Owing to the free accommodation provided by the host government, all the personal staff who accompanied the President on the trip received reduced allowances.
“His son, Yusuf, received neither allowances nor estacode. The five governors on the trip each paid their way. Permanent Secretaries who travelled on the delegation did so in accordance with extant rules and none of them exceeded their estacode entitlements.
“Apart from the Nigerian pilot’s mischievous mathematics, it is shortsighted and misleading of the newspaper to have claimed that President Buhari’s trip to the US achieved nothing.
“Nigerian-US relations had suffered severely over the past few years. That relationship has now been reset. The benefits of this symbiotic relationship will become more and more evident as the Buhari administration continues to tackle the challenges of corruption, security and the economy.”

“Nigeria’s Military Needs Training, Not Arms” – US Legislature

The United States is ready to provide military training to help Nigeria’s battle against Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram according to the leader of a U.S. Congressional delegation.

According to Rep. Darrell Issa: “Nigeria’s military is not outgunned by Boko Haram and needs training, not arms, to defeat the insurgents blamed for the deaths of thousands in three countries”

Issa spoke after his four-person bipartisan delegation met with President Muhammadu Buhari and military service chiefs.

The statement by Issa contradicts President Buhari who asserted, after meeting President Barack Obama at the White House last month, that the United States is aiding Boko Haram by refusing to sell attack helicopters to Nigeria.

The U.S. Leahy Law prohibits all aid to specific military units which have been found to violate human rights. In the case of Nigeria, U.S. officials have said that some units have been vetted and deemed eligible for assistance, and others have not. Amnesty International has accused Nigeria of killing without due process an estimated 8,000 people suspected of involvement with Boko Haram.

“The number one thing we bring is professional training to help the Nigerian forces fight Boko Haram and to advise them how to treat insurgents and civilians captured in the war zone”, said Issa who is a Republican from California and member of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism.

He continued saying: “Nigeria’s military doesn’t lack basic firearms … it lacks training in military strategy and in international and humanitarian laws. This is a military that was allowed to fall into disrepair during the previous administration. Morale is low when training is low,”

He said Obama’s pledge to give whatever training is needed signals “a new day” in U.S.-Nigeria relations. Buhari has since pledged to annihilate Boko Haram and fight Nigeria’s serious corruption problem.

ISIS Plans To End The World By Provoking The US To War

According to a recruitment document understood to be written by ISIS militants,the terrorist group plans for an all-out war to bring about ‘the end of the world’.
Follow the jump for the full story and discovered document:

The Urdu document seen by USA Today, passed to the American Media Institute by a Pakistani citizen connected to the Taliban, reveals the scale of the ambition of ISIS, including targeting India to provoke the U.S. to intervene.

The document includes a never-before-seen history of the Islamic State, details chilling future battle plans, urges al-Qaeda to join the group and says the Islamic State’s leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1 billion Muslims under a religious empire called a “caliphate.”

The document reads:

Accept the fact that this caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire world and beheads every last person that rebels against Allah,” “This is the bitter truth, swallow it.”Preparations for an attack on India are underway, it adds, which ISIS leaders hope will end with a war with the U.S.

Even if the U.S. tries to attack with all its allies, which undoubtedly it will, the ummah [world’s global community] will be united, resulting in the final battle’.

The document highlights a plan to target U.S. soldiers as they pull out from Afghanistan, kill American diplomats and attack Pakistani officials.

So far, U.S. intelligence officials have reviewed the document and say they believe it is authentic, based on the language used and a series of ‘unique’ markings.

Barack Obama Lays Wreath At The US Embassy Bombing Memorial

US President Barack Obama on Saturday laid a wreath at the Kenyan capital’s Memorial Park in memory of those killed in the 1998 embassy bombing.

He placed the wreath on a holder in front of a wall engraved with the names of the dead and stood for a moment in silence.

Around a dozen survivors and National Security Advisor Susan Rice also attended.

The scene was quiet except for the sound of a fountain just behind Obama and the distant sound of an assembled crowd of well wishers who were kept back by police.

The US missions in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, were hit by near simultaneous car bombings on August 7, 1998.

The twin bombings, claimed by Al-Qaeda, killed a total of 224 people and injured some 5,000 — almost all of them Kenyans and Tanzanians.

Obama is currently making his first visit to Kenya, his father’s birthplace, since becoming president.

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Pres. Buhari Accuses U.S. Of Aiding Boko Haram

The United States isn’t exactly blameless in the continued rise of the Boko Haram terrorist sect, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

Speaking on Wednesday in Washington DC where he addressed a section of the audience at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) as part of his four-day trip to the U.S, Buhari frowned at the use of the ‘Leahy Law’ by the US government  to deny Nigeria weapons based on unsubstantiated human rights abuses by the Nigerian military.

Buhari demanded that America provides Nigeria with “far more substantial counter-terrorism assistance with minimal strings”, because the African giant has since rejigged its rules of engagement to better protect the rights of non combatants and civilians as it wages a war with the mindless terrorist sect.

Buhari said: “In our efforts at combating the activities of Boko Haram, the new Government has sought and obtained the support of not only our neighbours, but other international friends and partners.

“Regrettably, the blanket application of the Leahy Law by the United States on the grounds of unproven allegations of human rights violations levelled against our forces has denied us access to appropriate strategic weapons to prosecute the war against the insurgents.”

Continuing, Buhari said: “Our forces have remained largely impotent because they do not possess the appropriate weapons and technology which they could have had, had the so-called human rights violations not been an obstacle.

“Unwittingly, and I dare say, unintentionally, the application of the Leahy Law amendment by the U. S. Government has aided and abetted the Boko Haram terrorist group in the prosecution of its extremist ideology and hate, the indiscriminate killings and maiming of civilians, in raping of women and girls, and in their other heinous crimes.”

Consequently, the Nigerian president appealed to the Executive Arm and the US Congress to examine how the US Government can provide Nigeria with far more substantial counter-terrorism assistance with minimal strings.

Don’t Let Businessmen Into My Meetings In The US, Buhari Warns Aides

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday in Washington DC warned close aides not to smuggle anyone into his official meetings with US officials.

Sources said he gave the warning during a breakfast meeting at his Blair House official digs in Washington DC, telling them any infractions will result with the person involved being fired with immediate effect.

President Buhari told them the purpose of his visit was not to meet with Nigerian businessmen or politicians, but with US officials and Nigerians in the Diaspora.

During the tense meeting, at which eight of the aides were present, Buhari directed the Department of
State Protocol in Abuja to open a desk at the Aso Rock Villa that would facilitate direct access to him if any Nigerian wants to see him in Nigeria. He said the desk will eliminate the role of corrupt officials, middlemen and family members who profit from selling access to the Presidency.

SaharaReporters could not ascertain how many Nigerian businessmen have arrived in Washington with the intention of seeking meeting opportunities with Buhari, but a source told our reporters that controversial and flamboyant businessman, Terry Waya, A.C Okafor, chairman of Chicason group as well as Senator Ifeanyi Ararume, have been seen around Buhari’s delegation.


US President Obama Reduces Sentences Of 46 Convicts

President Barack Obama cut the prison sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders on Monday, including 14 who were sentenced to life in prison, saying “their punishments didn’t fit the crime.”
“These men and women were not hardened criminals,” Obama said in a video released by the White House, noting that the overwhelming majority of the 46 had been sentenced to at least 20 years.

The move was part of a broader ongoing effort by the administration to make the U.S. criminal justice system fairer. Obama has now issued 89 commutations during his presidency, most of them to non-violent offenders sentenced for drug crimes under outdated sentencing guidelines. A
commutation leaves the conviction in place, but reduces the punishment.

Obama wrote a personal letter to each of the 46 individuals to notify them of their commutations. Their sentences all now expire on Nov. 10, 2015.

In a letter to Jerry Bailey, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for conspiracy to violate laws against crack-cocaine, Obama praised Bailey for showing the potential to turn his life around.

“Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity,” Obama wrote in the letter, which was sent to Bailey’s address at a federal correctional facility in Georgia,. “It will not be easy,” Obama said, “and you will confront many who doubt people with criminal records can change.”

Obama’s lawyer, White House counsel Neil Eggleston, predicted the president would issue even more commutations before leaving office in early 2017. But he also said that Obama’s powers to fix the problem were limited, adding that “clemency alone will not fix decades of overly punitive sentencing policies.”

Obama this week is devoting considerable attention to the criminal justice system. He plans to lay out ideas for how to improve the fairness of the system during a speech to the NAACP in Philadelphia on Tuesday. And on Thursday, he is to become the first sitting president to visit a federal prison when he goes to the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution outside of Oklahoma City. While there, he will meet with law enforcement officials and inmates.

Obama said that after his commutations, there is still “a lot more we can do to restore the sense of fairness at the heart of our justice system.”

Julie Stewart, president and founder of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, a group seeking changes in sentencing, said the organization was “thrilled to see that more folks serving excessively long sentences for non-violent drug offenses are going home.”

“But they’re leaving behind many equally deserving people,” she said, “so let’s keep these commutations coming, while remembering that clemency is a tool made necessary by our failure to reform mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Congress simply can’t act fast enough.”

The 46 sentence reductions announced Monday are the most presidential commutations in a single day since the Lyndon Johnson administration in the 1960s.

Obama has commuted the sentences of 89 people, surpassing the combined number of commutations

FNC granted by Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

President Buhari Meets With US Delegates At Aso Rock Ahead Of Meeting With Obama

President Muhammadu Buhari met with US Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken and the US ambassador to Nigeria -James F. Entwistle ahead of White House visit to meet Pres. Obama on July 20. The US delegates met with the president and the vice president at the presidential villa.A statement from the White House says the visit will underscore the United States’ “longstanding friendship with Nigeria, our commitment to strengthening and expanding our partnership with Nigeria’s new government, and our support for the Nigerian people following their historic democratic elections and peaceful transfer of power”. See more photos below…

Pay Back! ISIS Militants Executed By Rival Rebel Group Called ‘The Mother State’

In a chilling case of an eye for an eye,a rebel group in Syria has responded to ISIS by beheading ISIS terrorists .. Hours after ISIS released a video where they beheaded 12 of their fighters, Jaysh al-Islam also released videos of their fighters capturing Islamic State fighters and slaughtering them.

In the video, the Jaysh Al-Islam soldiers,are dressed in the orange jump suits that are normally worn by prisoners of ISIS…The Islamic State’s captured soldiers, dressed in black and given something to drink before each of their faces are shown in the video ..They are forced to kneel as a commander announces:

“Allah did not make a disease without appointing a remedy to it.””The most serious calamity for our jihad today is a group of people who grow at a time of division among Muslims.
This group claimed to be the mother state and made Takfir [accused of apostasy] on other Muslims, shed their blood and looted their properties and dignities.They worsened… the ordeal of Muslims by corrupting their religion and livelihood and killing the jihadi leaders who did their best to help our stricken nation.

They wreaked havoc on our people in liberated areas and cut the supply route of jihadis.
They left… Tehran intact and instead they attacked our mosques.This is the penalty for what they have committed.We also call on their fellows to repent.”

  They are then shot in the back of the head at point blank range with shotguns.

Mozambique Scraps Ban On Same- Sex Marriage!

Mozambique decriminalized homosexuality Monday when a new penal code came into force that swept away old Portuguese colonial laws, in a victory for campaigners for gay rights.

The old code, dating back to 1886, targeted anyone “who habitually engages in vices against nature” — though no known prosecutions took place after Mozambique became independent in 1975.

Breaking the law was punishable by up to three years of hard labor.

“It’s a symbolic victory, as social inclusion remains the main challenge,” Frank, a student gay rights activist who declined to give his full name, told Agence-France Presse.

The new penal code, which was announced last December by then President Armando Guebuza, also decriminalizes abortion after lobbying by civil rights organizations.

Women can now end a pregnancy until the 12th week. Extraordinary circumstances, such as rape or threats to the mother’s life, allow for the procedure until the 16th week.

The code came into force on Monday, though no official events or celebrations were scheduled to mark the occasion.

The majority of African countries outlaw homosexuality, but Mozambique has seen little anti-gay violence or social friction over the issue.

Dercio Tsandzana, an influential blogger and activist, said there had been an absence of public discussion over homosexual rights.

“The government instead abides by the external pressure put by some embassies and foreign donors,” he said.

“Most Mozambicans don’t deny homosexuality, but one can’t say either that it is accepted.“

Despite a seven-year campaign, the Mozambican government has not officially recognized Lambda, the only gay rights organization in the country.

In neighboring Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe is known for his crusades against homosexuality, and discrimination is widespread across the continent.

Homosexuality is punishable by death in Sudan, Nigeria and Mauritania.

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies

Obamacare has survived — again.

In a major win for the Obama administration, the Supreme Court held in a 6-3 decision that the Affordable Care Act authorized federal tax credits for eligible Americans living not only in states with their own exchanges but also in the 34 states with federal exchanges.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for himself, Justice Anthony Kennedy and the four liberal justices. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the dissent, joined by Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

“Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them,” Roberts wrote in the majority opinion. “If at all possible, we must interpret the Act in a way that is consistent with the former, and avoids the latter.”

In a dissent, Scalia said “we should start calling this law SCOTUScare,” referring to the two times the Court has saved the law.

The ruling staved off a major political showdown and what would have been a mad scramble in some states to set up their own healthcare exchanges to keep millions from losing healthcare coverage.

Challengers to the law argued that the federal government should not be allowed to continue doling out subsidies to individuals living in states without their own healthcare exchanges and a ruling in their favor would have cut off subsidies to 6.4 million Americans, absent a congressional fix or state action.

The ruling is a huge victory for President Barack Obama who nearly saw those four words in the Affordable Care Act throw his signature achievement into chaos.

The income-based subsidies are crucial to the law’s success, helping to make health insurance more affordable and ultimately reducing the number of uninsured Americans, and shutting off the subsidy spigot to individuals in the 34 states that rely on exchanges run by the federal government would have upended the law.

Congress would have had to amend the Affordable Care Act to fix the “established by the state” language — a politically treacherous and likely untenable action in a Republican Congress — or governors in the 34 states without their own exchanges, most of them Republicans, would have had to establish their own exchanges — another tough ask.

Obama’s signature law was once again saved by an unlikely hero: Chief Justice John Roberts, a conservative who has now twice shielded the law from being gutted.

Roberts took heat from conservatives in 2012 when he first saved the law from a major constitutional challenge in a decision that stunned pundits and politicos across the ideological spectrum. The Chief Justice on Monday once again joined the court’s four liberal justices in upholding the law.

Just 16 states and the District of Columbia have set up their own health insurance marketplaces, which left millions of residents in the 34 states that rely on exchanges run by the federal government vulnerable to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Challengers had argued that the words “established by the State” clearly barred the government from doling out subsidies in the 34 states without their own healthcare marketplaces.

They said that Congress limited the subsidies in order to encourage the states to set up their own exchanges and when that failed on a large scale, the IRS tried to “fix” the law.

“If the rule of law means anything, it is that text is not infinitely malleable, and that agencies must follow the law as written—not revise it to ‘better achieve’ what they assume to have been Congress’s purposes,” wrote Michael Carvin, an attorney for the challengers.

But it was Solicitor Generald Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. who won over the justices, arguing that Congress always intended the subsidies be available to everyone — regardless of the actions of their state leaders.

Verrilli warned in court briefs that if the challengers prevailed, the states with federally-run exchanges “would face the very death spirals the Act was structured to avoid and insurance coverage for millions of their residents would be extinguished.”

Lower courts had split on the issue. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia invalidated the IRS rule while the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Obama administration.

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The Curse Of The Black Skin By Ololade Ajekigbe

Wednesday, the 17th of June saw yet another attack on blacks in the USA. In perhaps the most sordid and confounding killing in recent times, a white male sauntered into a predominantly black church where a group of Christians had come together for bible study, “worshipped” with them for about an hour before unleashing terror on the unsuspecting gathering. It was one attack too many.
The black community in the USA and indeed other parts of the world were yet to recover from the needless killings of 25 year old Freddie Gray, which sparked a series of protests and civil disorder, 50 year of Walter Scott who was shot by a North Charleston Police officer, Micheal Brown, a black teen shot by yet another Police officer in Ferguson, Missouri and Trayvon Martin, the 17 year old African American shot by George Zimmerman, who ended up being acquitted of second-degree murder resulting in protests across US cities, when it was once again dealt a blow that may be the final straw that would break the proverbial camel’s back with the murder of nine members of the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.
The rise in cases of wanton killings of African Americans in the last couple of years has once again brought to the fore the stark reality that racism and ethnic discrimination which were major issues during the colonial and slave era are still a profound source of concern centuries later. There is still undoubtedly a seemingly unconquerable prejudice against blacks. Prejudice, discrimination and institutional racism continue to affect African Americans. To deny or downplay it is tantamount to living in denial about the state of things. And the trajectory of events does not proffer a soothing prognosis for the future. It is pertinent to ask what the sin of the black man is. Why does the colour of our skin matter so much? Why is it so difficult for people of other races to see blacks as fellow humans who have blood running through their veins just like them?
From the mid 19th century when Africa was called the Dark Continent because very little was known about its history and inhabitants, there has been an air of mystery about all things African that appears to be foreboding to people from the earlier known parts of the world. Despite the fact Africa has evolved from those dark days of totally unknown interiors, dense forests and “mysterious tribes” that were considered dangerous, the portrayal of Africa and Africans by the western world media still leaves plenty to be desired. Mostly bad news and failures get reportage, while successes are greatly downplayed. The average white who has never been to Africa still sees the black man as a backward being who lives on trees or mud houses and has no access to electricity not to talk of the internet. It’s shocking that there are still people who believe this in 2015! Which is why the Blacks who live abroad are thought to be highly privileged to be where they are and are sometimes seen to be undeserving of mixing with the “higher mortals” with fairer skin.
The classification of Africa as a third world continent, and its people as belonging to the lowest rung of the recognition ladder has also not done the black man any favours. Time and time again, Africa has been touted has having the potential to become one of the most powerful economies in the world due to its vast human and natural resources but has consistently failed to live up this billing. It’s greatest bane being its corrupt and selfish leaders who are all about perpetuating themselves in power and enriching themselves to the detriment of the people. This brings to mind the case of the kidnapped girls in North East Nigeria which was handled with kid gloves at the beginning and which cast a damning verdict on the state of security in the country. The call for help from the United States instead of the African Union(AU) as a first resort remains an indictment on the leadership of the AU; an organisation that has the achievement of peace and security in its member countries as part of its objectives.
The perception of Africa as the undisputed laggards of the 21st century has resulted in its people being condemned to being seen as the dregs of the global society. Our darker skin tone compared to other races doesn’t help matters as black is often associated with doom, gloom and all things negative.  Little wonder, more and more blacks are embracing the skin lightening trend – anything to distance themselves from this skin that is a source of constant ridicule.
Our self-esteem issues is also a major factor in the way we are perceived by other races. The average black person is ecstatic and immensely grateful about getting a visa to the UK, as though it were a pass to heaven. The black man treats his fellow black with disdain, but has a subservient disposition to the white man. The government would rather award a contract for road construction to a white man (doesn’t matter if he is Hispanic or Asian) and snub his fellow black who has the pedigree to do a better job just because of the colour of his skin. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies, as no one can make us feel inferior without our consent.
The KPMG report which projects that Africa’s GDP should reach $2.6 trillion by the year 2020 will only be a mirage if we don’t get our acts together soon enough and attain that seemingly elusive potential that everyone claims that we have. We must as a matter of urgency begin to take our rightful place in the league of global players like China who were once like us. Then we can gradually earn the respect that we deserve and be seen above and beyond the colour of our skin. Either that or we fold our arms and continue to suffer the indignity that we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

Naira Faces Fresh Pressure, Falls To 222 Per Dollar

The naira, which rose to 180 against the dollar shortly after the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari about a month ago, has fallen to 222 at the parallel market due to a huge demand for dollars by importers and investors.

Increasing business activities have made importers and investors to move their foreign exchange demands to the parallel market, putting pressure on the naira at the segment, it was learnt on Tuesday.

The dollar was sold for between 220 and 222 on the streets of Lagos, Abuja and Kano on Tuesday, while the pounds and euro were sold for 350 and 249, respectively.

Analysts and foreign exchange dealers said the future of the naira looked bleak, at least at the parallel market.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has been depleting the external reserves in a bid to defend the local currency.

At the interbank forex market, where the central bank intervenes regularly to defend the currency, the naira closed at 199 against the dollar on Tuesday, data from the FMDQ OTC website showed.

The external reserves fell to $29.03bn on June 22, from $29.8bn on May 18, data from the CBN website showed.

Prior to the latest development, the foreign reserves had been stable for several weeks.
Economic and financial analysts said the latest movements in the external reserves meant that the naira was beginning to come under some fresh pressure.

Concerned about the depletion of the reserves, the CBN met with bank officials on Friday to discuss
how to mitigate the pressure on the external reserves.

The CBN has yet to make the outcome of the meeting official but sources said the central bank wanted the banks’ cooperation in order to reduce the pressure on the reserves.

The bank officials, it was learnt, told the CBN that it needed to relax its rules in the forex market and allow the naira to find its level.

The officials, however, promised to take the deliberations at the meeting to the CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele.

It is unclear if the CBN will accede to the demand of the banks to relax the rules in the forex market, but the spokesperson for the central bank, Mr. Ibrahim Mu’azu, could not be reached immediately for comments. Calls made to his mobile telephone line were not answered.

Last November, the CBN devalued the naira after spending several billions of dollars to defend the local currency.

The Acting National President, Association of Bureau De Change Operators, Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, told our correspondent on Tuesday that the naira’s outlook at the parallel market looked bleak, forecasting that the currency might fall to 230 against the dollar in the coming weeks if the central bank failed to deploy measures to curb the increasing dollar demand at the parallel market.

He said, “There is pressure on the naira again. Maturing import bills are making the demand for dollars to rise again. Most importers and investors are saying they could not access dollar at the official market.

“They are now turning to the parallel market, a situation that is now fuelling the demand for dollar and other foreign currencies at the parallel market.”

The Head, Research and Investment, Afrinvest West Africa Limited, a research and investment advisory firm, Mr. Ayodeji Ebo, said, “The CBN needs to do something urgently otherwise it (slide in the value of the naira) will continue.

“If the pressure continues, the CBN may devalue the naira. I think the CBN is also waiting to see the plan of the new government in order to align its monetary policies with it. Once the new government comes up with its plan, the CBN may devalue the naira. If that is done, foreign investors who have been waiting on the sidelines will come in.”

Teen Who Wanted To Show His Support To ISIS By Killing 1,000 Americans Is Arrested After His Father Alerted Authorities

A 19-year-old who said he wanted to support ISIS by killing as many as 1,000 Americans has been arrested after his dad alerted authorities.
Justin Nojan Sullivan, a self-described Muslim convert from Morganton, North Carolina, was arrested and faces several charges, including attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State group.
Federal authorities were first made aware of the teen’s alleged plot when his father, Richie Sullivan, told emergency dispatchers on April 21 that his son was destroying religious items in their home.
‘I don’t know if it is ISIS or what, but he is destroying Buddhas and figurines and stuff,’ Mr Sullivan, a former Marine, said, according to the criminal complaint filed on Monday. ‘I mean, we are scared to leave the house.’
In the background of the call, his son was heard asking: ‘Why are you trying to say I am a terrorist?’
When an undercover FBI employee made contact with Sullivan on June 6, the teen told him via email that he was a a Muslim convert, according to court documents.
I liked IS from the beginning then I started thinking about death and stuff so I became Muslim,’ he said, according to the complaint.
Two days later, he said he wanted to kill 500 people but the next day said he wanted to kill 1,000 by using biological weapons, a gas bomb and bullets coated with cyanide.
‘Even if we get someone in the arm they’ll still die because of the poison,’ he allegedly said. ‘It’s vengeance.’
He also told the undercover federal worker that he planned to buy a semi-automatic rifle on June 20 at a local gun show so he could carry out his murderous plan, according to the criminal complaint.
‘Our attacks needs to be as big as possible,’ he allegedly said. ‘We can do minor assassinations before the big attack for training.’
At first he told the FBI that he didn’t mean to go through with his plans, but then he said he planned the attacks between June 21 and June 23 because his parents would be out of town.
He claimed that he had looked for possible targets in the online Yellow Pages and had asked the undercover agent to kill his parents.
He also asked for the undercover worker’s help with obtaining a silencer.
Sullivan also allegedly promised to send the agent money to kill his parents and to recruit others to the ‘Islamic State of America.’
Authorities went to his home on Friday and took him into custody without incident. At his home, they found a silencer, according to the court papers.
Sullivan ‘was planning assassinations and violent attacks in the United States,’ said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John P. Carlin.
We are scared to leave the house
Justin Sullivan’s father during call to dispatchers in April
He is charged with supporting a terrorist organization and weapons charges. If convicted, he could get up to 40 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Dad Goes To Daycare To Pick Up Daughter And Discovers Teacher Has Done The Unthinkable

When an unnamed Washington state father arrived at his daughter’s daycare to take her home, what he found was probably the worse possible situation a parent can stumble upon.
At first, he didn’t know where his 5-year-old daughter was, but he quickly discovered her in the classroom crouching behind a bookshelf in fear as her 31-year-old teacher was allegedly raping her.
According to the teacher, the Kid’s Country childcare center teacher was simply playing an innocent game of “tickle fight,” but according to the young girl, described as articulate and smart, that was far from the truth.

Wisely, the father took his daughter away and, on the ride home, contacted Child Protective Services.
The young girl described to both her father and CPS officials exactly what the teacher had done to her and even told them that he had “raped” her. Her above-average intelligence reportedly allowed her to provide details about the alleged sexual assault that led to the quick arrest of the perverted teacher.

Describing the incident, the girl explained that the teacher wasn’t tickling her at all, rather, his hand had touched her in inappropriate places on her body. The teacher, apparently caught in the act, tried to excuse those inappropriate touches as an “accidental slip of the hand.”
The unidentified man is awaiting his day in court at the King County jail, where he’ll hopefully be punished to the fullest extent that the law allows.

Source: The Tribune 

US House Of Reps Grants Obama Power To Negotiate Trade Deals

The United States House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill granting President Barack Obama wide-ranging authority to negotiate trade deals.

The 218-208 vote on so-called fast track trade authority came as part of an agreement among lawmakers to revive Obama’s trade agenda, after part of his trade package failed to pass the lower chamber of Congress last week.

The vote should clear the way for completion of trade deals under negotiation with Pacific Rim countries and the European Union.

The House on Friday had passed the same measure, also known as Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), but had failed to approve a companion bill that would renew a programme to compensate workers who lose their jobs to free trade initiatives.

House rules had tied the measures together, keeping TPA from becoming law without the related worker assistance package.

However an agreement reached by House and Senate leaders on Wednesday allowed lawmakers to decouple the measures.

Meanwhile, lawmakers have vowed to take up the worker protections separately.

5,000 Russians Are Fighting For ISIS – Russian agency

The head of Russia’s anti-terrorism agency said on Wednesday that between 2,000 and 5,000 Russians were fighting for the Islamic State (IS).

Russian police Col.-Gen. Andrei Novikov, told newsmen that authorities confirmed that a minimum of around 2,000 Russian passport holders had joined the extremists army in Iraq and Syria.

In southern Russia, several, mostly Muslim regions at the edge of the Caucasus Mountains, have been coping with a simmering Islamist insurgency for decades.

Several of the Emirate’s members were shown in videos late last year declaring allegiance to the Islamic State around the time of a terrorist attack in Chechnya that the group took credit for.

The Caucasus rebels, battle-hardened by two separatist wars with Russia, are rumored to be some of the Islamic State’s most successful fighters.

Red-bearded Caucasus rebel, Tarkhan Batirashvili, whose combat name is Omar al-Shishani, is believed to be an IS commander in Syria, with a series of decisive victories attributed to him.

Novikov warned that the IS might have obtained nuclear material capable of making a bomb that would cause “worldwide panic.”
However, he did not say how the material could have been obtained.

The IS said in May in its online propaganda magazine, Dabiq, that it could buy a nuclear weapon from the predominantly Muslim nation of Pakistan.
It added that IS allegedly helped North Korea obtain atomic arms in the 1990s.

President Obama Actually Writes Back To People Who Call Him An Idiot

It’s been said you should never feed the trolls, but President Barack Obama isn’t heeding that advice.
In an interview with “Extra” airing Thursday, Obama sat down with correspondent Jerry Penacoli, who thanked the president for the Affordable Care Act and the impact it had on his battle with stage III melanoma. Obama said hearing from people like Penacoli and others who write him letters reminds him that his work makes “a difference in a lot of people’s lives.”
“I get 10 letters a night out of the 40,000 letters and emails and messages that we get,” Obama said. “Some of them are just saying ‘thank you,’ for something, some of them are saying ‘you’re an idiot.'”

The president said he does reply to his critics.
“Are they surprised?” Penacoli asked.
“I think sometimes they are,” Obama said. “I try to address their concerns.”
Watch the “Extra” clip Below

Obama Video Here

Photos: US Congresswoman Host 6 Girls Who Escaped From Boko Haram Captivity

US Congress women led by Representative Frederica Wilson yesterday June 10 met with 6 Nigerian girls who escaped from Boko Haram captivity. The Congress women all wore red which is the color code for the Bringbackourgirls campaign.

They later filed outside the congress building carrying placards with the message”Bring Back Our Girls”. Some Congress men also came out to lend their voices. More photos below…

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U.S. Envoy Says Islamic State Can Become Global Menace

A senior U.S. envoy said on Wednesday that the growth of the Islamic State (IS) militant group had global implications and could “wreak havoc on the progress of humanity” if unchecked.

Retired Gen. John Allen, appointed by U.S. President Barack Obama to build a coalition against IS said this when he addressed a conference.
He said the group was not merely an Iraqi problem or a Syrian problem but “a regional problem trending towards global implications”.

“The group has lost about a quarter of the populated areas it once held in Iraq, but countering its ideology might take a generation or more,” he told the Brookings Institution’s U.S.-Islamic World Forum.

Last month, the Iraqi government had its worst military setback in nearly a year when IS seized Ramadi from a weakened Iraqi army.
Ramadi is the capital of the overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim province of Anbar is 90 km, west of Baghdad.

Since then, government troops and allied Shi’ite Muslim militia have been building up positions around Ramadi.
Many Iraqi Sunnis dislike the ultra-hardline Islamic State but also fear the Shi’ite militias after years of sectarian strife.

Allen said there was no future for Iraq without Sunni support and stressed the need for the government to control the Shi’ite militias, some of whom have links to Iran.

“We said many times that it is critical that all forces in the battle field must be under the command and control of the government of Iraq for the counter-ISIL operation to be successful,” he added.

Washington remained “very attentive and concerned about extremist militia elements frequently influenced by Iranian leadership, where Iran may play a significant role in their presence,” he said.

He also said Turkey’s borders with Syria and Iraq were the “last line of defense” against foreign fighters coming into the conflict, adding that other countries also needed to help stop the influx.

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should have no place in a solution to Syria’s war, he said, repeating Washington’s stance on efforts to end the fighting. (Reuters/NAN)

President Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Kerry Washington Tweet Support For Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner

President Barack Obama has praised Caitlyn Jenner’s “courage”.

The US leader has lent his support to the former Olympian – who was known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing gender transition treatment.

Responding to a tweet from Caitlyn introducing herself, the president wrote: “It takes courage to share your story. Your story matters in the fight for LGBT rights.”

A huge number of stars have spoken out on Twitter to support Caitlyn since her new female identity was unveiled in Vanity Fair magazine yesterday (06.01.15).

Singer Lady Gaga wrote: “Caitlyn, thanku for being a part of all our lives & using your platform to change people’s minds… The beauty on the inside is now also on the outside. God bless you and the whole family for sharing it with us (sic)”

Meanwhile, actress Demi Moore praised the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star for her “beautiful authentic self”, while Susan Sarandon congratulated Caitlyn on her “rebirth”.

Demi wrote: “Thank you @Caitlyn_Jenner for sharing the gift of your beautiful authentic self inside and out!”

Susan posted: “Congratulations @Caitlyn_Jenner on your rebirth. You’ve inspired so much intelligent dialogue and courage.”

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres praised the 65-year-old star for her “bravery” and ‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham made a joke.

Ellen wrote: “My hope for the world is that we can all be as brave as @Caitlyn_Jenner.”

Lena quipped: “I just want Caitlyn Jenner to take me out and teach me how to drive a stick shift in heels.”

Other stars who posted messages of support included Kerry Washington, Jenny McCarthy and Alyssa Milano.

Obama Congratulates President Buhari. Read His Message

The United States president, Barrack Obama yesterday congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari on his emergence as the Nigeria’s new president and Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces.

According to Leadership News, Obama who sent his congratulatory message in a press statement, also promised that his administration would maintain healthier and stronger ties with the government of Nigeria.

Speaking further, President Obama said that the American government would continue to build on the US-Nigeria relationship which began in 2010, stressing that he should not relent in his effort to ensure that Nigeria remains united.

Obama, also lauded the former president, Goodluck Jonathan, for his sportsmanship during the presidential election which he lost to Buhari.

He also said the maturity displayed by Jonathan during the announcement of the March 28 presidential election averted post election political crisis in Nigeria

Michigan Pastor Resigns After Sharing Photos On Gay Dating App

The pastor, who is married with five children, had shared photos on Grindr

A Lutheran pastor in Michigan resigned recently after being caught sending messages on a mobile gay dating app, according to report on the local news site M Live. The pastor, Rev. Matthew Makela from Midland, is married with five children and has spoken of being gay as a “sinful temptation.”

In posts on the dating and hookup app Grindr, Makela said he was looking to “mess around” with a guy and sent shirtless photos. Screenshots of the conversation with an unidentified user found their way to the gay news site Queerty.

A letter on the website of St. John’s Lutheran Church, where Makela worked, acknowledged Makela’s resignation and asked members of the congregation not to pay attention to discussions of Makela on social media or on the news.

“This changes nothing. Matt is still forgiven and he is still loved, and we will do what we can to stand by him and the family as they face this spiteful attack of shame,” the letter said. “God is bigger than this and will see us through.”

Kanye West Reacts To Being Severely Censored At The Billboard Music Awards

Fans complained that Kanye’s performance was so censored, they couldn’t hear entire sentences and his words kept getting bleeped….
His statement reads…

Kanye West was grossly over-censored at the Billboard Music Awards,’ the statement released by his publicist said. ‘Non-profane lyrics such as ‘with my leather black jeans on’ were muted for over 30 second intervals. As a result, his voice and performance were seriously misrepresented.’
It is ridiculous that in 2015, unwarranted censorship is something that artists still have to fight against,’ the statement continued. ‘Although West was clearly set up to face elements beyond his control during the live broadcast, he would like to apologize to the television audience who were unable to enjoy the performance the way he envisioned.’

I guess he recently employed a publicist because in the past, Kanye would have addressed this the Kanye way..

“It’s Barack. Really!” Obama Finally Joins Twitter At @POTUS

Did it take this long to verify him? Is he posting from his BlackBerry? WE all have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

After six years in office, President Barack Obama finally has a Twitter account, where he posted his first tweet today:

Those who wished to address the president via social media in the past were limited to his personal account @BarackObama that got taken over by his Organizing for America group, or impersonal options like @WhiteHouse. (@Obama isn’t him, and @PresidentObama was snatched up in 2008 but is not active.)

To be fair, @FLOTUS has had her own account since 2013. So is this like, an account that will go from POTUS to POTUS as the years wear on?

But back to my questions. Supposedly Obama can’t use a smartphone due to security concerns, so where is he typing these, on his ancient BlackBerry? On a laptop in the Oval Office? On a new Apple Watch?

And who is the “they” he references? Twitter? His White House press staff?

Perhaps we will learn these answers soon. And if the president wants to be embraced by his new Twitter audience at all, he better damn well be signing his next tweet #THANKSOBAMA

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