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The Hut

Jake Okechukwu Effoduh Represented Nigeria at the World Economic Forum Meeting at the Vatican. He shares his experience from his meeting with the Pope. The Hut by Jake Okechukwu Effoduh. Insight from the World Economic Forum meeting at the Vatican  There is a common Igbo[1] proverb that says, ‘A man who does not leave his hut will bring nothing in.’[2] ... Read More »

African Cup Host to be Named in 2-3 Days

African Cup Host to be Named in 2-3 Days

A new host for the African Cup of Nations will be named in 2-3 days, the Confederation of African Football said Wednesday, although it still hasn’t made contact with the countries who could possibly replace Morocco. “All I can say is that it will be played somewhere,” CAF President Issa Hayatou said in comments published Wednesday by the African soccer ... Read More »

Asamoah Gyan Denies Ritual Rumors, Calls It Absurd And Weird Talk

Asamoah Gyan Denies Ritual Rumors, Calls It Absurd And Weird Talk

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan says claims that he killed his friend and Ghanaian rapper Castro as part of a ritual sacrifice are “wild and absurd”. Afrobeats artist Castro, whose real name is Theophilus Tagoe, went missing, along with friend Janet Bandu, in July. They disappeared while using jet skis on holiday with former Sunderland striker Gyan’s family in the Ghanaian ... Read More »

GTBAM #myPASS flier and Unique features

Discover myPASS myPASS was primarily developed for professionals and entrepreneurs who are working hard to build their careers and businesses, but do not have the time to develop and monitor investments. myPASS (my P-Project, A-Aimed, S-Saving, S-Scheme) ensures an investor gets appreciable returns on savings and investments without taking any risks on the principal. It is suitable for individuals looking ... Read More »

#VoicesInMyHead: AN EXCELLENT SPIRIT – by Oreoluwa Aboluwarin

#VoicesInMyHead: AN EXCELLENT SPIRIT – by Oreoluwa Aboluwarin When you hear of Solomon’s temple or of the ipad/iphone and other devices created by apple, the first thing that comes to mind is the brilliance and ingenuity behind such creations. Last week, I wrote about relevance; the need to make a mark in our immediate surroundings and the world at large. ... Read More »

#SuperBloggers III: Something Fresh – @ikeamadi

A published Nigerian writer resident in Russia, Ike Amadi is a rare blend of talent, Godliness and humility. He came 2nd in the 3rd Edition of’s SuperBloggers with an entry capable to winning any literary competition nationally and internationally. Let’s meet him:   Some call me, ‘Mr. Do Something,’ others, ‘Mr. Fresh’. However, I still miss being called ‘Ikechukwu ... Read More »

#SuperBloggers III: The TRUTH and HOPE – @oreoluwade

He makes the girls blush, handsome and creatively endowed, Oreoluwa Aboluwarin is a poet extraordinaire and his participation in the 3rd Edition of’s SuperBloggers did not go unnoticed as he came 3rd after a fiercely fought contest. Let’s get to meet him:   Myself: I am Oreoluwa Aboluwarin, the second child in a family of three children. Born a ... Read More »

#SuperBloggers III: All The Above – @opesays

Her writing is as beautiful as her face  is, but both cannot be compared to her infectious humility and endearing spirit. Opemipo Adebanjo came 4th in the 3rd Edition of’s SuperBloggers competition, let’s get to meet her.   Background – I am Opemipo Adebanjo,a 23 year old girl and the first of three children ,all girls.  I graduated from ... Read More »


After several weeks of intense competition, the winners of the 3rd Season of OMOJUWA.COM’s #SUPERBLOGGERS will be announced on Tuesday, 12th June 2012 in honour of late Chief MKO Abiola, the winner of the June 12 1993 Presidential election. Several entries were received for the competition form 6 different countries and more than 20 different states in Nigeria. 34 of ... Read More »

PING, TWIT and SHARE: The Birth of the Social Media Generation #SuperBloggers by ibmaleeq

PING, TWIT and SHARE: The Birth of the Social Media Generation                   There is a shift, though gradual, in the mind-set and attitude of the average Nigerian youth as regards politics and affairs of the state. My friends and associates who have either displayed a passive interest or bland indifference and in ... Read More »

Abortion: Wait! Think! #SuperBloggers by @rhemmymatician

Abortion: Wait! Think!                   The burial is today. A very unceremonious ceremony indeed. A bland wooden casket. In it lies Bimpe Adeoti,  19 years old at her last breath. Everybody is uniformly decked in black. Her mother is too weak to stand, and so she sits on a chair. Her eyes too ... Read More »

WHAT CAN PIERCE THIS THICK SKIN? #SuperBloggers by @faridah_m

WHAT CAN PIERCE THIS THICK SKIN?                     ‘We the People’ of Nigeria are some of the most adaptive people you can find anywhere in this world. We are loud, aggressive and hardworking; and yet we are also foolish when it comes to knowing our rights and demanding for what is right from ... Read More »

SIT, THINK, ACT #SuperBloggers by @ayo_david

SIT, THINK, ACT                     Ever wondered what the most powerful force on earth is? Well besides God of course. Few clues.  Our very lives depend on it. More important than the air we breathe, more vital than the food we eat; we are faced with it daily. It torments us constantly. ... Read More »

Bang Bang Bang #SuperBloggers by @sheddysaddih

Bang Bang Bang                       Over the past few months I’ve gotten increasingly worried about the rate of not just unemployment but under-employment. I am of course not saying anything that hasn’t been said before but then the problem just refuses to go away; what can a man do but write ... Read More »

VANTAGE POINTS #SuperBloggers by @timiblogz

VANTAGE POINTS                       MUHAMMED: But what is this country turning into self? ROTIMI: This is what you get when you have a president whose government was founded and built on corruption PROMISE: Goodluck is trying, his efforts are just being frustrated by this Boko Haram people no be una people ... Read More »