6 VERY IMPORTANT Money Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Getting Married

1. Do you have any large outstanding debts?

Obtaining a clear picture of your partner’s debt load may help you see whether you may be in for some tough financial times. Also inquire about the type of debt (i.e. student loans, medical debt, credit card debt, and so on) and what long-term plans he or she has to pay it down.

2. What’s your credit score?

Credit scores can have a significant impact on your finances as a couple. For example, credit scores will come into play if you decide to apply for a home loan. Don’t wait until you’re house shopping to find out about your future spouse’s credit history. Before you tie the knot, you should both sit down and compare credit reports. Now is the time to learn about any bankruptcies, large debts, or poor money management habits. You can access a copy of your credit reports when you visit annualcreditreport.com. Know that every 12 months you are entitled to one free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies.

3. How much do you make?

This may seem like a simple question, but many couples are in the dark when it comes to income. A recent Fidelity study found roughly 43% of couples did not know how much their partner earned. This is up from 27% of survey respondents in 2013. When asked to identify how much their partner made, about 10% of that group missed the mark by $25,000.

4. Do you have significant difficulties with financial management?

Although large debts can give you a glimpse of what your future spouse’s finances are like, it doesn’t tell the whole story. You want to be specific and ask if he or she is dealing with more serious issues like gambling or overspending. These dysfunctional approaches to money have been known to ruin lives and lead to broken marriages. If you discover this is indeed the case, ask what is being done to address the problem. Is he or she seeking therapy? What is the long-term plan? If there is no plan to deal with the issue, you may want to rethink your plans as a couple.

5. How will we pay the bills?

Do you want to split all household bills down the middle or pay according to each of your incomes? This is marriage talk that you need to have so everyone is on the same page. Also figure out whether one spouse will manage all of the household bills or if both of you want to pitch in.

6. Do you want a joint or separate bank account?

This question tends to be a hot-button issue for many couples. The answer will depend on what you’re comfortable with, but the time to decide is now. Agree in advance if you will have separate accounts, a joint account, or a combination of the two.



Police Arrest 6 Human Trafficking Syndicate, Rescue 12 Kids In Delta

Police detectives attached to the Delta State Police Command, Asaba yesterday arrested six human trafficking syndicate who had been operating in Asaba and Okpanam communities, and rescued 12 out of the 15 children unharmed.

Police image maker in the state, Mrs. Celestina Kalu who confirmed the arrest of the suspects, said three others were on the run, adding that the suspects detained at the Police State CID were currently helping the police with further investigation.

She said that the leader of the syndicates, “Madam Cash” had been operating under cover up in a restaurant around Umuaji “Stop abortion”Quarters in Asaba where allegedly, she would often hoodwink unsuspecting parents of the kids to do business with her, before she ferries them out of the state.

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6 Dating Mistakes To Avoid When In A New Relationship

1. Don’t overdo or rush it

New relationships can cause you to get in over your head: All you want to do is spend all your time with your partner and give up everything else in your life — friends, hobbies, family, your dog, etc. New relationships are intoxicating, and you should by all means enjoy every minute of it. However, don’t take it too far — while it’s fun to lose yourself in your new S.O., you become in danger of losing yourself. Find a balance, because at the end of the day, there’s no rush.

2. Don’t hold back

A new relationship is scary, especially when it comes to revealing your true self to another person. What if they don’t accept you for who you are? New relationships are an exquisite dance of baring our emotions and vulnerabilities to another person who we don’t know incredibly well but really care about. If you share too much, maybe they’ll see something they don’t like or find attractive, and then reject you. However, sharing too little is just as big of a dating mistake. You partner will be able to sense this. We’re all afraid at the beginning of a new relationship, but you should step up and be the brave one.

3. Enough with the games

You’re in a relationship now. You don’t have to play games; you’re past that stage (although you should never really play games, they’re foolish). Maybe you’ll hold off on calling or texting back, and if something upsets you, you’ll back away and not talk about it. If you do any of these things, you’re doing a great job at potentially sabotaging your relationship. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and learning how to communicate with your S.O. is one of the best things you can do.

4. Be yourself

Remember, you are your own person and should not change who you are because you think it’s expected of you or it’s verbalized that you do so. If that’s the case, you are definitely with the wrong person. Your entire person, including your personality, the way you think and speak, what you wear etc. is specific to you. Do not lose your uniqueness, and do not give up on those wonderful things just to please another person — nor should you expect that of them.

5. Don’t get lazy

Remember how nice and thoughtful you were when you started dating your S.O.? Don’t stop that and don’t get too comfortable too quickly. The fun of a new relationship lies in the fact that you have not settled into a routine just yet. Don’t be so quick to fall into one.

6. Let your crazy rest

We all have weird single behaviors that we engage in that make us feel good. This is not something you should reveal all at once but slowly as time goes on. I’m not saying don’t be yourself but allow the pieces to reveal themselves little by little. These quirks are nothing major, rather things you’re just in the habit of doing.



6 Unexpected Places You Can Find Love

Your Work Place

Dating a coworker may be taboo, but it happens often. Over 10 years ago, Lourdes Estevez, 40, a tenured Math teacher from New York City, met her husband, Ray Milian, 43, at work. “There were some ooh’s and ah’s,” said Lourdes of the experience. Despite the controversy (and two kids and a house in NJ later) the happily married couple would do it again in a mathematical second.

Networking Events

When successful, we attend networking events to represent our company or mingle with prospective clients. It is almost a requirement, so why not have fun with it and be open to finding a soulmate? You’re already there. Use your multitasking skills to connect with a new client and a potential date.


Adam Calderon and Hilda Toribio met via LATISM (Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media), a not-for-profit organization that tackles issues affecting Latinos through the use of social media. Busy schedules and all, they attended a LATISM conference, became friends and fell in love. This can happen to you as well. You just have to attend, mingle, and be open! Remember that love is everywhere, even if you’re busy.

Online Dating

If you don’t want to mix business with pleasure, online dating may be the perfect fit for your packed schedule. I met Boo on Plenty of Fish while Tanya Thomas, a busy Panamanian Staffing Supervisor from Pennsylvania, met her husband on Match.com. They even had a long distance relationship to start!

If Match isn’t your cup of tea, there are other dating sites that have successfully paired entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and creatives. Try POF or OK Cupid (both are free sites) or Zoosk, Bumble or How About We (you pay a monthly membership fee).

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me A Date

Let’s say online dating isn’t for you. Thankfully, there are other options! You have the funds and little time, so why not hire a matchmaker? Take note – a successful matchmaker will cost you a pretty penny. But it saves you time. When you hire a matchmaker, they do the heavy lifting. They select who is right for you. All you have to do is show up.

Stop the Excuses

Being “busy” or “consumed with work” is an excuse to remain single. Love isn’t going to knock on your door! And even if it did (perhaps a co-worker needs more than a fact sheet?), you must find the time and energy to build a relationship and create a foundation. Finding a soulmate takes a lot of trial and error. You have to stop making excuses and just go for it.

Meeting your soulmate is only half the battle as relationships are work. To strengthen a connection and create a life with a partner requires as much time as that brief on your desk, as much dedication as getting that promotion, and as much commitment as signing on that dotted line to become partner at your firm. Finding your soulmate is truly up to you. Get on it and build your romantic enterprise.

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Nsukka Prison Break: We Have Re-arrested 6 Escaped Prisoners– Prisons Controller

Mr Isaiah Amariri, the Enugu State Controller of Nigeria Prisons Service, said on Thursday that six of the inmates that escaped from Nsukka Prisons on Tuesday night, have been re-arrested.

Amariri, who gave the figure to newsmen in Nsukka, however declined to give the exact number of inmates that escaped from the prison. He said the prison service was liaising with security agents and community groups to apprehend the remaining escaped prisoners. “There was a jail break in Nsukka prisons on Tuesday night between 12pm and 3am, in which many inmates escaped, though six of them have been re-arrested.

“I cannot give the exact figure for now as investigations are still on. We will send our findings to the Controller General of Prisons who will make public the exact number and cause of Nsukka prisons jail break.

“The service is liaising with security agents and community vigilante groups to know the hideout of those still on the run in order to re-arrest them ,” he said. He assured that any official indicted the course of the investigation would be punished.

“After investigations on the jail break, any person in the service found to have been involved or aided the Tuesday jail break will be arrested and prosecuted no matter his or her position.

“Security has been beefed up in and around Nsukka prisons with serious surveillance on the prisons facilities, inmates and staff. “The prisons authorities are on top of the situation and will put measures in place to avoid a repeat of what happened on Tuesday night in Nsukka, “he said.

The controller solicited the help of the general public who might have information on the whereabouts of the fleeing inmates, to report to relevant security agencies.

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6 Early Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

1. Moving Very Fast

The most difficult warning sign to accept is how fast things progress. She wants to see him every night. He wants to move in after a month. The abusive partner may claim you’re perfect for each other, that it was love at first sight, that you’re soul mates, and other romantic-sounding things. Unfortunately, the desirability of this behavior gives controlling partners the best opportunity to gain total control over the other partner’s schedule and life.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

As things progress and get more serious, we see new signs developing. One is finding your partner has unrealistic expectations. They want the Disney relationship with very stereotypical gender roles. He should provide, and if his job isn’t going well, there’s a problem. She should keep the house, and if dinner isn’t on the table when he gets home, there’s a problem. Their happiness depends on their partner. If you’re not living up to expectations, the world is ending. After all, you are their world!

3. Hypersensitivity and Jealousy

Another sign is hypersensitivity. This refers to the jealous partner overreacting to little things: comments, jokes, or small issues. Abusers often have low self-esteem and take everything personally. They may be easily insulted or claim that the world is against them if they meet a slight setback. If you disagree about anything, no matter how trivial, you’re insulting them to their core and calling them a terrible person who can’t do anything right. This often shows itself in a set of rules that have a clear double standard. If she glances at another man, she doesn’t find her partner attractive anymore and is cheating on him. But if she comments on him blatantly staring at other women, she is calling him a pervert and accusing him of terrible things he would never do.

4. Excessive Gifts

Other big warning signs include lavishing a new partner with gifts, especially when that partner is uncomfortable with all the showiness. This creates a foundation where any complaint by the new partner brings accusations of ungratefulness and greediness: “After all I’ve done for you, I get this?”

5. Imposed Isolation

Imposed isolation begins with your partner criticizing, questioning, and making unwelcome your closest friends and social network. Abusers will try to make you feel guilty for wanting to spend time with friends and family. For example, a woman might avoid an evening out with her friends because she knows her partner is jealous and is afraid of his reaction afterward. To mask his jealousy, he’ll flip the conversation towards questioning her motives for wanting a night out.

6. Mean or Abusive Towards Others

And it’s not just about how they treat their new partner. Warning signs are often obvious in how the abuser treats everyone else. The waiter brings the wrong wine and it turns into a scene where the manager is called. Someone bumps into him on the street and he yells obscenities even though he’s not hurt in the slightest. She makes critical comments about every other woman in the room, not caring who hears her. Abusers have short tempers and work hard to hide it from their partner. Pay attention to the way they treat strangers. You’ll be surprised at what you might observe.

Observing any of these signs once doesn’t mean you should run for the hills. But if you’re seeing multiple warning signs or a progressive pattern develop, you should be concerned. Be wise, trust your instincts, and protect yourself. If something doesn’t sound or feel right, do what’s best for you and keep yourself safe.

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6 Former Governors Under EFCC’s Watch

Having exhausted the much-debated immunity provision in the Nigerian constitution, some ex-governors may be heading to the days of reckoning when they have to pay for their misdeeds if the anti-graft agency remains focused on achieving a conclusive prosecution. With the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) trailing some past governors and grilling them for hours, many of them will never want their paths to cross with that of the commission. Some of the former state executives having cases to answer before the commission are:

Ikedi Ohakim

If former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim, had been informed that operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) would knock at his door at about 8am in his Asokoro residence on Thursday, June 18, to arrest him, he may probably have changed his direction and hurried out of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). But that was not to be and his immunity as governor haven long been exhausted, EFCC officials stormed his residence in one of the choice areas in the FCT; an area which is regarded as an exclusive enclave for the rich and the powerful.

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