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The ‘Owambe’ Prayer

Oh! Most mighty! Most gracious! Most braki-braki-shabalala! We thank thee, O Most kind, Most loving, Most grabalakibaki! We bring before you this condemned goat, destined for the pot. Receive his stubborn soul. (Amen!) Cut short his hours of sorrow. (Amen!)   We are here in the midst of all these witnesses. We are here in the presence of these chilled ... Read More »

The Looters’ Anthem – by Ogunyemi Bukola

The Looters’ Anthem Arise O Lootatriots The looter’s call obey To loot our fatherland With greed and zest and verve The booties of our looters past Shall never be recovered To steal with patience and vigour One nation ruled by bandits Crooks and bribe-takers   O God of subsidy Protect our bribery scams Guide our looters right Help our greed ... Read More »

Deus ex Machina (Poetry) – by Macaulay Oluseyi Akinbami

                                                                                                                                               Deus ex Machina (Poetry) Promises of pardoned traitors     Reek like ancient regrets. Exhibitions, Steeped in rapacity. Inured to light, they Dominate blindly Evoking the same air of oppression Noteworthy of the days of yore. Traitors in transit, trampling as they go. Over us, they bellow. Lording it, they rule Under the guise of foreign dogmas, Silence all demanding. ... Read More »

Rueben is Dead (Poetry) – by Macaulay Oluseyi Akinbami

Rueben is Dead (Poetry) Pen Brutish Rueben is dead, cold blooded, and dumb We shall not mourn, Our first born scribe now buried in their ruins, as many of his likes Weep not comrades, Will he speak for himself? Not again, The rejoinder master lies on the laps of Delilah’s whom he once denounced He shook hands with the devil ... Read More »

#ThinkingOutLoud with Osowe ‘Gbenga: WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF ABSURDITIES

WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF ABSURDITIES – Osowe Oluwagbenga O Welcome to the school of absurdities Where paid teachers sit down and the paying students teach A school where promotion comes not by passing exams Our principal knows the troublemakers but cannot do anything about it They are the sons of his friends, his precious friends in whom he is ... Read More »


      What, i ask is the cost of a Nigerian life? Give ear to my words, o rulers, Turn not thy ears away thou that art in power. Listen and I will ask thee, and let’s see if thou canst answer; What does a Nigerian life cost? On a daily basis do diseases send men to their grave, ... Read More »

#VoicesInMyHead: RELEVANCE – by @oreoluwade

Ask the one who staunchly opposes anything/anyone with a differing school of thought from his. Ask the kid who wails even louder when “spectators/sympathisers” increase in number. Ask the serial killer who implements nouveau exciting ways to torture and kill. Ask the witch who waves her wand for longer hours than the others.   Ask the man who works his ... Read More »

Carrot and stick for Dummies

“Off with their heads!” That single lengthy proclamation By the heartless Queen of Hearts Spells doom for many a pawn.   “And they’re off!” The mindless mob follows its ‘Church mind’ – ‘Bandwagon syndrome’ getting the best of it As it hurtles headlong to the bottomless pit.   “So far, so good!” The tale of a thousand years of pain. ... Read More »

No Martyrs (Poetry) by @TeniolaTJTonade

(Some have suggested that the victims of the Dana plane crash be called martyrs. My reasons for disagreeing.) NO MARTYRS They are not martyrs, no, their death Was void of will. Nor did they foreknow Their souls’ arraignment In the courts of Fire. Their blood was Not taken In sacrificial gourds; But blackened to soot, Splattered on scattered stones. This ... Read More »

Let’s Stage An Evolution (Poetry)

Here we are Dwelling in the fields of anonymity Living in abject poverty Toiling in absolute mediocrity We daily tolerate our leaders’ profanity, Their evil wits and devilish dexterity As they satisfy their twisted depravity. We’re crumbling under intense adversity, Daily we face an inevitable mortality One man against another in fierce animosity Life has no more quality To extinction ... Read More »

Pain (Poetry) – by @TeniolaTJTonade

Sadistic king Of the interim, The sceptre is wrested From your heavy hand Before your savage scourge Has tormented me through. I follow no more Your blind impulses, o pain; For your tyranny never lasts To punish my dissent– Presently you’re ousted By the trumpeting Armies of peace Or death. Tonade Teniola @TeniolaTJTonade on twitter Read More »

The Last Flight (Poetry) – by @Chybuzor1

This poem is in dedication to the victims of the Dana air crash of Sunday, 3rdJune, 2012. Names are used fictitiously, any resemblance to actual persons is highly coincidental. They hugged and pecked at the airport, Love birds, they’d been one for many years, No kid(s), yet they stuck as glue. She bade him farewell, heart-warming it was, She was ... Read More »

Healing Song (Poetry) – by @TeniolaTJTonade

Healing Song (for lost causes, and dissipated dreams) I hear a song from within hearts that struggle to be strong They weave a song from threads of pain betrayal, angst from shreds of yearnings torn Dreams: horsemen fated to be drowned with kings Can you reach my song? This song for myself, and for me in you The thing that ... Read More »

POETRY: There’s no light on the runway – Ogunyemi Bukola

There’s no light on the runway, The plane they left in air hanging halfway, To God the praise danger was averted, Their disdain for lives have we now asserted, In vain they tried to assuage our fears, All they’ll offer us are crocodile tears.   There’s no light on the runway, The entire sector in complete disarray, Their well written ... Read More »

Dark Sunny Day (Poetry) – by @ayoolofint

Dark Sun-day Sad Mourn-day, Fat Tools-day, Shall I then go on national teevee let the tears flow flow, go on and blow my nose for dearly departed souls of dearly departed in-soles of empty pews, aisles, roads burning trucks what in-sow-lence! shall I then cry you a river shall it cleanse wash all my sins away shall I then be ... Read More »