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Olanrewaju Daodu: Yet She Rose !! (The Nigerian Dream)

Every woman has a story to tell, yet I rose. And each one has its own bends and twists, yet I rose. Hers predated as a child christened by an alien, yet she rose. She called her, ‘Niger Area’ Nigeria, yet she rose. Like Jabez, she was pre-loaded with honour and blessedness, yet she rose. Though my pre-and-post natal experiences weren’t peculiar as a woman, yet I rose. Morning sickness, excessive urination, vomiting, edema, yet I rose.   Protruding belly, inflated mammary glands, black patches, increase in weight just to mention a few, yet I rose. Alien midwives colonized...
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I’ve always liked dark colours and it even shows in my choice of clothing, and more importantly, my photography. I prefer to have my street photos …

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Today’s post is a bit like last week’s post, which you can check out here if you missed it. I took them all with the same …

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