Ali Baba: Jonathan was betrayed by many of his foot soldiers.

Ace comedian, Ali Baba, has said former president Goodluck Jonathan was betrayed by his trusted advisers and foot soldiers.

The comedian on Saturday took to Instagram to state that the former president was repeatedly given bad counsel which resulted in faulty decisions.

The social media post read: “I’m further convinced that the people who President Jonathan entrusted with authority in different sectors of the economy and government did him in. And they did this smoothly & strategically.

“The crop of people I’m talking about were those ones who were more concerned with their goals to enrich themselves, so they were going about doing everything they could to amass wealth. Then there was this other group who were building their political dreams will turning GEJ’s administration to a nightmare.

“They tactically made sure they alienated all those who had superior reason and better advice, away from him. They strategically put him on a war path with those who he should have had as his backbone in the unpredictable storms of Nigerian politics. They knew that if he listened to those people they (the vultures) would starve.”


To buttress his point that Jonathan was more than often, led down the wrong path, Ali Baba gave “two examples” of instances where he believes Jonathan was misled.

He wrote: “After an event, ADC sent word to see GEJ. While waiting, at about 1:30am or later, 8 or more senators came to inform him of the plans by members of National Assembly to cross carpet with their Governors. Some leaders of PDP were there. They told GEJ to forget them. Good riddance! one of them said. The devil is in the detail.

“If governors who fund the party machinery cross carpet, it exposes your party. When they take their reps and senators, it endangers your President. So, 3 weeks after that meeting, there were(sic) mass defections. That was when PDP rushed to court to stop them. Another instance, this time it was a phone call, when I was in Abeokuta.”

“Baba had just come back from a UN envoy trip. He told GEJ, to think very well & beyond the 16/19 elections of Gov’s Forum. That if 19 govs voted Amaechi, then you have enemies in your camp. Baba said accept the result, deal with it later because the world was watching. For wia? The advisers, said call his bluff. Now, it is clear, they were all fighting for themselves. Not GEJ.”

“They all enriched themselves to the detriment of his administration. Bet he is shocked at some revelations. I have known him since Deputy GOV days and I can say, he was betrayed by many of his foot soldiers.”


Source: The Cable

ALI BABA: Fame makes it difficult to know who loves you

Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, a comedian whose stage name Ali Baba, says it’s hard for famous people to know who loves them genuinely.

Ali Baba, regarded as the king of Nigerian comedy, recently gave his two cents on how to last long in the entertainment industry.

He attributed longevity to humility, respect of everyone, hard work, and choosing a spouse that understands the industry.

Speaking on The Gist with Emma Ugolee, the comedian said: “I was taught by my dad to be hard working. I was taught the value system you don’t see around these days. I learnt to work hard from the age of 16.

“Those things begin to add to the person you become and fortify you when you have to go to the storms of fame and the pools of popularity and those evils associated with being popular.

“The reason some people don’t last long in the entertainment industry is that they have a shortfall of religious backing, values, humble beginning.

“When they stumble into wealth, they lack the proper understanding to manage it. The guy who doesn’t know how to manage 2, 000, gets into fame and has N2m. The first thing he wants to do is buy the most expensive car.

“As soon as you hit fame, it begins to be difficult to know who loves you. In this business, your career will die depending on the spouse you choose.

“If you choose a spouse that does not understand the intricate dynamic of the industry, you won’t last. Some people do not quite understand the reward of respect.

“When you show respect and pad it up with humility, it will take you a longer distance than fame would have taken you.”

Memoirs of the Remy Martin #OneLifeLiveThem Unveiling Dinner [Pictures]

It was an evening filled with serenity and beautiful ambience as brand ambassadors of the Remy Martin One Life/Live Them were unveiled in a party that hosted friends and families. From the music to the drinks and most importantly, the amazing menu created by the the amiable Chef Fregz, it sure was an evening of celebration.


In attendance, were some of Nigeria’s biggest celebrities, OAPs, media giants and business moguls. Not leaving out friends and families of the celebrants.


It really was a celebration of success for the ambassadors who could not but show their excitement.


Among the celebrated ambassadors, we have Japheth Omojuwa, who is a public speaker, political expert, ideologist and mastermind. Followed by Nigeria’s biggest comedian, Ali Baba. And of course, famous writer, Arese Ugwu.


Take a look at the pictures from the dinner which took place in Lekki:













































































































Dasukigate: Ali Baba Says Locking ‘Corrupt’ Govt Officials For Over 48 Hours Is Justified

Veteran comedian Ali Baba has fired back at those criticizing the government for holding past government officials allegedly involved in Dasukigate for over 48 hours. He wrote:

: “All of you that are shouting “The constitution says You can not hold someone longer than 48 hours”,
what part of that same constitution said you can steal our national wealth, share it amongst party cronies and let our soldiers die in unserviceable aircrafts, send our brave soldiers to fight against sophisticated weapons, while the people you are quoting rule of law for were busy, buying private jets, living like lords, buying properties overseas and using the money meant to protect the country to prosecute an election. And to think that the mass sharing was from monies recovered from past looting!! So if they let everyone go, would that money had come back in the first place for you to share? Sometimes, one wonders whether some of us think things through before saying them.”

On another post,he wrote

 “Until something affects us directly in Nigeria, people think and believe it has nothing to do with them. Hashtag “e no consign me”. Think about it, now that these monies that were STOLEN BY SOME PDP bigwigs were not directly (and I mean that as, you do not have access to it, and can’t draw on it) it looks like it does not concern us

Okay, let me flip the script, if the money were your deposits and life savings in a bank, and the MD and his friends shared it. And Buhari is trying to get them to return all of it, which of the excuses that have been put up for why some of them got a slice of the loot, will make you say, “you can’t hold anyone for more than 48 hours” “It’s an affront on democracy” “Buhari is a dictator”. By now all the known houses of the directors of the bank will be up in flames. All their billboards will be history.

 No staff will want to be caught going to work in the bank’s official cars. By now the queue in front of the bank and the crowd at entrance of the court where the bank officials are being tried will be beyond control. Ordinary estate association, when money is budgeted for fixing security issues of the estate, fumigation and general cleaning of the common areas, woe betide the financial secretary, if after 2 months, nothing was done. And in that time, robberies took place, rats had unprotected sex, epidemic, overgrown bushes in the common area…

And in the next meeting you hear, “Chairman asked me to give Mr LABINJO 3m, Ms Sade had cash issues we gave her 2m, we dashed Mr & Mrs Osagie 1m for their wedding. Oh, my son needed a car, so We agreed to give him 4m, and it even a Tokunbo car o…” The committee will be impeached that day! But hey what is 2.5b dollars? Please let them go. Is that why we voted you in? Who is not corrupt? We are in a democracy ooo! Nonsense! What were we in when they shared money meant for waging war? And the soldiers were not being paid. So the soldiers bore it till they couldn’t any longer, so they protested. You sentenced them to life for mutiny. While PDP was sharing their monies and living large, they were dying to protect us. Come to think of it, what happened to the guy that chopped Pension Funds? HABA!”

“May your medical bill be high” -Ali Baba to corrupt Nigerian leaders

Ace comedian Ali Baba, in an Independence Day message, stated that his wish for corrupt Nigerian leaders is that “their medical bills be higher than they stole” and for “peace to be far from them.”

Making the statement via his Instagram account, the comedian wrote:

“Happy 55th Independence to all Nigerians. Our country will be great again. We will become a great nation again. Amen. On the other hand, to all those who had a hand in sinking us to the bottom of development, as our country is at now, may their medical bills be higher than they stole and may peace and long life be far from them. Happy new month.” 

It will be recalled that the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai earlier revealed on Thursday that each of the last four Independence Day celebrations gulped an average of N12 billion Naira; a wide contrast to the meager N70 million spent by the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

Comedians Are Richer Than Actors, You Can’t Compare The Pay – Ali Baba

Ali Baba while still speaking about his career and success at 50 has hinted that Nigerian comedians are more richer than Nigerian actors and here’s why;

Nigerian comedians make a lot of money than actors. You wouldn’t believe but let me tell you. You shoot a movie, it takes 4 months for the movie to be released and they get paid. There is hardly an actor that charges N1 million or N2 million per movie unless you are in the top end of the hierarchy such as RMD, Genevieve, and Omotola. But then, there are comedians that charges N800,000 or N1 million per event.

In four months, such comedian would have done maybe 30 events but because he doesn’t do a movie that is on cable TV that can be seen in Kenya, South Africa, and all across the country, people do not think he is making that kind of money. Actors shoot a movie and it takes There are quite a number of Nigerian comedians whose wives do not have a job but they still live large. A popular comedian would have performed at 6 to 8 different shows in a month before a Nollywood actor wraps up shoot on set of a movie.

I Squatted With A Squatter – Bovi On #MySuperStarStory

Star comedian Bovi has revealed his journey to the top wasn’t a bed of roses..During a recent interview on my  #MySuperStarStory he mentioned that upon moving to Lagos, he squatted with an uncle who himself was squatting with a colleague.

On an experience which moved him to tears,he spoke of a time when was billed to perform at a big comedy show in 2008, but upon getting to the venue he was told that he was not on the bill and he was not allowed to perform despite begging.

On how he achieved his level of success, he said the key was never giving up

“One thing people fail to realise is that they can achieve fame from their passion. It doesn’t have to be entertainment. I was tenacious, I was steadfast, I was hopeful and I was focused and I think that is what they need.”