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PAUSIBILITY: The Gravitas Of These Tickets by Adebayo Coker

I have not been disturbed, in anyway and at anytime, by the religiousity of anyone in arriving at my conclusion. Your Christianity or Islam, better still, your religious belief is not my problem in as much as you are saddled with a responsibility and you deliver expressly, my unreserved ovation will go to you. Now that we have Christian-Muslim Ticket ... Read More »

#NoiseOfRevolt: Buhari, a macho whose time has come – By @Obajeun

#NoiseOfRevolt: Buhari, a macho whose time has come – By @Obajeun

How can we talk about change, yet we are confronted by a 73 year-old who seems younger with his narratives than a 57 year-old? Never in history has a loud cry for change brought more profound contradictions. But today, we are a witness to history. Suddenly, Nigerians have become so angry that the imperative of change is now the main ... Read More »

#PAUSIBILITY: The Fruit. The Tree. The Orchard. – Adebayo Coker

I must start by tendering my unreserved apology to my followers for not being able to deliver last week. I had a certain deadline that hung to my mind like a vagitus of my son: I had to attend to it. Our political climate is becoming more and more interesting as our relative ‘peace’ is further threatened by much perforation ... Read More »

The Hut

Jake Okechukwu Effoduh Represented Nigeria at the World Economic Forum Meeting at the Vatican. He shares his experience from his meeting with the Pope. The Hut by Jake Okechukwu Effoduh. Insight from the World Economic Forum meeting at the Vatican  There is a common Igbo[1] proverb that says, ‘A man who does not leave his hut will bring nothing in.’[2] ... Read More »

#PAUSIBILITY: We Must Scale This Fence. – Adebayo Coker

I was not able to watch the clip of the jumping legislators till last week Sunday. Remember I told you I didn’t want anyone to put sand in the garri I was enjoying at Ake Arts and Books Festival (AABF). By the way, for some of us that are complaining about the dearth of the reading culture and literary life ... Read More »