Residents React To The Lynching Of 7 Year Old Boy

Residents have expressed shock and disapproval over an incident where a young boy of about seven year-old was burnt to death in Lagos, Wednesday, for allegedly stealing cassava flakes, otherwise known as “Garri,” describing it as “barbaric.”

The alleged boy was reportedly lynched for stealing by yet to be apprehended perpetrators.

Residents who reacted to the incident have called on Nigeria Police authorities to go after the perpetrators and bring them to justice to serve as deterrent to others.

One Ms Sharon Samuel reacted thus: “If the killers of this boy are not brought to book then there is no more hope for anyone in this country. Garri seller, may be your garri is meant for ritual purpose else why should you raise an alarm that caused the death of this boy. Don’t blame Buhari but blame our wicked world. The end is more than near,” Sharon said.

Another who identified simply as Queen Chi Chi, said, “What about those bank armed robbers, what about Nigerian politicians that are busy stealing and syphoning Nigeria’s money into their private accounts, are they not thieves? Why beating the boy to death because of ordinary garri, dastardly things to do.”

Ebere Chidima, another resident, said, “Those that burnt that little boy for merely stealing garri and even those that stood by and watched the sin being committed are guilty of the same offence. Jesus Christ said; he who is without sin let him cast the first stone.

“The Police authorities should go after these perpetrators of this dastardly act.”

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